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Giada Rossi

Padua, PD - Italy








Giada Rossi

Padua, PD - Italy

Giada Rossi - Fine Artist

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Giada Rossi (real name Bianca S. Faggiotto), is a self-taught artist, living in the city of Saint Anthony, Padua, Italy.
Art has always been a part of her life, as she grew up in an artistic household. Giada’s father was a music composer and her mother an actress, so being creative was something natural in their home.
Since childhood, Giada’s parents discovered her strong auditory memory. They decided to gave her the opportunity to use this ability right away, by learning foreign languages and they took her to a french&english kindergarten…. She is currently an interpreter and translator in several languages.
Seven years ago she meets her Mr.Right, an italian guy that “kidnapped” and married her. So she left her country and went to live in Italy. That moment changed her life. Once in Italy, she began to seek for a job (without finding it). Wandering on internet, she stumbled upon a site called “blingee”.

“At the beginning, it was just a pastime, then quickly became a passion. I’ve found on this website great and talented people from all the world that inspired me! I consider myself truly blessed for have met them. It was a real school for me, a great introduction into the world of digital art, learning there all about blending, layering, lights and shadows, how to make stamps (tubes), and so on. Oh, and I’ve discovered Photoshop!
This, plus being unemployed, gave me time and tools to be creative.”

Giada had wonderful mentors in her evolution as visual artist : she got acquainted with the art of two masters of photography: Manny Librodo Jr. and Jojie Alcantara.

“Their outstanding works are expressing, in my opinion, a very original concept of the BEAUTY, nature and people. Browsing their photos again and again, I’ve learned (and still have a lot to learn) how to manage all kind of effects, luminance, shadow, contrast, blur etc and particularly about the daringness to play with colors.”

Giada met on facebook her idols, Mrs.Jojie and Mr.Manny. Both of them have found the time to visit her site (Rgiada’s digital art), while under construction, encouraging her to keep going on this path. Giada’s artworks were and are continously encouraged, supported, sponsorized, criticized and admired by her husband, also an artist, as director of culture documentary films.

Giada’s art is mainly digital painting, manipulation and photomontage techniques. She is also an amateur photographer.

All photographs and artwork on this web site are fully protected by U.S. and international copyright laws, all rights reserved. The images may not be copied, reproduced, manipulated or used in any way, without written permission from the artist, Giada Rossi.

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