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Water In Motion



Group Administrator

David Orias

Santa Barbara, CA

United States

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This group was started on December 26th, 2013 and currently has:


447 Members


2,695 Images


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Water In Motion

About This Group

Whether it is a river, ripples in a pond or ocean waves, this group is about water that is moving or flowing. This would include waves, waterfalls, rivers, streams, creeks, drops, water faucets, etc. If the water is moving, then you can submit it.

I would prefer you don't add images where the water is essentially stationary like still reflections. There should be some feeling of motion. Images that show clear reflections are probably not going to be accepted.

Water should be a major element in the image. I will not accept images where that is not the case.

You will be limited to one image upload a day.

Featured Images

Mike Roberts - Bring Home The Bird

Bring Home The Bird

Mike Roberts

Patrick Jacquet - Under the bridge

Under the bridge

Patrick Jacquet

Griffin M - Griffins Whitecaps
Lynda Lehmann - Water Dance at Oak Creek
Mike Roberts - Heavenly Blessings

Heavenly Blessings

Mike Roberts

Bob Sample - Looking Glass Falls
Christina Rollo - Taughannock Falls View...
Kathy Liebrum Bailey - Surfing At The Pier

Surfing At The Pier

Kathy Liebrum Bailey

Southern Arts - Flowing Water

Flowing Water

Southern Arts

Marlene Lebel - Wawamalu Beach at Dawn
Patrick Jacquet - Crashing waves in...

Crashing waves in...

Patrick Jacquet

Heidi Southworth - Smurfy


Heidi Southworth

Jeff Pitt - Over the waves

Over the waves

Jeff Pitt

Tim Moore - Whale Tail

Whale Tail

Tim Moore

Catherine Gagne - off the Kangamangus

off the Kangamangus

Catherine Gagne

Lee Kirchhevel - Coquille Point Bandon...
Allan Van Gasbeck - Dark and Stormy

Dark and Stormy

Allan Van Gasbeck

Parker Cunningham - Monochrome Ocean

Monochrome Ocean

Parker Cunningham

Jeff Pitt - Along the Water
Michael Ver Sprill - Washing Over The Rocks

Washing Over The Rocks

Michael Ver Sprill

Brandyn King - Calm Blue

Calm Blue

Brandyn King

Milan Gonda - Bratislava


Milan Gonda

Bev Conover - Redondo Beach Pier at...
Dawn J Benko - Childs Park

Childs Park

Dawn J Benko

Jeffrey Miklush - World War II Memorial

World War II Memorial

Jeffrey Miklush

Patricia Twardzik - Momma Bear at the Falls

Momma Bear at the Falls

Patricia Twardzik

Jason Corlis - Waterfall


Jason Corlis

Stephen Stookey - Havasu Falls - Poster

Havasu Falls - Poster

Stephen Stookey

Kendall Kessler - Cascades in Giles County

Cascades in Giles County

Kendall Kessler

Mikhail Savchenko - In Shadow

In Shadow

Mikhail Savchenko

Catherine Gagne - Dam on the Ammonoosuc...

Dam on the Ammonoosuc...

Catherine Gagne

Michael Ver Sprill - Rocky Sunset at Cape May

Rocky Sunset at Cape May

Michael Ver Sprill

Jason Corlis - Niagara River before the...
Georgia Mizuleva - Dreaming of Silk Dresses...
Nancy L Marshall - Chastain Beach Waves 2

Chastain Beach Waves 2

Nancy L Marshall