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Richard Morris

London, England - United Kingdom








Richard Morris

London, England - United Kingdom

Richard Morris - Fine Artist

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November 20th, 2012







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About Richard Morris

I am interested in Photography, Art and visual Imagery, which is creative, I also enjoy going Online to website that can be of use too me following or pursuing Photography. I read literature on philosophy and aesthetic's, Art theory Poetry. I have studied photographic design and photographic Art. I am willing to take commissions to make photograph's for anyone whom want's them done and available to discuss this too.

I have some of my Photographic Artwork on various website's which show my artistic sensibility and have web-blog's on many social networking website's, I am trying to show my work to as many people as possible by the use of these website's on the internet because I believe it is important too show my Artwork to as many people as possible. I am an author on Photographic Art theory also an ebook called realistic images in writing, ideas of photographic imagery. I have recently become a member of Getty Images on Flickr and the Guardian Camera Club so I am proud to be part in both these group's

I also want to show my Photographic Weblog's and have them link to my page here. I would like to have contact about, my Photography, Photographic Literature, Art, Exhibition's. That are going around: Debates & Ideas about Photography internationally. And any website's that had to do with Photography that can be shared with my web page. Also literature that has something in it about photography or Art. Article's that have a reportage theme, maybe photojournalism would be good too find out about through my page as well with blog's on the internet.

Please feel at your ease to join my email list so I can keep you up to date with newsletters sent straight to your in box, by you telling me or adding your email address to my emailing list, or comment also saying where I can contact you, I will reply to the comment with what I am doing now and where else I have been online for you to look at.You can refer to any of the photography in my gallery, you are welcomed and it will be much appreciated as I am interested in anyones' comment's and would be glad to read them. As I mentioned I am here to discuss, exchange ideas, and thought's with other people whom I may meet on the internet.

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Book Cover Design Realistic Images In Writing by Richard Morris


Carnival outdoor celebrations social occasion by Richard Morris


Carnival Day out family social occasion by Richard Morris


Carnival girls at play in costume by Richard Morris


Portrait Figurative Study Piece of Bobby as Solarised by Richard Morris


Carnival Celebration Social Occasion Crowds by Richard Morris


Portrait of Peter in Abstract by Richard Morris


Thames Walkway by Richard Morris


Portrait Figurative Study Piece of Bobby by Richard Morris


Crowds at Carnival Notting Hill Celebrations by Richard Morris


Water fountain by Richard Morris


Swan's 3 in a group. by Richard Morris


Carnival girl in costume social occcasion by Richard Morris


Carnival Crowds Celebration Social Occasion by Richard Morris


Carnival dancing by Richard Morris


Girl at Carnival Social Occasion Celebrations by Richard Morris


Abstract Panorama of landscape Triptych by Richard Morris


Bobby portrait by Richard Morris


Swan School in colour by Richard Morris


White swan solitary in colour by Richard Morris


White Swan Solitary by Richard Morris


Nature reborn. White Swan Solitary in Colour Imagery by Richard Morris


Abstract of Thames Embankment as solarised by Richard Morris


Rich's Logo. by Richard Morris


Bobby portrait as solarised photograph by Richard Morris


Abstract solarised Portrait of Peter by Richard Morris

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   |   Images = 26