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Wisconsin Flowers and Scenery



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Randy Rosenberger

Iola, WI

United States

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This group was started on March 28th, 2011 and currently has:


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Wisconsin Flowers and Scenery

About This Group

Flowers and Scenery of Wisconsin is our main focus. However, we accept submissions from beyond Wisconsin. Artworks may be in any medium. Please do not submit BLACK & WHITE work, or SEPIA photos, and Please NO NUDES or PARTIAL NUDES, Thank you.

Make sure your submissions are bright and colorful—No dark pieces! ALL WORK SUBMITTED TO OUR GROUP, MUST BE ORIGINAL. —No Reproductions, Copies, or Screenshots of other artists’ work will be accepted.

The Daily Limit on Submissions is Now ONE. After you have a total of 30 Active Images, THAT IS YOUR LIMIT! When 1 of your works is featured, then, you may replace that work with a new one. At no time should you have more than 30 Active or Pending Images that you wish to be featured in the future.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Featured works are removed from the Group and held as “Rejected Images”. This is simply a way of keeping track of which artworks have been featured. IN NO WAY SHOULD THIS BE CONSIDERED TO BE A NEGATIVE COMMENTARY ON YOUR ARTWORKS.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE FOLLOWING WFS RULE: When posting, please be certain you are on vs. A person voting on “pixels” must log back in to vote, as is a different web site, from THIS THREAD POSTS ONLY FAA IMAGES!

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IN-HOUSE CONTEST WINNERS: (positioning of the 6 winners is of no relevancy, as they are all equal in winning strength)
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This week's topic for the 'In House' contest for WFS members only is, 'CHAIRS' old, new, unique, all sizes and shapes, any colors, from any era.

Remember to keep the main topic surrounded by other beautiful elements to enhance the beauty of the main topic.

ONLY ONE submission per member for each New Contest, Please!'
Good Luck to ALL!
Forever, Elvis

(For WFS Members Only) Be sure to read contest rules at the top of the In-House Contest Discussion Thread.

SHOWCASED ARTIST for this week
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All accepted submissions are now put in active folder after I view them, which is almost daily.

Featured Images

Carol Avants - Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

Carol Avants

David Patterson - Autumn Splendor on the...
Alana Ranney - Sweet William

Sweet William

Alana Ranney

Linda Segerson - Watchful Bird

Watchful Bird

Linda Segerson

Lorna Scott - Lavender Field

Lavender Field

Lorna Scott

Calazones Flics - Calmness


Calazones Flics

Saundra Myles - Calla Lilly So Soft...
Craig Wood - Merry Christmas from...
Ernie Echols - Eye Contact

Eye Contact

Ernie Echols

Angela A Stanton - New Within

New Within

Angela A Stanton

RC deWinter - Twin Beauties

Twin Beauties

RC deWinter

Teresa Zieba - Altamira Oriole

Altamira Oriole

Teresa Zieba

Julie Brugh Riffey - English House Sparrow in...

English House Sparrow in...

Julie Brugh Riffey

Bruce Bley - Pink Sensation

Pink Sensation

Bruce Bley

David Lloyd Glover - Snow Harbor

Snow Harbor

David Lloyd Glover

Mary Giacomini - Snowy Wishes

Snowy Wishes

Mary Giacomini

Jeanette Fellows - Blanket Flower

Blanket Flower

Jeanette Fellows

Doug Kreuger - Our Christmas Snow Angels
Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Tampa Bay Florida

Tampa Bay Florida

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Kathleen Struckle - Textured Teddy

Textured Teddy

Kathleen Struckle

Inge Johnsson - Avalanche Creek

Avalanche Creek

Inge Johnsson

Gerald DeBoer - Eating Lunch

Eating Lunch

Gerald DeBoer

Larry Bishop - Grace and Truth

Grace and Truth

Larry Bishop

Linda Lin - Beautiful Lady

Beautiful Lady

Linda Lin

John Telfer - NYC Skyline On Stormy...
 Bob Johnston - Thousand Trails Cherokee...
John Straton - Garden Color at Woodward...
Mitch Shindelbower - The Gift Of Flight

The Gift Of Flight

Mitch Shindelbower

Tommy Anderson - Blood and Guts

Blood and Guts

Tommy Anderson

Kent Taylor - Autumn Walk

Autumn Walk

Kent Taylor

Wild Thing - Rumpelstiltskin
Rick Hansen - Crab Apple Trees

Crab Apple Trees

Rick Hansen

Riad Belhimer - Macro Shell On Sand

Macro Shell On Sand

Riad Belhimer

Terry Rowe - Centered Heart

Centered Heart

Terry Rowe

Harsh Malik - Gangadhar


Harsh Malik

Wanda Brandon - Setting Sail at Sunset
Jim Finch - Squirrel Snack

Squirrel Snack

Jim Finch

Rishabh Ranjan - Superman 3D

Superman 3D

Rishabh Ranjan

Bobbee Rickard - Transformation at the...
Jeannie Rhode Photography - Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day

Jeannie Rhode Photography

Marianne Campolongo - Baltimore Spring Flowers

Baltimore Spring Flowers

Marianne Campolongo

Marilyn Smith - Christmas Cardinals

Christmas Cardinals

Marilyn Smith

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Beachtime Blues

Beachtime Blues

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Phyllis Beiser - Diamondhead Pond Great...
Jennie Marie Schell - Yellow Iris Flower Still...

Yellow Iris Flower Still...

Jennie Marie Schell

Dominika Stec - Berries


Dominika Stec

Elizabeth Dow - Lunch is Served

Lunch is Served

Elizabeth Dow

Janette Boyd - One Cardinal and Two...
David T Wilkinson - Christmas Poinsettia

Christmas Poinsettia

David T Wilkinson

Brian Stevens - Somewhere Stream

Somewhere Stream

Brian Stevens

Steven Ralser - Red Winged Blackbird On...
Judyann Matthews - Christmas In The Barnyard

Christmas In The Barnyard

Judyann Matthews

Steve Harrington - High Hopes - Paint

High Hopes - Paint

Steve Harrington

Debbie Portwood - Chickadee and the Hiding...
Cathy Kovarik - Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Cathy Kovarik

Nava  Thompson - Christmas Visitor

Christmas Visitor

Nava Thompson

Anand Swaroop Manchiraju - Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Anand Swaroop Manchiraju

Janice Rae Pariza - Colorado Winter Barn

Colorado Winter Barn

Janice Rae Pariza

Meryl Goudey - Flying Free

Flying Free

Meryl Goudey

Julie Brugh Riffey - Mama Cardinal

Mama Cardinal

Julie Brugh Riffey

Charles Trinkle - Standing Tall

Standing Tall

Charles Trinkle

Rosalie Scanlon - Layers of Light

Layers of Light

Rosalie Scanlon

Ernie Echols - Snow Leopard Portrait
Michael Swanson - Autumn Splendor

Autumn Splendor

Michael Swanson

Victoria Lisi - Fall

Fall's Last Bouquet

Victoria Lisi

John Telfer - 1936 Plymouth Muscle Car
Joy Watson - Green and Pink Hydrangea
Orazio Puccio - Infant Jesus

Infant Jesus

Orazio Puccio

Alfonso Garcia - Calle Zamora de Salamanca
Anand Swaroop Manchiraju - Merry Christmas-d3

Merry Christmas-d3

Anand Swaroop Manchiraju

Judy  Johnson - Flowers on the Patio
Sonali Gangane - Pearls


Sonali Gangane

Mother Nature - Spot

Spot's First Bouquet

Mother Nature

Kay Novy - St Nicholas

St Nicholas

Kay Novy

Lee Kirchhevel - Christine Falls at Dusk
Phyllis Denton - Plumbago Aglow

Plumbago Aglow

Phyllis Denton

Gary Keesler - Palm Tree Blue Sky...
Deb Halloran - Queen Butterfly

Queen Butterfly

Deb Halloran

Darren Fisher - Santa


Darren Fisher

Debbie Nobile - Dinner for Two

Dinner for Two

Debbie Nobile

AGeekonaBike Photography - Exotic Wine Lilies

Exotic Wine Lilies

AGeekonaBike Photography

Steve Harrington - La Grande Hermine

La Grande Hermine

Steve Harrington

Veronica Minozzi - Ice crystals

Ice crystals

Veronica Minozzi

Bruce Bley - Sneak a Peek

Sneak a Peek

Bruce Bley

Lianne Schneider - Autumn Folk Art - Haying...
Barbara Chichester - Water Pearls on Stars

Water Pearls on Stars

Barbara Chichester

Sharon Duguay - Pink Lily

Pink Lily

Sharon Duguay

Gary Keesler - The African Queen

The African Queen

Gary Keesler

HH Photography - Glow


HH Photography

Gardening Perfection - Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven

Gardening Perfection

Jim Garrison - Make your own Kind of...
Elena Sokolova - Tuscany farm road

Tuscany farm road

Elena Sokolova

Tony Ambrosio - Ornamental


Tony Ambrosio

Lingfai Leung - Pink Mandevilla Blooms
Jordan Blackstone - Tis The Season -...

Tis The Season -...

Jordan Blackstone

David Mullen  - Hibiscus


David Mullen

Prajakta P - A Humble Begining
Brian Stevens - Wayward Swan 2

Wayward Swan 2

Brian Stevens

Sue Jacobi - Cow in Temple Udaipur...
Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Nashville is a Colorful...

Nashville is a Colorful...

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Jimm Roberts - Intimate Orchid

Intimate Orchid

Jimm Roberts

Linda Lin - Beautiful Pink Kimono
Richard Cummings - Spring Memory

Spring Memory

Richard Cummings

Kathleen Struckle - Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon

Kathleen Struckle

Leona Borge - Orchids


Leona Borge

Darren Fisher - A Kentucky Christmas

A Kentucky Christmas

Darren Fisher

Hanne Lore Koehler - Cross-Country Challenge

Cross-Country Challenge

Hanne Lore Koehler

Deb Barchus - Holiday Pitcher

Holiday Pitcher

Deb Barchus

Mary Lee Dereske - Profusion of Tulips...

Profusion of Tulips...

Mary Lee Dereske

Debbie Nobile - Love is

Love is

Debbie Nobile

Alfonso Garcia - Autumn 14  good bye

Autumn 14 good bye

Alfonso Garcia

Karen Wiles - FLORAL and ICE


Karen Wiles

Julie Brugh Riffey - English House Sparrow...

English House Sparrow...

Julie Brugh Riffey

Sandi OReilly - Yellow With Peach Rose
Donna Kennedy - Montezuma Castle

Montezuma Castle

Donna Kennedy

John Telfer - Coney Island Rides

Coney Island Rides

John Telfer

Bruce Bley - Simply Elegant

Simply Elegant

Bruce Bley

Dominique Amendola - Yashoda chasing baby...

Yashoda chasing baby...

Dominique Amendola

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Jacksonville Reflecting

Jacksonville Reflecting

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Neal  Eslinger - Silkweed Sunset

Silkweed Sunset

Neal Eslinger

Karen Wiles - Inner Earth

Inner Earth

Karen Wiles

Daniel Hebard - Church Rock

Church Rock

Daniel Hebard

Zinvolle Art - Pom-Pom


Zinvolle Art

Bliss Of Art - Random Shape

Random Shape

Bliss Of Art

Norm Starks - Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods

Norm Starks

Madeline Ellis - Old Tree in Palermo

Old Tree in Palermo

Madeline Ellis

Dennis Reagan - Light from within

Light from within

Dennis Reagan

Phyllis Beiser - Bay St. Louis Pelican

Bay St. Louis Pelican

Phyllis Beiser

Tommy Anderson - Cheetah Art

Cheetah Art

Tommy Anderson

Diane Marcotte - Peekaboo


Diane Marcotte

Nava  Thompson - Baby Jesus Little Lamb
Ernie Echols - Gazania Pollination

Gazania Pollination

Ernie Echols

Jamie Frier - Falling Water

Falling Water

Jamie Frier

Elizabeth Sullivan - Life in Purple

Life in Purple

Elizabeth Sullivan

 Bob Johnston - Arizona Ruby Humming...
Carol Groenen - Pink and Red Ruffly...
Sharon Duguay - O

O' Christmas Tree

Sharon Duguay

Alfonso Garcia - Verano en Galicia

Verano en Galicia

Alfonso Garcia

Dee Dee  Whittle - Bluebonnet Buffalo Clover
Tony Ambrosio - Gantry Park Shoreline

Gantry Park Shoreline

Tony Ambrosio

Gardening Perfection - October Glory Blue Sky

October Glory Blue Sky

Gardening Perfection

Bliss Of Art - Branches of Night

Branches of Night

Bliss Of Art

Joy Watson - Hydrangea Summer Bloom
Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - Capitol Mist

Capitol Mist

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

Tracy  Hall - Pink


Tracy Hall

Alana Ranney - Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Alana Ranney

Celeste Manning - Purple Butterfly

Purple Butterfly

Celeste Manning

Mary Deal - Flaming Red Poppy
Christine Till - Mariachi Band

Mariachi Band

Christine Till

Tracy  Hall - My Rose

My Rose

Tracy Hall

John Straton - Arizona Bell Rock Valley...
Radek Hofman - Pigeon Lighthouse

Pigeon Lighthouse

Radek Hofman

Mitch Shindelbower - Marmalade Skys

Marmalade Skys

Mitch Shindelbower

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Cincinnati at Dusk

Cincinnati at Dusk

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Brian Stevens - Sea Soar

Sea Soar

Brian Stevens

Ricky L Jones - Eagle in Flight

Eagle in Flight

Ricky L Jones

Mitch Shindelbower - Old Hickory

Old Hickory

Mitch Shindelbower

Stephanie Grant - Painted Lace

Painted Lace

Stephanie Grant

Tommy Anderson - Las Vegas Liberty

Las Vegas Liberty

Tommy Anderson

Anton Atanasov Art - Chameleon


Anton Atanasov Art

Lianne Schneider - Poppies of Tuscany

Poppies of Tuscany

Lianne Schneider

Inge Johnsson - Raccoon


Inge Johnsson

Barbie Corbett-Newmin - Orchid in Tree 2

Orchid in Tree 2

Barbie Corbett-Newmin

Terri Waselchuk - Graceful


Terri Waselchuk

Deena Stoddard - Evening Glow Sunset

Evening Glow Sunset

Deena Stoddard

Norng Ti  - Cactus Orange

Cactus Orange

Norng Ti

Rosemarie Morelli - Edgewood Yacht Club...

Edgewood Yacht Club...

Rosemarie Morelli

Wild Thing - Why


Wild Thing

Diannah Lynch - Mabry Mill Moonshine...
Elizabeth Cernik - Little Ones

Little Ones

Elizabeth Cernik

Elena Sokolova - Haystack at Poppi

Haystack at Poppi

Elena Sokolova

Norng Ti  - Cactus Orange

Cactus Orange

Norng Ti

Linda Lin - Mexican Folk Dancer
Ernie Echols - Rose Flakes

Rose Flakes

Ernie Echols

Olesya Tarasova - Soft White

Soft White

Olesya Tarasova

Shere Crossman - Zebra Veil Angel

Zebra Veil Angel

Shere Crossman

Olga Hamilton - Red Hibiscus

Red Hibiscus

Olga Hamilton

Juergen Roth - Meet me in the Morning
David Millenheft - Love


David Millenheft

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - How Now Brown Cow?

How Now Brown Cow?

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Meryl Goudey - Crayola Tulips

Crayola Tulips

Meryl Goudey

Jeannie Rhode Photography - The Holiday Peony

The Holiday Peony

Jeannie Rhode Photography

Rosalie Scanlon - Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden

Rosalie Scanlon

Latha Gokuldas Panicker - Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Latha Gokuldas Panicker

Tracy  Hall - Texas Rose

Texas Rose

Tracy Hall

Joyce Dickens - My Church In The Forest
Lingfai Leung - Wax Plant - Hoya Carnosa
Janette Boyd - Baby Blue Jay II

Baby Blue Jay II

Janette Boyd

Nikolyn McDonald - Purple Coneflower -...

Purple Coneflower -...

Nikolyn McDonald

Irina Effa - Merry Christmas Card 2...
Sharon Duguay - Li

Li'l Buck

Sharon Duguay

Baljit Chadha - Heavenly Flowers

Heavenly Flowers

Baljit Chadha

Sonali Gangane - Dahlia Magic

Dahlia Magic

Sonali Gangane

Bruce Bley - Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy Day

Bruce Bley

Lynn Bauer - Evening Mist

Evening Mist

Lynn Bauer

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Vintage Chevrolet

Vintage Chevrolet

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Carol Wisniewski - Halifax Nova Scotia...

Halifax Nova Scotia...

Carol Wisniewski

Nava  Thompson - Bluebird Christmas Wreath
Deb Halloran - New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Deb Halloran

Linda Lin - Cactus Valley

Cactus Valley

Linda Lin

Trudi Doyle - My Red Bicycle

My Red Bicycle

Trudi Doyle

Joyce Dickens - Finding Myself

Finding Myself

Joyce Dickens

Julie Brugh Riffey - Little Sparrow in the...

Little Sparrow in the...

Julie Brugh Riffey

Norng Ti  - Tulip


Norng Ti

Mike Martin - Cardinal rests in Oak...
Lee Kirchhevel - Bryce Canyon Hoodoos

Bryce Canyon Hoodoos

Lee Kirchhevel

Karunita Kapoor - Santa Dreams

Santa Dreams

Karunita Kapoor

Wild Thing - Smirk


Wild Thing

R A W M   - Native American Teepee
Phil Koch - Stories to be Told
Celeste Manning - Christmas On The Farm

Christmas On The Farm

Celeste Manning

John Straton - Arizona Bell Rock Valley...
Brian Stevens - Rustic Reflections

Rustic Reflections

Brian Stevens

Ana Lusi - Spokane River

Spokane River

Ana Lusi

Christine Till - Madonna with Child

Madonna with Child

Christine Till

Shere Crossman - Field of Blue in Acrylic
Anton Atanasov Art - Indiana Jones 3

Indiana Jones 3

Anton Atanasov Art

John King - Cactus Flower 1

Cactus Flower 1

John King

Marty Fancy - Sharing


Marty Fancy

Linda Lin - I Miss You

I Miss You

Linda Lin

Jennie Marie Schell - Hot Pink Begonia Flower

Hot Pink Begonia Flower

Jennie Marie Schell

Judy Via-Wolff - Winter Sunrise

Winter Sunrise

Judy Via-Wolff

Deprise Brescia - Silverton Falls Oregon

Silverton Falls Oregon

Deprise Brescia

Don Schwartz - Love Poem

Love Poem

Don Schwartz

Marilyn Zalatan - Playa de Aro

Playa de Aro

Marilyn Zalatan

Terri Waselchuk - Filled With Perfume

Filled With Perfume

Terri Waselchuk

Movie Poster Prints - Winter On The Farm

Winter On The Farm

Movie Poster Prints

Sheree Lauth - Purple diamonds

Purple diamonds

Sheree Lauth

Kathleen Struckle - River  Runs Through

River Runs Through

Kathleen Struckle

 Photographic Art and Design by Dora Sofia Caputo - Lavender Beauty - Dahlia

Lavender Beauty - Dahlia

Photographic Art and Design by Dora Sofia Caputo

Inge Johnsson - Paradise


Inge Johnsson

Janice Rae Pariza - Winter Sheep

Winter Sheep

Janice Rae Pariza

Myrna Bradshaw - Green Violet Ear...

Green Violet Ear...

Myrna Bradshaw

Rosanne Jordan - Crystal Fresh Snow

Crystal Fresh Snow

Rosanne Jordan

Sue Jacobi - Lake House of Grass...
Madeline Ellis - Sunday at Retiro Park -...
Harsh Malik - Krishna


Harsh Malik

Myrna Bradshaw - Marbled Godwits at sunset
Valia Bradshaw - The Red Cardinal

The Red Cardinal

Valia Bradshaw

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Sunrise Grazing

Sunrise Grazing

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Jeff  Swan - That place in the heart
Nancy L Marshall - Wild Roses

Wild Roses

Nancy L Marshall

GuoJun Pan - Daily Flower - Bamboo...
Rosalie Scanlon - Out on a Limb

Out on a Limb

Rosalie Scanlon

Steve Harrington - Fields of Gold - Paint

Fields of Gold - Paint

Steve Harrington

Rose Santuci-Sofranko - Pink Lily Kaleidoscope

Pink Lily Kaleidoscope

Rose Santuci-Sofranko

Dennis Reagan - Red Passion

Red Passion

Dennis Reagan

Jennie Marie Schell - Haunting Red Rose Flower

Haunting Red Rose Flower

Jennie Marie Schell

Yumi Johnson - Fun place for Geese

Fun place for Geese

Yumi Johnson

Nava  Thompson - Christmas Red Cardinal
Randy Scherkenbach - Turn Left At The Sunset

Turn Left At The Sunset

Randy Scherkenbach

Nava  Thompson - Christmas Cardinal

Christmas Cardinal

Nava Thompson

Rosalie Scanlon - Young Doe in the Wild

Young Doe in the Wild

Rosalie Scanlon

Jean Noren - Pink Backlit tulip
Craig Wood - Soon to be a Butterfly
John Telfer - Filleting At The End Of...
Linda Simon - Some Bunny is Charming
Joe Schofield - Pop


Joe Schofield

Jeff  Swan - Nurturance


Jeff Swan

 Nadine Johnston - Rose Petals Peach with...

Rose Petals Peach with...

Nadine Johnston

Saundra Myles - Feeling So Blue Floral
Baljit Chadha - Heavenly Flowers

Heavenly Flowers

Baljit Chadha

KarishmaticArt -  Karishma Desai - Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies

KarishmaticArt - Karishma Desai

Bruce Bley - Pink Geranium

Pink Geranium

Bruce Bley

Elena Sokolova - Tuscany dream

Tuscany dream

Elena Sokolova

Madeline Ellis - A Sicily View

A Sicily View

Madeline Ellis

Zulfiya Stromberg - Drama Girl

Drama Girl

Zulfiya Stromberg

Mary Hubley - Autumn Birch

Autumn Birch

Mary Hubley

Linda Lin - Sunset Home

Sunset Home

Linda Lin

David Mullen  - Red and Yellow Dahlia

Red and Yellow Dahlia

David Mullen

Jack Zulli - Under The Umbrella
Debbie Nobile - Hibiscus in the Clouds
Mother Nature - Merry Christmas Happy...
Felicia Tica - Sun Rose

Sun Rose

Felicia Tica

Randy Scherkenbach - 1958 Chevrolet Apache

1958 Chevrolet Apache

Randy Scherkenbach

Music of the Heart - Nature Drawing

Nature Drawing

Music of the Heart

Irina Effa - Japanese Chrysanthemum...
Linda Lin - Innocent Girl

Innocent Girl

Linda Lin

Phyllis Beiser - Shadowy Pelican In Flight
Layla Munla - Love Rose

Love Rose

Layla Munla

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Covered Bridge on the...

Covered Bridge on the...

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Kym Backland - I love you too

I love you too

Kym Backland

Marilyn Zalatan - Tower at Playa de Aro

Tower at Playa de Aro

Marilyn Zalatan

Bob Weiman - Wolf-animals-image-9
Ellen Levinson - Mushrooms and Hedgehogs
Bruce Bley - A Touch of Autumn
Inge Johnsson - Cloud Gate Number 3

Cloud Gate Number 3

Inge Johnsson

Debbie Portwood - Autumn Northern Cardinal...
Jeff  Swan - Like A Little Wet Promise
Carol Wisniewski - A Winter Sunset

A Winter Sunset

Carol Wisniewski

Audrey Russill - Family of eastern...

Family of eastern...

Audrey Russill

Sandi OReilly - Painting My First...

Painting My First...

Sandi OReilly

Gary Keesler - Leopard Cat Nap

Leopard Cat Nap

Gary Keesler

Angela A Stanton - Exotic Lit Flower of...

Exotic Lit Flower of...

Angela A Stanton

Anastasija Kraineva - Spring


Anastasija Kraineva

Deb Barchus - Spring Tulips

Spring Tulips

Deb Barchus

Harsh Malik - Mother Elephant

Mother Elephant

Harsh Malik

Julie Palencia - Winter Stillness

Winter Stillness

Julie Palencia

Carla Parris - Fairy Tale Pond with...
Sonali Gangane - Sunlit Beauties

Sunlit Beauties

Sonali Gangane

Dennis Reagan - White Fox glove

White Fox glove

Dennis Reagan

Jennie Marie Schell - Peach Rose Flowers...

Peach Rose Flowers...

Jennie Marie Schell

Ana Lusi - Swallows


Ana Lusi

Fiona Kennard - Spend The Day With Me

Spend The Day With Me

Fiona Kennard

Sandy Keeton - Early Snow

Early Snow

Sandy Keeton

David Blank - White Lake Greenhouse...
Amazing Jules - Perfect Ending to Summer...
Brian Stevens - Female Mallard 3

Female Mallard 3

Brian Stevens

Carol Cavalaris - Tropic Spirits - Gold...

Tropic Spirits - Gold...

Carol Cavalaris

 Photographic Art and Design by Dora Sofia Caputo - The Children Sculpture...

The Children Sculpture...

Photographic Art and Design by Dora Sofia Caputo

Donna Kennedy - Hay Wagon

Hay Wagon

Donna Kennedy

Jack Zulli - Another Days Work
Victoria Lisi - Open House

Open House

Victoria Lisi

Steven Ralser - Cockatiel


Steven Ralser

Jeffrey Koss - 10 Christmas Snowmen
Sabrina L Ryan - Bright and Bold

Bright and Bold

Sabrina L Ryan

Danielle  Parent - Pink Christmas Tree...

Pink Christmas Tree...

Danielle Parent

Tracy  Hall - Gerbera

Gerbera's Jewels

Tracy Hall

Sue Jacobi Photography - Colorful Rajasthani...

Colorful Rajasthani...

Sue Jacobi Photography

Gary Keesler - Bob Marley Surfing...
Lee Kirchhevel - Christmas Moose

Christmas Moose

Lee Kirchhevel

Kathy Bassett - Winter Lights

Winter Lights

Kathy Bassett

Shere Crossman - I SEE you

I SEE you

Shere Crossman

Joy Watson - Bottlebrush Flowers...
John Telfer - Coming to Port After...
 Photographic Art and Design by Dora Sofia Caputo - Native American Teepees...

Native American Teepees...

Photographic Art and Design by Dora Sofia Caputo

David T Wilkinson - Stone Pathway

Stone Pathway

David T Wilkinson

Lingfai Leung - Great Blue Heron and its...
Joyce Dickens - The Pond In The Forest
Mary Giacomini - Last Call

Last Call

Mary Giacomini

Mother Nature - Epiphyllum oxypetallum -...
Orazio Puccio - Dahlia


Orazio Puccio

Rick Grisolano Photography LLC - 2014 June Butterfly on...

2014 June Butterfly on...

Rick Grisolano Photography LLC

Henry Kowalski - Tybee Island Lighthouse...
Anastasija Kraineva - Sweet -stuff

Sweet -stuff

Anastasija Kraineva

Lee Piper - Christmas Island
Tracy  Hall - Tracy
Steve Harrington - Christmas Floozy - Paint

Christmas Floozy - Paint

Steve Harrington

David and Carol Kelly - Purple Flower

Purple Flower

David and Carol Kelly

Will Borden - Gray Monk Winery Door
Craig Wood - In Light and Shadow
Celeste Manning - Out Of Darkness

Out Of Darkness

Celeste Manning

Carol R Montoya - Phalaenopsis-May Be

Phalaenopsis-May Be

Carol R Montoya

Irving Starr - Busy Harbor In France
Janice Rae Pariza - Pollen and the Bee

Pollen and the Bee

Janice Rae Pariza

Kim Bemis - Stained Glass Windows at...
Joy Watson - A Glow On Agapanthus
Doug Kreuger - Passage To The Past

Passage To The Past

Doug Kreuger

Lingfai Leung - Season

Season's Greetings

Lingfai Leung

Gary Keesler - Hard Rock Balcony View
Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Ford in the Barn

Ford in the Barn

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Rosanne Jordan - Morton Arboretum Canopy...
Wanda Brandon - The Heart of a Tulip

The Heart of a Tulip

Wanda Brandon

Jeff  Swan - Big bull moose in the...
Darren Fisher - Blackbirds of the Night
Geoff Childs - Magenta Sunrise over...
George Bostian - Colors Of Nature -...

Colors Of Nature -...

George Bostian

Tommy Anderson - Christmas Horse in Oil

Christmas Horse in Oil

Tommy Anderson

Victoria Lisi - Solar Power

Solar Power

Victoria Lisi

Shelby  Young - Moss in the Shadows

Moss in the Shadows

Shelby Young

Steve Harrington - Lord of the Dance - Paint

Lord of the Dance - Paint

Steve Harrington

Gerald DeBoer - Autumn Splendor

Autumn Splendor

Gerald DeBoer

Donna Kennedy - Pink Peony

Pink Peony

Donna Kennedy

John Telfer - 1941 Willy Muscle Car
Suzanne Oesterling - Woolly Red

Woolly Red

Suzanne Oesterling

Jordan Blackstone - Faces of Strength -...

Faces of Strength -...

Jordan Blackstone

Danielle  Parent - Purple Mollusk Alcohol...
Debbie Nobile - Lace Veiled Rose

Lace Veiled Rose

Debbie Nobile

Bliss Of Art - Vibrant Moon Light

Vibrant Moon Light

Bliss Of Art

Sonali Gangane - Macro of Pink Hibiscus

Macro of Pink Hibiscus

Sonali Gangane

Alana Ranney - Ice Shack

Ice Shack

Alana Ranney

Jeannie Rhode Photography - Japanese Camellia - B

Japanese Camellia - B

Jeannie Rhode Photography

Larry Trupp - Leading Lines

Leading Lines

Larry Trupp

Laurie Perry - Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing

Laurie Perry

Eva Borowski - Sonnrnaufgang


Eva Borowski

Linda Lin - Beautiful Ao Dai
MaryJane Armstrong - Broad-tailed...


MaryJane Armstrong

Doug Kreuger - Holiday Treasured

Holiday Treasured

Doug Kreuger

John Telfer - Bushkill Falls

Bushkill Falls

John Telfer

Nava  Thompson - Glorious


Nava Thompson

Doug Kreuger - Forever-Friends


Doug Kreuger

Deb Halloran - Softhearted


Deb Halloran

Lingfai Leung - Horse Stands By The Barn...
Jean Noren - Painted Lupine

Painted Lupine

Jean Noren

 Bob Johnston - Ponderosa Pine Cone...
Inge Johnsson - Havasu Creek

Havasu Creek

Inge Johnsson

 Photographic Art and Design by Dora Sofia Caputo - October Roses

October Roses

Photographic Art and Design by Dora Sofia Caputo

Carla Parris - Summer Meadow

Summer Meadow

Carla Parris

Riad Belhimer - Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear

Riad Belhimer

Danielle  Parent - Blue Christmas Tree...

Blue Christmas Tree...

Danielle Parent

Doug Kreuger - Cecilienhof Palace

Cecilienhof Palace

Doug Kreuger

David Walker - Awaiting the Lineup

Awaiting the Lineup

David Walker

Nancy Spirakus - Eastern Cottontail...

Eastern Cottontail...

Nancy Spirakus

Gary Keesler - Joe
Ernie Echols - Violet Trumpets

Violet Trumpets

Ernie Echols

Debbie Portwood - Mid November Snow

Mid November Snow

Debbie Portwood

Anand Swaroop Manchiraju - Enjoy Co Cola

Enjoy Co Cola

Anand Swaroop Manchiraju

Jordan Blackstone - A Beautiful Life -...

A Beautiful Life -...

Jordan Blackstone

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Bald River Waterfall

Bald River Waterfall

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Jeff  Swan - Black bear sticking out...
Debbie Nobile - Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue

Debbie Nobile

Lois Bryan - Meet Me At Our Bench
Sonali Gangane - Daisy Entrance

Daisy Entrance

Sonali Gangane

Felicia Tica - Hopeful for you

Hopeful for you

Felicia Tica

George Cousins - Labrador Evening

Labrador Evening

George Cousins

Steve Harrington - Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel

Steve Harrington

David Lloyd Glover - Bourgogne Canal

Bourgogne Canal

David Lloyd Glover

Jeannie Rhode Photography - Joyful Colors

Joyful Colors

Jeannie Rhode Photography

F Leblanc - Hard Work v2

Hard Work v2

F Leblanc

Carol Cavalaris - Celestial Rose

Celestial Rose

Carol Cavalaris

Anastasija Kraineva - Sail


Anastasija Kraineva

Alfonso Garcia - A Trabajar

A Trabajar

Alfonso Garcia

David Patterson - The Red Boathouse - Old...
Ramona Whiteaker - The Pansy

The Pansy

Ramona Whiteaker

David Lloyd Glover - Fountain Central Park

Fountain Central Park

David Lloyd Glover

David Millenheft - Softness


David Millenheft

Ricky L Jones - Remember to keep those...
Stanislav Atanasov - Ship


Stanislav Atanasov

Tracy  Hall - Happy Thanksgiving
Larry Trupp - A Little Bit Of Country
Sonali Gangane - Coneflower


Sonali Gangane

Julie Palencia - Beauty of a Gelato Rose
Esther Woods - Thanksgiving  Bouquet
Phil Koch - Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest

Phil Koch

Bruce Bley - Pink Sensations Columbine
Gary Keesler - Pomeranian Santa

Pomeranian Santa

Gary Keesler

Veli Bariskan - Daisy


Veli Bariskan

Darleen Stry - Varigated Poinsettia
David and Carol Kelly - White Persian Kitten

White Persian Kitten

David and Carol Kelly

Barbara McMahon - Red Bellied Woodpecker

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Barbara McMahon

Sachin Sawe - Hot Pink Gerbera Daisy
Carol Wisniewski - Christmas In Cervinia

Christmas In Cervinia

Carol Wisniewski

Donna Kennedy - No Boating Today

No Boating Today

Donna Kennedy

Shirley Sirois - To the Fields of Light

To the Fields of Light

Shirley Sirois

Julie Palencia - Park Princess Collarette...
Bruce Bley - Red Peony

Red Peony

Bruce Bley

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - Old Mill

Old Mill

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

Larry Trupp - English Gardens Repose
Inge Johnsson - Durango-Silverton High...
 Nadine Johnston - Painting Portland...

Painting Portland...

Nadine Johnston

William Bukowski - Sanctuary


William Bukowski

Richard Cummings - Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

Richard Cummings

Olga Hamilton - Enlightenment


Olga Hamilton

Mother Nature - Christmas Cactus - White...
Alan Lakin - Winter Wine

Winter Wine

Alan Lakin

Deborah Klubertanz - Lollipop


Deborah Klubertanz

Lee Piper - Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Lee Piper

Anand Swaroop Manchiraju - Special Effect-28

Special Effect-28

Anand Swaroop Manchiraju

Sharon Duguay - Shack by the Sea

Shack by the Sea

Sharon Duguay

Darren Fisher - Home Town Christmas

Home Town Christmas

Darren Fisher

Steve Harrington - For the Love of Partying

For the Love of Partying

Steve Harrington

Bliss Of Art - Let me free

Let me free

Bliss Of Art

Debby Pueschel - Hanging Fushia

Hanging Fushia

Debby Pueschel

Deb Halloran - Love Intertwined

Love Intertwined

Deb Halloran

David Lloyd Glover - Sailboat Bay Garden

Sailboat Bay Garden

David Lloyd Glover

Debbie Portwood - Northern Cardinal Autumn...
The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - I Love the Daffodils...

I Love the Daffodils...

The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene

Angela A Stanton - Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness Monster

Angela A Stanton

Steve Harrington - Doreen

Doreen's Jazz New...

Steve Harrington

Carol Cavalaris - Celestial Iris

Celestial Iris

Carol Cavalaris

John Malone - Caribbean Beauty

Caribbean Beauty

John Malone

Carol Wisniewski - Caught By An Early Snow

Caught By An Early Snow

Carol Wisniewski

Julie Brugh Riffey - Chipping Sparrow

Chipping Sparrow

Julie Brugh Riffey

Arlene Carmel - Pink Elegance

Pink Elegance

Arlene Carmel

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Country Bridge

Country Bridge

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Alfonso Garcia - Viento


Alfonso Garcia

Bill Gallagher - Heitz Cellars

Heitz Cellars

Bill Gallagher

Mother Nature - Knowing The Red Hibiscus
Norng Ti  - Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown

Norng Ti

Les Palenik - Arctic Wolves - Painterly
Joyce Dickens - The Colony

The Colony

Joyce Dickens

Phil Koch - Peace Of Mind

Peace Of Mind

Phil Koch

Linda Simon - Lessons to Last a...
Angela A Stanton - The Feeling of a Tiger...

The Feeling of a Tiger...

Angela A Stanton

David Lloyd Glover - Summer Rose Arrangement

Summer Rose Arrangement

David Lloyd Glover

Sandra Bronstein - The Sojourn Begins

The Sojourn Begins

Sandra Bronstein

Hanne Lore Koehler - Mill Creek Autumn Sunrise

Mill Creek Autumn Sunrise

Hanne Lore Koehler

Jeffrey Koss - Country Christmas Tree
Carol Wisniewski - A Floral Pathway Vignette

A Floral Pathway Vignette

Carol Wisniewski

Inge Johnsson - Seattle Great Wheel

Seattle Great Wheel

Inge Johnsson

Tracy  Hall - Gold Red Rose

Gold Red Rose

Tracy Hall

Will Borden - Scenic Minnesota 13
Darren Fisher - Winters Calm

Winters Calm

Darren Fisher

Deb Halloran - Pink Parasol

Pink Parasol

Deb Halloran

Carla Parris - Vintage Blossoms

Vintage Blossoms

Carla Parris

Roena King - A study of William Trost...
Wanda Brandon - Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal

Wanda Brandon

Ron Regalado - Beauty in the Fountain
David and Carol Kelly - Chrysanthemum II

Chrysanthemum II

David and Carol Kelly

Bob Weiman - Mountain Lion - Silent...
Gary Keesler - Panthera Leo

Panthera Leo

Gary Keesler

Phil Abrams - Lily Pond v2.0

Lily Pond v2.0

Phil Abrams

Craig Wood - Scene Thru a Paperweight
Donna Kennedy - Convict Lake at Sunrise
David Lloyd Glover - Blue Garden Impression

Blue Garden Impression

David Lloyd Glover

Charles Trinkle - Winter Cardinal

Winter Cardinal

Charles Trinkle

Bob and Nancy Kendrick - El Sanctuario de Chimayo

El Sanctuario de Chimayo

Bob and Nancy Kendrick

Jeannie Rhode Photography - Pink Lily

Pink Lily

Jeannie Rhode Photography

Tony Ambrosio - Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

Tony Ambrosio