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Water In Motion



Group Administrator

David Orias

Santa Barbara, CA

United States

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This group was started on December 26th, 2013 and currently has:


322 Members


1,378 Images


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Water In Motion

About This Group

Whether it is a river, ripples in a pond or ocean waves, this group is about water that is moving or flowing. This would include waves, waterfalls, rivers, streams, creeks, drops, water faucets, etc. If the water is moving, then you can submit it.

I would prefer you don't add images where the water is essentially stationary like still reflections. There should be some feeling of motion. Images that show clear reflections are probably not going to be accepted.

Water should be a major element in the image. I will not accept images where that is not the case.

You will be limited to one image upload a day.

Winners of Contest #2

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Featured Images

Georgia Mizuleva - Hawaiian Morning - Sun...

Hawaiian Morning - Sun...

Georgia Mizuleva

Amanda Stadther - Icebergs


Amanda Stadther

Jeff Sinon - Tucker Brook Falls with...
Joseph Hawkins - Green Ocean

Green Ocean

Joseph Hawkins

Scott Cameron - Smashing Wave

Smashing Wave

Scott Cameron

Pamela Blizzard - Catching the Wind

Catching the Wind

Pamela Blizzard

Steven Barrows - Bend On Tuolumne River

Bend On Tuolumne River

Steven Barrows

Bob Phillips - Pulleney Bridge

Pulleney Bridge

Bob Phillips

Mariarosa Rockefeller - Oriskany Falls

Oriskany Falls

Mariarosa Rockefeller

Teresa Ascone - Seldovia Dock 1966

Seldovia Dock 1966

Teresa Ascone

Dee Browning -  Ramona Falls

Ramona Falls

Dee Browning

Amazing Jules - Gateway to Cape Cod

Gateway to Cape Cod

Amazing Jules

Lou Magoncia - The Ocean View

The Ocean View

Lou Magoncia

Eva Kato - California Gold
Thomas Woolworth - Golden Sunset

Golden Sunset

Thomas Woolworth

Ann Horn - Iced Water

Iced Water

Ann Horn

Kendall Kessler - Under Memorial

Under Memorial

Kendall Kessler

Bryan Hanson - Little Feet

Little Feet

Bryan Hanson

Deanna Cagle - Spewing Beauty

Spewing Beauty

Deanna Cagle

James Peterson - Powerful Winter Surf

Powerful Winter Surf

James Peterson

Brad Walters - LC Water Front 2PPE

LC Water Front 2PPE

Brad Walters

Bill  Wakeley - Black And White Cascade
Pete Hemington - Ladram Bay

Ladram Bay

Pete Hemington

Scott Thorp - Nubble Storm

Nubble Storm

Scott Thorp

Laurie Search - Picturesque


Laurie Search

Tayne Hunsaker - Divergence


Tayne Hunsaker

Amanda Stadther - Mississippi Moonlight

Mississippi Moonlight

Amanda Stadther

Matt Johnson - Crashing Waves on...
Patrick Jacquet - Geneva Water Jet

Geneva Water Jet

Patrick Jacquet

Scott Hafer - Fairmont Falls

Fairmont Falls

Scott Hafer

Cheryl Pettigrew - Making Waves

Making Waves

Cheryl Pettigrew

Gary Keesler - Appalachian Trail Falls
Andrew Lorimer -  Blue Heron

Blue Heron

Andrew Lorimer

MTBobbins Photography - The River in April

The River in April

MTBobbins Photography

Gareth Mcguigan - Chalahn Falls

Chalahn Falls

Gareth Mcguigan

Zulfiya Stromberg - Pier 60

Pier 60

Zulfiya Stromberg