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Isabella F Abbie Shores

Manchester, Cheshire

United Kingdom

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Accepted Media: Raw Photography with very minimal cropping-if any, Oils, Watercolors, Color pencils, Charcoal, Acrylics, Palette Knife Art, Sculptures, Pen and Ink, Colored Inks, Graphite. Digital Paintings, Digitally altered Photography, Mixed Media.

Zebra's are a very stoic and ancient breed of horses (Equines) and one of the most expressive breeds. The stripping from the Zebra can make some very interesting optical illusions and in numbers one can get lost in a huge herd of Zebra's. Your painting's must be distinguishable as Zebra's. Some abstracts will be admitted as long as the image is recognizable as Zebra or Zebra's. Any breed of Zebra is accepted and can be from the local Zoo or from the plains of Africa.

Have fun, share, and learn.
The winner of our groups 'ABSTRACT ZEBRA' contest is Kathleen Struckle. Congratulations on your win and you will be featured as our groups top artist from September 10th through October 10!

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Featured Images

Barbara Keith - Youngbloods


Barbara Keith

Sassan Filsoof - Zebra barcode

Zebra barcode

Sassan Filsoof

Anna Lisa Yoder - Zebra Stripes Closeup

Zebra Stripes Closeup

Anna Lisa Yoder

D Neagle - The eye of the Zebra