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Nina Silver

Toronto, ON - Canada

Nina Silver - Fine Artist

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About Nina Silver

Welcome to my world as I see it behind the lens of a camera, and further, with some creative tweaking on the computer. I have always been a keen observer. My love of art began in high school, in an environment named after one of the best of the Canadian Group of Seven. My love of camera images began with studies in and then a 7 year profession in television and video production. When technology advanced, I picked up a digital camera in my spare time, and never looked back. Today, I look for memorable images everywhere I go. I particularly enjoy getting a macro-view on nature; but I see 'shots' everywhere. As an educator, I have an interest in sharing my passion. I hope that my images can make others happy, or make them see something a little differently. I'd like my images to find a place in the hearts and environments of those who connect with them or admire them.

Although I share the same name as a few other talented international designers and artists, I do not live in the Berkshires or design shoes.

TIP: For easy viewing of my work, click on the 'Galleries' tab, and pick a topic that interests you. 'Wander' through my galleries and find something you like; then buy it, share it, or comment on it.

ATTENTION: My work is currently being sold in the store at Squibb's Stationers:
Some of my lake and river imagery now appears on the Great Lake Commons Website:

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Education: A.Y. Jackson Secondary School, Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson University, Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, Additional Qualifications with the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (O.I.S.E.)
Degrees: Bachelor of Applied Arts, Bachelor of Education, Specialist Qualifications in Media Studies and Communication Technology
Professional Associations: REEL Canada, Association for Media Literacy

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All images, and descriptions are copyright Nina Silver. All Materials contained here in may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published or downloaded in any manner or form .All rights are reserved. Any copying, tagging, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of the images without written permission from the Artist is strictly prohibited. Protected by all International Copyright Laws.

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A Moment in Time by Nina Silver


Mountain Reflection on Vermillion Lakes by Nina Silver


Summer Snow on Sulpher Mountain by Nina Silver


Vermillion Lakes Impressionism by Nina Silver


Bow River Impressionism by Nina Silver


Waiting For The Next Stop by Nina Silver


Above The Clouds by Nina Silver


Northern Exposure Photo Paint by Nina Silver


The Story of Tea by Nina Silver


Wildflower Watercolour by Nina Silver


Flower Bowl Beckoning by Nina Silver


Coneflower Couples by Nina Silver


Cherry Blossom Time by Nina Silver


Coloured Ice Creation Print #4 by Nina Silver


Post Rain Sunset on Vermillion Lakes by Nina Silver


Tulips Against Green by Nina Silver


Vintage Seltzer Bottles by Nina Silver


January Sunset on a Frozen Lake by Nina Silver


Flower Power Still Life by Nina Silver


Sunset Biking by Nina Silver


Winter Along the River by Nina Silver


Toronto Pier During a Winter Sunset by Nina Silver


The Banff Springs Hotel by Nina Silver


Streaming Green by Nina Silver


View From Bow River by Nina Silver


The Raven Perched Above Bow River Falls by Nina Silver


Canadian Flight Song by Nina Silver


View at Vermillion Lakes by Nina Silver


Frosted Japanese Maple by Nina Silver


Seen In The Wind by Nina Silver


Coneflower Dream by Nina Silver


March winds blow through the marsh by Nina Silver


Waiting by Nina Silver


Fallen Hard by Nina Silver


Lather Up with Earl Grey Tea by Nina Silver


Toronto in A Bottle by Nina Silver


Toronto Flat Iron Building In A Bottle by Nina Silver


Cessna Skywagon 185 on Vintage Postcard by Nina Silver


Vintage Soap Display by Nina Silver


All My Love by Nina Silver


The Woman With The Yellow Purse by Nina Silver


French Mustard or Mustard King by Nina Silver


Dusk Dance on The Water by Nina Silver


Thoughts On Risk Taking by Nina Silver


Step One Lyrics by Cyndi Lauper by Nina Silver


Midsummer Maple Keys by Nina Silver


Late Day Sunlight by Nina Silver


Making Wishes Come True by Nina Silver

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   |   Images = 812




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