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Wildlife ONE A DAY



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Mariola Bitner

Aliso Viejo, CA

United States

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This group was started on May 8th, 2008 and currently has:


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Wildlife ONE A DAY

About This Group

Hello fellow artists! This is a group dedicated to showing the beauty of the wildlife that exists and lives around us.

Please use our Discussion group to let know how you capture your images of wildlife :)

Only ONE ----- YES, ONE Image a DAY
NO DIGITAL MANIPULATION except some colour enhancement

Each image will be reviewed before being added. The group has images from before it was moderated so these will be gone through soon and any images against the rules of the group will be removed.

Images must be copyright to you
Tags (keywords) must fit the image

LOGO of the Month provided by:

January (2015)......................... Joey Nash - Above it All
February.(part 1, 2014)........... Larry Downey - Snowy Owl
February (part 2, 2014)........... Dawn Currie - Pelican Dive
March (2014)............................ Robert Weiman - Wolfs Nature Song
April (2014).............................. Hermanus A Alberts
May (2014)............................... Ernie Echols - The Look
June (2014)............................. Phillip Strunk - Elephant Kiss
July (2014)............................... Michael Durst - The King
August (2014).......................... Deb LaFogg-Docherty - Captured Gaze
September (2015)...................... Steve McKinzie - Drinking Grizzly Bear Black And White
October (2014)........................ Roeselien Raimond- Fox in the Snow
November (2014)..................... Mike Centioli - Bobcat
December (2014).................... Roger Becker - Snowy Owl


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Featured Images

Dan Hartford - Banana Toucan #6

Banana Toucan #6

Dan Hartford

Sue Jacobi - Cows Fight Street Duel...
Wild Thing - Nibbling


Wild Thing

Mike Martin - Kissing One Dear

Kissing One Dear

Mike Martin

Grant Glendinning - Great Crested Grebe

Great Crested Grebe

Grant Glendinning

Steve McKinzie - Antelope Flats

Antelope Flats

Steve McKinzie

Barbara Snyder - Ground Squirrel

Ground Squirrel

Barbara Snyder

Mavourneen Strozewski - Great Blue Heron Portrait

Great Blue Heron Portrait

Mavourneen Strozewski

Steve Dunsford - I see you

I see you

Steve Dunsford

Grant Glendinning - Red Kite diving

Red Kite diving

Grant Glendinning

Michael Whitaker - Mama Goose And Little...

Mama Goose And Little...

Michael Whitaker

Annette Hugen - The Eagle Has Landed

The Eagle Has Landed

Annette Hugen

Wolves Only - Timber Wolf Pictures 280
Tony Murtagh - African Elephant

African Elephant

Tony Murtagh

Robert Bales - Ring-Necked Pair

Ring-Necked Pair

Robert Bales

Joan Davis - Magic In The Mist
Susan Ince - Seashore Starfish
Brad Christensen - Soaking in the Sun

Soaking in the Sun

Brad Christensen

Wes and Dotty Weber - Baby Highland D3660

Baby Highland D3660

Wes and Dotty Weber

Nikki McInnes - Kiss Our Butts

Kiss Our Butts

Nikki McInnes

Wes and Dotty Weber - Little Fluffy D5967

Little Fluffy D5967

Wes and Dotty Weber

Scott Wickward - A Silent Prayer

A Silent Prayer

Scott Wickward

Doug Herr - Least Chipmunk 5
Sara  Raber - Aoudad Mountain Goat
Joan Davis - Nap in the Buttercups
Audie Thornburg - First Meal

First Meal

Audie Thornburg

Chris Mercer - Glossy Ibis 001

Glossy Ibis 001

Chris Mercer

Nigel Follett - Great White Shark

Great White Shark

Nigel Follett

Elaine Malott - Happy Grizzly Bear

Happy Grizzly Bear

Elaine Malott

Mickeys Photography - Little Barbary Monkey

Little Barbary Monkey

Mickeys Photography

 iunona Harris - Untitled


iunona Harris

Larry Nieland - Tricolor  Hunting

Tricolor Hunting

Larry Nieland

Ricky L Jones - Blue Jay

Blue Jay

Ricky L Jones

Jeff at JSJ Photography - Returning from the Kill...

Returning from the Kill...

Jeff at JSJ Photography

Ricky L Jones - Rough-Legged Hawk with...
Ed  Cheremet - Hungry Hawk

Hungry Hawk

Ed Cheremet

William Beuther - Osprey II

Osprey II

William Beuther

Gary Langley - Northern Female Cardinal
Gary Langley - Northern Male Cardinal
Anita Dent - When


Anita Dent

Davandra Cribbie - Glowing Grizzly

Glowing Grizzly

Davandra Cribbie

Jijo George - Jelly Fish

Jelly Fish

Jijo George

Dawn Currie - Proverbs 27 19

Proverbs 27 19

Dawn Currie

Warrena Barnerd - Hawk


Warrena Barnerd

Aimee L Maher - Squirrel in the Grass

Squirrel in the Grass

Aimee L Maher

Heather King - Precision


Heather King

Bruce Brandli - Wild Ponies II

Wild Ponies II

Bruce Brandli

Suzi Harr - Into the Mist

Into the Mist

Suzi Harr

Erin  O

Silent Flight

Erin O'Neal-Morie

Rebecca Brooks - Grumpy Toad

Grumpy Toad

Rebecca Brooks

Adam Asar - Spirals


Adam Asar

Chris Whittle - Look into my eye

Look into my eye

Chris Whittle

Christina Rollo - Twin Fawns

Twin Fawns

Christina Rollo

Jim Garrison - The Regal Elk

The Regal Elk

Jim Garrison

Athena Mckinzie - Elk In The Wild

Elk In The Wild

Athena Mckinzie

Athena Mckinzie - Elk In A Field

Elk In A Field

Athena Mckinzie

Crista Forest - Bird Painting - Spring...
Natural Focal Point Photography - Majesty Rising

Majesty Rising

Natural Focal Point Photography

Pat St Onge - Autumn at the Windmill...
HH Photography - Yellow-crowned Night...
Jim Fitzpatrick - Portrait of an Elderly...
Phyllis Beiser - A Lionfish Study

A Lionfish Study

Phyllis Beiser

Daniel Eskridge - Half White Bison

Half White Bison

Daniel Eskridge

Bruce Nutting - Rainbow Duck

Rainbow Duck

Bruce Nutting

Carol Groenen - Great Egret Profile

Great Egret Profile

Carol Groenen

Rebecca Brooks - Lone Fluffball

Lone Fluffball

Rebecca Brooks

Donna Kennedy - Ring-tailed Lemurs-...
Richard Bryce and Family - Portrait of a Proud...

Portrait of a Proud...

Richard Bryce and Family

Mavourneen Strozewski - House Sparrow

House Sparrow

Mavourneen Strozewski

EricaMaxine  Price - Ready For Spring

Ready For Spring

EricaMaxine Price

Eddie Yerkish - Seagull Watching The...
 iunona Harris - Frog


iunona Harris

Leonid Afremov - Follow The Leader -...

Follow The Leader -...

Leonid Afremov

Nikolyn McDonald - Osprey - Ready to Take...

Osprey - Ready to Take...

Nikolyn McDonald

Cynthia Guinn - Daily Walk

Daily Walk

Cynthia Guinn

Torbjorn Swenelius - Temptation


Torbjorn Swenelius

Ruth Jolly - Face of A Drake...
Ginette Callaway - White Andalusian...

White Andalusian...

Ginette Callaway

Sharon Ely - Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon

Sharon Ely

MTBobbins Photography - Grazing Rhino

Grazing Rhino

MTBobbins Photography

Nava  Thompson - Natural Art

Natural Art

Nava Thompson

Bill Stephens - Water Fun

Water Fun

Bill Stephens

Shelby  Young - Baby Goat

Baby Goat

Shelby Young

Dianna Lewis - Sea Anemone

Sea Anemone

Dianna Lewis

Bonfire Photography - Fontana Eagle Portrait

Fontana Eagle Portrait

Bonfire Photography

Dick Hudson - American Krestel

American Krestel

Dick Hudson

Bobbee Rickard - The Three Amigos Painting
Shelby  Young - Summer Bliss

Summer Bliss

Shelby Young

Brooks Garten Hauschild - Ooh That One Looks Good

Ooh That One Looks Good

Brooks Garten Hauschild

Bobbee Rickard - Out For a Swim Painting
Izzy Standbridge - A snail at the water

A snail at the water's...

Izzy Standbridge

Vicki Spindler - Emerging from the...

Emerging from the...

Vicki Spindler

Kevin McCarthy - Dolphin Strand Feeding 2
Elizabeth  Ann - Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Elizabeth Ann

Jason DiLorenzo - Coyote


Jason DiLorenzo

John P Walsh - Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey

John P Walsh

Debra Martz - Juvenile Ibis

Juvenile Ibis

Debra Martz

Ellen Levinson - Elephant Mirage

Elephant Mirage

Ellen Levinson

Ian Mcadie - Deer - Buck

Deer - Buck

Ian Mcadie

Wild Thing - Frosted Predator

Frosted Predator

Wild Thing

Robert Frederick - Red Winged Blackbird...

Red Winged Blackbird...

Robert Frederick

Christina Rollo - Autumn Doe

Autumn Doe

Christina Rollo

Wendy Brunell - I See You

I See You

Wendy Brunell

Lindy Whiton - Breakfast


Lindy Whiton

Zinvolle Art - Sunbathing


Zinvolle Art

Dyle   Warren - Mates for Life

Mates for Life

Dyle Warren

Nancy Merkle - Dinner


Nancy Merkle

Donna Kennedy - Indochinese Tiger-...

Indochinese Tiger-...

Donna Kennedy

Chris Flees - Pelican on a pole

Pelican on a pole

Chris Flees

William Beuther - Osprey


William Beuther

Desmond Doster - Hungry Bear

Hungry Bear

Desmond Doster

Ella Kaye Dickey - Red Hot Gerber Daisy...

Red Hot Gerber Daisy...

Ella Kaye Dickey

Michelle Meenawong - Good Night

Good Night

Michelle Meenawong

Cathy Kovarik - Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Cathy Kovarik

Christy Ricafrente - Tuckered Out

Tuckered Out

Christy Ricafrente

Mavourneen Strozewski - Watching from afar

Watching from afar

Mavourneen Strozewski

Jayne Carney - Preening Egret

Preening Egret

Jayne Carney

Rhonda Krause - A Mother

A Mother's Love

Rhonda Krause

Lee Piper - West Coast Sunset
Shelby  Young - Foggy Morning

Foggy Morning

Shelby Young

Wild Thing - Dancing Papa Sandhill
Steve Dunsford - Resting with my Dad

Resting with my Dad

Steve Dunsford

Zong Yi - To A New Height
Penny Homontowski - Ugly Duck

Ugly Duck

Penny Homontowski

Chris Dixon - Life-size Cockatiel...
Terry Cotton - Dick-Dick


Terry Cotton

Deb Henman - Sparrow in the Desert
Steven  Michael - Peacock Portrait

Peacock Portrait

Steven Michael

Nava  Thompson - Ruffled Feathers

Ruffled Feathers

Nava Thompson

Mike Dodak - Tawny Eagle

Tawny Eagle

Mike Dodak

Roeselien Raimond - Lil

Lil' Hunter - Red Fox Cub

Roeselien Raimond

Patti Deters - Trumpeter Swan Feather
Bill Wakeley - Soaring American Bald...
Kenneth Byrne - Mockingbird


Kenneth Byrne

David Millenheft - Youthful Duck

Youthful Duck

David Millenheft

Debra Hall - Stolen Lunch

Stolen Lunch

Debra Hall

Christy Cox - Winter Plumage - Female...
Jeff Folger - Rainbow over Grizzly in...
Michael Cummings - Timber Wolf

Timber Wolf

Michael Cummings

Judy Vincent - Ocelot Painted

Ocelot Painted

Judy Vincent

Corey Ford - Diplodocus Dinosaur on...
Heather King - Take off

Take off

Heather King

Rebecca Brooks - Looking Up

Looking Up

Rebecca Brooks

William Morgan - Riding the Dolphin HDR

Riding the Dolphin HDR

William Morgan

Chris Smith - Holywell bay cornwall
Veena Nair - Red-Vented Bulbul on a...
Bob O


Bob O'Dean

Rebecca Brooks - Baby Bunny

Baby Bunny

Rebecca Brooks

Anita Dent - Monarchy


Anita Dent

Violeta Oprea - Violin of light

Violin of light

Violeta Oprea

Violeta Oprea - Warriors in the field

Warriors in the field

Violeta Oprea

Susan Candelario - Foxy Lady

Foxy Lady

Susan Candelario

Susan Candelario - Foxy


Susan Candelario

Rick Hansen - Walrus Portrait

Walrus Portrait

Rick Hansen

Wolves Only - Timber Wolf Pictures 401
Joan Davis - Mare in the Mist

Mare in the Mist

Joan Davis

Stwayne Keubrick - The unbelievable truth

The unbelievable truth

Stwayne Keubrick

Robert Bales - Beautiful Red-tailed Hawk
Natural Focal Point Photography - Dinner is Served

Dinner is Served

Natural Focal Point Photography

Bob Marquis  - Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight

Bob Marquis

Bob Marquis  - Picture Perfect Day

Picture Perfect Day

Bob Marquis

Michael Russell - Adult Bald Eagle

Adult Bald Eagle

Michael Russell

Mike Johannessen - Herd Across

Herd Across

Mike Johannessen

Eddie Yerkish - Saying Hello To The...
Anne Rodkin - Purple Gallinule

Purple Gallinule

Anne Rodkin

Wes and Dotty Weber - Siberian Tiger D6327

Siberian Tiger D6327

Wes and Dotty Weber

MTBobbins Photography - Antelope Pair

Antelope Pair

MTBobbins Photography

Torbjorn Swenelius - Focus on the target

Focus on the target

Torbjorn Swenelius

Nick  Boren - Free As A Bird

Free As A Bird

Nick Boren

Brian  Commerford - My Raven Self

My Raven Self

Brian Commerford

Sharon Madison - Loving Moment

Loving Moment

Sharon Madison

Cathy Kovarik - The Guardian

The Guardian

Cathy Kovarik

Chris Whittle - Taking a break

Taking a break

Chris Whittle

Bobbee Rickard - Jonathan Fly Free

Jonathan Fly Free

Bobbee Rickard

Dy Witt - Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun

Dy Witt

Gina Gahagan - Continuation


Gina Gahagan

Elizabeth Winter - Flight of the Sandhill...

Flight of the Sandhill...

Elizabeth Winter

Debbie Oppermann - Sing A Song

Sing A Song

Debbie Oppermann

Debbie Oppermann - Black Bird Amidst The...

Black Bird Amidst The...

Debbie Oppermann

Jacque The Muse - Morning Glow

Morning Glow

Jacque The Muse

Barbara Manis - Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

Barbara Manis

Barbara Snyder - Wild Horses In...

Wild Horses In...

Barbara Snyder

Steven Parker - Nice Kitty

Nice Kitty

Steven Parker

Barbara Chichester - Light On Feathers

Light On Feathers

Barbara Chichester

Thomas Photography - Gorgeous Great White...

Gorgeous Great White...

Thomas Photography

Michelle McPhillips - Wolf


Michelle McPhillips

Steve McKinzie - Wild


Steve McKinzie

Kelly Williams - Toad in the Hole

Toad in the Hole

Kelly Williams

Mickeys Photography - Meerkat Cuddle

Meerkat Cuddle

Mickeys Photography

Debbie Nobile - Leopard Cubs

Leopard Cubs

Debbie Nobile

Glenn Holbrook - Cockatoo Treasure Quest
Tiberiu Soos - Swallow in Magnolia...
Mike Johannessen - Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Mike Johannessen

Stroudwater Falls Photography - Geese Circling At...

Geese Circling At...

Stroudwater Falls Photography

Lila Fisher-Wenzel - Feathers in the Snow

Feathers in the Snow

Lila Fisher-Wenzel

Elaine Malott - All Grown Up

All Grown Up

Elaine Malott

Ruben  Archuleta - Art Gallery - Waiting to Strike

Waiting to Strike

Ruben Archuleta - Art Gallery

Sharon Ely - Safe With Mom

Safe With Mom

Sharon Ely

Sharon Madison -  Mother and Baby

Mother and Baby

Sharon Madison

Les Palenik - Grizzly Bear - painterly
Marius Ticala - Cinteza


Marius Ticala

Marius Ticala - Cinteza


Marius Ticala

Jeff at JSJ Photography - Juvenile Black-Crowned...

Juvenile Black-Crowned...

Jeff at JSJ Photography

Mike Dawson - A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach

Mike Dawson

Cathy Kovarik - Cardinal In The Snow

Cardinal In The Snow

Cathy Kovarik

John Telfer - Perched Pelican

Perched Pelican

John Telfer

Merton Allen - Quack - Duck in a...
Emmy Marie Vickers - Head Over Heels - I Love...

Head Over Heels - I Love...

Emmy Marie Vickers

Merton Allen - Racoons - They come Out...
Paul Freidlund - Pelican And Ice

Pelican And Ice

Paul Freidlund

Thomas Photography - Mam with her Babies

Mam with her Babies

Thomas Photography

Steven  Michael - Pelican Sunset

Pelican Sunset

Steven Michael

Michelle Meenawong - Elegance Of The Ibex

Elegance Of The Ibex

Michelle Meenawong

Suzi Harr - Yipee


Suzi Harr

Chris Mercer - Common Egret 003

Common Egret 003

Chris Mercer

Gardening Perfection - At Work

At Work

Gardening Perfection

Donna Kennedy - White Tiger- Chalet

White Tiger- Chalet

Donna Kennedy

Ian Mcadie - Tiger


Ian Mcadie

Karol  Livote - Clap Hands

Clap Hands

Karol Livote

Rebecca Brooks - Dragonlily


Rebecca Brooks

Wolves Only - Timber Wolf Pictures 276
Jeff Shumaker - Alone


Jeff Shumaker

Charles Trinkle - My Little Chickadee

My Little Chickadee

Charles Trinkle

Sue Bonnar - El Tropicano Toucan
Sheela Ajith - The Rhino

The Rhino

Sheela Ajith

Rebecca Brooks - Painted Turtle Sunning

Painted Turtle Sunning

Rebecca Brooks

Bob O
Bob O

Great Egret

Bob O'Dean

Roeselien Raimond - SoftFox -Young Fox Kit...

SoftFox -Young Fox Kit...

Roeselien Raimond

Gary Langley - California Quail

California Quail

Gary Langley

Kay Gilley - Old Joe

Old Joe

Kay Gilley

Gary Langley - Road Runner

Road Runner

Gary Langley

Mim White - Cougar


Mim White

Anne Rodkin - American Coot

American Coot

Anne Rodkin

Kendall Kessler - Snake in The Color

Snake in The Color

Kendall Kessler

Steve Luther - One Last Drink

One Last Drink

Steve Luther

John Roberts - Standing Guard

Standing Guard

John Roberts

Jaunine Ammerman - Painted Skies

Painted Skies

Jaunine Ammerman

CJ Anderson - Family Pride

Family Pride

CJ Anderson

Phyllis Beiser - Moon Over Mississippi A...
Richard Smith - Intense


Richard Smith

Stuart Harrison - Osprey


Stuart Harrison

Nikki McInnes - Flight of the Bird

Flight of the Bird

Nikki McInnes

Terry Cotton - Star Eyed Cormorant

Star Eyed Cormorant

Terry Cotton

Alexander Senin - Weather Forecast Epic...

Weather Forecast Epic...

Alexander Senin

Lianne Schneider - Red Wolf on a Winter Hunt

Red Wolf on a Winter Hunt

Lianne Schneider

Steve Dunsford - Fox and the Daisies

Fox and the Daisies

Steve Dunsford

Teresa A Lang - Get Outa MY Bubble

Get Outa MY Bubble

Teresa A Lang

Amy Porter - Snack Time

Snack Time

Amy Porter

Fiona Craig - Squirrel in Snow 1

Squirrel in Snow 1

Fiona Craig

Sally Weigand - Climbing Up

Climbing Up

Sally Weigand

Wolves Only - Timber Wolf Pictures 274
Ted Guhl - Chickadee


Ted Guhl

Vadim Boytsov - Freedom


Vadim Boytsov

Blackwater Studio - On Alert

On Alert

Blackwater Studio

Joan Davis - Lunch At The Waterfall
Bobbee Rickard - Family in the Wild

Family in the Wild

Bobbee Rickard

Bill Cannon - Egret in Wildwood New...
Jake Danishevsky - Lights Camera Lunch

Lights Camera Lunch

Jake Danishevsky

Jake Danishevsky - Great Catch

Great Catch

Jake Danishevsky

Jijo George - Yellow Fish

Yellow Fish

Jijo George

Bill Cannon - Get Out of the Road
Jeff Tuten - Hippo at rest

Hippo at rest

Jeff Tuten

Patrick Witz - Gone Batty

Gone Batty

Patrick Witz

Ruth Jolly - Pelican in the skies
Pamela Peters - Close Encounter

Close Encounter

Pamela Peters

Richard Bryce and Family - Resting Lion Cub

Resting Lion Cub

Richard Bryce and Family

Dennis Hammer - Harrier Ready to Strike
Darren Maxwell - Face Portrait

Face Portrait

Darren Maxwell

Andreas Berthold - Swan And Seagulls On...

Swan And Seagulls On...

Andreas Berthold

Noa Yerushalmi - Deer


Noa Yerushalmi

Brad Christensen - House Finch

House Finch

Brad Christensen

Chris Scroggins - Lion Yoga

Lion Yoga

Chris Scroggins

Sara  Raber - Polar Bear Sun

Polar Bear Sun

Sara Raber

Sherry Shipley - Tangled Lion

Tangled Lion

Sherry Shipley

Crista Forest - Wolf Pups - Anybody Home
Phyllis Beiser - Pelican Ripples

Pelican Ripples

Phyllis Beiser

Debby Pueschel -  Coyote or Gray Wolf and...
Aaron Whittemore - Jellyfish swarm

Jellyfish swarm

Aaron Whittemore

Torbjorn Swenelius - Coal Tit on Top

Coal Tit on Top

Torbjorn Swenelius

Ellen Levinson - Maiden Mother and Crone
Suzi Harr - Gator Gator

Gator Gator

Suzi Harr

Stuart Harrison - The Leaf

The Leaf

Stuart Harrison

Jaunine Ammerman - Daily Visitor

Daily Visitor

Jaunine Ammerman

Cynthia Guinn - Beautiful Deer

Beautiful Deer

Cynthia Guinn

Aidan Moran - Serval Cat

Serval Cat

Aidan Moran

Blackwater Studio - Elephant Silhouette

Elephant Silhouette

Blackwater Studio

Wendy Brunell - Just Relaxed

Just Relaxed

Wendy Brunell

Jijo George - Yellow Fish

Yellow Fish

Jijo George

Deb LaFogg-Docherty - Reed Walker

Reed Walker

Deb LaFogg-Docherty

Kathleen Bishop - Winter White on a Blue...
Ernie Echols - Eagle Head In Clouds...
Jeff Shumaker - Fox


Jeff Shumaker

Jesper Sohof - Monkey on a wire

Monkey on a wire

Jesper Sohof

Gavin Macrae - Red Deer Stag

Red Deer Stag

Gavin Macrae

Andrew Bowden - Proud


Andrew Bowden

Debra Martz - Snowy Plover Wave Jumping
Faith Williams - Time to Ride

Time to Ride

Faith Williams

Emmy Marie Vickers - Lunchtime For Cheetah

Lunchtime For Cheetah

Emmy Marie Vickers

Faith Williams - Goodnight Said The...

Goodnight Said The...

Faith Williams

Crista Forest - Chickadee and Autumn...
Jamie Anderson - It

It's a Squirrel's Life

Jamie Anderson

Lingfai Leung - The Art of Posing at...
Ruth Jolly - As the Tern flies
Aidan Moran - American Bison

American Bison

Aidan Moran

Richard Smith - Osprey with Spread Wings
Donna Brown - Hooded Merganser...
Kim Hojnacki - Hanging Around

Hanging Around

Kim Hojnacki

Joy McAdams - Bald Eagle Flying

Bald Eagle Flying

Joy McAdams

Michael Allen - Springtime Chickadee

Springtime Chickadee

Michael Allen

Robert Frederick - Kildeer On The Rocks

Kildeer On The Rocks

Robert Frederick

Garett Gabriel - Portrait of a Mule Deer
James BO  Insogna - Elk Herd Colorado...

Elk Herd Colorado...

James BO Insogna

Zong Yi - Contentment


Zong Yi

Barbara Snyder - Birds of Santa Barbara

Birds of Santa Barbara

Barbara Snyder

Trina  Ansel - Chickadee at Work

Chickadee at Work

Trina Ansel

Gavin Macrae - Red Deer Stag

Red Deer Stag

Gavin Macrae

Katerina Naumenko - Soul

Soul's Essence

Katerina Naumenko

Kendall Kessler - Blue Bunny

Blue Bunny

Kendall Kessler

Barbie Corbett-Newmin - Humming The Blues

Humming The Blues

Barbie Corbett-Newmin

Rick  Monyahan - Flight


Rick Monyahan

Heather King - She returned to find her
Izzy Standbridge - Common redstart with...

Common redstart with...

Izzy Standbridge

Sheela Ajith - Big Wings

Big Wings

Sheela Ajith

Wild Thing - Shes A Little Runaway
Paul Sparks - Great Gray Owl

Great Gray Owl

Paul Sparks

Torbjorn Swenelius - Check my Crest

Check my Crest

Torbjorn Swenelius

Randall Nyhof - Bison in the Grand Tetons
Ricky L Jones - Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl

Ricky L Jones

Angela Davies - More Snow Really

More Snow Really

Angela Davies

Yumi Johnson - Snow Cardinal

Snow Cardinal

Yumi Johnson

Angelo DeVal - Wild snake Malpolon...
Kevin McCarthy - Backward Glance

Backward Glance

Kevin McCarthy

Marcia Colelli - Hummingbird


Marcia Colelli

Aidan Moran - Male Lion On The Masai...
HH Photography - Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

HH Photography

Suzi Harr - Juvenile Night Heron
Steve Dunsford - Under my Wing you are...
Wolves Only - Timber Wolf Pictures 272
Paul Rebmann - Young Gopher Tortoise
Ella Kaye Dickey - Tulips


Ella Kaye Dickey

Luke Lansdale - Secret squirrel

Secret squirrel

Luke Lansdale

Eti Reid - Colorful abstract octopus
Dianne Cowen - Young Cygnet Smiles-...
Jijo George - Bible Versus

Bible Versus

Jijo George

Bob Marquis  - McKinney Falls Colorado...
Alanna Dumonceaux - Parrot Flight

Parrot Flight

Alanna Dumonceaux

Donna Kennedy - Out Of Africa

Out Of Africa

Donna Kennedy

Michael Allen - Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Michael Allen

Judy Kay - Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow

Judy Kay

Debbie Nobile - Nap Time

Nap Time

Debbie Nobile

Noa Yerushalmi - Bull in town

Bull in town

Noa Yerushalmi

Diane Lent - Bird on a rail

Bird on a rail

Diane Lent

Richard Bryce and Family - Happy Lion Cub

Happy Lion Cub

Richard Bryce and Family

Wes and Dotty Weber - Whoooo

Whoooo's There? D6255

Wes and Dotty Weber

Mitch Shindelbower - You Want What By When

You Want What By When

Mitch Shindelbower

Meryl Goudey - Swirling into Life

Swirling into Life

Meryl Goudey

CJ Anderson - Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes

CJ Anderson

Torbjorn Swenelius - Blue Tit on Stub

Blue Tit on Stub

Torbjorn Swenelius

Dawn Currie - Philippians 4 19

Philippians 4 19

Dawn Currie

Barbara Bowen - Sandhill Cranes...

Sandhill Cranes...

Barbara Bowen

Wendy Brunell - Look At Me

Look At Me

Wendy Brunell

Barbara Chichester - Great Blue On Blue

Great Blue On Blue

Barbara Chichester

HH Photography - Dockmaster


HH Photography

Kathy Barney - Heading Home

Heading Home

Kathy Barney

Matt Helm - Magical Moose

Magical Moose

Matt Helm

Wild Thing - Frozen Flight

Frozen Flight

Wild Thing

Kim Hojnacki - Standing Tall

Standing Tall

Kim Hojnacki

Veena Nair - Another beautiful day...
Michael Whitaker - Cotton Mouth In Phinizy...
Bob Marquis  - Sunset Lometa

Sunset Lometa

Bob Marquis

Bob Marquis  - Dancing Shadows

Dancing Shadows

Bob Marquis

Joan Davis - In The Lupine

In The Lupine

Joan Davis

Pravine Chester - Elephant hugs

Elephant hugs

Pravine Chester

Nina Stavlund - Fiery-throated...


Nina Stavlund

Adam Asar - Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers

Adam Asar

Dale Jackson - Deadly Anticipation

Deadly Anticipation

Dale Jackson

EricaMaxine  Price - King of the Jungle

King of the Jungle

EricaMaxine Price

Michael Russell - Snowy Owl - Bubo...

Snowy Owl - Bubo...

Michael Russell

Athena Mckinzie - Yellow Orange Sunflower

Yellow Orange Sunflower

Athena Mckinzie

Athena Mckinzie - Wolf Pair

Wolf Pair

Athena Mckinzie

Janette Boyd - Two Parakeets One...
Mitch Shindelbower - Look Into My Eyes

Look Into My Eyes

Mitch Shindelbower

Lindy Whiton - Connecticut River

Connecticut River

Lindy Whiton

Paul Freidlund - Broke Neck Swan

Broke Neck Swan

Paul Freidlund

Dawn Currie - Proverbs 4 25

Proverbs 4 25

Dawn Currie

Jayne Carney - Sunset Flight

Sunset Flight

Jayne Carney

Matt Blankenship - Green-winged Teal 1

Green-winged Teal 1

Matt Blankenship

Eddie Yerkish - Whale Sighting

Whale Sighting

Eddie Yerkish

Judy Vincent - Leopard Painted

Leopard Painted

Judy Vincent

Lloyd Alexander - Winter Evening Grosbeak

Winter Evening Grosbeak

Lloyd Alexander

Trina  Ansel - Shelter From the Rain
Heather King - Tree dancer

Tree dancer

Heather King

Natural Focal Point Photography - Flight of the Tanchou at...

Flight of the Tanchou at...

Natural Focal Point Photography

Janette Boyd - Worm or Seed?

Worm or Seed?

Janette Boyd

Tracy Munson - Belligerent Bison

Belligerent Bison

Tracy Munson

Michelle Pope - Fierce


Michelle Pope

Lingfai Leung - California Dreaming

California Dreaming

Lingfai Leung

MTBobbins Photography - Blue Jay with Ice

Blue Jay with Ice

MTBobbins Photography

Elizabeth Winter - Ready Set GO

Ready Set GO

Elizabeth Winter

Dale Jackson - Moon Over Black Mesa CO
Venetia Featherstone-Witty - The Tenor

The Tenor

Venetia Featherstone-Witty

Michael Allen - Goat Island Goose

Goat Island Goose

Michael Allen

Steven Ralser - Seals - Montague Island...
Penny Lisowski - Picnics are Fun

Picnics are Fun

Penny Lisowski

Sandra Bronstein - Closing In

Closing In

Sandra Bronstein

Larry Nieland - Osprey - Catfish

Osprey - Catfish

Larry Nieland

Emily Froese - Trio of Finches

Trio of Finches

Emily Froese

Janet McDonald - Wise She Is

Wise She Is

Janet McDonald

Janet McDonald - Foxy Presence

Foxy Presence

Janet McDonald

Roger Becker - Fly Bye

Fly Bye

Roger Becker

Noa Yerushalmi - Etosha elephant scene

Etosha elephant scene

Noa Yerushalmi

Athena Mckinzie - Fabio II

Fabio II

Athena Mckinzie

Cynthia Guinn - Mirror In The Lake

Mirror In The Lake

Cynthia Guinn

Dianna Lewis - Rainbow Devil Fish

Rainbow Devil Fish

Dianna Lewis

Toblerusse  - Pandarella



Alexander Senin - Mr Eagle Jr

Mr Eagle Jr

Alexander Senin

Wild Thing - Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture

Wild Thing

Gary Langley - Ring Neck Phesant

Ring Neck Phesant

Gary Langley

Gary Langley - Ringneck Pheasant Rooster
Emily Stauring - Sunset Strut

Sunset Strut

Emily Stauring

Ernie Echols - The Lion Digital Art
Chris Scroggins - Pika and Lichen

Pika and Lichen

Chris Scroggins

Maggy Meyer - Loveable portrait of a...
Linsey Williams - Stag And Sunset 2

Stag And Sunset 2

Linsey Williams

Joe  Triano - First Steps

First Steps

Joe Triano

Michelle Meenawong - The Great Curassow 2

The Great Curassow 2

Michelle Meenawong

Anne Rodkin - Pied Billed Grebe

Pied Billed Grebe

Anne Rodkin

Nigel Follett - Hare in Grasslands

Hare in Grasslands

Nigel Follett

Bob Marquis  - Winter Oak

Winter Oak

Bob Marquis

Kamen Ruskov - Dalmatian Pelican

Dalmatian Pelican

Kamen Ruskov

Leif Sohlman - Exercise Male Mallard...
Bruce Brandli - Wild Ponies I

Wild Ponies I

Bruce Brandli

Jordan Blackstone - Eagle Art - Character

Eagle Art - Character

Jordan Blackstone

DUG Harpster - Did I see You Move

Did I see You Move

DUG Harpster

Jerry Cowart - Mother Bear And Cub In...
Mike Dawson - The Choir

The Choir

Mike Dawson

Barbara Chichester - Snowy Showy Egret

Snowy Showy Egret

Barbara Chichester

Geert Weggen - Whisper Mushroom

Whisper Mushroom

Geert Weggen

Bruce J Robinson - Bison In Snow

Bison In Snow

Bruce J Robinson

Geert Weggen - Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Geert Weggen

Jeff  Swan - Natural beauty

Natural beauty

Jeff Swan

Wendy Brunell - Proud Stag

Proud Stag

Wendy Brunell

Cascade Colors - Giant Hummingbird

Giant Hummingbird

Cascade Colors

Philip Pound - Sumatran Tiger

Sumatran Tiger

Philip Pound

Roselynne Broussard - Nevermore


Roselynne Broussard

John F Willis - Blue Tit and Plum...

Blue Tit and Plum...

John F Willis

Gardening Perfection - Butterfly in Flight

Butterfly in Flight

Gardening Perfection

Ines  Ganteaume - Do you want some?

Do you want some?

Ines Ganteaume

Wolves Only - Timber Wolf Pictures 268
Sara  Raber - Peacock Caw

Peacock Caw

Sara Raber

Shelby  Young - Cabin by the Lake in...
Kathleen McCombs - Fox


Kathleen McCombs

Erin  O

Steppin' on Up

Erin O'Neal-Morie

Kym Backland - I put my arm around her
Sue Jacobi - Camel Herd Desert India...
Ellen Levinson - Great Gray Owl in Blue...
Pat St Onge - Python


Pat St Onge

Athena Mckinzie - Bighorn Sheep Portrait

Bighorn Sheep Portrait

Athena Mckinzie

Roger Becker - Hawk


Roger Becker

Les Palenik - Giraffe


Les Palenik

Silas Newman - Cheetah


Silas Newman

Blackwater Studio - Wolf Portrait

Wolf Portrait

Blackwater Studio

Bob Marquis  - Have A Seat

Have A Seat

Bob Marquis

Barbara Keith - Mule Deer

Mule Deer

Barbara Keith

Roeselien Raimond - White Rabbit

White Rabbit

Roeselien Raimond

Thomas Photography - Cormorant


Thomas Photography

Christy Cox - Feminine Beauty - Female...
Barbara Chichester - Rainy Day Fly By

Rainy Day Fly By

Barbara Chichester

Maggy Meyer - Beautiful Lion Caesar in...
Katerina Naumenko - Spider


Katerina Naumenko

Izzy Standbridge - Pale morph red kite fly...
Nava  Thompson -  Singing in the Rain  2
Linsey Williams - Stag And Sunset

Stag And Sunset

Linsey Williams

Izzy Standbridge - Puffin with sand eels

Puffin with sand eels

Izzy Standbridge

Wild Thing - Paused


Wild Thing

Peggy Blackwell - Handsome Male Lion at...

Handsome Male Lion at...

Peggy Blackwell

Christopher James - Family Affair

Family Affair

Christopher James

Joni Beinborn - Drifter


Joni Beinborn

Susan Candelario - Eastern Bluebird Feeding...
Anne Rodkin - Iguana


Anne Rodkin

Tatiana Makeeva - Wet cat

Wet cat

Tatiana Makeeva

Torbjorn Swenelius - Kestrel ready to go

Kestrel ready to go

Torbjorn Swenelius

Charlene  Aycock - Idaho

Idaho's Little Visitor

Charlene Aycock

Daniel Hebard - Bald Eagle at Big Creek...
Cathy Kovarik - Two

Two's Company

Cathy Kovarik

Daniel Hebard - Thunderbird River Home
Marie Clark - Freedom


Marie Clark

Robin Lee Mccarthy Photography - #926 D762 Salisbury...

#926 D762 Salisbury...

Robin Lee Mccarthy Photography

B Rossitto - Osprey nest

Osprey nest

B Rossitto

Aidan Moran - Equine View

Equine View

Aidan Moran

Lena Kouneva - Three Bald Eagles on a...
Shelley Neff - Moments That Take Our...
Mitch Shindelbower - Quack


Mitch Shindelbower

Anne Rodkin - Female Green Iguana
Francis Sullivan - Barred Owl Portrait

Barred Owl Portrait

Francis Sullivan

Donna Mann - Kat

Kat's Fox

Donna Mann

Steve Dunsford - Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker

Steve Dunsford

DUG Harpster - Whale of a Tail

Whale of a Tail

DUG Harpster

Brooks Garten Hauschild - Bird

Bird's Eye View

Brooks Garten Hauschild