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New Comments for Friday, April 18th


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Kim McElroy - The Legend

The Legend

Carol Lynn Coronios Kim, this is a breathtaking painting. Such vision/imagination. Liked/Fav

28 Seconds Ago

Catherine Van Der Woerd - Mosaic Stained Glass - Lupins and dragonfly

Mosaic Stained Glass - Lupins and...

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Catherine Van Der Woerd Thank you so much for the nice comment and L. I really appreciate it, Debra and Dave.

31 Seconds Ago

Mary Armstrong - Portrait of Gray

Portrait of Gray

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Mary Armstrong Thank you I'ina, I love to do watercolors!

39 Seconds Ago

Ron Pitts - Super Moonstruck

Super Moonstruck

Pennie McCracken Nice capture Ron, truly awesome. L

1 Minute Ago

Deb Halloran - A Mothers

A Mothers' Love

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Bill Caldwell - ABeautifulSky Photography Awesome capture Deb! We have Mourning Doves around here too, and I love their soft earthy colors. f/v

1 Minute Ago

First Star Art  - Tulip Diva by jrr

Tulip Diva by jrr

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Eddie Eastwood Beautiful Tulip Painting! You are very talented! FL

2 Minutes Ago

Jeremy Martinson - Red The Clown

Red The Clown

Michel Verhoef Wow....I'm sure I would .... But they just keep fascinating despite all...

2 Minutes Ago

Lyric Lucas - No Time

No Time

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Ken Keller Nice composition. What about this in B&W?

2 Minutes Ago

Marcus Dagan - Baltimore Celebrates 2

Baltimore Celebrates 2

Pennie McCracken Great capture Marcus, love it. L

3 Minutes Ago

Gary Cain - Colorful Macaw Parrot Portrait

Colorful Macaw Parrot Portrait

Giada Rossi Gorgeous close-up! v,f and sharing!

4 Minutes Ago

Lukas Holas - Portrait of Zebra in black and white II

Portrait of Zebra in black and white II

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Jos Morasutti Hi Lukas I would like to buy this image, and will be using it in a very large frame 141cmx100cm Happy for you to print and send or I can buy the hi res image and have it done here? Please could you let me know your thoughts and a price...

4 Minutes Ago

Diane Marcotte - Red Gerbera Daisy

Red Gerbera Daisy

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Diane Marcotte Thanks so much Barbara! How kind of you to choose this painting!

4 Minutes Ago

Gilbert Pogany - Iris


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Gilbert Pogany Thank you Priscilla. Hope you have a good trip.

4 Minutes Ago

Eddie Eastwood - A Foggy Day on Lake Washington

A Foggy Day on Lake Washington

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Eddie Eastwood Thanks Jrr for featuring my photo in your group Loving The Color Green!

4 Minutes Ago

Jolanta Anna Karolska - Easter Eggstravaganza

Easter Eggstravaganza

Vivian ANDERSON Thank you dear Jolanta...a beautiful Easter celebration you share so generously...wishing you continued Easter inspiration...V

5 Minutes Ago

Ken Keller - The Eagle Has Landed

The Eagle Has Landed

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Ken Keller Thank you, Lyric, for commenting on the texture. The flattened, graduated texture suggest depth within the hard edges.

5 Minutes Ago

Nicole Philippi - She

She's lost control again

Michel Verhoef nice she did !! It's very pleasant for us viewers :)) your an artist pur sang :)

5 Minutes Ago

Ernie  Scott-  Dust Rising Studios - Scars The Line

Scars The Line

Ernie Scott- Dust Rising Studios ArrrrGGH i think I did this wrong, description and tags are reverse... FAA I need help to remedy this. Thanks

5 Minutes Ago

Robert Bynum - Edge of North America

Edge of North America

Tomas Images Gorgeous image, congrats.

5 Minutes Ago

Diane Marcotte - Proud Peacock

Proud Peacock

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Diane Marcotte Thanks for commenting!

5 Minutes Ago

Photographic Arts And Design Studio - Old Rusty Tractor

Old Rusty Tractor

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Photographic Arts And Design Studio Thanks for the feature in "Mechanical Works", "Seen But Not Noticed" and "FAA Featured images"!

5 Minutes Ago

Michelle Twohig - Serenity


Carol Lynn Coronios I'm another reflections afficionada. This is so serene. Liked/Fav

6 Minutes Ago

Diane Marcotte - Hello there

Hello there

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Diane Marcotte Giraffes make good subjects. :-) Thanks!

6 Minutes Ago

Richard Andrews - Path to Glastonbury Tor

Path to Glastonbury Tor

Lesa Fine Nice composition and lighting on this image Richard! L/F

6 Minutes Ago

Hugh Smith - Posey California

Posey California

Nude Impact Beautiful B&W! fav

6 Minutes Ago

Cynthia Guinn - Come Into The Garden

Come Into The Garden

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Muriel Levison Goodwin I would love to sit there for awhile. Beautiful image.

6 Minutes Ago

Sharon Mau - The Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower

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Mary Armstrong The simplicity of color along with the composition of shapes that dance upwards makes this so ....lovely! L/F

6 Minutes Ago

Nick  Boren - More Pink Ones

More Pink Ones

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Beverly Guilliams Fabulous colors of this Gorgeous Piece.............v.

6 Minutes Ago

Mike Nellums - The People Next Door faux book cover

The People Next Door faux book cover

Mike Nellums Thank you for featuring "The People Next Door" faux book cover design in the Authors4Books group. Mike Nellums

7 Minutes Ago

Diane Marcotte - Red Trillium

Red Trillium

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Diane Marcotte You are kind to comment... thanks!

7 Minutes Ago

Mark Alder - Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

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Pennie McCracken Love this Mark, nature at its best :). L

7 Minutes Ago

Lynn Hopwood - Dwindling dogwoods

Dwindling dogwoods

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Beverly Guilliams Gorgeous Dogwood, Miss things like this.......Beautiful colors............v.

7 Minutes Ago

Diane Marcotte - Trafalgar Square London

Trafalgar Square London

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Diane Marcotte Thanks... it is a favourite of mine.

8 Minutes Ago

David Hare - Nude in an Arch

Nude in an Arch

Nude Impact Great composition! fav

8 Minutes Ago

Angela Mahoney - Beach Serenity

Beach Serenity

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Debra Johnson Gorgeous image, Angela! L/F

8 Minutes Ago

Diane Marcotte - Paris in the Rain

Paris in the Rain

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Diane Marcotte Thanks! I do love watercolour, especially for rainy scenes.

8 Minutes Ago

JC Findley - The Real Florida

The Real Florida

HH Photography A pretty waterfall capture, JC. Nice that you found it. Congratulations for your feature in our group, Florida-The Beautiful Sunshine State. L

9 Minutes Ago

  FLJohnson Photography - Ridges


Vivian ANDERSON Wonderful,artistic,beautiful b/w series, compliments,v/f...V

9 Minutes Ago

Chrisann Ellis - Not In The Mood

Not In The Mood

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Henryk Gorecki ,,Not in the mood, but wonderful wisdom in eyes!Great shot,Chrissan! L/F

9 Minutes Ago

Richard Andrews - Rolling Waves - Rolling Hills

Rolling Waves - Rolling Hills

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Lesa Fine This is a stunning image Richard, really one of my very favorites in your gallery! Great scene, great composition,Great job!!!!! L/F

9 Minutes Ago

Michelle Twohig - Paint Horse Exuberance

Paint Horse Exuberance

Carol Lynn Coronios LOVE IT!!!!! Images, effects, and caption.... Liked/Fav

9 Minutes Ago

Hannah Lile - Behind Darkness

Behind Darkness

Alessandro Della Pietra beautiful shot! F/L

10 Minutes Ago

Linda L  Brobeck - Desire


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Steven Schwartzman I also appreciate this abstract image of desire.

10 Minutes Ago

Diane Marcotte - Poppies I

Poppies I

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Diane Marcotte Thanks Anastasiya! I appreciate it. :-)

10 Minutes Ago

James Lanigan Thompson   MFA - Busy T.T.Y.L....

Busy T.T.Y.L....

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Renee Anderson There is no other way to say it, I just down right love this!!

10 Minutes Ago

Gilbert Pogany - Locomotive


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Gilbert Pogany Thank you. Yes it is in AZ, in a small community called Clarkdale. Part of it consists of an active tourist rail road ride to Perkinsville and back along the Verde River. Well worth the trip! Clarkdale is not too far from Sedona. Gilbert.

10 Minutes Ago

Joey Agbayani - The Eiffel Tower- from the River Seine

The Eiffel Tower- from the River Seine

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Richard Wambach Joey, love the thick paint and wide strokes... very free imagery, delightful!

10 Minutes Ago

Michelle Twohig - Trust


Carol Lynn Coronios This is lovely, Michelle. Is this your rescue? What an appropriate and realization-awakening quote! Liked/Fav

11 Minutes Ago

Mia Tavonatti - Noah

Noah's Ark

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Alessandro Della Pietra fantastic and amazing piece! F/L

11 Minutes Ago

Nicole Frischlich - The good old days at the sea - Langeoog

The good old days at the sea - Langeoog

Michel Verhoef Very nice this 'painting'....such uncomplicated mood...fin de siècle....ready for a sunny season.

11 Minutes Ago

Celeste Manning - Sitting By The Dock Of The Bay

Sitting By The Dock Of The Bay

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Muriel Levison Goodwin Revisiting this wonderful and charming work of art.

11 Minutes Ago

JC Findley - Brooks Bridge Sunset

Brooks Bridge Sunset

HH Photography Congratulations for your feature in our group, Florida-The Beautiful Sunshine State, JC. L/tw

11 Minutes Ago

Richard Andrews - Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay

Lesa Fine I could live in a tent for that view every day! Great capture, the sky is wonderful in this image. Well done Richard! L/F

11 Minutes Ago

John Schneider - Dead Red Turbo

Dead Red Turbo

Nude Impact Excellent capture! Porsche Turbo - truly a classic! fav

12 Minutes Ago

Debra Thompson - Hidden Meadow

Hidden Meadow

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Richard Wambach Debra, wonderful view... love the shapes and patterns of the different trees and pasture!

12 Minutes Ago

Anna Ewa Miarczynska - In the Half-shadow of Wild Flowers

In the Half-shadow of Wild Flowers

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Tyler Robbins absolutely stunning! what a glorious work of art! LV

12 Minutes Ago

Myrna Bradshaw - Beauty in the Rose Garden

Beauty in the Rose Garden

HH Photography A lovely image of this gorgeous rose, Myrna. Congratulations for your feature in our group, Florida-The Beautiful Sunshine State. L/tw

12 Minutes Ago

Patricia Dennis - Night Lights

Night Lights

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Muriel Levison Goodwin Beautiful photo Patricia. Nicely done. The color and highlighting are superb.

12 Minutes Ago

Michelle Twohig - Curiosity


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Carol Lynn Coronios I wonder what they're talking about. What a wonderful capture, Michelle. Liked/Fav

13 Minutes Ago

Richard Andrews - Flowerpot Island 2

Flowerpot Island 2

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Lesa Fine Really pretty scene and wonderful calming image Richard! L/F

13 Minutes Ago

Doug McPherson - Boneyard Sunstar

Boneyard Sunstar

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Debra Johnson Breathtaking, beautiful!!! L/F

13 Minutes Ago

Irfan Gillani - Princess Flora

Princess Flora

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Sabine Edrissi Very creative piece, Irfan. I love the vibrant colors of the flowers. Well done. vf fav g+ pin

14 Minutes Ago

Steven Schwartzman - Greenbrier Leaf in Fall

Greenbrier Leaf in Fall

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Steven Schwartzman Hi, Linda. I'm sorry for the late reply but I've been out of town (taking more pictures, of course). Thanks for appreciating the abstract nature and bright colors of this image. We don't get a lot of fall color in Austin, so we treasure the small...

14 Minutes Ago

Tom Weisbrook - Davenport Skybridge

Davenport Skybridge

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Richard Wambach Tom, like the "other world" feel of this.... great composition!

14 Minutes Ago

Richard Andrews - CN Tower - Clouds - Detail

CN Tower - Clouds - Detail

Lesa Fine Great perspective, excellent Richard! L/F

14 Minutes Ago

Doug McPherson - Resilience


Debra Johnson This is a great image, love the energy of the waves and the stillness of the sunrise, you captured is awesome, love it!! L/F

15 Minutes Ago

PainterArtist FIN - A Kansas Sunrise With The Cows

A Kansas Sunrise With The Cows

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PainterArtist FIN Thank you. Susan Lee for the feature.

15 Minutes Ago

Richard Wambach - Clermont Historic Site

Clermont Historic Site

Deanna Proffitt Wonderful drawing Richard!

15 Minutes Ago

Jeanne Fischer - Four Chairs

Four Chairs

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Richard Wambach Jeanne, wonderful scene - by the water and peaceful.... love it... feels like home!

16 Minutes Ago

Jim Hill - Sunset Wake

Sunset Wake

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Anne Lacy Absolutely beautiful Jim! I love the gorgeous sunset..the light reflections and the sea!! :) v/f/t/g+!!

16 Minutes Ago

Richard Andrews - Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

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Lesa Fine Beautifully done Richard! L/F

16 Minutes Ago

MB Art factory - Philadelphia Skyline Abstract 6

Philadelphia Skyline Abstract 6

Deanna Proffitt Amazing love the colors you used!

16 Minutes Ago

Bonnie Goedecke - Afternoon Glow

Afternoon Glow

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Giti Ala excellent image well done Bonnie

16 Minutes Ago

Pamela Blayney - Gethsemane


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Pamela Blayney Thank you so much! This is one of my favorites.

53 Seconds Ago

Priscilla Burgers - Crystal Mill

Crystal Mill

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Muriel Levison Goodwin Wonderful capture of this amazing scene. Beautiful photography.

16 Minutes Ago

PainterArtist FIN - First Impression

First Impression

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PainterArtist FIN Thank you First Star for featuring my piece.

17 Minutes Ago

Pamela Blayney - Modern Cross

Modern Cross

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Pamela Blayney T-shirts would be a great option!

3 Minutes Ago

Nancy Kane Chapman - Make Believe Bloom

Make Believe Bloom

Anne Lacy So fantastic and creative Nancy! I love this amazing work with the beautiful paper flower. Such a delight!! :) v/f!

18 Minutes Ago

Pamela Blayney - Reach


Mitzi Hall "Reach for the MOON, because even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" -- Were you thinking of your girls when you painted this one? Super cute! :)

19 Minutes Ago

Gilbert Pogany - Moenkopi Wash

Moenkopi Wash

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Gilbert Pogany Thank you again Janice. Gilbert

19 Minutes Ago

Hanne Lore Koehler - Spring At Last

Spring At Last

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Muriel Levison Goodwin Revisiting this charming painting

20 Minutes Ago

Tom Brickhouse - Fort Barrancas Faux Civil War Era Photograph

Fort Barrancas Faux Civil War Era...

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Richard Wambach Tom, right on the mark - great effects...

20 Minutes Ago

Joan Carroll - Puerta Del Sol Toledo

Puerta Del Sol Toledo

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Joan Carroll thank you Robert for the feature in the FAA Featured Images group, 4/8/14

21 Minutes Ago

Doug McPherson - Male Cardinal

Male Cardinal

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Debra Johnson Beautiful cardinal, great capture, love the rich colors. L/F

21 Minutes Ago

Kristia Adams - Wild Lighthouse

Wild Lighthouse

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Richard Wambach Kristia, spectacular lighthouse - the lighting and color is very dramatic! L/F

21 Minutes Ago

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