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Wisconsin Flowers and Scenery



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Randy Rosenberger

Iola, WI

United States

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Wisconsin Flowers and Scenery

About This Group

Flowers and Scenery of Wisconsin is our main focus. However, we accept submissions from beyond Wisconsin. Artworks may be in any medium. Please do not submit BLACK & WHITE work, or SEPIA photos, and Please NO NUDES or PARTIAL NUDES, Thank you.

Make sure your submissions are bright and colorful—No dark pieces! ALL WORK SUBMITTED TO OUR GROUP, MUST BE ORIGINAL. —No Reproductions, Copies, or Screenshots of other artists’ work will be accepted.

The Daily Limit on Submissions is Now ONE. After you have a total of 30 Active Images, THAT IS YOUR LIMIT! When 1 of your works is featured, then, you may replace that work with a new one. At no time should you have more than 30 Active or Pending Images that you wish to be featured in the future.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Featured works are removed from the Group and held as “Rejected Images”. This is simply a way of keeping track of which artworks have been featured. IN NO WAY SHOULD THIS BE CONSIDERED TO BE A NEGATIVE COMMENTARY ON YOUR ARTWORKS.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE FOLLOWING WFS RULE: When posting, please be certain you are on vs. A person voting on “pixels” must log back in to vote, as is a different web site, from THIS THREAD POSTS ONLY FAA IMAGES!

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IN-HOUSE CONTEST WINNERS: (positioning of the 6 winners is of no relevancy, as they are all equal in winning strength)
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THIS WEEK'S NEW TOPIC FOR THE CONTEST IS 'Umbrellas' closed, open, colorful, in use, part of still life, uses other than intended use, Be creative and give us your best and most creative! Remember the surroundings add to the entire piece, so keep it interesting.

ONLY ONE submission per member for each New Contest, Please!'
Good Luck to ALL!
Forever, Elvis

(For WFS Members Only) Be sure to read contest rules at the top of the In-House Contest Discussion Thread.

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All accepted submissions are now put in active folder after I view them, which is almost daily.

Featured Images

Darren Fisher - Winters Calm

Winters Calm

Darren Fisher

Deb Halloran - Pink Parasol

Pink Parasol

Deb Halloran

Carla Parris - Vintage Blossoms

Vintage Blossoms

Carla Parris

Roena King - A study of William Trost...
Wanda Brandon - Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal

Wanda Brandon

Ron Regalado - Beauty in the Fountain
David and Carol Kelly - Chrysanthemum II

Chrysanthemum II

David and Carol Kelly

Robert Weiman - Mountain Lion - Silent...
Gary Keesler - Panthera Leo

Panthera Leo

Gary Keesler

Phil Abrams - Lily Pond v2.0

Lily Pond v2.0

Phil Abrams

Craig Wood - Scene Thru a Paperweight
Donna Kennedy - Convict Lake at Sunrise
David Lloyd Glover - Blue Garden Impression

Blue Garden Impression

David Lloyd Glover

Charles Trinkle - Winter Cardinal

Winter Cardinal

Charles Trinkle

Bob and Nancy Kendrick - El Sanctuario de Chimayo

El Sanctuario de Chimayo

Bob and Nancy Kendrick

Jeannie Rhode Photography - Pink Lily

Pink Lily

Jeannie Rhode Photography

Tony Ambrosio - Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

Tony Ambrosio

Joy Watson - Rose Cluster

Rose Cluster

Joy Watson

Lingfai Leung - Merry Christmas To You
Amazing Jules - Chickadee


Amazing Jules

Steve Harrington - New Orleans Street...

New Orleans Street...

Steve Harrington

Christopher Edmunds - Australian Blue Tongue...

Australian Blue Tongue...

Christopher Edmunds

Kathy  White - Closeup of Kilgore Texas...
Carol Wisniewski - Window Garden

Window Garden

Carol Wisniewski

HH Photography - Colorful Cosmos

Colorful Cosmos

HH Photography

Jack Zulli - Wisconsin Farm

Wisconsin Farm

Jack Zulli

Esther Woods - To the Coast

To the Coast

Esther Woods

Sharon Duguay - Caught in the Act

Caught in the Act

Sharon Duguay

Joyce Dickens - Lake Redding CA Digital...
Doug Kreuger - Chevelle SS 396

Chevelle SS 396

Doug Kreuger

Robin-lee Vieira - Through The Woods

Through The Woods

Robin-lee Vieira

Catherine Van Der Woerd - Mosaic Stained Glass - A...

Mosaic Stained Glass - A...

Catherine Van Der Woerd

Jayne Gohr - MooTime Scottish...
Mindy Newman - Shepherd


Mindy Newman

Barbara S Nickerson - Not A Creature Was...

Not A Creature Was...

Barbara S Nickerson

Patricia Keller - Autumn Memories- The...

Autumn Memories- The...

Patricia Keller

Diana Gunning - Goldwater lake autumn

Goldwater lake autumn

Diana Gunning

 Bob Johnston - Grand Canyon National...
Sonali Gangane - White Mums Reflection

White Mums Reflection

Sonali Gangane

Myrna Bradshaw - Female Oriole in the...
Lingfai Leung - Christmas Poinsettias

Christmas Poinsettias

Lingfai Leung

Donna Kennedy - Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up

Donna Kennedy

Darren Fisher - Peace On Earth

Peace On Earth

Darren Fisher

Music of the Heart - A Clown In The Garden

A Clown In The Garden

Music of the Heart

Roena King - YouTube Video-How to...
Nancy Spirakus - Pink Peonies Portrait

Pink Peonies Portrait

Nancy Spirakus

Alana Ranney - Snowy Day

Snowy Day

Alana Ranney

Esther Woods - Three Frogs

Three Frogs

Esther Woods

Bobbee Rickard - Wild Horses in the Hills
Jennie Marie Schell - Soft Light Magnolia...

Soft Light Magnolia...

Jennie Marie Schell

Debbie Portwood - Northern Male Cardinal...
R A W M   -    Fresh Snow

Fresh Snow


Richard Cummings - Twist of Fate

Twist of Fate

Richard Cummings

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Mountain Beauty

Mountain Beauty

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Sonali Gangane - Orange Stars

Orange Stars

Sonali Gangane

Larry Bishop - Framed Sesanqua

Framed Sesanqua

Larry Bishop

Steve Harrington - Tis The Season

Tis The Season

Steve Harrington

Marianne Campolongo - Pink Christmas ornament...

Pink Christmas ornament...

Marianne Campolongo

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - Red Haired Lady

Red Haired Lady

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

Trey Foerster - Eau Claire Dells Pool

Eau Claire Dells Pool

Trey Foerster

Jeannie Rhode Photography - Pink Dahlia

Pink Dahlia

Jeannie Rhode Photography

Diana Gunning - Goldwater lake no...

Goldwater lake no...

Diana Gunning

Gary Keesler - Bushbuck Guard Of The...
Janette Boyd - First Snow in November
Tracy  Hall - Autumn Rose

Autumn Rose

Tracy Hall

Veronica Minozzi - Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley

Veronica Minozzi

Debby Pueschel - In the Cactus

In the Cactus

Debby Pueschel

Eva Borowski - Die Lehre des Buddha
Kim Bemis - Endless Summer Surf Shop...
Steve Harrington - Punxsutawney Phil

Punxsutawney Phil

Steve Harrington

Deb Halloran - Blissful Cheer

Blissful Cheer

Deb Halloran

Brian Wallace - Home Pride

Home Pride

Brian Wallace

Julie Palencia - Winter Birch 2

Winter Birch 2

Julie Palencia

Bliss Of Art - Golden Palace

Golden Palace

Bliss Of Art

Mother Nature - Life On The Woodland...
David T Wilkinson - Anchor of Hope

Anchor of Hope

David T Wilkinson

Rosalie Scanlon - Red Shouldered Hawk

Red Shouldered Hawk

Rosalie Scanlon

Tommy Anderson - Battlewagon at Sundown

Battlewagon at Sundown

Tommy Anderson

Meryl Goudey - You Lift Me Up

You Lift Me Up

Meryl Goudey

Lingfai Leung - Canadian Rocky Mountain...
Kathy Braud - Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies

Kathy Braud

Ernie Echols - Amur Tiger Watching You
Kathleen Struckle - Forsyth Park Fountain

Forsyth Park Fountain

Kathleen Struckle

Cathy Kovarik - Victorian Winter

Victorian Winter

Cathy Kovarik

Celeste Manning - Fall Bouquet

Fall Bouquet

Celeste Manning

Sandi OReilly - Scenic Autumn Viewing

Scenic Autumn Viewing

Sandi OReilly

Kathy Braud - Rose Cluster Half

Rose Cluster Half

Kathy Braud

John King - Bromeliad Flower
Marianne Campolongo - Colorful fall leaves on...

Colorful fall leaves on...

Marianne Campolongo

Ernie Echols - Cup of Gold Solandra...
Robyn King - Pretty As A Peacock
Donna Kennedy - Inside Edition

Inside Edition

Donna Kennedy

Deb Halloran - Magnificent Beauty

Magnificent Beauty

Deb Halloran

Donna Kennedy - Chubby Legs

Chubby Legs

Donna Kennedy

Pushpendra Matharu - Time to migrate

Time to migrate

Pushpendra Matharu

Baljit Chadha - Zenmoksha Flowers

Zenmoksha Flowers

Baljit Chadha

Jennie Marie Schell - Sunburst Yellow Dahlia...

Sunburst Yellow Dahlia...

Jennie Marie Schell

Carol Cavalaris - Tall Poppies

Tall Poppies

Carol Cavalaris

Steven Parker - Wheel and Flowers

Wheel and Flowers

Steven Parker

Bill Gallagher - Golden Light in the...

Golden Light in the...

Bill Gallagher

Sandra Clark - Making Friends

Making Friends

Sandra Clark

KarishmaticArt -  Karishma Desai - She Blossoms

She Blossoms

KarishmaticArt - Karishma Desai

Caitlyn  Grasso - Winter Glow

Winter Glow

Caitlyn Grasso

Svetoslav Stoyanov - Abandoned planet

Abandoned planet

Svetoslav Stoyanov

Judy Hall-Folde - Dames Point Bridge

Dames Point Bridge

Judy Hall-Folde

Larry Trupp - Canada Geese in Flight
Steve Harrington - Timeless


Steve Harrington

John Malone - Monastery at Meteora...
Myrna Bradshaw - Resting Roseates

Resting Roseates

Myrna Bradshaw

Gary Keesler - The Olive Baboon

The Olive Baboon

Gary Keesler

Mike Dawson - Trail to Majesty

Trail to Majesty

Mike Dawson

Doug Kreuger - November Winds

November Winds

Doug Kreuger

Robin-lee Vieira - Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Robin-lee Vieira

Mary Giacomini - Coastal Cliffs Beckoning
Carolyn Rosenberger - Planted Silhouettes

Planted Silhouettes

Carolyn Rosenberger

Stephanie Grant - Prowling Leopard

Prowling Leopard

Stephanie Grant

Lee Kirchhevel - Surfer Girl at Oceanside...
Suzanne Oesterling - Sunshine Smile

Sunshine Smile

Suzanne Oesterling

Janette Boyd - Tulsa Oklahoma in Autumn
John Malone - Rainy Nights Downtown
Kathleen Struckle - Savannah Fountain

Savannah Fountain

Kathleen Struckle

Steve Harrington - A Simple Life

A Simple Life

Steve Harrington

Gary Keesler - The Savannah Mud Bath
Joe Schofield - The Late Afternoon of...
David Millenheft - Green Macaw

Green Macaw

David Millenheft

Susan Schiffer - Gift of Flowers

Gift of Flowers

Susan Schiffer

Maureen Tillman - The Flower Vendor

The Flower Vendor

Maureen Tillman

Nina Stavlund - Hug Me...

Hug Me...

Nina Stavlund

John Chivers - The Shire

The Shire

John Chivers

Jeff  Swan - Waterdrops On Blue
Zina Zinchik - Portrait of Clown with...
Baljit Chadha - Mann Flowers

Mann Flowers

Baljit Chadha

Alana Ranney - Smalls Falls

Smalls Falls

Alana Ranney

HH Photography - The Beauty Within

The Beauty Within

HH Photography

Caitlyn  Grasso - Baby Blanketflower

Baby Blanketflower

Caitlyn Grasso

Victoria Sheldon - At The Renaissance Fair

At The Renaissance Fair

Victoria Sheldon

Phyllis Beiser - The Itch

The Itch

Phyllis Beiser

Gary Keesler - Yoga Posing

Yoga Posing

Gary Keesler

Barbie Corbett-Newmin - Lane in Old Bermuda

Lane in Old Bermuda

Barbie Corbett-Newmin

Myrna Bradshaw - Moon Flower

Moon Flower

Myrna Bradshaw

Steven Santamour - Breaking


Steven Santamour

Juergen Roth - Lagoon Bridge in the...
Terri Waselchuk - Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

Terri Waselchuk

Mark Miller - Chipmunk


Mark Miller

Robin-lee Vieira - Common Thread

Common Thread

Robin-lee Vieira

Chuck De La Rosa - Shed and Fruit Ladders

Shed and Fruit Ladders

Chuck De La Rosa

Deb Barchus - Autumn Floral

Autumn Floral

Deb Barchus

Byron Varvarigos - Water Platter Charm

Water Platter Charm

Byron Varvarigos

Debbie Portwood - Autumn Male House Finch 1
Carla Parris - Tallahassee Canopy Road
Jeff  Swan - Moose in the woods
Dominique Amendola - At the museum

At the museum

Dominique Amendola

David Lloyd Glover - Still Life Apres Manet

Still Life Apres Manet

David Lloyd Glover

Sandra Clark - Looking Down the Eno...
Christina Gupfinger - Chinese Hibiscus

Chinese Hibiscus

Christina Gupfinger

Janet Ashworth - Rocky Mountain Beauty

Rocky Mountain Beauty

Janet Ashworth

Tony Ambrosio - Buzzards In Flight

Buzzards In Flight

Tony Ambrosio

Byron Varvarigos - A Lovely Fall Palette

A Lovely Fall Palette

Byron Varvarigos

Bruce Bley - Peony Macro

Peony Macro

Bruce Bley

Sheree Lauth - Winter

Winter's Gift

Sheree Lauth

Will Borden - Scenic Minnesota 9

Scenic Minnesota 9

Will Borden

Barbara S Nickerson - Ready For Winter

Ready For Winter

Barbara S Nickerson

Robin Birrell - Ladybug


Robin Birrell

Mary Baka - Red Velvet Rose

Red Velvet Rose

Mary Baka

George Pedro - Winter Greenery

Winter Greenery

George Pedro

Mitch Shindelbower - The Island

The Island

Mitch Shindelbower

Gail Heffron - Over the River

Over the River

Gail Heffron

Carl Engman - Peony


Carl Engman

Lori Frisch - Winter Icing

Winter Icing

Lori Frisch

Randall Branham - Fire in the Sky

Fire in the Sky

Randall Branham

Phyllis Beiser - Pelicans Flocking Around
Susan Savad - Peaceful Lake

Peaceful Lake

Susan Savad

Sara Frank - Serenity


Sara Frank

Lynn Bauer - Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden

Lynn Bauer

Bob Phillips - Monahans Sandhills Color
Juergen Roth - Daydreamer


Juergen Roth

Thomas Woolworth - Garden Flowers Photo Art

Garden Flowers Photo Art

Thomas Woolworth

Lance Vaughn - Utah - Flaming Gorge...
Randall Branham - Autumn copper tone Glade...
Stephanie Grant - Lily Dance

Lily Dance

Stephanie Grant

Meryl Goudey - Hawaiian Compassion

Hawaiian Compassion

Meryl Goudey

Jordan Blackstone - Sunny Sunflower

Sunny Sunflower

Jordan Blackstone

Joy Watson - Double Toned Pink Rose
Juergen Roth - Gerber Daisy

Gerber Daisy

Juergen Roth

Dominique Amendola - Carriero Du Pourtegue

Carriero Du Pourtegue

Dominique Amendola

Arlene Carmel - Profile


Arlene Carmel

Janice Rae Pariza - Jenny

Jenny's Dragonfly in...

Janice Rae Pariza

David Walker - Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

David Walker

Anand Swaroop Manchiraju - A Dreamer Of Dreams

A Dreamer Of Dreams

Anand Swaroop Manchiraju

Joan Carroll - Grays Harbor Lighthouse
Diana Gunning - Goldwater lake Prescott...
Debbie Nobile - Reflections


Debbie Nobile

Ernie Echols - Delicate Beauty

Delicate Beauty

Ernie Echols

Susan Crossman Buscho - Yellow Popple 55

Yellow Popple 55

Susan Crossman Buscho

Carol Cavalaris - Celestial Poppies - Red

Celestial Poppies - Red

Carol Cavalaris

Trina  Ansel - Autumn in Longwood...
Chalet Roome-Rigdon - Pink Rose Macro

Pink Rose Macro

Chalet Roome-Rigdon

Phil Koch - One More Ride

One More Ride

Phil Koch

Jack Zulli - Monarch Butterfly
Elmar Langle - Shades of Orange

Shades of Orange

Elmar Langle

Tracy  Hall - Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up

Tracy Hall

Chuck De La Rosa - Log Cabin

Log Cabin

Chuck De La Rosa

Gary Keesler - Toucan Plunder Party
Vladimir Bondarenko - Dogd


Vladimir Bondarenko

Eva Borowski - Unterwasserwelt


Eva Borowski

Lianne Schneider - Peace of country living

Peace of country living

Lianne Schneider

Anand Swaroop Manchiraju - This Is For You

This Is For You

Anand Swaroop Manchiraju

Trina  Ansel - Autumn

Autumn's Path

Trina Ansel

Nina Stavlund - Mr. Fairy Tale..

Mr. Fairy Tale..

Nina Stavlund

Nava  Thompson -  In A Manger

In A Manger

Nava Thompson

Barbara S Nickerson - Horn Of Plenty

Horn Of Plenty

Barbara S Nickerson

Kim Bemis - Wild Ponies of...
Gena Weiser - Daisy Dreams

Daisy Dreams

Gena Weiser

Vishwanath Bhat - Lupine bloom

Lupine bloom

Vishwanath Bhat

Terence Davis - Lily With Her Buddies.
Irina Effa - Sunny Physalis

Sunny Physalis

Irina Effa

Diana Dearen - Copper Orchid Cascade
Darren Fisher - Life

Life's Path

Darren Fisher

Karen Wiles - When Winter Blankets...
Dominika Stec - Berries 2

Berries 2

Dominika Stec

Deena Stoddard - Wildflowers - Moth...

Wildflowers - Moth...

Deena Stoddard

Deb Halloran - Love Birds

Love Birds

Deb Halloran

Steve Harrington - Pennsylvania Barn 3 paint

Pennsylvania Barn 3 paint

Steve Harrington

Olga Hamilton - Mussaenda


Olga Hamilton

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - 1952 Red Ford Truck

1952 Red Ford Truck

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Richard Bryce and Family - Pretty Wood Sorrel

Pretty Wood Sorrel

Richard Bryce and Family

Inge Johnsson - Golden Grove

Golden Grove

Inge Johnsson

Ernie Echols - Amur Leopard Stare

Amur Leopard Stare

Ernie Echols

Myrna Bradshaw - Harris

Harris's Hawk on watch

Myrna Bradshaw

Vladimir Bondarenko - Trubka


Vladimir Bondarenko

Joan Carroll - Bear Mountain Bridge
Randy Scherkenbach - Sunrise Under The...

Sunrise Under The...

Randy Scherkenbach

Jim Cook - Summer Days

Summer Days

Jim Cook

Stwayne Keubrick - Butterfly macro...

Butterfly macro...

Stwayne Keubrick

Jim Finch - Field of

Field of

Jim Finch

Steven Ralser - Goose in ice

Goose in ice

Steven Ralser

Andrew Read - Early Fall

Early Fall

Andrew Read

Anne Rodkin - Travel - Monument Valley
Sonali Gangane - Greetings of Nature

Greetings of Nature

Sonali Gangane

Phil Koch - Nature

Nature's Way

Phil Koch

Ricky L Jones - Dark-Eyed Junco Speaks...
Sachin Sawe - Inside tiny pink

Inside tiny pink

Sachin Sawe

Jeannie Rhode Photography - Clivia Miniata II

Clivia Miniata II

Jeannie Rhode Photography

David T Wilkinson - Mushrooms on a Tree Stump

Mushrooms on a Tree Stump

David T Wilkinson

Zinvolle Art - Lilies


Zinvolle Art

Lena Wilhite - A Time For Giving Thanks
Steve Harrington - Autumn Mansion

Autumn Mansion

Steve Harrington

Ana Lusi - Magic school bus
Inge Riis McDonald - Maple leaf and seeds in...

Maple leaf and seeds in...

Inge Riis McDonald

Trey Foerster - October Welcome

October Welcome

Trey Foerster

Sachin Sawe - Orange Lunch

Orange Lunch

Sachin Sawe

Steve Harrington - Country Church

Country Church

Steve Harrington

Rosalie Scanlon - Flapping Wings

Flapping Wings

Rosalie Scanlon

Yumi Johnson - Perfect hiding place
Priscilla Burgers - Acadia National Park...

Acadia National Park...

Priscilla Burgers

Jordan Blackstone - Happy Thanksgiving -...

Happy Thanksgiving -...

Jordan Blackstone

Deb Barchus - Paradise Springs

Paradise Springs

Deb Barchus

Gary Keesler - Parrot Popularity

Parrot Popularity

Gary Keesler

Jayne Gohr - Wisconsin Beauty

Wisconsin Beauty

Jayne Gohr

 Dora Sofia Caputo - Pink Serenade - Dahlia

Pink Serenade - Dahlia

Dora Sofia Caputo

Mike Martin - Chrysanthemum


Mike Martin

Mary Giacomini - Mrs. Milner

Mrs. Milner's Irises

Mary Giacomini

Larry Bishop - Cone Flower Dahlia

Cone Flower Dahlia

Larry Bishop

Darren Fisher - Bourbon


Darren Fisher

Janette Boyd - Female Cardinal Caught...
Debby Pueschel - Field of Poppies

Field of Poppies

Debby Pueschel

Nava  Thompson - Happy Trails

Happy Trails

Nava Thompson

Janet Ashworth - Western Shore Mahone Bay
Juergen Roth - Abstract


Juergen Roth

Bobbee Rickard - Nevada Blues

Nevada Blues

Bobbee Rickard

John Telfer - A View of Coney Island...
Pyka Joyce - Into The Blue

Into The Blue

Pyka Joyce

Myrna Bradshaw - Forever Elvis - Rock On
Ricky L Jones - Blue Jay in Profile

Blue Jay in Profile

Ricky L Jones

Judy  Johnson - Monarch on Zinnia

Monarch on Zinnia

Judy Johnson

Georgianne Giese - Lipstick Tulips

Lipstick Tulips

Georgianne Giese

Wanda Brandon - Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can

Wanda Brandon

Terence Davis - Many Shades Of Lily.

Many Shades Of Lily.

Terence Davis

Darren Fisher - Whisky Creek

Whisky Creek

Darren Fisher

George Cousins - More Shades of Blue

More Shades of Blue

George Cousins

Linda Galok - Barn Shadows

Barn Shadows

Linda Galok

Eva Borowski - Feuer in der Galaxie
Arlene Carmel - Star Rose

Star Rose

Arlene Carmel

Penny Meyers - Autumn Road

Autumn Road

Penny Meyers

Kathleen Struckle - Angel Oak Tree

Angel Oak Tree

Kathleen Struckle

Karen Wiles - Magical Butterfly

Magical Butterfly

Karen Wiles

 Dora Sofia Caputo - Adobe Water Well in New...

Adobe Water Well in New...

Dora Sofia Caputo

F Leblanc - Lake Superior Sunset...
Tina Wentworth - Silver Falls State Park
Mary Giacomini - Homespun


Mary Giacomini

Steven Parker - Golden Terrace

Golden Terrace

Steven Parker

Tina Wentworth - Silver Falls State Park
Linda Simon - Dandy Day

Dandy Day

Linda Simon

Suzanne Oesterling - Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Suzanne Oesterling

Rosalie Scanlon - Elusive Blue

Elusive Blue

Rosalie Scanlon

Sandi OReilly - Golden Yarrow And Visitor
Lingfai Leung - Foxy Purple Foxgloves

Foxy Purple Foxgloves

Lingfai Leung

Craig Wood - Native American Flute...
Dorothy Pinder - Purple Iris

Purple Iris

Dorothy Pinder

Lianne Schneider - Winter In the Country...

Winter In the Country...

Lianne Schneider

Tommy Anderson - West Coast Vette

West Coast Vette

Tommy Anderson

Phil Koch - Waking in Autumn
Nina Bradica - Vase of Flowers

Vase of Flowers

Nina Bradica

Wayne Stabnaw - Mischievous Racoon

Mischievous Racoon

Wayne Stabnaw

Zinvolle Art - Sunbathing


Zinvolle Art

Angela A Stanton - After the Show

After the Show

Angela A Stanton

Jeff  Swan - Three Bull elk grazing
Scott Carruthers - Barn Owl

Barn Owl

Scott Carruthers

Hugo Bussen - Introspection


Hugo Bussen

Andrew Read - Bringing home the sheep
Shirley Mitchell - Red Fairy Mushroom

Red Fairy Mushroom

Shirley Mitchell

Judith Russell-Tooth - Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations

Judith Russell-Tooth

Steven Parker - On The Other Side

On The Other Side

Steven Parker

Juergen Roth - New Hampshire White...
Rosanne Jordan - Tiny Toad Lilies

Tiny Toad Lilies

Rosanne Jordan

Bruce Bley - CPurple Cone Flower
Jack Zulli - Green Bay Packers
Janice Rae Pariza - Animas River Fly Fishing

Animas River Fly Fishing

Janice Rae Pariza

RC deWinter - Salt Marsh Sunrise

Salt Marsh Sunrise

RC deWinter

Kerstin Ivarsson - Orange poppies in...

Orange poppies in...

Kerstin Ivarsson

Hanne Lore Koehler - Happy Chores

Happy Chores

Hanne Lore Koehler

David Millenheft - Polar Bear

Polar Bear

David Millenheft

Kathleen Struckle - The Color Orange

The Color Orange

Kathleen Struckle

Randall Branham - Flowers Lake Mountains...
David Lloyd Glover - Majestic Impressions

Majestic Impressions

David Lloyd Glover

Saundra Myles - Autumn Impressions #1 Red
Joy Watson - Calla Lily

Calla Lily

Joy Watson

Sandra Clark - Foggy Fall Morning on...
Angela A Stanton - Peekaboo Sunset and...

Peekaboo Sunset and...

Angela A Stanton

John Telfer - 1969 Chevy Camaro Z/28...
Mitch Shindelbower - On The Run

On The Run

Mitch Shindelbower

Olga Hamilton - St Lucie River Sunset

St Lucie River Sunset

Olga Hamilton

Kim Bemis - Up Close and Personal -...
Anand Swaroop Manchiraju - Tranquility


Anand Swaroop Manchiraju

Linda Simon - Amish Road

Amish Road

Linda Simon

Lance Vaughn - Daylily Macro 002

Daylily Macro 002

Lance Vaughn

Bob Phillips - Reflection in Merced...
Phyllis Beiser - Pelican Lift-Off

Pelican Lift-Off

Phyllis Beiser

Robin-lee Vieira - The River Runs Through It

The River Runs Through It

Robin-lee Vieira

Mike Martin - Giant Pumpkins

Giant Pumpkins

Mike Martin

Granger - Glossy Ibis

Glossy Ibis


Jeannie Rhode Photography - Red Covered Bridge

Red Covered Bridge

Jeannie Rhode Photography

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - Root Canal

Root Canal

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

Craig Wood - Rustic Hawaii

Rustic Hawaii

Craig Wood

Karen  Majkrzak - Rust Colored Beauty

Rust Colored Beauty

Karen Majkrzak

Mary Giacomini - Table for Two

Table for Two

Mary Giacomini

Felicia Tica - Fragile and Cheerful
Inge Johnsson - Maui Red Sand Beach

Maui Red Sand Beach

Inge Johnsson

Wild Thing - Late Autumn Afternoon
Don Schwartz - Layers of Light

Layers of Light

Don Schwartz

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Autumn in the Country

Autumn in the Country

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Donna Tuten - The Stare Down

The Stare Down

Donna Tuten

Darren Fisher - The Garden Pavilion

The Garden Pavilion

Darren Fisher

Joyce Dickens - A World Of Its Own

A World Of Its Own

Joyce Dickens

Debbie Nobile - Preserve me

Preserve me

Debbie Nobile

David T Wilkinson - Peninsula State Park...

Peninsula State Park...

David T Wilkinson

Barbara S Nickerson - Celebrate Autumn

Celebrate Autumn

Barbara S Nickerson

Mitch Shindelbower - Mount Tallac

Mount Tallac

Mitch Shindelbower

Joe Schofield - Tres Amigos

Tres Amigos

Joe Schofield

Phil Koch - We Find Our Own Story
Marilyn Smith - Pintail Duck Decoy

Pintail Duck Decoy

Marilyn Smith

Veronica Minozzi - Illusion


Veronica Minozzi

Julie Palencia - Cheerful Thoughts and...
David Millenheft - Tiger on the hunt

Tiger on the hunt

David Millenheft

Larry Bishop - Shades of Purple

Shades of Purple

Larry Bishop

Wanda Brandon - Late Fall  Surprise

Late Fall Surprise

Wanda Brandon

Trudi Doyle - Nightfall. High St....
Brian Stevens - Knight Night

Knight Night

Brian Stevens

Margie Avellino - Busy Bee

Busy Bee

Margie Avellino

Soul Full Sanctuary Photography By Tania Richley - Autumn Mosaic

Autumn Mosaic

Soul Full Sanctuary Photography By Tania Richley

Lianne Schneider - September Still Life

September Still Life

Lianne Schneider

Randy Scherkenbach - Sugar Maple

Sugar Maple

Randy Scherkenbach

Debbie Nobile - Be Still

Be Still

Debbie Nobile

Jeff  Swan - Moose Meeting

Moose Meeting

Jeff Swan

 Dora Sofia Caputo - Impressionistic Summer...

Impressionistic Summer...

Dora Sofia Caputo

Gene Sherrill - Better Homes Gardens and...
Tracy  Hall - Twice As Nice

Twice As Nice

Tracy Hall

David Lloyd Glover - Roma Garden

Roma Garden

David Lloyd Glover

Audrey Russill - Family of Eastern Yellow...
David and Carol Kelly - Home For Christmas

Home For Christmas

David and Carol Kelly

Cathy Kovarik - Shrooms


Cathy Kovarik

Aimee L Maher - Passion Flower 5

Passion Flower 5

Aimee L Maher

Lois Bryan - The Necessary

The Necessary

Lois Bryan

Shadowlea Is - Dream


Shadowlea Is

Phyllis Beiser - Doing The Funky Chicken
Joe Schofield - This Mornings Rose

This Mornings Rose

Joe Schofield

Christiane Schulze Art And Photography - Apricot Glow

Apricot Glow

Christiane Schulze Art And Photography

Carolyn Rosenberger - Woven Basket

Woven Basket

Carolyn Rosenberger

James  Meyer - Points of Light

Points of Light

James Meyer

Les Palenik - Algonquin Park...

Algonquin Park...

Les Palenik

Beverly Livingstone - Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not

Beverly Livingstone

Steven Santamour - Breaking the Sunset

Breaking the Sunset

Steven Santamour

Deb Halloran - Twilight Glow

Twilight Glow

Deb Halloran

Sandi OReilly - Mums The Happy Fall...
Kim Bemis - Bungalow Love - Berlin...
Anand Swaroop Manchiraju - Nightingale


Anand Swaroop Manchiraju

Tommy Anderson - Fall in Northern...

Fall in Northern...

Tommy Anderson

Baljit Chadha - Heavenly Flowers

Heavenly Flowers

Baljit Chadha

Stuart Litoff - Athabasca Falls #2

Athabasca Falls #2

Stuart Litoff

Julie Palencia - Victoria Water Lily

Victoria Water Lily

Julie Palencia

Stwayne Keubrick - A long walk to the top

A long walk to the top

Stwayne Keubrick

Kay Novy - Blending In With Nature
Trina  Ansel - Serenity


Trina Ansel

F Leblanc - Vintage Ford Tractor
Alfonso Garcia - Encuentro


Alfonso Garcia

Angela A Stanton - Storm Struck

Storm Struck

Angela A Stanton

RC DeWinter - Maiden  Mother Crone
Bobbee Rickard - Renos Night Life Poster...
Tracy  Hall - Candy Sweet

Candy Sweet

Tracy Hall

Mike Savad - Bike - Zoar OH - The...
Radek Hofman - Double Arch

Double Arch

Radek Hofman

David Dehner - Mother and Baby...

Mother and Baby...

David Dehner

Barbara St Jean - Sands of Time

Sands of Time

Barbara St Jean

Lynn Bauer - Autumn Cascades in the...
Sachin Sawe - Just dry cleaned...
Tracy  Hall - Candy Stripes

Candy Stripes

Tracy Hall

Diannah Lynch - Blazing Marigold

Blazing Marigold

Diannah Lynch

Kym Backland - I can get that last...
Julie Palencia - Peaceful English Garden
Rosalie Scanlon - Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach

Rosalie Scanlon

Joyce Dickens - Enjoying The Low Tide At...
Bruce Bley - You Are My Sunhine
R A W M   -             Bull Hill

Bull Hill


F Leblanc - In The Sunshine - Chalk...
Kelly Mills - The Perfect Puddle......
Christopher Edmunds - Paterson

Paterson's Curse

Christopher Edmunds

Bobbee Rickard - Fall In The Desert...

Fall In The Desert...

Bobbee Rickard

Zinvolle Art - Autumn In Harbor Grace
Yew Kwang - Chandratal Lake

Chandratal Lake

Yew Kwang

Nava  Thompson - Playful Fawn Toddler

Playful Fawn Toddler

Nava Thompson

Joyce Dickens - Dawn On The Pacific...
Phil Koch - The Survivors

The Survivors

Phil Koch

Carvil Gunter - Girl with pear

Girl with pear

Carvil Gunter

Craig Wood - The Morning After
Barbara McMahon - Grand River Autumn...

Grand River Autumn...

Barbara McMahon

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - Relationships


Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

Terry Rowe - Reflections on a Red...
Debby Pueschel - Cactus in the Backyard

Cactus in the Backyard

Debby Pueschel

Debbie Portwood - Orange Puff Flowers

Orange Puff Flowers

Debbie Portwood

Susan Duda - Lace Cap Hydrangea
Jordan Blackstone - To Be Yourself - Flower...

To Be Yourself - Flower...

Jordan Blackstone

Leslie Crotty - Orchid Male Mantis In...
Madeline Ellis - Retiro Park Garden -...
Barry Weiss - Lily in the Rain

Lily in the Rain

Barry Weiss

Lianne Schneider - Gimme that ol

Gimme that ol' time...

Lianne Schneider

Paul Ward - Teacher - One Room School
 Bob and Nadine Johnston - I will lift up my eyes...

I will lift up my eyes...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Trudi Doyle -  Eostra and the Hare
Gene Sherrill - Autumn - Natural Wetlands
Dennis Reagan - The Twins

The Twins

Dennis Reagan

Paul Ward - Farm - The Old Barn
Jack Zulli - Tropical Flow

Tropical Flow

Jack Zulli

Xueyin Chen - Orchid Buds

Orchid Buds

Xueyin Chen

Diana Dearen - Red Rock Run

Red Rock Run

Diana Dearen

Trey Foerster - Autumn Roadway...

Autumn Roadway...

Trey Foerster

Dominique Amendola - Jaganath Puri with Ratha...

Jaganath Puri with Ratha...

Dominique Amendola

Robin-lee Vieira - Autumn On The The River

Autumn On The The River

Robin-lee Vieira

Sandi OReilly - A Different Colored Rose
Caitlyn  Grasso - Arm in Arm

Arm in Arm

Caitlyn Grasso

Cheryl Hardt Art - Cabin in Autumn

Cabin in Autumn

Cheryl Hardt Art

Bj Hodges - Chrysanthemum 1

Chrysanthemum 1

Bj Hodges

Jennie Marie Schell - Soft Mauve Pink Rose...

Soft Mauve Pink Rose...

Jennie Marie Schell

Rosanne Jordan - Making The Jump

Making The Jump

Rosanne Jordan

Lee Kirchhevel - Desert Lilies

Desert Lilies

Lee Kirchhevel

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - M48 Tanks an Tankers on...

M48 Tanks an Tankers on...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Gary Keesler - Elvis Presley The King
Shelby  Young - Highlands United...

Highlands United...

Shelby Young

Judy Palkimas - Autumn Day

Autumn Day

Judy Palkimas

Laurie Perry - Red Rose Layers

Red Rose Layers

Laurie Perry

Will Borden - Scenic Minnesota 7

Scenic Minnesota 7

Will Borden

Beverly Livingstone - Walk In The Woods

Walk In The Woods

Beverly Livingstone

Mike Dawson - Red White and Blue

Red White and Blue

Mike Dawson

Joy Watson - Snapdragon Flower
David Patterson - View from the Green...

View from the Green...

David Patterson

Wayne Stabnaw - Fall Color

Fall Color

Wayne Stabnaw

Kim Bemis - Evening Fire 5

Evening Fire 5

Kim Bemis

Ana Lusi - Sullivan Park

Sullivan Park

Ana Lusi

Hanne Lore Koehler - Rustic Relics

Rustic Relics

Hanne Lore Koehler

Kathy  White - The Red Spider Lily
Prajakta P - White flower

White flower

Prajakta P

Stwayne Keubrick - Waiting for the next step

Waiting for the next step

Stwayne Keubrick

Randy Scherkenbach - Autumn Pathway

Autumn Pathway

Randy Scherkenbach

Gene Sherrill - A Path to Follow

A Path to Follow

Gene Sherrill

Terence Davis - Flamingo portrait.

Flamingo portrait.

Terence Davis

Mary Machare - Last Leaves

Last Leaves

Mary Machare

Caitlyn  Grasso - Journey Home

Journey Home

Caitlyn Grasso

Phyllis Denton - Lemon Lime Orchid

Lemon Lime Orchid

Phyllis Denton

Sonali Gangane - Orchid Tale

Orchid Tale

Sonali Gangane

RC deWinter - Mystery Cottage

Mystery Cottage

RC deWinter

Mitch Shindelbower - Frosty  Morning

Frosty Morning

Mitch Shindelbower

R A W M   -          Bird of Paradise
Kay Novy - Autumn At Petrifying...
Robin-lee Vieira - Autumn At Home

Autumn At Home

Robin-lee Vieira

Stuart Litoff - Spirit Island

Spirit Island

Stuart Litoff

Irina Effa - Purple soft

Purple soft

Irina Effa

Alfonso Garcia - La Playa de los...

La Playa de los...

Alfonso Garcia

Ernie Echols - Curious Amur Leopard
Eddie Eastwood - Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver

Eddie Eastwood

Susan Schiffer - Primavera


Susan Schiffer

David Lloyd Glover - Vineyards Of Provence

Vineyards Of Provence

David Lloyd Glover