Diane Miller - Fine Artist

Diane Miller

Plano, TX - United States








Diane Miller

Plano, TX - United States

Diane Miller - Fine Artist

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About Diane Miller

I am an artist who has dabbled in and loves all mediums. I enjoy viewing the artworks of others. I feel inspired by the amazing and prolific creative talent of the human race.

I like that my art is “feel good “art.
My credos is that art should not always represent realistic images. How boring would that be?? Part of the allure of art is the fantastic that is allowed under the auspices of imaginative creativity. Portraits of life, in art, can be purely of the artists’ creation. These ideas are the basis for my fanciful and oft time unconventionally colored creatures in her tissue paper art. My influences and inspirations are as varied as night and day. All things in nature give me reason to pause and recreate in my artistic voice. Trees, clouds, birds, falling leaves, bees and butterflies and worms, truly the list is infinite. Children’s literature influence my collage art, poems more specifically also give me thoughts to ponder that turn to images in my mind, then sketches to my pad, then my original mental image becomes a vibrant and colorful and 2D artwork!

Photography is another huge passion of mine. I try to keep my photography interesting, by looking and seeing a subject in more creative ways, then taking the shot!
My artistic goals are to keep learning...

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Portrait of a Sunflower by Diane Miller


Azure Sky by Diane Miller


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Windmill by Diane Miller


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Blue Yonder by Diane Miller


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Passion by Diane Miller


Imagine by Diane Miller


Infinity by Diane Miller


In My Garden by Diane Miller


Magnolia by Diane Miller


Natures Glory by Diane Miller


Fire and Ice by Diane Miller


Natural Beauty by Diane Miller


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Natures Brew by Diane Miller


Fairys Orb by Diane Miller


Maurice the Mouse Hunter by Diane Miller


Sweet in Pink by Diane Miller


Serenity in Waves by Diane Miller


Southern Snowfall by Diane Miller


Fish for Dinner by Diane Miller

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