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New Comments for Thursday, July 24th


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Steve Hinch - The Fawn

The Fawn

Golder Photography Beautiful! Love this.

4 Seconds Ago

Diana Ludet - No. 67

No. 67

Dawn Vagts Love This so so so so much. It takes my imagination many places..... so amazing.

8 Seconds Ago

Veikko Suikkanen - Ladies


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Eti Reid Gorgeous triptych!!!L

9 Seconds Ago

Maria Hunt - Portrait of Sunflowers

Portrait of Sunflowers

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Ludmila Nayvelt love sunflowers, gorgeous work

42 Seconds Ago

Dale Stillman - Shops of Ocean Shores

Shops of Ocean Shores

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Dale Stillman Thank you Reid, much appreciated.

1 Minute Ago

Michael Eingle - Feeding Black Ants

Feeding Black Ants

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Michael Eingle Thank you Alexandria for the feature in the group!

1 Minute Ago

Jake Danishevsky - A Passenger

A Passenger

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Darlene Kwiatkowski That's great!! :)) Beautiful color and clarity! fv :)

1 Minute Ago

Linda Segerson - Swimming Alone

Swimming Alone

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Jason Hill I really like this! The water is so deep and rich against the white feathers. And its reflection in the water gives a nice balance

1 Minute Ago

Belinda Low - That

That's One Tough Lady

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France Art Dear Belinda...this vibrant portrait is so moving.. Your style is unique and captivating! My heart is touched by your description as well.. I think You are a Sweetheart.. And One Tough Lady! Hugs to you.. Dona Dugay :0)

2 Minutes Ago

Anne Lacy - Welcome


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Eti Reid What a remarkable composition and mood with the b&w,AWE!f/v/twt/g

2 Minutes Ago

Eti Reid - Storm over the wheat fields

Storm over the wheat fields

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Chad Deines Great Picture, Such a hard shot to get.

3 Minutes Ago

Lyric Lucas - Texting


Martin Konopacki Excellent creative image.

3 Minutes Ago

Anne Kitzman - Beautiful Lake George New York

Beautiful Lake George New York

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Anne Kitzman Thanks Joe! I love Lake George too!

3 Minutes Ago

Gail Smith - Mushroom with a face

Mushroom with a face

Carol Davenport Very cool, it looks like a snowman.

4 Minutes Ago

Jim Fitzpatrick - Beautiful Thai  Artist and Model Dao Version III

Beautiful Thai Artist and Model Dao...

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Darlene Kwiatkowski Your attention to detail is top shelf! fv :))

4 Minutes Ago

Kevin Woodbury - Moss Garden

Moss Garden

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Maria Hunt Ah... I know this image... Beautiful, Kevin. (they only allow me one F/L per image.)

2 Minutes Ago

Jody Partin - Suspended


Chad Deines WOW... Great shot, How long did you have to watch that flower to get that picture... Perseverance... Bravo

5 Minutes Ago

Antonis Gourountis - Bridal Stories

Bridal Stories

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Darlene Kwiatkowski Feels like a thought back in time - Beautifully done! fv :))

7 Minutes Ago

Lingfai Leung - Poppy Love

Poppy Love

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Sandra Clark wonderful color and texture

8 Minutes Ago

Ginny Barklow - Pink Sunset

Pink Sunset

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Sue Jacobi Gorgeous, love the colors, the asymmetry and the movement in this :))

8 Minutes Ago

Gloria Ssali - Dinka Corset

Dinka Corset

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Darlene Kwiatkowski The intricate pattern is so beautiful! fv :)

9 Minutes Ago

Michael Beckett - Free Bird

Free Bird

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David Neace Excellent work!!!

9 Minutes Ago

Ginny Barklow - Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach

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Sue Jacobi Gorgeous image :)))

9 Minutes Ago

Chris Howe - Puerto Rican Iguana

Puerto Rican Iguana

Betty Denise Great detail in this Chris! Nice work! L/F

10 Minutes Ago

Nancy Pauling - The Humming Bird

The Humming Bird

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Reynold Jay This is another "Alice in Wonderland" for me! Wildly creative and beautifully executed once again.

10 Minutes Ago

Michael Beckett - Peyto Glacier

Peyto Glacier

David Neace Wonderful image, great presentation!

10 Minutes Ago

Wayne Moran - Minneapolis Skyline Photography Stone Arch Bridge

Minneapolis Skyline Photography Stone...

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Dave Farrow A superb work of art Wayne......the reflections in this gold medal winner are spot on perfect.....very, very well done buddy....L/V

10 Minutes Ago

Colleen Kammerer - Painted Pony - Original

Painted Pony - Original

Lucinda Walter Wonderful work l/f

10 Minutes Ago

Roberto Gagliardi - Horse power 2

Horse power 2

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Cassandra Buckley Horsey!!! I love it :D I love horses in general but this is just beautiful, I love the brush strokes and spatters.

11 Minutes Ago

K Hines - Pontiac Chieftain

Pontiac Chieftain

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Betty Denise Nicely done K! L/F

11 Minutes Ago

Diana Ludet - No. 64

No. 64

Dawn Vagts OMG you're killin me! I love your work sooooo much! Everything about it is appealing to me =) ...L/F

11 Minutes Ago

Miryam  UrZa - Four Wheel Bike

Four Wheel Bike

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Svetlana Nilova Great B&W image, Miryam! L/F

12 Minutes Ago

Hanza Turgul - Abstract Rhythm - 26 - Art Ideas for Interior Design

Abstract Rhythm - 26 - Art Ideas for...

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Lucinda Walter What a beautiful way to display your beautiful work of art. l/f

12 Minutes Ago

Nancy Pauling - A Tangled Garden

A Tangled Garden

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Reynold Jay I could talk about this one all day! This is off the charts from a wildly creative mind. Alice in Wonderland comes to mind--don't know why...

12 Minutes Ago

Rod Seel - Evening Glow in Chase County

Evening Glow in Chase County

John Ray Nice sunset! Love the plains area, can see so much and you captured that, well done.

12 Minutes Ago

Liane Wright - Old Vintage Door With Chain

Old Vintage Door With Chain

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Liane Wright Thanks Scott. No, I didn't buy it, but would have loved to have had it.

12 Minutes Ago

Laurie Search - Sheltering Sky

Sheltering Sky

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William Madog I love this balance......very nice work.!!.............wm

5 Minutes Ago

Ronda Broatch - Hello There

Hello There

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Darlene Kwiatkowski What a cutie! I want to hug the little guy! Beautiful portrait! fv :)

13 Minutes Ago

Julie Palencia - Loving Thoughts

Loving Thoughts

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Jeannie Rhode Photography Julie, Congrats on your featured Image in Flora ! Excellent work in this Image with gorgeous soft colors and nice light.

13 Minutes Ago

Wayne Moran - The End of a Perfect Day

The End of a Perfect Day

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Rose Wang This is a beautiful work, Wayne.

7 Minutes Ago

Sheri Keith - No Electronics Here

No Electronics Here

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Maria Coulson Beautiful painting. v/fv/t

13 Minutes Ago

Gail Smith -  Eagles don

Eagles don't share.

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Carol Davenport Very awesome photo, then again the average person would never see this interaction amongst Eagles.

14 Minutes Ago

Henryk Gorecki - Spring


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Darlene Kwiatkowski Very peaceful and comforting! fv :)

15 Minutes Ago

Nancy Pauling - Steam Train Comes to Town

Steam Train Comes to Town

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Reynold Jay I would think this would be a favorite for train collectors. It is not everyday you see a locomotive like this one!

15 Minutes Ago

Joyce Woodhouse - Sunset after the storm.

Sunset after the storm.

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Betsy Zimmerli What a moment to capture, Joyce!

15 Minutes Ago

Rebecca Cozart - White Coneflower Trio

White Coneflower Trio

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Jeannie Rhode Photography Rebecca, Congrats on your featured Image in Flora ! Nice capture with soft colors and textures in this Image.

16 Minutes Ago

John Pangia - Sunrise in Brooklyn

Sunrise in Brooklyn

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Maria Hunt May as well leave another "well Done!!" while I am here.

17 Minutes Ago

Shanta Monroe - The Calm

The Calm

Gina Valenti-Lazarchik Shanta, you have done the very hard work of narrowing down all that you want to say in these few strokes & few colors. And by saying less, you've said so much more!

17 Minutes Ago

Carol Walker - Willie Nelson Flying

Willie Nelson Flying

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Juls Adams Beautifully captured!

18 Minutes Ago

Nancy Pauling - The Fractal Arch

The Fractal Arch

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Reynold Jay I love this one. Well done and gorgeous.

18 Minutes Ago

Neal  Eslinger - Sun Glare

Sun Glare

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Lyric Lucas A beautiful moment in time well captured! Excellent reflections! LF

18 Minutes Ago

Ronald Oliver - Ludvig Rests

Ludvig Rests

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Ronald Oliver Thanks so much Lesa for the compliment! I enjoyed doing it!

18 Minutes Ago

Mark Ashkenazi - Long Time Ago

Long Time Ago

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Anne Lacy Lovely composition Mark! Love the finishing touches :) l/f!

18 Minutes Ago

Pamela Blizzard - Abounding Curves

Abounding Curves

Geraldine Scull ART nice work on this ! v/f

19 Minutes Ago

Shannon Louder - Red


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Shannon Louder Thank you Lora !

19 Minutes Ago

John Brown - Plum Island Waves

Plum Island Waves

Betty Denise This is a beautiful and powerful scene John! The color, tones and composition make it a great pano! L/F

19 Minutes Ago

Guy C Lockwood - Kaylee  Our Little Angel

Kaylee Our Little Angel

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Guy C Lockwood Vicki, thank you for visiting and thank you for your comment!

20 Minutes Ago

Jordan Blackstone - Obtain The Whole - Vintage Art by Jordan Blackstone

Obtain The Whole - Vintage Art by...

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Jeannie Rhode Photography Jordan, Congrats on your featured Image in Flora ! Beautiful work in this Image with nice colors, textures and verse.

20 Minutes Ago

Cyril Maza - Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua

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Cyril Maza Thanks, Steve.

21 Minutes Ago

Tatiana Rivero Tana - She Stared

She Stared

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Chad Deines The light as shadows in this picture are beautiful. Really amazing...

21 Minutes Ago

Sue Smith - Church Rock

Church Rock

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Cyril Maza Amazing rock formation! It's beautiful!

21 Minutes Ago

Alice Brunner - Best Friends

Best Friends

Mary Lynne Powers What a wonderful painting!L/fv

21 Minutes Ago

BK Hook - Day at the beach

Day at the beach

Robert Cedrone Fabulous picture. Not sure where this is but it reminds me of many days spent on Nantucket Island. Love it.

22 Minutes Ago

Karen Lynch - House on Joppa Flats

House on Joppa Flats

Betty Denise A very nicely composed pano! One of my favorite places too! L/F

22 Minutes Ago

Evangeline Monroe - Breast Cancer Survival

Breast Cancer Survival

Gina Valenti-Lazarchik Evangeline, you're making such a powerful & necessary statement here for every woman who fights this disease, as my mother has done! They so often want to hide themselves, feeling mutilated, but you show all of us the beauty of life & survival. ...

22 Minutes Ago

Lil Taylor - White Hibiscus

White Hibiscus

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Jeannie Rhode Photography Lil, Congrats on your fettered Image in Flora !

22 Minutes Ago

Lorraine Devon Wilke - Metal Detectors of the West

Metal Detectors of the West

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Lorraine Devon Wilke Thanks so much, Magali, I appreciate it!

22 Minutes Ago

John Pangia - El Castillo

El Castillo

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Rose Wang This is amazing, John.

6 Minutes Ago

Nancy Kane Chapman - Blue Sky Magnolia

Blue Sky Magnolia

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Jeannie Rhode Photography Nancy, Congrats on your featured Image in Flora ! Nice work in this painting with lovely colors in this Image.

23 Minutes Ago

Michele Myers - Phantasma


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Cyril Maza Interesting image!

23 Minutes Ago

Jeannie Rhode Photography - He Love

He Love's Me

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Jeannie Rhode Photography Hi Sandra, Thank You for your very nice comment and support.

11 Minutes Ago

Suzanne DeGeorge - Sunflower and Butterfly

Sunflower and Butterfly

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Betty Denise Beautifully done Suzanne! L/F

24 Minutes Ago

Anna  Duyunova - Alaska Stories. Part Two

Alaska Stories. Part Two

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Jim Fitzpatrick Beautiful work and style! fv

24 Minutes Ago

Ramona Whiteaker - Seagull Landing

Seagull Landing

Sandra Clark wonderful detail

24 Minutes Ago

Ramon Martinez - Portrait


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Lyric Lucas This is so beautiful! Like the golden tones gives an old world atmosphere and sense of mystery! Lf

24 Minutes Ago

Marcia Colelli - Knockout


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Cyril Maza Beautiful lighting!

24 Minutes Ago

Allen N Lehman - Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

William Madog So passionatly moody.!!.............................wm

24 Minutes Ago

Cyril Maza - Lizard


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Cyril Maza Thanks, Michele.

23 Minutes Ago

Brad Brizek - Magenta Waves

Magenta Waves

Maria Coulson Fantastic colors. v

25 Minutes Ago

Chad Dutson - Wall Reflection

Wall Reflection

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Marion Johnson Wonderful landscape with great depth of field. The reflection in the water is very detailed. Overall a beautiful image.f

26 Minutes Ago

Displaying 1 - 100 of 5683 Images With New Comments