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World Religious Architecture



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Eva Kaufman

Potomac Falls, VA

United States

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This group was started on January 4th, 2012 and currently has:

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World Religious Architecture

About This Group

Whether it is a church, mosque, temple or a holy site, religious architectures are usually magnificent and gorgeous.

I am looking for quality creations. As the administrator, I reserve the right to reject any submission and each member is limited to three submissions a day.

Please make sure you provide the name, its location and possibily some detail on your submission to make it interesting to viewers/buyers.

I would like this good has a good representation of all religion, sect, style......

Thank you

Featured Images

Karen Stephenson - Christian Thatched Hut

Christian Thatched Hut

Karen Stephenson

Dave Bowman - Strandarkirkja


Dave Bowman

Joan Carroll - Potala Palace

Potala Palace

Joan Carroll

RicardMN Photography - Temple of Juno

Temple of Juno

RicardMN Photography

RicardMN Photography - White window

White window

RicardMN Photography

Deb Barchus - In God

In God's House

Deb Barchus

RicardMN Photography - Dhammayazika Pagoda

Dhammayazika Pagoda

RicardMN Photography

Priscilla Burgers - Chapel at Tlaquepaque

Chapel at Tlaquepaque

Priscilla Burgers

Michael Rucker - Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

Michael Rucker

Stephen Stookey - Stained Glass Dome - 1

Stained Glass Dome - 1

Stephen Stookey

Vladimir Berrio Lemm - The Inside Of The Outer

The Inside Of The Outer

Vladimir Berrio Lemm

Lois Bryan - Evensong


Lois Bryan

Alexander Senin - On Red Square

On Red Square

Alexander Senin

Adrian Evans - Church on the Rock

Church on the Rock

Adrian Evans

James Brunker - Sajama Church Tower

Sajama Church Tower

James Brunker

Brandyn King - Borgarnes Kirk

Borgarnes Kirk

Brandyn King

Stephen Stookey - The Stones Still Speak

The Stones Still Speak

Stephen Stookey

Elvis Vaughn - The Dome

The Dome

Elvis Vaughn

Four Hands Art - The narrow passage

The narrow passage

Four Hands Art

Four Hands Art - The Past

The Past

Four Hands Art

Weston Westmoreland - The forgotten Abbey

The forgotten Abbey

Weston Westmoreland

Joshua Van Lare - Al-Salt Mosque in Jordan

Al-Salt Mosque in Jordan

Joshua Van Lare

Valentino Visentini - Sant


Valentino Visentini

Amanda Stadther - Basilica of Saint Mary

Basilica of Saint Mary

Amanda Stadther

Four Hands Art - Open Chakra

Open Chakra

Four Hands Art

Valentino Visentini - Waiting for Souls

Waiting for Souls

Valentino Visentini

Laurie Perry - Cades Cove Chapel 2

Cades Cove Chapel 2

Laurie Perry

Karma Ganzler - Temple Door

Temple Door

Karma Ganzler

Elvis Vaughn - Melk Abbey Hall

Melk Abbey Hall

Elvis Vaughn

Dave Hall - Mosque Ceiling

Mosque Ceiling

Dave Hall

Karma Ganzler - Guardian Lion Japan

Guardian Lion Japan

Karma Ganzler

Priscilla Burgers - Church at Mission San Jose

Church at Mission San Jose

Priscilla Burgers

Stephen Stookey - Tewkesbury Abbey

Tewkesbury Abbey

Stephen Stookey

Cassandra Buckley - Heian Pagoda I

Heian Pagoda I

Cassandra Buckley

Dave Hall - Citadel Mosque

Citadel Mosque

Dave Hall

Samuel Sheats - Christ the Light

Christ the Light

Samuel Sheats

Adrian Evans - Church by the Rocks

Church by the Rocks

Adrian Evans

Elvis Vaughn - St Peris

St Peris

Elvis Vaughn

Janice Rae Pariza - 1896 Cemetery

1896 Cemetery

Janice Rae Pariza

Priscilla Burgers - Bow Down in Worship

Bow Down in Worship

Priscilla Burgers

Valentino Visentini - Milan Duomo Cathedral

Milan Duomo Cathedral

Valentino Visentini

Larry Trupp - Contemplation


Larry Trupp

Maggie Vlazny - Sagebrush Church

Sagebrush Church

Maggie Vlazny

Janice Rae Pariza - Jesus in the Middle

Jesus in the Middle

Janice Rae Pariza

Valentino Visentini - San Martino Cathedral

San Martino Cathedral

Valentino Visentini

Adrian Evans - Llandwrog Church

Llandwrog Church

Adrian Evans

Michael Braham - The Wailing Wall

The Wailing Wall

Michael Braham

Weston Westmoreland - Palenque Panorama Unframed

Palenque Panorama Unframed

Weston Westmoreland

Weston Westmoreland - Chitzen Itza Panorama Unframed

Chitzen Itza Panorama Unframed

Weston Westmoreland

Adrian Evans - Chapel Light

Chapel Light

Adrian Evans

Ryszard Sleczka - Christmas


Ryszard Sleczka

Valentino Visentini - San Giorgio Maggiore

San Giorgio Maggiore

Valentino Visentini

Brandyn King - Yaxha Mayan Temple

Yaxha Mayan Temple

Brandyn King

Stephen Stookey - Blue Mosque Fountain

Blue Mosque Fountain

Stephen Stookey

Greg Kopriva - Trinity Lutheran

Trinity Lutheran

Greg Kopriva

Stephen Stookey - Earth


Stephen Stookey

Dave Bowman - Judas Treason

Judas Treason

Dave Bowman

Michael Rucker - The Holy Door

The Holy Door

Michael Rucker

Ludmila Nayvelt - Saint Isaac

Saint Isaac's Cathedral

Ludmila Nayvelt

Jennifer Stinson - Wat Phnom

Wat Phnom

Jennifer Stinson

Jennifer Stinson - Wat Chiang Man

Wat Chiang Man

Jennifer Stinson

Stephen Stookey - Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary

Stephen Stookey

Priscilla Burgers - Worship


Priscilla Burgers

John Greim - The Duomo

The Duomo

John Greim

Lynne Sutherland - Italian Chapel Interior

Italian Chapel Interior

Lynne Sutherland

Stephen Stookey - Jesus and His Peeps

Jesus and His Peeps

Stephen Stookey

Ryszard Sleczka - Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel

Ryszard Sleczka

Assumpta Tafari Tafrow Neo-Impressionism and Design - Emabet


Assumpta Tafari Tafrow Neo-Impressionism and Design

Adrian Evans - Huay Mongkol Temple

Huay Mongkol Temple

Adrian Evans

Brandyn King - Kirk of Vik

Kirk of Vik

Brandyn King

Adrian Evans - House of God

House of God

Adrian Evans

Evgeny Pisarev - Domes


Evgeny Pisarev

Valentino Visentini - In God We Trust

In God We Trust

Valentino Visentini

Kim Bemis - The Pink Sari

The Pink Sari

Kim Bemis

Christine Till - Veil of Veronica

Veil of Veronica

Christine Till

Elvis Vaughn - English History

English History

Elvis Vaughn

Ian Mitchell - Lady Chapel

Lady Chapel

Ian Mitchell

Christine Till - Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

Christine Till

Toni Abdnour - San Geronimo Chapel

San Geronimo Chapel

Toni Abdnour

Adrian Evans - Chapel Organ

Chapel Organ

Adrian Evans

Michaela Perryman - Holy Trinity Bindoon

Holy Trinity Bindoon

Michaela Perryman

Christine Till - Mission San Jose SA

Mission San Jose SA

Christine Till

Michaela Perryman - Trinity Windows

Trinity Windows

Michaela Perryman

David Hohmann - Salzburg Cathedral

Salzburg Cathedral

David Hohmann

David Hohmann - Notre-Dame de Paris

Notre-Dame de Paris

David Hohmann

Candee Lucas - St. Michael

St. Michael

Candee Lucas

Elvis Vaughn - Abbey Over Stream

Abbey Over Stream

Elvis Vaughn

Stephen Stookey - Anointing


Stephen Stookey

Elvis Vaughn - Glory of the Nave

Glory of the Nave

Elvis Vaughn

Stephen Stookey - Western Wall Jerusalem

Western Wall Jerusalem

Stephen Stookey

William Beuther - Frauenkirche


William Beuther

Allen Beatty - Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel

Allen Beatty

Ian Mitchell - Christ Church

Christ Church

Ian Mitchell

Ian Mitchell - Hidden Chapel

Hidden Chapel

Ian Mitchell

Lali Kacharava - White Church2

White Church2

Lali Kacharava

Lainie Wrightson - Window of Arkadi

Window of Arkadi

Lainie Wrightson

David Millenheft - St. Paul

St. Paul's Cathedral

David Millenheft

Inge Johnsson - Spiritual Spiral

Spiritual Spiral

Inge Johnsson

Michaela Perryman - Trinity Arches

Trinity Arches

Michaela Perryman

Stephen Stookey - Dome of the Rock

Dome of the Rock

Stephen Stookey

Adrian Evans - St Twrog Church

St Twrog Church

Adrian Evans

Lainie Wrightson - Through a Window

Through a Window

Lainie Wrightson

Elvis Vaughn - Medieval Chapel

Medieval Chapel

Elvis Vaughn

Bob Christopher - Four Buddhas Of Laos

Four Buddhas Of Laos

Bob Christopher

Charline Xia - Hindu Temple

Hindu Temple

Charline Xia

Amanda Stadther - Woodlake Lutheran Church

Woodlake Lutheran Church

Amanda Stadther

Alicja Magdalena Zbikowska - Kirkja


Alicja Magdalena Zbikowska

Stephen Stookey - The Last Supper

The Last Supper

Stephen Stookey

Lainie Wrightson - Monastery of Arkadi

Monastery of Arkadi

Lainie Wrightson

Lainie Wrightson - Arkadi Monastery

Arkadi Monastery

Lainie Wrightson

James Brunker - Golden spires

Golden spires

James Brunker

Priscilla Burgers - Sanctuary


Priscilla Burgers

Elvis Vaughn - Pilgrims Rest Area

Pilgrims Rest Area

Elvis Vaughn

Lali Kacharava - Orthodoxy


Lali Kacharava

Mariola Bitner - European Rooftops

European Rooftops

Mariola Bitner

Stephen Stookey - Church of St. Anne

Church of St. Anne

Stephen Stookey

Elvis Vaughn - River Cam Entrance

River Cam Entrance

Elvis Vaughn

Ryszard Sleczka - Our Lady of Cieszyn Icon

Our Lady of Cieszyn Icon

Ryszard Sleczka

Elvis Vaughn - Abbey Architecture

Abbey Architecture

Elvis Vaughn

Elvis Vaughn - Henry

Henry's Ruins

Elvis Vaughn

Adrian Evans - St Patrick Arch

St Patrick Arch

Adrian Evans

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Parma West Window

Parma West Window

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Bob Christopher - The Pieta

The Pieta

Bob Christopher

Scott Thorp - Island Chapel

Island Chapel

Scott Thorp

Bob and Nancy Kendrick - St Francis de Asis Taos

St Francis de Asis Taos

Bob and Nancy Kendrick

Janice Rae Pariza - America The Beautiful

America The Beautiful

Janice Rae Pariza

Sophie Vigneault - 1800 Cemetery

1800 Cemetery

Sophie Vigneault

Priscilla Burgers - Mission Espada

Mission Espada

Priscilla Burgers

Adrian Evans - Man Under The Moon

Man Under The Moon

Adrian Evans

RicardMN Photography - Within bue walls

Within bue walls

RicardMN Photography

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Qalawun Doorway Cairo

Qalawun Doorway Cairo

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Allen Beatty - Gold Church

Gold Church

Allen Beatty

Henry Kowalski - Stone Church

Stone Church

Henry Kowalski

Adrian Evans - Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross

Adrian Evans

Ian Mitchell - From The Hymn Book

From The Hymn Book

Ian Mitchell

Elvis Vaughn - Conjugal Meeting

Conjugal Meeting

Elvis Vaughn

Andrew Barker - Abandoned Church

Abandoned Church

Andrew Barker

Henrieta Maneva - St. Peter

St. Peter's Square

Henrieta Maneva

Mike Burgquist - The Chapel

The Chapel

Mike Burgquist

Mariola Bitner - Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco

Mariola Bitner

Weston Westmoreland - Ken Follets Cathedral No2

Ken Follets Cathedral No2

Weston Westmoreland

Adrian Evans - Church Fruits

Church Fruits

Adrian Evans

Magali Gauthier - Il Duomo Firenze street

Il Duomo Firenze street

Magali Gauthier

Christine Till - Contrabando Film Set

Contrabando Film Set

Christine Till

Magali Gauthier - Cathedrale de Laon

Cathedrale de Laon

Magali Gauthier

Magali Gauthier - Cathedrale de Laon

Cathedrale de Laon

Magali Gauthier

Amanda Stadther - Buddist Prayer Mats

Buddist Prayer Mats

Amanda Stadther

Ludmila Nayvelt - Sphinxes on Neva

Sphinxes on Neva

Ludmila Nayvelt

Andrew Barker - Inchcolm Island Abbey

Inchcolm Island Abbey

Andrew Barker

Weston Westmoreland - Ancient Tomb

Ancient Tomb

Weston Westmoreland

Julia Springer - Stormy Evening

Stormy Evening

Julia Springer

Joseph Baril - Lamb Of God

Lamb Of God

Joseph Baril

Stephen Stookey - Mission Espada Cross

Mission Espada Cross

Stephen Stookey

Elvis Vaughn - Eyes of God

Eyes of God

Elvis Vaughn

Andrew Barker - The Illuminated Abbey

The Illuminated Abbey

Andrew Barker

Adrian Evans - Melaka Red Square

Melaka Red Square

Adrian Evans

Ramona Matei - Milan Duomo

Milan Duomo

Ramona Matei

Adrian Evans - Buddhist Park

Buddhist Park

Adrian Evans

John  Bartosik - Sacred Chalma

Sacred Chalma

John Bartosik

Ian Mitchell - Olde Country Church

Olde Country Church

Ian Mitchell

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Gloucester Cathedral Cloisters

Gloucester Cathedral Cloisters

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Adrian Evans - Box Pews

Box Pews

Adrian Evans

Lainie Wrightson - Rocamadour France

Rocamadour France

Lainie Wrightson

Julia Springer - Golden Trinity

Golden Trinity

Julia Springer

Stephen Stookey - MIssion San Jose No 1

MIssion San Jose No 1

Stephen Stookey

Bob Niederriter - Frozen in time

Frozen in time

Bob Niederriter

Ian Mitchell - Sunny Church

Sunny Church

Ian Mitchell

Adrian Evans - Khmer Temple

Khmer Temple

Adrian Evans

Adrian Evans - Reclining Buddha

Reclining Buddha

Adrian Evans

Scott Thorp - North Church

North Church

Scott Thorp

F Icarus - Church Bell

Church Bell

F Icarus

Michael Braham - Dome Of The Rock

Dome Of The Rock

Michael Braham

Ian Mitchell - Cathedral Choir

Cathedral Choir

Ian Mitchell

F Icarus - Love mountain

Love mountain

F Icarus

Adrian Evans - Church Sundial 1806

Church Sundial 1806

Adrian Evans

Ira Shander - Venetian Holiday

Venetian Holiday

Ira Shander

Bob Christopher - Easter Island 19

Easter Island 19

Bob Christopher

Christian Zesewitz - Festung Marienberg

Festung Marienberg

Christian Zesewitz

Ian Mitchell - St Beunos Church

St Beunos Church

Ian Mitchell

Lali Kacharava - Church complex

Church complex

Lali Kacharava

Four Hands Art - Room of the Shrine

Room of the Shrine

Four Hands Art

Weston Westmoreland - Wooden church

Wooden church

Weston Westmoreland

Oscar Gutierrez - Pyramid of the Magician

Pyramid of the Magician

Oscar Gutierrez

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Qasr Ibrim

Qasr Ibrim

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

David Hohmann - Chartres Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral

David Hohmann

Amanda Stadther - Church of Saint Agnes

Church of Saint Agnes

Amanda Stadther

Candee Lucas - Alhambra squared

Alhambra squared

Candee Lucas

Four Hands Art - These Times are gone

These Times are gone

Four Hands Art

Stephen Stookey - Mission Espada Entrance

Mission Espada Entrance

Stephen Stookey

Ross Henton - Istanbul Sunset

Istanbul Sunset

Ross Henton

Ian Mitchell - Pathway To Spring

Pathway To Spring

Ian Mitchell

Bob Christopher - Easter Island 1

Easter Island 1

Bob Christopher

Ian Mitchell - Spring Church

Spring Church

Ian Mitchell

Joan Carroll - Sint Walburgakerk

Sint Walburgakerk

Joan Carroll

Lali Kacharava - Church


Lali Kacharava

Ian Mitchell - Sunny Cathedral

Sunny Cathedral

Ian Mitchell

David Hohmann - Oxford University

Oxford University

David Hohmann

Joan Carroll - Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow

Joan Carroll

John  Bartosik - Malinalco Ex Convento

Malinalco Ex Convento

John Bartosik

Four Hands Art - Place of Spirit

Place of Spirit

Four Hands Art

John  Bartosik - Malinalco Arch

Malinalco Arch

John Bartosik

Bob Christopher - Madonna Brazil 1

Madonna Brazil 1

Bob Christopher

Ira Shander - Tyn Church Prague

Tyn Church Prague

Ira Shander

Stephen Stookey - Mission Espada Doors

Mission Espada Doors

Stephen Stookey

Adrian Evans - Ancient Coffin

Ancient Coffin

Adrian Evans

Weston Westmoreland - Sanctuary of Loyola

Sanctuary of Loyola

Weston Westmoreland

Adrian Evans - Lord Murugan Statue

Lord Murugan Statue

Adrian Evans

Adrian Evans - Franciscan Friary

Franciscan Friary

Adrian Evans

Levente Toth - Among Giants

Among Giants

Levente Toth

Beverly Guilliams - Take Back America

Take Back America

Beverly Guilliams

William Beuther - Dome of St Marks

Dome of St Marks

William Beuther

Laurie Perry - Chapel in the Woods

Chapel in the Woods

Laurie Perry

Weston Westmoreland - La Pieta

La Pieta

Weston Westmoreland

Adrian Evans - Apse Windows

Apse Windows

Adrian Evans

Mariola Bitner - City Colors

City Colors

Mariola Bitner

Weston Westmoreland - Sun rays through the Dome

Sun rays through the Dome

Weston Westmoreland

Levente Toth - La Mezquita

La Mezquita

Levente Toth

Weston Westmoreland - The ancient tomb in the glade

The ancient tomb in the glade

Weston Westmoreland

Inge Johnsson - Taj Mahal from Jawab

Taj Mahal from Jawab

Inge Johnsson

RicardMN Photography - Santa Barbara Mission

Santa Barbara Mission

RicardMN Photography

Scott Thorp - To the Balcony

To the Balcony

Scott Thorp

Ian Mitchell - Church Entrance

Church Entrance

Ian Mitchell

Sergey Smirnov - Power key

Power key

Sergey Smirnov

Laurie Perry - Blue Chapel Door

Blue Chapel Door

Laurie Perry

Stephen Stookey - La Villita Cross

La Villita Cross

Stephen Stookey

Henryk Gorecki - Sunset in Rostov

Sunset in Rostov

Henryk Gorecki

Adrian Evans - Consecrated 1535

Consecrated 1535

Adrian Evans

Ira Shander - Addio Venice

Addio Venice

Ira Shander

Harold Bonacquist - Angkor Wat No. 5

Angkor Wat No. 5

Harold Bonacquist

Adrian Evans - Rong Khun Temple

Rong Khun Temple

Adrian Evans

Joann Vitali - Golden Steeple

Golden Steeple

Joann Vitali

Ian Mitchell - Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity

Ian Mitchell

William Beuther - Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven

William Beuther

Adrian Evans - Beside Still Waters

Beside Still Waters

Adrian Evans

Candee Lucas - Alhambra Night

Alhambra Night

Candee Lucas

Harold Bonacquist -  Angkor Wat No. 4

Angkor Wat No. 4

Harold Bonacquist

Stephen Stookey - Wesley

Wesley's Chapel

Stephen Stookey

Adrian Evans - Temple Cave

Temple Cave

Adrian Evans

Adrian Evans - The White Temple

The White Temple

Adrian Evans

Candee Lucas - Doorway to God

Doorway to God

Candee Lucas