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New Comments for Friday, August 22nd


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Beverly Guilliams - In GOD We Still Trust

In GOD We Still Trust

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Beverly Guilliams Thank You Much Jill, for Featuring this in: " The WOW Gallery "

12 Seconds Ago

VLee Watson - Tractor This

Tractor This

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Vicki Watson Thank you, James; very appreciated.

19 Seconds Ago

Kim Castor - Sunny Path

Sunny Path

Ludmila Nayvelt gorgeous

25 Seconds Ago

Erin  O


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Sourav Bose A visual feast of light and darkness! L / f / fb

1 Minute Ago

Barbara Chichester - Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

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Loreta Mickiene Beautiful work and interesting description, Barbara. L/F

1 Minute Ago

Alex Thomas - Amazon Wonder

Amazon Wonder

Michele Myers Congratulations, Alex, your fantastic sunset photo over the Amazon River has been featured by Philanthropic Artists For A Cause Who Donate FAA Proceeds or Original Art group! Thanks for your support of Soi Dog Foundation and Medecins Sans Frontieres...

2 Minutes Ago

Riad Belhimer - Old  French Car

Old French Car

Kym Backland Cool vintage car. Never seen one like this! Thanks for your visits and votes Riad.. LF6

2 Minutes Ago

Skip Willits - Recreating A Sailing Ship

Recreating A Sailing Ship

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Jim Fitzpatrick Great work and composition! fv

2 Minutes Ago

Talya Johnson - Pioneer Peaking - flowers and mountain in Alaska

Pioneer Peaking - flowers and mountain...

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Dianna Lewis Wow! Love the color blends. Beautiful work !

2 Minutes Ago

Pam  Holdsworth - Country Crossing

Country Crossing

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Sourav Bose Great capture - so inviting! L / f / fb

2 Minutes Ago

Lenore Senior - Skies


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Rebecca Phillips for me Lenore....the intense subtly here gives me great impact Thank youfor creating this work

2 Minutes Ago

Nigel Hardt - Still Waiting

Still Waiting

Diannah Lynch Beautiful shot, perfect description. Heartfelt thanks to all our military and their families. l/f

3 Minutes Ago

Destynnie Hall - Raven


Sourav Bose Fantastic visual Effects! L

4 Minutes Ago

Nathalie Duhaime - Dairy farm

Dairy farm

Barry Jones Love barns and silos! v/f

4 Minutes Ago

Nigel Hardt - As One

As One

Diannah Lynch Peaceful beauty. I see a family together...Awesome! l/f

5 Minutes Ago

Nan Wright - Iguana


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Dianna Lewis Nice to know he still hangs around ...

5 Minutes Ago

Jutta Maria Pusl - Perfect Model

Perfect Model

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Joe Bledsoe beautiful image calicos are so colorful f/v

6 Minutes Ago

Mary Palmer - Cotswold Street

Cotswold Street

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Daniel Eskridge Beautiful work! Great details work in the painting.

7 Minutes Ago

AnnaJo Vahle - Owl Woods

Owl Woods

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Dianna Lewis Wow!!! I love your use of colors in this beautiful composition Annajo. It caught my eye immediately. I love when that happens. Congrats on this marvelous piece.

7 Minutes Ago

Henryk Gorecki - Marylin


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Henryk Gorecki Thank you very much,Martin!

7 Minutes Ago

Ray Warren - Hoboken Sunset

Hoboken Sunset

Daniel Eskridge Excellent shot, nice lighting!

8 Minutes Ago

Jim Fitzpatrick - Portrait of a Mustachioed Tamarin

Portrait of a Mustachioed Tamarin

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Sourav Bose Magnificent - so full of character! L / f / fb

8 Minutes Ago

Emily Enz - A Cello Solo

A Cello Solo

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Barry Jones Excellent image! v/f

8 Minutes Ago

Tomasz Dziubinski - Cirrus Beauty 2

Cirrus Beauty 2

Valerie Anne Kelly Exquisite Tomasz. Fv

9 Minutes Ago

Nancy TeWinkel Lauren - Baltimore Orioles Dream

Baltimore Orioles Dream

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Nancy TeWinkel Lauren Thank you to the buyer from Baltimore, MD for your purchase. I appreciate your choosing my art and hope you enjoy your purchase.

9 Minutes Ago

Diannah Lynch - Saying Goodbye To The Sunflower Pod People

Saying Goodbye To The Sunflower Pod...

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Diannah Lynch I appreciate that, Karl. I have seen some flowers well past their prime that still capture my heart. Sometimes the captions just jump out. I am always thankful for a sense of humor that sometimes matches some of my photos :) Thank you, kindly.

9 Minutes Ago

Kym Backland - Hey what

Hey what's up with you?

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Kym Backland STEVE BRESLOW, Hello again! Thank you for the feature of my photo HEY WHAT'S UP WITH YOU? in your group URBAN IMAGES. I appreciate it Steve.

10 Minutes Ago

Barbara Keith - American Paint

American Paint

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Dianna Lewis Any animal lover would fall in love with this. Excellent!

10 Minutes Ago

Arlene Carmel - Pure


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Loreta Mickiene Beautiful capture, Arlene! :) L/F

10 Minutes Ago

Jessica Jenney - Untermyer Mood

Untermyer Mood

Odd Jeppesen Beautiful work.

11 Minutes Ago

Olivier Le Queinec - Guarding Baltimore

Guarding Baltimore

RC DeWinter Lovely work, lovely sale, congratulations

11 Minutes Ago

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Undercover


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Dianna Lewis Very pretty and imaginitive. Lovely composition

12 Minutes Ago

Leo Symon - Lady With Blue Eyes

Lady With Blue Eyes

Joe Hawkins Nice work. I can feel the purity in your images:)

13 Minutes Ago

Diannah Lynch - I Lichen You A Lot

I Lichen You A Lot

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Diannah Lynch Thank you very much, Lyric, for the feature in the Out Of The Ordinary group :)

13 Minutes Ago

Diannah Lynch - Touch the Sky

Touch the Sky

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Diannah Lynch Thank you so much, Demeter. I appreciate your comments.

13 Minutes Ago

Art by Kar - Fishscape Side 2

Fishscape Side 2

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Dianna Lewis I love the vibrant colors in this wonderful compistion

14 Minutes Ago

Wayne Moran - Minneapolis Skyline Images Stone Arch Bridge Spring Evening

Minneapolis Skyline Images Stone Arch...

View All 153 Comments

Barry Jones This is one of those photos that will catch your eye instantly! Wonderful job! v/f

14 Minutes Ago

Jordan Blackstone - Softness Overcoming Hardness

Softness Overcoming Hardness

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Jordan Blackstone Tina, thank you so very much for the Feature in your group, "Artists Best Five Artworks"

17 Minutes Ago

Wayne Moran - Basilica of Saint Mary Minneapolis

Basilica of Saint Mary Minneapolis

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Barry Jones Extraordinary photography! Beautiful! v/f

17 Minutes Ago

Rebecca Phillips - Love Under Judgement

Love Under Judgement

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Rebecca Phillips Thank you so much Sora!!!! :-))

17 Minutes Ago

Teresa Ascone - Sunset


View All 3 Comments

Audrey Van Tassell stunning colors! Very nicely done.

17 Minutes Ago

Phyllis Beiser - Obscurity


View All 31 Comments

Dianna Lewis Incredibly beautiful and creative. Wonderful application as well

17 Minutes Ago

Amy Porter - Waiting for a Turn

Waiting for a Turn

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Amy Porter Thank you, Andrea, for choosing this photograph as one of your favorites! :-)

17 Minutes Ago

Darlene Kwiatkowski - Individualism


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Jim Fitzpatrick Wonderful and beautiful work! fv

17 Minutes Ago

Amy Porter - Happy Hummer

Happy Hummer

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Amy Porter Thank you, Andrea, for selecting "Happy Hummer" as one of your favorites!

18 Minutes Ago

Jaimy Mokos - Universe of Rainbows and Dreams Keynote Speaker

Universe of Rainbows and Dreams Keynote...

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Dianna Lewis Wow!!! So creative and beautiful!!! Love it!!!

19 Minutes Ago

Stan  Smith - Natchez Bridge

Natchez Bridge

Barry Jones Been across that bridge a few times. Great shot! v/f

19 Minutes Ago

Natalie Ortiz - Carnevale


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Natalie Ortiz Thank you, Olga.

20 Minutes Ago

Mick Anderson - Central Oregon Coast - PhotoArt

Central Oregon Coast - PhotoArt

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Anne-Elizabeth Whiteway MICK, this is beautiful. I enjoy visiting you so much. Thanks for your recent comments about my wild and crazy abstract. Will come back soon to comment more. Hugs, Anne LF

20 Minutes Ago

Teresa Ascone - Iris and Columbine II

Iris and Columbine II

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Dianna Lewis Definately eye catching and very beautiful

20 Minutes Ago

Stan  Smith - Cicada


View All 2 Comments

Barry Jones Brilliant photography!

20 Minutes Ago

Roy Williams - The Green Heron and Blue Dragonfly 2

The Green Heron and Blue Dragonfly 2

Cheryl Poland Ready - aim - fire.....great shot Roy!

21 Minutes Ago

James Turnbull - Water and Mist from the Tunnel

Water and Mist from the Tunnel

Joan Carroll what a great vantage point!

21 Minutes Ago

Ian Gledhill - Snow Dog

Snow Dog

Alex Hiemstra what a beauty!!

22 Minutes Ago

Donna Kennedy - Butterflies Are Free

Butterflies Are Free

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James Canning Beautiful capture Donna. L/F

22 Minutes Ago

Bill Cannon - Americana - Fiddle and Hat

Americana - Fiddle and Hat

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Barry Jones Great image and effect! v/f

22 Minutes Ago

DJ Florek - Waimanalo Beach

Waimanalo Beach

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Kevin Smith Nicely composed DJ. V/F

23 Minutes Ago

David Lane - Alien Jungle

Alien Jungle

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John Wills Hi David, you have a really cool gallery, this is awesome!

23 Minutes Ago

Ida Eriksen - Tree At The Top Of The World

Tree At The Top Of The World

View All 7 Comments

Dianna Lewis Stunning and beautifully rendered

23 Minutes Ago

Amy Porter - The Look

The Look

View All 28 Comments

Amy Porter Thanks so much, Raffi, for choosing "The Look" as one of your favorites!

23 Minutes Ago

Genevieve Esson - Tree Classic

Tree Classic

View All 3 Comments

Lee Beuther Very nice use of complementary colors, Genevieve, in this exciting image. l/f

23 Minutes Ago

Gary Richards - MIssion Summer

MIssion Summer

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Marilyn Holkham Stunning work Gary v/f

24 Minutes Ago

Displaying 1 - 100 of 4518 Images With New Comments