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Cheryl Poland

Wichita Falls, TX

United States

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This group was started on October 26th, 2012 and currently has:


108 Members


248 Images


8 Discussions

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About This Group

Accepted Media: Raw Photography with very minimal cropping-if any, Oils, Watercolors, Color pencils, Charcoal, Acrylics, Palette Knife Art, Sculptures, Pen and Ink, Colored Inks, Graphite. Digital Paintings, Digitally altered Photography, Mixed Media.

Zebra's are a very stoic and ancient breed of horses (Equines) and one of the most expressive breeds. The stripping from the Zebra can make some very interesting optical illusions and in numbers one can get lost in a huge herd of Zebra's. Your painting's must be distinguishable as Zebra's. Some abstracts will be admitted as long as the image is recognizable as Zebra or Zebra's. Any breed of Zebra is accepted and can be from the local Zoo or from the plains of Africa.

Have fun, share, and learn.
The winner of our groups 'ABSTRACT ZEBRA' contest is Kathleen Struckle. Congratulations on your win and you will be featured as our groups top artist from September 10th through October 10!

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Featured Images

Stephanie Grant - Zebra Moonlight Melody

Zebra Moonlight Melody

Stephanie Grant

Kathleen Struckle - Zebra


Kathleen Struckle

Alan Hogan - Zebras at Sunset

Zebras at Sunset

Alan Hogan

Amanda Stadther - Zebra at Waterhole

Zebra at Waterhole

Amanda Stadther

Saija  Lehtonen - Zebra in Black and White
Douglas Fromm - ZebraTiki


Douglas Fromm

Kris Hiemstra - A Trio of Zebras

A Trio of Zebras

Kris Hiemstra

David Fitzhugh - Where is Zaldo

Where is Zaldo

David Fitzhugh

Saija  Lehtonen - Zebra Blues

Zebra Blues

Saija Lehtonen

Lukas Holas - Portrait of Zebra in...
Chris Scroggins - I

I've Got Your Back

Chris Scroggins

Wanda Monk - Captivity


Wanda Monk

Rose Rigden - Casual Friday

Casual Friday

Rose Rigden

Saundra Myles - Zebra at Sunset Abstract
Michelle Pope - Eye Lash Galore

Eye Lash Galore

Michelle Pope

Amanda Stadther - Zebra Train

Zebra Train

Amanda Stadther

Rose Rigden - Sexy Zebra

Sexy Zebra

Rose Rigden

Jane Schnetlage - Three Zebras 2

Three Zebras 2

Jane Schnetlage

Chris Scroggins - Zebra Stripes Galore

Zebra Stripes Galore

Chris Scroggins

Veronica Ventress - Stripes and bokeh

Stripes and bokeh

Veronica Ventress

Barbara Keith - Mountain Zebra

Mountain Zebra

Barbara Keith

Barbara Keith - Grant

Grant's Zebra

Barbara Keith

Patricia Henderson - Stipes II

Stipes II

Patricia Henderson

Sandra Selle Rodriguez - Grazing Zebras

Grazing Zebras

Sandra Selle Rodriguez

Sandra Selle Rodriguez - Zebra Up Close and...

Zebra Up Close and...

Sandra Selle Rodriguez

Michal Shimoni - Reflection


Michal Shimoni

Sherri Vanschaick - Girlfriends


Sherri Vanschaick

Laurine Baumgart - Zebra striped trio

Zebra striped trio

Laurine Baumgart

Carol  Bradley - Double B Photography - Curious Zebra

Curious Zebra

Carol Bradley - Double B Photography

Pavan  Kumar - Zebra in Digital Art
Michelle R Sparks - Pearl Zebra

Pearl Zebra

Michelle R Sparks

Walter Herrit - Zebra Portrait 2

Zebra Portrait 2

Walter Herrit

Michelle Pope - Zebra


Michelle Pope

Jane Schnetlage - Baby Zebra In Motion

Baby Zebra In Motion

Jane Schnetlage

Christina McConkey - Rachel

Rachel's Zebra

Christina McConkey

Laura Regan - Two Heads Are Better...
LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom - Rolling Zebra

Rolling Zebra

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom

Les Palenik - Zebra coming

Zebra coming

Les Palenik

Susie Weber - Pastel Zebra

Pastel Zebra

Susie Weber

Tessa Fairey - In the Moment

In the Moment

Tessa Fairey

Chris Scroggins - Zebra Family

Zebra Family

Chris Scroggins

Gerald Beacham - Young Zebra

Young Zebra

Gerald Beacham

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom - Zebra Striped fourlegger

Zebra Striped fourlegger

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom

Chris Scroggins - Zebra Foal

Zebra Foal

Chris Scroggins

Saija  Lehtonen - A Tender Moment

A Tender Moment

Saija Lehtonen

Katka Pruskova - Zebras IV

Zebras IV

Katka Pruskova

Katka Pruskova - Zebras III

Zebras III

Katka Pruskova

Katka Pruskova - Zebras II

Zebras II

Katka Pruskova

Katka Pruskova - Zebras


Katka Pruskova

Liudmila Di - Love touch

Love touch

Liudmila Di

Cecile Smit - Suid Afrika

Suid Afrika

Cecile Smit

Cassandra Buckley - Zebras in Stripes

Zebras in Stripes

Cassandra Buckley

Mark Eastment - Stripes


Mark Eastment

Tony Murtagh - Zebra and Flamingo

Zebra and Flamingo

Tony Murtagh

David Fitzhugh - Zebra Butterfly

Zebra Butterfly

David Fitzhugh

David Fitzhugh - Zebra Wars

Zebra Wars

David Fitzhugh

David Fitzhugh - Earning the stripes

Earning the stripes

David Fitzhugh

Carol  Bradley - Double B Photography - Playtime At The Ranch

Playtime At The Ranch

Carol Bradley - Double B Photography

Carol  Bradley - Double B Photography - Zebra Colt

Zebra Colt

Carol Bradley - Double B Photography

Laurel Powell - Zebra


Laurel Powell

Tony Murtagh - Zebra Group

Zebra Group

Tony Murtagh

Tony Murtagh - Zebra Family

Zebra Family

Tony Murtagh

Chris Scroggins - Zebras Friendship

Zebras Friendship

Chris Scroggins

Connie Campbell Rosenthal - Zebra


Connie Campbell Rosenthal

Bob Christopher - Zebras


Bob Christopher

Ashleigh Dix - Zebra


Ashleigh Dix

Sid Ball - Zebras


Sid Ball

Jane Schnetlage - Zebra Quest

Zebra Quest

Jane Schnetlage

Robert Ford - Zebras in Upemba...
Tony Murtagh - Zebra dust bath

Zebra dust bath

Tony Murtagh

Tony Murtagh - Zebra and Wildebeest
Tony Murtagh - Zebra Pair

Zebra Pair

Tony Murtagh

Heather Hancock - Afternoon Rest

Afternoon Rest

Heather Hancock

Shirley Meyer - Milk Bar is Open

Milk Bar is Open

Shirley Meyer

Chris Scroggins - Wild Zebras Running

Wild Zebras Running

Chris Scroggins

Heather Hancock - Zulu Zebra

Zulu Zebra

Heather Hancock

Stephanie Grant - Joyful


Stephanie Grant

Beth Vincent - Zebra


Beth Vincent

Alexandra Jordankova - Sunset Reflected in...

Sunset Reflected in...

Alexandra Jordankova

Jayne Wilson - Racing Stripes

Racing Stripes

Jayne Wilson

Eloise Schneider - Kaleidoscope Zebra --...

Kaleidoscope Zebra --...

Eloise Schneider

Jane Schnetlage - Three Rainbow Zebras

Three Rainbow Zebras

Jane Schnetlage

Jane Schnetlage - The Waterhole

The Waterhole

Jane Schnetlage

Jane Schnetlage - Pyschedelic Zebra

Pyschedelic Zebra

Jane Schnetlage

Jane Schnetlage - Pop Art Zebra

Pop Art Zebra

Jane Schnetlage

Athena Mckinzie - Zebra


Athena Mckinzie

Athena Mckinzie - Into The Fog

Into The Fog

Athena Mckinzie

DiDi Higginbotham - Designer Zebra

Designer Zebra

DiDi Higginbotham

Tessa Fairey - Zebra


Tessa Fairey

Isabel Laurent - Monochromatic Friends

Monochromatic Friends

Isabel Laurent

D Neagle - The eye of the Zebra
Marina Likholat - Beautiful pair

Beautiful pair

Marina Likholat

Anna Lisa Yoder - Zebra Stripes Closeup

Zebra Stripes Closeup

Anna Lisa Yoder

Sassan Filsoof - Graffiti print of...

Graffiti print of...

Sassan Filsoof

Carol  Bradley - Double B Photography - Yipes Double Stripes

Yipes Double Stripes

Carol Bradley - Double B Photography

Tony Murtagh - Grevys Zebra

Grevys Zebra

Tony Murtagh

Tony Murtagh -  Zebra and Foal

Zebra and Foal

Tony Murtagh

Laurel Powell - Zebra Pair

Zebra Pair

Laurel Powell

Ruth Jolly - Baby black and white...
Cheryl Poland - Zebra Colt playing

Zebra Colt playing

Cheryl Poland

Davandra Cribbie - Grevy Zebra

Grevy Zebra

Davandra Cribbie

Cheryl Poland - Zebra Play

Zebra Play

Cheryl Poland

Barbara Keith - Youngbloods


Barbara Keith

Barbara Keith - Duel


Barbara Keith

DiDi Higginbotham - Freakin Zebra

Freakin Zebra

DiDi Higginbotham

DiDi Higginbotham - Zebra in black and white

Zebra in black and white

DiDi Higginbotham

Louise Charles-Saarikoski - The Lookouts

The Lookouts

Louise Charles-Saarikoski

Veronica Ventress - Walk in the park- colour

Walk in the park- colour

Veronica Ventress

Veronica Ventress - Yes so i

Yes so i'm stripey

Veronica Ventress

Veronica Ventress - Grazing


Veronica Ventress

Veronica Ventress - The two of us

The two of us

Veronica Ventress

Carol  Bradley - Double B Photography - Tree Hugger

Tree Hugger

Carol Bradley - Double B Photography

Stephanie Grant - Grazing Together

Grazing Together

Stephanie Grant

Davandra Cribbie - Nature

Nature's Barcode

Davandra Cribbie

Jurek Zamoyski - Zebra


Jurek Zamoyski

Tony Murtagh - Group of Barcodes

Group of Barcodes

Tony Murtagh

Tony Murtagh - Zebra Family

Zebra Family

Tony Murtagh

Phyllis Kaltenbach - Coming And Going

Coming And Going

Phyllis Kaltenbach

Phyllis Kaltenbach - Twin Zs

Twin Zs

Phyllis Kaltenbach

Phyllis Kaltenbach - Baby Zebra

Baby Zebra

Phyllis Kaltenbach

Thomas Marchessault - Zebra


Thomas Marchessault