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Lynn Sprowl

Olathe, KS - United States








Lynn Sprowl

Olathe, KS - United States

Lynn Sprowl - Fine Artist

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About Lynn Sprowl

I find photography meditative. It's calming.
When I'm out, takin' pictures, I'm in the now, I'm fully present, I see...

Photography, for me, started out as a hobby and has turned into a full blown obsession.
I find photography fun and it satisfies my curious nature. I enjoy getting out and looking at this world through a photographers 'eye'. I have a wide range of subjects that I like to photograph but tend to look at the ordinary. Like most photographers, I love nature and the splendid array of opportunities and subjects provided. I find the 'abandoned' is a constant source of intrigue and make for interesting photography. I find beauty and mystery in the ordinary.
I honestly love photography and continuously think of the images I want to capture.
My goal is to create an image that piques the imagination or stirs a memory.

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Images on this site may not be used for personal or commercial use without written permission by Lynn Sprowl.
Any unauthorized usage will be prosecuted to the full extent of U.S. Copyright Law.

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Silverton Train Depot by Lynn Sprowl


A View from the Garden by Lynn Sprowl


Ristra by Lynn Sprowl


Hornbek Homestead by Lynn Sprowl


Jalopy by Lynn Sprowl


Hot Day on Grandma's Porch by Lynn Sprowl


Deserted Dreams by Lynn Sprowl


It's Gonna Rain on the Sand Dunes by Lynn Sprowl


Great Sand Dunes by Lynn Sprowl


Olde Tymer's by Lynn Sprowl


Bent's Old Fort by Lynn Sprowl


Peacock at the Fort by Lynn Sprowl


Mining in Victor by Lynn Sprowl


Sand Dunes in Sepia by Lynn Sprowl


Rusty Suburban by Lynn Sprowl


Clouds Over Blue Mesa by Lynn Sprowl


Number 482 by Lynn Sprowl


The 482 Engineer by Lynn Sprowl


Donkey in Cripple Creek by Lynn Sprowl


Cripple Creek Donkey by Lynn Sprowl


Donkey Daze by Lynn Sprowl


Blue Mesa Reflection by Lynn Sprowl


International Traveler by Lynn Sprowl


Rusty Milk Cans by Lynn Sprowl

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   |   Images = 503





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