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Jeanette Brown

Mesa, AZ - United States








Jeanette Brown

Mesa, AZ - United States

Jeanette Brown - Fine Artist

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About Jeanette Brown

Hello, my name is Jeanette Brown. Thank you so much for stopping by my FAA page! I am brand new to FAA but am looking forward to staying for quite a while.

I am a photographer and digital artist, but before that, I am a Christian, wife to an amazing husband, and mother to four incredible children! My first full time job is staying home with my kids and teaching them. Yes, I'm a homeschool mom!

I have a studio arts degree from the University of Arizona and my emphasis was, of course, photography. After school, I helped to institute and then managed a digital department at the best (my personal opinion) professional photo lab in Tucson, Centric Photo. I was pregnant with my first daughter when we moved to Mesa, so even though I continued to work for Centric for a while via the internet, I mostly stayed home to be a full time mom. I couldn't drop photography all together though and I still have a small photography business on the side where I do portraits, events, weddings and of course, fine art. I hope you will enjoy the art work on my page. Please feel free to tell your friends all about it or even share the link on your Facebook page or Twitter feed!

You can sign up for my newsletter here: (sorry, I don't know how to make a clickable link on here, you can copy/paste this into your browser). The newsletter is brand new and will present my latest artwork, tell you about specials I am offering, and probably include funny things my kids have said. I would be honored to have you join in!

All of the work here is copyrighted, so please, enjoy it but don't download it. You are welcome to purchase prints though!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Jeanette Brown

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Last Light by Jeanette Brown


Desert Bluebells by Jeanette Brown


Fairy Light by Jeanette Brown


Agave Sails Verbena Sea by Jeanette Brown


Swimming On The Sun by Jeanette Brown


Skyscraper Lane by Jeanette Brown


Fire and Ice by Jeanette Brown


Chicago Skyline In Jewel Tones by Jeanette Brown


Chicago - A - Glow by Jeanette Brown


Tribune Tower On A Rainy Night by Jeanette Brown


Wrigley On The Way by Jeanette Brown


Dripping Light by Jeanette Brown


World's Biggest Raindrop by Jeanette Brown


Reflections Of Fall by Jeanette Brown


Flirting Trees by Jeanette Brown


French Chicago by Jeanette Brown


Lakeside Path by Jeanette Brown


These Three Trees by Jeanette Brown


Rainy Day Benches by Jeanette Brown


Red Tree Blue Tower by Jeanette Brown


Metal Sentinals by Jeanette Brown


Michigan Waves by Jeanette Brown


Rainy Day Beacon by Jeanette Brown


Beacon of Hope by Jeanette Brown

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