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Navin Joshi

TORONTO, On - Canada

Navin Joshi - Fine Artist

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ART is my HOBBY. I love to play with colors and share my feelings to the world in the form of Images. My motto is ENJOY and SHARE THE JOY. I come from the Himalayan mountains of India. I had a great impact by the natural landscape and rich culture of art, drama and festive celebrations in India. I have been very fascinated by the historical buildings, spiritual rites, symbols and natural ways of healing. I have read a lot on religion that includes Gita, Ramayana,Mahabharata, Bible and Qur'an. I have been associated with Sikhism, Buddhism, Arya Samaj, Hinduism and the Lotus Temple groups. I am a fan of Christ and have been following several Church Groups online as well as I love the weekend Christian programs and have a better understanding of the word of the Lord. Art is kind of everyday part of our family traditions as Hindu rituals require decorating your houses and temples several times during the year. I was very impressed with the ART of WAR, warriors and strategies used in the era of RAMA, KRISHNA and later by the MUSLIM RULERS and HINDU KINGS. Our story tellers would actually create diagrams of the ARMY positions and strategies and tell the stories in a very inimical way. As a child, I was part of a family of 9 children (5 brothers and 2 sisters). As my father died in an accident, I had to take up a job age 13. Therefore, all my education has been privately and no regular school. However, I did achieve several educational qualification starting with Bachelor of Commerce from Delhi University and a Certificate in Export Marketing from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade IIFT. After landing Canada in 2000, I earned various Financial Industry qualifications like CSC CPH LLQP PPFC and BCO. After 2 of sons got kind of settled in their professions, I started painting and computer graphics as a hobby and started hosting them online. This was supposed to be just a hobby and earn a reasonable stream of income by the time a retire in 2022. However, because of some medical conditions, it has become to maintain a regular paying job. Therefore, I am getting little more active to earn a living with this hobby. I will highly appreciate your appreciation of my art. Thanks, NAVIN

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