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James Warren

Chico, CA - United States








James Warren

Chico, CA - United States

James Warren - Fine Artist

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About James Warren

I am a street-level artist in Chico, and a BFA graduate from CSU-Chico. Build-up of entropy...order from disorder...higher, 'low brow' work...what else? My main website with statements is Coldiron Arts at http://2-james-warren.artistwebsites.com/ it's www.coldironarts.com

I can present somewhat of a sarcastic sense in some work, but I am included in the intellectual self reflection. I have witnessed my share of circumstantial and social ugliness, and, so, do sometimes make work that is intended as homage-to-beauty. This is counter to the main trend of academic and perceived-as-relevant art that is often abject or political in nature. Equality, fecundity, de-colonialism, neo-colonialism, self-determination, practical eroticism and assertion are significant trends.

Art figure models are all 18 years old or older with edit & release paperwork signed. Art models demonstrate creative courage to begin the transformative processes of figurative expression. Geopolitical and economic class constructs still suggest that labeling people according to ethnicity, race, national origin and gender are important, but I'd much prefer to do do away with that as much as I can in my art. Each person is a person, first, and not a representation of a labeled stereotype. I do, sometimes, use descriptive terms on my art in order to compete in the marketplace, but am seeking to describe people by additional, non-political terms.

Prints using combined vintage photos and my own digital photos are sums of raw art materials in re-contextualization. These types of compositions more formally might be seen as derivative-works-for-the-present-generation-and-marketplace. My input as an artist is to choreograph the disparate images into one picture plane, where no one photo carries the whole meaning of the new work. Vintage photos are, essentially, materials re-evaluated in meaning and aesthetic for contemporary display. Use of vintage photos might be met by the following concerns: 1. Reformatted from film print to digital scan 2. Only a percentage of a new composition 3. Not presented in their initial contexts 4. Images are in personal collection 5. Do not solely carry the full intellectual meaning of a new composition 6. Aspect ratio is changed, in some instances 7. Display new characteristics due to time and previous curation 8. Images used may be only extant examples 9. Presented in different scale than the originals.

These new compositions are, essentially, copyrightable, derivative compilations using public domain works without any known publication and reproduction restrictions. The public domain images retain their current status. Including my own design and images in these compositions strengthens the depth of 'new composition/compilation/derivative work.'

Artist at litratista sa Chico, California. Artist at litratista sa Chico, California. ศิลปินและช่างภาพในชิโก, แคลิฟอร์เนีย
Artist thiab yees duab nyob rau Chico, California. Artiste et photographe Chico, Californie. Чико, Калифорни мужийн Зураачид болон гэрэл зурагчин.

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Hammurabic Bloodletting Appeal 2015 by James Warren


Clonfied Decategorilism - I Am Going To Make It Out 2015 by James Warren


Rare Imitation Of That Enigmatic Portion You Perceive 2015 by James Warren


Iceberg On Land 2014 by James Warren


Banners In Chico 2015 by James Warren


Em Nests 2015 by James Warren


Flag Flight 2015 by James Warren


You Will Narrowly Escape Life 2015 by James Warren


Memory Of Encountering The First Tree 2015 by James Warren


Pressed To Feel 2015 by James Warren


Cloned By Mistake And Thriving Faulted 2015 by James Warren


Rusted Stars Rejuvenated 2011 by James Warren


Judgment Missed Itself 2015 by James Warren


Broken Wheel - Blue Road 2014 by James Warren


Humanoid Scanning 2015 by James Warren


Quiet Bright 2011 by James Warren


New-ed Orb Of Accepatable Complication Relieving That Previous Orb Of Incessant Condoning 2015 by James Warren


Youth And Elder Suicide Heartbreaks Virtue 2015 by James Warren


Aren't Enough Mirrors To Give Out - Borrow Mine While I Dream Of A Respite From Caste Systems 2015 by James Warren


Woman Bunny Bars 2011 by James Warren


Olivia Power Plus 2014 by James Warren


Recollection Entry 2015 by James Warren


Forum Of Fantasy 2015 by James Warren


Memory Sliver 2015 by James Warren

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