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Kimberlee Baxter

Soddy Daisy, TN - United States








Kimberlee Baxter

Soddy Daisy, TN - United States

Kimberlee Baxter - Fine Artist

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Before I had my two children, I worked selling furniture and helping people to decorate their homes--my first passion--interior decorating/design and art! Before I went back to my first passion, I worked for a variety of non-profits and government sponsored programs--including AmeriCorps (domestic version of the PeaceCorps), D.H.S., and the University of TN. Before working in the non-profits, I attended the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and really enjoyed being politically active with a group that addressed socio-economic injustices! As a result, I decided to major in Political Science and Anthropology. Studying about different cultures, its art, and political systems has always fascinated me! I think that we can learn a lot about any culture from the art it values, which tells you a lot about its society! Moreover, I have always loved art and nature. My husband and I, along with our two children, enjoy living a quiet and simplistic life, which lends itself to enjoying nature. I love being outside with my children and exploring with them about animal habitats and observing the natural world around us! It makes me almost sad to have to leave such natural beauty behind when we come inside that 'bringing nature indoors' with us just seems the right thing to do! Painting as a way of recording our beautiful memories of what we see on our adventures makes me smile time and time again! My children seem to love it, too!

Some works are selected to benefit charities that mostly benefit children, directly or through charitable organizations! Compassion International is at the top of the list, and St. Jude's Children's Hospital for charitable organizations, but I am also interested in selecting works to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness and Alzheimer's Research! If you have a worthy charitable organization and have an upcoming fundraising event, please contact me via this website through e-mail!

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Atlantic Fountain in the Dreamclouds by Kimberlee Baxter


Journey to the Fountain of Atlantis in the Dreamclouds by Kimberlee Baxter


Journey into the Dreamclouds Using Your Imagination by Kimberlee Baxter


The Cross Has the Power to Dispel Myths by Kimberlee Baxter


Dreamscapes by Kimberlee Baxter


Finding My Special Place by Kimberlee Baxter


Seek a Source of Light Built on a Firm Foundation to Guide You Safely to Shore by Kimberlee Baxter


A Place of Refuge Somewhere in Paradise by Kimberlee Baxter


Tropical Sea Turtle Haven by Kimberlee Baxter


Standing Above the Rest by Kimberlee Baxter


Sweet Mystery of the Sea A Hawksbill Sea Turtle Coasting in the Coral Reefs Original by Kimberlee Baxter


Jumping into Paradise Dreamscapes Collage by Kimberlee Baxter


Graciela Finds Her Heartsong Closeup II by Kimberlee Baxter


Graciela Finds Her Heartsong by Kimberlee Baxter


Graciela Finds Her Heart Song I by Kimberlee Baxter


Eagle Visions in a Stair Step Design by Kimberlee Baxter


Crystal Lake with Snow Capped Mountains by Kimberlee Baxter


Ethereal Wings of Blue by Kimberlee Baxter


Blue Dragonfly on Downward Wings of Flight by Kimberlee Baxter


Dream of a Blue Dragonfly Over Water by Kimberlee Baxter


The Cross... Has the Power to Light All of Creation at Night by Kimberlee Baxter


Dragonfly Hunt for Food in the Flowerhead by Kimberlee Baxter


Reflections on Water Made to Look Like Textured Glass by Kimberlee Baxter


Dragonfly Flying the Moon Illuminated by Kimberlee Baxter

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   |   Images = 309





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