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Wildlife Artists



Group Administrator

Crista Forest

Woodinville, WA

United States

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This group was started on July 13th, 2011 and currently has:

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Wildlife Artists

About This Group

A group for wildlife artists and wildlife art lovers featuring paintings, drawings, and sculptures of wild animals.

PLEASE READ!! If you repeatedly submit images that do not meet the criteria below YOU WILL BE REMOVED from the group!!!! Quit wasting my time and yours!

This group is for wildlife paintings, drawings, and sculptures. Sorry, NO PHOTOGRAPHY. There are plenty of photography groups on FAA to join.

UPDATE: 9/28/2013 - To keep this group's images to a reasonable number, and to keep the quality of a higher standard, I've changed the criteria for images accepted into this group. One of the hardest changes for me to make here is to start rejecting artwork based on skill. I used to accept any and all wildlife art regardless of skill level but, after receiving too many submissions from people submitting things such as a child's finger painting or crayon drawing, I have to draw the line now. I will now be rejecting artwork by those whose skill level is lacking. Please note that if your image does not get accepted it does not necessarily mean your art is bad. It could just be that it did not meet the other criteria below. Double check that your art meets ALL the criteria.
And I sincerely apologize to those whose work may have been accepted into the group previously but no longer meets the new criteria and have been removed.

Criteria for images to be accepted:

1. Artwork MUST have a wild animal, bird, fish, or bug in the image that is the focal point. Just having an animal in there somewhere won't necessarily count. For example, landscapes with a tiny bird silhouette in the sky somewhere will not be accepted.

2. Animals must be real and be shown in a natural setting. No wild animals shown in zoos, circuses, fantasy, or mystical settings, etc. No unicorns or other mythical creatures.

3. Nothing gross or disturbing. No vicious expressions, dead animals, lions killing zebras, etc. Let's keep it pleasant to show the beauty of nature, not its dark side.

4. No humans in the scene. No exceptions. While many people consider hunting and fishing scenes 'wildlife art' I want to keep this group pleasant, not showing the imminent death of a beautiful creature.

5. No domestic animals. Horses will be accepted if and only if they are wild horses and there are no man-made elements in the scene such as fences and barns which would make them appear to be domesticated.

6. No dinosaurs or other prehistoric creatures.

7. Your digital images of your artwork must be of good quality. Blurry, washed out, distorted images, etc, will be rejected. Artwork only in the image. No frames, easels, thumbs, etc. If you want people to buy your prints you should always be submitting the highest quality digital images of your work to FAA anyway.

8. Artwork must show a reasonable level of skill. If you are an obvious beginner, or submit your child's crayon drawings, they may be rejected. I reserve the right to decide what an acceptable level of quality is.

9. No duplicates or very similar images. Please do not submit the same image in 3 color variations. I will pick one and reject the rest. And the one I pick might not be your favorite. So it's best if you just submit your one favorite variation.

10. NO PHOTOGRAPHY. Digital art accepted ONLY if it is 2D art hand-painted from scratch. If it looks like a digitally altered photo it will be rejected. No computer generated 3D art.

11. NO PHOTOGRAPHY. No, I didn't make a mistake posting this twice. I am amazed at how many people continue to submit photography despite my clearly stating 'NO PHOTOGRAPHY' at the top of the page, so let me reiterate:
Oh, and one more thing ... NO PHOTOGRAPHY!

Members who repeatedly submit work not fitting the criteria will be kicked out of the group.

If you see images in this group that do not meet the above criteria, please don't send me hate mail telling me I'm making exceptions for others but not you. I probably just missed it. Sometimes when I'm reviewing dozens of images at a time one will slip through. Just let me know it's there and I'll remove it. Thanks.

Featured Images

Elizabeth Lock - Ripples


Elizabeth Lock

Harriet Peck Taylor - Autumn Grizzly

Autumn Grizzly

Harriet Peck Taylor

Karl Hamilton-Cox - Lion Portrait

Lion Portrait

Karl Hamilton-Cox

Carolyn Doe - Early Spring 2

Early Spring 2

Carolyn Doe

Bill Dunkley - Gorilla Portrait

Gorilla Portrait

Bill Dunkley

Mike Roberts - Great Snow Owl

Great Snow Owl

Mike Roberts

Dorothy Jenson - Passing Through

Passing Through

Dorothy Jenson

Wade  Geilow - Tursiops Truncatus

Tursiops Truncatus

Wade Geilow

Barbara Keith - Jewel


Barbara Keith

Darin Miller - After the Rain

After the Rain

Darin Miller

Eddy Wouters - Ronin


Eddy Wouters

Karl Hamilton-Cox - Panda Tree Hugger

Panda Tree Hugger

Karl Hamilton-Cox

Arti Chauhan - Bluebell


Arti Chauhan

Arti Chauhan - Umber Stripes

Umber Stripes

Arti Chauhan

Patricia A Griffin - Jeb


Patricia A Griffin