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Holly OBriant - Innocence


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Belinda Greb Lovely close-up - love the sweet look in the horses eye.

20 Seconds Ago

Dianna Lewis - Sue and Sammy Snail

Sue and Sammy Snail

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Karry Degruise Great work love the colors. and the composition you did.

60 Seconds Ago

Tessa Fairey - Anegada Ground Iguana - Houston Zoo

Anegada Ground Iguana - Houston Zoo

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Chris Flees awesome details and processing Tessa...l/f/t/g+

1 Minute Ago

Rodney Campbell - Wood Duck

Wood Duck

Miki Krenelka Beautiful!

1 Minute Ago

Mark M  Mellon - Deaths Waiting Room

Deaths Waiting Room

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Gun Legler Unique and captivating, and a scary description!

1 Minute Ago

Karol  Livote - Cornwall Covered Bridge

Cornwall Covered Bridge

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Andrew Lorimer great capture Karol ....... :) L/F

1 Minute Ago

Hailey Bates - Reflection


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Gina Valenti-Lazarchik These extremes of light and dark are a challenge, and you handled it well. L / c

1 Minute Ago

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Fire


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Wayne Stabnaw So beautiful! Fantastic colors and reflections! Congratulations on your Spotlight Feature! L/F

2 Minutes Ago

Brenda Bostic - Heavenly Sunrise

Heavenly Sunrise

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Chris Flees awesome job Brenda...l/f/t/g+

2 Minutes Ago

Katy Mei - Who

Who's singing

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Katy Mei Thank you Rosemary.

1 Minute Ago

Anahi DeCanio - Pop Art Car

Pop Art Car

Melissa Osborne wonderful. ;

2 Minutes Ago

Chuck  Hicks - Gator Reflection

Gator Reflection

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Andrew Lorimer Great capture Chuck ...... :) L/F

2 Minutes Ago

D Hackett - Underwater Beauty

Underwater Beauty

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Belinda Greb Beautiful light and underwater capture!

2 Minutes Ago

Carla Parris - Glowing Jellyfish

Glowing Jellyfish

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Karry Degruise Beautiful colors and image.

2 Minutes Ago

AdSpice Studios - Hydrangea Love

Hydrangea Love

Melissa Osborne this is lovely..

3 Minutes Ago

Karen Cook - Gimme That.....

Gimme That.....

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Chris Flees very cool capture karen...l/f/t/g+

3 Minutes Ago

Hartmut Jager - Dragon  Lord

Dragon Lord

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Hartmut Jager Thank you IRINA for your valued 'L' vote - and for your appreciated 'beautiful' comments, :-)

3 Minutes Ago

John Telfer - 1956 Chevy Bel Air Muscle Car

1956 Chevy Bel Air Muscle Car

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Beverly Guilliams Absolutely Gorgeous 56 Chev, John......Great Find..........v./f.

3 Minutes Ago

Carla Parris - Chengdu Panda

Chengdu Panda

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Karry Degruise This image is adorable capture perfect.

3 Minutes Ago

Fraida Gutovich - Autumn Arrival 3

Autumn Arrival 3

Jim McCain Exquisite and unique ! Great image, Fraida ! F/L Shared

4 Minutes Ago

J P Bates - Stalker Castle

Stalker Castle

Gina Valenti-Lazarchik You've really captured the magic of this place, a holdover of the past that remains with us to remind us of what once was. F / L / c

4 Minutes Ago

Debbie Portwood - Male Spotted Towee - Digital Paint

Male Spotted Towee - Digital Paint

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Chris Flees awesome details and lovely capture Debbie...l/f/t/g+

4 Minutes Ago

Carla Parris - Green Chair on the Beach

Green Chair on the Beach

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Karry Degruise What a relaxing place to be. Awesome image

5 Minutes Ago

Iris Gelbart - Abstract 60

Abstract 60

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Kari Nanstad Lovely design great colors

5 Minutes Ago

Candee Lucas - Blue Heron

Blue Heron

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Kari Nanstad Love Blue Herons!

5 Minutes Ago

Music of the Heart - And I love you so

And I love you so

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Music of the Heart I am so glad that you like it Laurie. Thank you so much!! Wishing you a wonderful week!! :-))))

5 Minutes Ago

Sandi OReilly - A Beautiful Showing

A Beautiful Showing

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Chris Flees great capture Sandi...l/f/t/g+

5 Minutes Ago

Barbara McMahon - Taking It All In

Taking It All In

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Andrew Lorimer beautiful capture Barbara ..... :) L/F

6 Minutes Ago


Michele Myers - Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

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Michele Myers Enjoyed your cute comment, Hanne! Thanks so much for for your compliments and L/F!

7 Minutes Ago

Nava Jo Thompson - Cute and Cranky

Cute and Cranky

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Andrew Lorimer This is such a great capture Nava Jo ........ :) L/F

7 Minutes Ago

Laura Bates - Winter Sunset at Canaveral

Winter Sunset at Canaveral

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Gina Valenti-Lazarchik You've captured such a wonderful glow, such an awestruck response to creation, to this lovely place! You've got a wonderful sense of color and value, Laura! Your work is always a pleasure to see! F / L / c

7 Minutes Ago

Stuart Harrison - Come Closer

Come Closer

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Karry Degruise What a capture !! awesome image

7 Minutes Ago

Maja Sokolowska - Hiroshima


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John Stephens Very powerful work!! You created an amazing image here!

7 Minutes Ago

J Jerez - Kiku


Michael Demagall Nice shot. I really like the composition

7 Minutes Ago

Brenda Bostic - Let

Let's Take A Little Walk

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Chris Flees well done the colors..l/f/t/g+

8 Minutes Ago

Mia DeLode - No Boundaries

No Boundaries

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Andrew Lorimer This is too adorable, and so well done Mia :) L/F

8 Minutes Ago

Zaira Dzhaubaeva - Ducklings


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Melissa Osborne oh my, aren't these guys precious? love them. sharing on facebook

8 Minutes Ago

Basant Soni - Pink-Beauty


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Basant Soni Glad u like this ...Sue

5 Minutes Ago

Michael Demagall - Lake Eire. Edgewater park

Lake Eire. Edgewater park

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Michael Demagall Thanks! J Jerez, I hope so. I'm new to FFA and it's my 1st sale

9 Minutes Ago

Will Bullas - A Pair Of Aces...

A Pair Of Aces...

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Melissa Osborne really like this great work

9 Minutes Ago

Music of the Heart - Singing in Aurora

Singing in Aurora's Tree

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Music of the Heart Thank you very much Laurie for you special visit and all your wonderful comments. You are an inspiration.

9 Minutes Ago

Andrew Lorimer - Where The Spirits Sleep

Where The Spirits Sleep

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Andrew Lorimer Thanks Mia & Big Sky of Art group for the feature :)

9 Minutes Ago

Basant Soni - Flowers Beauty in Circle

Flowers Beauty in Circle

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Basant Soni Thanks for inspiring words.i too wish u Joyous all Days of the week ..Deyanira

10 Minutes Ago

JG Thompson - Metal Chicken Visits The Market

Metal Chicken Visits The Market

Jim Williams More Metal Chicken!! l, f, WHAT?

10 Minutes Ago

Tracy F - Speak Softly To Me

Speak Softly To Me

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Joy Watson Wonderful work lv

10 Minutes Ago

Elizabeth Winter - Sunlight dances through the leaves

Sunlight dances through the leaves

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Chris Flees beautiful image Elizabeth...l/f/t/g+

10 Minutes Ago

Alan Wilson - Sunset


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Miroslava Jurcik Great capture ! l/f

10 Minutes Ago

Olivia Hardwicke - Waiting for Spring

Waiting for Spring

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Debbie Portwood So beautiful and so sweet!! Wonderful capture!! I wish I could attract some to my yard! f/l!! :D

11 Minutes Ago

Amy Tyler - Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine

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Melissa Osborne this is soo sweet love it..

11 Minutes Ago

Uri Baruch - Lake Bled

Lake Bled

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GuoJun Pan Wonderful view!

11 Minutes Ago

Kim Lessel - Heaven or Hell

Heaven or Hell

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Mike Breau Awesome spectacle Kim-grand capture/V

11 Minutes Ago

Michael Demagall - Cleveland Strong

Cleveland Strong

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Michael Demagall Thanks! Roberta & Brenda. I'm new to FFA it's my 1st sale

11 Minutes Ago

Rosita Larsson - Mood


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Chris Flees great near b&w Rosita... There is just enough color l/f/t/g+

11 Minutes Ago

Uri Baruch - Twilight Time

Twilight Time

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GuoJun Pan Very historic bricks!

11 Minutes Ago

Jim Bates - Romance in Spain

Romance in Spain

Gina Valenti-Lazarchik I like the way you've composed your color in this one, Jim! L / c

12 Minutes Ago

Olivia Hardwicke - Rainbow Sorbet Rose

Rainbow Sorbet Rose

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Debbie Portwood Wow! This is just breathtaking!!! Spectacular shot!!!! SOOOO beautiful! f/l!! :D

12 Minutes Ago

Maria Hunt - Oranges


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Sue Jacobi Wow, what a sunny, delicious start to a lovely morning!!! Thank you for sharing your lovely art with the world, Maria :)

12 Minutes Ago

Lingfai Leung - The Amazing Tree of Life

The Amazing Tree of Life

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Beverly Guilliams Congrats on Your Sale...Excited for you...............v.

12 Minutes Ago

Basant Soni - Nature

Nature's Mystery

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Basant Soni Thanks for inspiration Natalie

12 Minutes Ago

Uri Baruch - Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj

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GuoJun Pan Love this water!

13 Minutes Ago

Hartmut Jager - African   Princess

African Princess

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Hartmut Jager Thank you NAVIN for your valued featuring 'African Princess' in your 'Top Digital...' group. :-)

13 Minutes Ago

Karen Lawrence - Life


Karry Degruise Beautiful contrast of colors. simply but yet bold to make a statement

13 Minutes Ago

Zulfiya Stromberg - In the evening

In the evening

Mike Breau Amazing capture Zulfiya-gorgeous and nice description/V

13 Minutes Ago

Olivia Hardwicke - Red Ruffed Lemur

Red Ruffed Lemur

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Debbie Portwood Another amazing wildlife capture!! Gorgeous eyes!! f/l!! :D

13 Minutes Ago

Uri Baruch - Giethoorn


GuoJun Pan Very beautiful place!

13 Minutes Ago

Music of the Heart - O Holy Night

O Holy Night

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Music of the Heart Such pleasure for me Laurie to see your lovely words. Have a wonderful week!

14 Minutes Ago

Beverly Guilliams - Skull of Fire

Skull of Fire

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Beverly Guilliams Thank You so much, Carolyn...Appreciate it

15 Minutes Ago

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