Kevin Richard - Fine Artist

Kevin Richard

Cranston, RI - United States








Kevin Richard

Cranston, RI - United States

Kevin Richard - Fine Artist

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May 11th, 2013







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About Kevin Richard

As a self-taught traditional painter, I strive to create images that have both visual interest and greater depth beyond the canvas. In the spirit of the artisan way of life, I try to honor both the creative process and the subject matter when painting. It is my hope that I can balance my own creative expression with the inherent attributes of the particular subject being expressed. In this regard, I always approach the artistic process as a dialogue.

Over the years, I have had a passion for studying how images and symbols are expressed in art - along with everyday life. To that end, I often try to paint images that have symbolic meaning. I prefer to do this in a more subtle manner as opposed to overt esoteric symbols. It is my hope that these paintings can allow the viewer to take his/her time to form a dialogue with the image. If I am truly successful, the image can tell a story or express a “soul”. Being training in both traditional psychology and Jungian approaches, I am constantly in awe how images can impact us and create energy.

In the spirit of honoring images, symbols and the artistic process, I formed the business/brand name “Old Soul Art” in hopes that I can create new art with an old soul. Thanks for visiting this site.



Kevin Richard Fine Art

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