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VLee Watson

Albany, OR - United States

VLee Watson - Fine Artist

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About VLee Watson

It all started with those boxes of crayons, before ever starting school. I was raised in Palmyra, Pa. my first 18 years. Soon, in my young adult years, spent 5 years in the Cincinnati area, where I won my first art show; that was the confidence I really needed. A few months later, I sold a drawing, reinforcing that this was my direction. Later, I spent 14 years in Florida, which was a neat experience. As much as I love the everglades and it's wonderful wildlife; I missed the mountains, woodlands and the more distinct change of seasons. So, I re-located back to Pa. in 1990.

I moved to Oregon, 15 months ago, and I am in love with this state. Every state has something to offer. Pa is charming, but Oregon is spectacular! At this point in my life, it is just what I needed.

Since I started selling my art in 1975, my art has taken many directions. My lean has mostly been toward cats, big cats, vintage ladies, and lately, BIRDS. I have such a strong love for wild birds. In my earlier works, I did mostly pastels. Soon, I gravitated to painting with acrylics on textiles, a lot of wearable art. Lately, I am painting on canvas board, which seems better for making reproductions, as in prints and cards. I also enjoy painting on wood, especially birdhouses. And even more recently, I have developed a PASSION for bird photography. Birds bring me so much joy, even simply observing them.

Much more lately in the past year or so, I have gotten back to model and fashion photography . ...developing an almost vintage gypsy pin-up look, which has been incredibly fun. It is hard to find willing ladies next door, so often I have used the artist/photographer as model. It is also fun to take an average looking female in the winter of her life and giving her a very glamorous and flirty look. It is not about perfection, but about attitude and self-acceptance at all ages.

My hope is . . . that my art and photography will be uplifting and inspiring to others. That which is from the heart, is priceless. My college studies were in psychology and I have worked a lot with children; we inspire each other. Most recently, I have retired from the system. So now, I am a full-time free-lance artist, photographer and model, which is actually part-time . ..with a lot of soul-gardening.

One more thing: this Vicki Watson and VLee Watson are one and the same person. To keep it simple, my 'art name' is V.Lee.

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Angelic Pink Rose by VLee Watson


My Hydrangea by VLee Watson


Gypsy in Central Park by VLee Watson


The Lane at WAVERLY POND by VLee Watson


Good Afternoon by VLee Watson


Bridge at COX CREEK by VLee Watson


Wetlands Bench Babe by VLee Watson


Morning Rufous by VLee Watson


Yellow Reigns by VLee Watson


Crocuses at the Table by VLee Watson


A Darling Chickadee by VLee Watson


Love House Finches by VLee Watson


Bowles's Mauve by VLee Watson


CHICKADEE Still-Life by VLee Watson


Brassy Our Birman by VLee Watson


Country Coffee Break by VLee Watson


Purple and White Daisy by VLee Watson


Marvelous Mauve Mums by VLee Watson


Victorian Rounded Porch by VLee Watson


Mauve Daisies by VLee Watson


Flirty in Central Park by VLee Watson


Sweet Attraction by VLee Watson


Live Pond Ornament by VLee Watson


Edward Adams House by VLee Watson


Hybrid Oriental Lilies by VLee Watson


At the Arboretum by VLee Watson


Butterfly Duo by VLee Watson


A Glorious Yellow Rose by VLee Watson


Striped Crown by VLee Watson


LILY Garden Cat by VLee Watson


Yellow-Phased House Finch by VLee Watson


Through the Porch by VLee Watson


A Serious Robin by VLee Watson


Young Hairy Woodpecker by VLee Watson


ZEN Chickadee by VLee Watson


COTTAGE Bird Garden by VLee Watson


Courtyard Entrance by VLee Watson




Nice View by VLee Watson


Anna in the Evening by VLee Watson


Sun-Drenched by VLee Watson


Grosbeak on Vintage Watering Can by VLee Watson


Love Copper Mums by VLee Watson




More Roof-Sitting by VLee Watson


Golden Moment by VLee Watson


Silver Creek Coffee House by VLee Watson


He Is My Friend by VLee Watson

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