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Susan Fisher

Estelline, SD - United States

Susan Fisher - Fine Artist

Susan Fisher

Member Since: 08/03/2011

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Welcome to how I see life, its images, lines and shadows, angles and form, hues and shades!

I was introduced to art, like a lot of children, early in life. My Mom was a painter, my aunts were artists, one was a fashion designer. So, along with my sibs' we learned not only the scribble-to-drawing kids do, but the ideas of perspective, color and lay-out. From this nice send-off, I attended college in Jersey under the guise of getting my degree in commercial art. Yet, I quit that. In those days, I was focused and quite driven to earn 'the almighty dollar' instead wound up using my organizational and budding technology skills and became a wiz in selling and teaching all about the new (at the time) 'Personal Computers' as well as the Mac.

I did continue to create. I did more marketing and political or non-profit graphic work (in those days most of it was still done by hand!) And now and then I'd do a wall mural, art for anniversary or wedding favor booklets, art for invitations, posters, graphic murals and always acrylic paintings. Also, I began a life of avid photography, often shooting that which I'd like to paint.

Eventually I expanded into pastels, dabbled (and still love) wheel/pottery-throwing and sculpture and continued to hone my skills in painting and photography. I returned to college and attained my masters in counseling and human development (I love nature and I love to nurture). During these years as well, I focused on a minor in fine arts. My skills increased, my vision and sensitivity to form was enhanced and then I began experimenting with electronic methods of art.

I enjoy pure photo work though my biggest rush is when I combine images in overlays to create depth and a nice meandering for the eye! While I paint a lot of the work offered here, I adore creating the complexity of photo manipulation, layering images, collage work and many of the funky and exciting tools of a digital workplace.

So, here, I am building a new stage in life--- not sure if I want to use the word 'career'. No longer employed in a way that earns me the typical 'almighty dollar' I am merrily focusing on the creative. I like the idea that I can take my concepts and ideas,my unique use what inspires me; take what comes from my creative head and then put it on canvas (or board, or a wall). And by doing this...I may possibly bring a smile, a thought, a raised eyebrow or some kind of reaction from you...and that my friends, is my new focus. To bring the creative to life and perhaps, to your life.

I offer my expressionistic style to you...I can manage custom work, and I also do remarkable collages both using actual objects as well as 'photo-collaging' miniatures of objects into a remarkable display. (For example, for a new college student, I photo-miniaturized all his trophies, certificates, jerseys and combined these with newspaper articles, certificates and photos of him growing up and created a lovely keepsake canvas for his dorm room. Similarly, I've combined the lives of two persons being married into a lovely landscape canvas with paint as well as photo work! Ask for more info!)

Thanks for visiting me. Enjoy the views! If you have comments, suggestions for works or want a quote, please ask!


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Susan Fisher - Five on a Wire

Five on a Wire

Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - Inside Me

Inside Me

Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - Inside Cat

Inside Cat

Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - Robin on Aspen

Robin on Aspen

Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - Journey

Journey's Rest

Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - Marakesh Express

Marakesh Express

Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - Happy Bunch

Happy Bunch

Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - Rejoice


Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - Peace Waiting

Peace Waiting

Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - Silver


Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - Listen to the Light

Listen to the Light

Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - G

G'evening Peacock

Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - Dragonfly Dancer

Dragonfly Dancer

Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - September Moon

September Moon

Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - Be


Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - Peony Perfect

Peony Perfect

Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - Three in One

Three in One

Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - Old girl

Old girl

Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - Joy Clematis

Joy Clematis

Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - Blue Scabiosa

Blue Scabiosa

Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - Walk over

Walk over

Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - Happiness


Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher - Daisy 1 of 3 Triptych
Susan Fisher - Daisy 2 of 3 Triptych

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   |   Image Count = 46