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CheyAnne Sexton

Taos, NM - United States

CheyAnne Sexton - Fine Artist

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Sometimes when I paint, when I get in the zone (as my honey calls it) I feel that what is being created is thur me, through my brush onto the paper. I first realized this when I painted 'Sugar, in the Apple Orchard'. I could see this wonderful friend, a white pony, come to me in my minds eye and when I put my attention to the watercolor paper and picked up my brushes, he painted himself surrounded by all the lovely spring green apple trees down in the bottom orchard, all covered in pink blooms.
And that's why I paint.

'Color and Light are Magic set to paper' is how I describe my watercolors.

I've always seen. In my head are visions that cast a spell in my minds eye. Photography gives me a way to bring that into the light, so to speak, so others can enjoy as well. The magic of sunlight and shadow mesmerize me. I can get lost sometimes just in those periods of time held in suspension as I'm looking thru the viewfinder to see if my camera can see it too. And I love it when it does. It's like opening the perfect surprise. I already have a sense of what's there, but to see it brought to fruition in the form of an incredible fine art giclee leaves me wordless. A joyous completion. That is what photography is to me. When gorgeous, glorious light creates shadows of depth and intimacy, I want to capture that.
I hope you enjoy my art and can find the beauty I see.

I sell Original WaterColours and lots of my art and photography, that I haven't uploaded here on Fine Art America is, still on my Etsy shops too.

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Soft Morning Rose by CheyAnne Sexton


Sunrise in Tulum Mexico photograph by CheyAnne Sexton


Really Red hummingbird Behind the Blinds by CheyAnne Sexton


Bunch of Dancing SunFlowers watercolor by CheyAnne Sexton


the wind was high in Tulum by CheyAnne Sexton


First Mornin' Walk by CheyAnne Sexton


July kitty in Rachaels Lap by CheyAnne Sexton


Buster Kitty watercolor by CheyAnne Sexton


Waiting on the Tulum Beach by CheyAnne Sexton


Rooster Watercolor by CheyAnne Sexton


Purple Cerulean Blue Horse watercolor by CheyAnne Sexton


Sunset Swirls by CheyAnne Sexton


Female Chuparosa by CheyAnne Sexton


Dames Rocket Ranch by CheyAnne Sexton


Live Laugh Love Rainy Day Beauty by CheyAnne Sexton


Field Sparrow watercolor by CheyAnne Sexton


Purple Crocus Pushin Thur the Snow photograph by CheyAnne Sexton


Blackchinned Hummingbird with Purple Collar photograph by CheyAnne Sexton


Blackchin Hummingbird all a whir by CheyAnne Sexton


Pansy Shadows watercolor by CheyAnne Sexton


Morning Glory watercolor by CheyAnne Sexton


Song Sparrow watercolor by CheyAnne Sexton


Cerulean Blue and Passion Purple Flower watercolor by CheyAnne Sexton


Ponies in the Meadow watercolor by CheyAnne Sexton

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