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Artist Statement

Artist Statement

May 12th, 2013 - Aiken, SC

WHY I MAKE MY ART: It helps me to relate to the world by focusing on what I think is important
and studying it closely. Then, if I like what I see I want to capture it so I can refer back to that
instant in time when needed. Otherwise, I enjoy collecting and saving views of the world that
interest me. The sheer fact that I can freeze an instant in time and preserve it inspires me. At heart I
am a collector so accumulating images is enjoyable. The potential for use of the image(s) is another

WHAT INSPIRES I TO MAKE IT: There are many things that I see and experience that I enjoy
capturing in still photography and I want to share it with others.

WHAT IT SIGNIFIES OR REPRESENTS: The most significant thing about my work is the frozen
view of something that many people might not see for themselves. For example, walking along a
sidewalk a pedestrian probably doesn't notice the weeds growing in the cracks of concrete. Patterns
in everyday things might not be obvious to the casual viewer. Capturing these unique glimpses is
important to me.

HOW I MAKE IT: I have a Canon T3i DSLR and my favorite lens is a 18mm to 200mm zoom. I
rarely use flash or supplemental lighting. I always shoot at the highest resolution possible. My intent
is to capture an a record of an instant in time so I do not shoot RAW files for later manipulation. I
shoot in the standard JPEG format. Most of the time I use IrfanView to crop and make small changes
to present the original view as close to reality as possible. IrfanView is freeware and I also use it to
create contact sheets of my still shots. My preferred method of exhibition is online via Flickr but I
do make digital prints of selected images. I also pursue documentary video making.