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Whimsical Paintings



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Oiyee At Oystudio

Toronto, ON


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This group was started on May 28th, 2011 and currently has:


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Whimsical Paintings

About This Group

This group is for whimsical paintings of any medium, on any subject. Let your imagination run wild!

Please post only paintings and not photographs. We accept freehand digital paintings, but not edited photographs.

Any discussion post is welcome and encouraged. New members can introduce themselves by starting a post. That would give yourselves more exposure and help the group stay active.

The limit for uploading your art is 2 per day. A select few will be featured on the homepage and the artwork will be rotated regularly.

Have fun painting!

Featured Images

Eloise Schneider - Dachsund


Eloise Schneider

Helena Wierzbicki - Evi and her cat

Evi and her cat

Helena Wierzbicki

Barbara Orenya - Showered with gifts

Showered with gifts

Barbara Orenya

Megan Walsh - Mouse world

Mouse world

Megan Walsh

Suzy Norris - Collecting the dew

Collecting the dew

Suzy Norris

Joseph Hawkins - Family Discusion

Family Discusion

Joseph Hawkins

Bill Herold - Parade Time

Parade Time

Bill Herold

Vickie Scarlett-Fisher - Worried Little Fishey

Worried Little Fishey

Vickie Scarlett-Fisher