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Jacqueline Martin

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Jacqueline Martin

Kissimmee, FL - United States

Jacqueline Martin - Fine Artist

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As a self-taught artist since the age of 5, I can still remember the day my fascination with art began. My brother was sketching a figure of a superhero with muscles, and as I watched him, I found myself in complete awe as a certain anticipation to learn took over me, pouring hungrily from what felt like my heart and my eyes that were at the time, intensely focused on the drawing pad. From that day forward I was determined to absorb as much detail as I could about my profoundly interesting, newfound discovery. I began by copying images from magazines and other sources which caught and stirred my imagination. My love for drawing grew so rapidly that I found myself eagerly practicing every day after school.
One day my mother bought me my first crayon box with around 64 crayons and a sharpener in the box. The colors mesmerized me and stimulated my imagination so much so that I started noticing significant improvements in my ability which only served to fuel my obsession further. My hobby was eventually recognized for the first time as part of a kindergarten award acknowledgement where I won a certificate for ‘Artist of the Year’. Needless to say I was pretty thrilled, but also a bit confused. I had always thought my classmates were capable of the same artistry that I exhibited, but after winning the certificate I became keenly aware of the disparity and my place among the rest.
I really progressed through the years, developing all sorts of different techniques and mediums to spill out whatever vision I had for my painting that day. I knew I had a knack for sketching forms and I loved the idea of designing clothes, so one day I decided to see where becoming a Fashion Designer would take me. Fashion designing allowed me to expression my imagination, but I realized it simply wasn’t my passion. The teachers at the school would advise me to look into becoming an artist instead. I definitely considered it as a possibility for me, but I had a family by that time and I put my passion for art aside and focused on raising my family.
Today, all of my kids are grown and I have rediscovered my passion for art that I hid away all those years ago. But, my artwork has evolved and taken on a much more spiritual connection with life. I have learned so much throughout the years about life and how not every beautiful thing in existence can be seen with just our eyes. My imagination has taken me higher and deeper into my mind and heart. My paintings are clips of the spiritual concepts and dreams that flow into my consciousness from I receive from Source itself. My paintings are crafted with the sincere and deliberate intention that they give the viewer a deep sense of peace that we all seek, along with a feeling of familiarity and inner knowing that connects them to image they’re viewing within the painting.
My art can be seen in galleries in the Kissimmee and Orlando, FL area. If you would like to experience the paintings and any feelings that might arise within you upon viewing them, you can also visit my website.
Thank you!

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