Catherine Lott - Fine Artist

Catherine Lott

Water Valley, MS - United States








Catherine Lott

Water Valley, MS - United States

Catherine Lott - Fine Artist

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February 5th, 2014







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I Am Free 2 B Me! I have two children. I LOVE loads of laughs.
My body may FEEL miserable but my mind works just fine... 164 lb.s lighter and later...
My body may FEEL and my mind still works just fine...
Dance like no ones watching, sing like no ones listening, smile like you've never cried,
love like your heart was never broken before ...
why yes I often randomly burst into song. Music & Art is... My life. My escape.
My everything.I believe! If everything were perfect the world would be a boring place :O}
Learning to enjoy the things I can and art is just one of them...You can usually find me on

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There's no telling what content you may find in a blog these days. I can make no promises as to the content. When the feeling hits her she may do just about anything. So... Hold onto your thoughts (she says with a southern draw), your hearts, and sometimes your head. But do not hold onto your hands...Because those fingertips have a way of doing many great things these days. (This she thinks as she's typing this very important message to you). I make mistakes, If you have something in mind, for photo, an idea or just think something may be missing or you would like something personalized, shoot me an email and we'll both have to see what comes of it. Can't make any promises, but I'll do my best and we'll see what ART permits (she laughs). Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hope you enjoy the contents of this page :O} P.S. This is the easiest site I have tried to set up so far, Thank You..If you are interested, you can get a free trial :O} P.S. It is terrific for showcasing your webpage designs, logos, etc. and creating your arts pieces for the same. :O}

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I actually kind of laughed at this if you didn't know. I WOULD BE NOTHING WITHOUT YOU :O} P.S. You are still my sunshine :O}

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Catherine Lott - Bang Bang Choo Choo...

Bang Bang Choo Choo...

Catherine Lott

Catherine Lott - Bottled Fluers...

Bottled Fluers...

Catherine Lott

Catherine Lott - Cascades


Catherine Lott

Catherine Lott - Bridge Over Beautiful...
Catherine Lott - A Dreamy...

A Dreamy...

Catherine Lott

Catherine Lott - More Realistic Version

More Realistic Version

Catherine Lott

Catherine Lott - Bird

Bird's Eye View

Catherine Lott

Catherine Lott - She Sits And Waits

She Sits And Waits

Catherine Lott

Catherine Lott - Serene Green Waters

Serene Green Waters

Catherine Lott

Catherine Lott - Smokey Mountain View

Smokey Mountain View

Catherine Lott

Catherine Lott - Watermarked


Catherine Lott

Catherine Lott - Glacier


Catherine Lott

Catherine Lott - Summer Daze

Summer Daze

Catherine Lott

Catherine Lott - Weighed In Stone

Weighed In Stone

Catherine Lott

Catherine Lott - Angel and Baby

Angel and Baby

Catherine Lott

Catherine Lott - Metalic Rose

Metalic Rose

Catherine Lott

Catherine Lott - Raise The Light

Raise The Light

Catherine Lott

Catherine Lott - Water Runs Through It

Water Runs Through It

Catherine Lott

Catherine Lott - Some Place Some Where

Some Place Some Where

Catherine Lott

Catherine Lott - Sailing In Style

Sailing In Style

Catherine Lott

Catherine Lott - Sunbathing


Catherine Lott

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