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Water In Motion



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David Orias

Santa Barbara, CA

United States

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This group was started on December 26th, 2013 and currently has:


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Water In Motion

About This Group

Whether it is a river, ripples in a pond or ocean waves, this group is about water that is moving or flowing. This would include waves, waterfalls, rivers, streams, creeks, drops, water faucets, etc. If the water is moving, then you can submit it.

I would prefer you don't add images where the water is essentially stationary like still reflections. There should be some feeling of motion. Images that show clear reflections are probably not going to be accepted.

Water should be a major element in the image. I will not accept images where that is not the case.

You will be limited to one image upload a day.

Featured Images

Randall Branham - Checking Out The Waves

Checking Out The Waves

Randall Branham

Christina Rollo - Ithaca Falls

Ithaca Falls

Christina Rollo

Georgia Mizuleva - Whiskey River Rush

Whiskey River Rush

Georgia Mizuleva

Steven Barrows - Through The Looking...

Through The Looking...

Steven Barrows

Renee Sullivan - Missouri River Sunset

Missouri River Sunset

Renee Sullivan

Bob Phillips - Point Reyes Seashore
Heidi Southworth - Four Piglets

Four Piglets

Heidi Southworth

Pete Edmunds - Shoreline


Pete Edmunds

Greg Mimbs - Trout Waters In Fall
Patrick Jacquet - Summer ends 2

Summer ends 2

Patrick Jacquet

Gerald Bienvenu - Smoky Mountain Rapids

Smoky Mountain Rapids

Gerald Bienvenu

Kim Bemis - Seagull Sunset at the...
Rachel Cohen - September Sunset

September Sunset

Rachel Cohen

Stormm Bradshaw - Sunny Seashore

Sunny Seashore

Stormm Bradshaw

Greg Mimbs - Fall Leaves On Mossy...
Eileen Patten Oliver - Spring Storm Tide Plum...

Spring Storm Tide Plum...

Eileen Patten Oliver

Eva Kato - Saint Augustine Fountain
Catherine Gagne - Silver Ripple Casades

Silver Ripple Casades

Catherine Gagne

Jeff  Swan - Cow Orca And Her Calf
Sandra Sengstock-Miller - A quick shower Pacific...

A quick shower Pacific...

Sandra Sengstock-Miller

Ernie Echols - Soothing Waters 3

Soothing Waters 3

Ernie Echols

Evgeni Ivanov - Waterfall in the forest
Thomas Schoeller - Lunch Creek Basin -...

Lunch Creek Basin -...

Thomas Schoeller

Margaret Juul - Rocky Waterfall

Rocky Waterfall

Margaret Juul

Bob Phillips - Saklikent Swirling Pool
Gerald Bienvenu - The Daredevils

The Daredevils

Gerald Bienvenu

Catherine Gagne - Bridge over Flowing...

Bridge over Flowing...

Catherine Gagne

Robert McCubbin - Heather The Heron Inna...
Allan Van Gasbeck - Frank Island Ebb Tide

Frank Island Ebb Tide

Allan Van Gasbeck

Teresa Ascone - Looking Glass

Looking Glass

Teresa Ascone

Ann Horn - Lake Michigan Splash
Chuck  Hicks - Fisherman S Sunrise