Jessica Snyder - Fine Artist

Jessica Snyder

Nashville, TN - United States








Jessica Snyder

Nashville, TN - United States

Jessica Snyder - Fine Artist

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About Jessica Snyder

The scope of my work ranges from photography, digital art, drawing and some watercolor. I am mostly self taught. However, I do have a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from Middle Tennessee State University. One of my favorite subjects in photography and digital art has always been trees. I see a lot of life reflected in their different shapes and how they grow. The fact that they branch out above and below I think is symbolic to how we live our lives. There is that which we are willing to show the world and then there is a hidden part of us that only a few may know or see. It's exciting when I am drawn to one for some unexplained reason. I usually discover little oddities or shapes that take on a life of their own while I am photographing. Other times it comes out in post production. My black and white drawings are more personal. They usually exhibit the gravity of a feeling or help me in relieving the stress of the day. It is what I refer to as 'free drawing' because it doesn't start out as anything recognizable. Rather it is a repetition of line and strokes that develop into more concrete objects as the drawing progresses. I usually turn my sketch around and around while I am drawing until I settle upon what is the bottom and what is the top. Many times you can see a kind of metamorphosis of one image within an outer image. For a long time, I would scan these drawings in to Photoshop and then do a levels move on them to accentuate sketch marks and darks and lights. Later I decided it would be fun to add some color to my drawings so I printed them and then used carbon paper to transfer my image to watercolor paper to add color. Pablo Picasso once said, “The purpose of art is to wash the daily life off of our souls.” I find that very true. Art for me is a form of release and discovery. Both of which are satisfying, fun and something I could not live without. At times I think it speaks to me in ways that no person can. When I am in the midst of creating it is like discovering a new friend. It seems to crawl out from some deep place within me —sometimes so normal and then other times strange and disturbing! In my professional life, I work in pre-media supplying retouching and color correction. Prior to that I worked as a graphic designer, creating a variety of marketing and communication materials for software, real estate, tourism, and the insurance industry. My hopes and aspirations are to have more time to pursue my own photography and art. Creating beautiful and intriguing content has always been one of my greatest desires.

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