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Visions of the Night



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Eti Reid

Vancouver, BC


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This group was started on April 17th, 2013 and currently has:

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Visions of the Night

About This Group


Any medium that is family friendly is welcome.
From stars, moon, Aurora to simple night time city-scapes.
Photographers pay attention-blurry, noisy and out of focus images will be automatically removed from the group.
Please do visit others work,when you add yours:)
Be creative and good lights to all!
And Enjoy!

Featured Images

Meike Hofstetter - Startrails


Meike Hofstetter

Crean Quaner - Brain_043


Crean Quaner

Mario Carini - Lunar Eruption

Lunar Eruption

Mario Carini

Lilia D - Moon Dancer

Moon Dancer

Lilia D

Stormm Bradshaw - The Magician 2

The Magician 2

Stormm Bradshaw

Sue Jacobi - Funky Piggy Blue

Funky Piggy Blue

Sue Jacobi

Sheela Ajith - Camping


Sheela Ajith

Kathy Barney - The Primrose Path

The Primrose Path

Kathy Barney

Susanne Still - Elemental Dream

Elemental Dream

Susanne Still

Stanza Widen - Icarus Dying

Icarus Dying

Stanza Widen

William Fields - Minus Eight on the Mo

Minus Eight on the Mo

William Fields

Karen Slagle - West Texas Sunset

West Texas Sunset

Karen Slagle

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Walk along the Dunes

Walk along the Dunes

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Hartmut Jager - Cutting  Through . . .

Cutting Through . . .

Hartmut Jager

Robert Bales - Beautiful Fireworks

Beautiful Fireworks

Robert Bales

Jukka Heinovirta - Sunset Lens Flare

Sunset Lens Flare

Jukka Heinovirta

Dariusz Orszulik - Dreaming Lady

Dreaming Lady

Dariusz Orszulik

Joan Carroll - Alamo Dawn II

Alamo Dawn II

Joan Carroll

Hartmut Jager - Who  Can  Tell . . .

Who Can Tell . . .

Hartmut Jager

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Sunset over the Docks

Sunset over the Docks

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Crean Quaner - Cosmic_Brain_001


Crean Quaner

Cat Connor - Church of Stars

Church of Stars

Cat Connor

Michael Rucker - Lake Erie Marsh

Lake Erie Marsh

Michael Rucker

Geoff Childs - Blue Glow Sunrise

Blue Glow Sunrise

Geoff Childs

Andrew Santoro - Plattekill Milky Way 2

Plattekill Milky Way 2

Andrew Santoro

Sara Abbondanza - Moonique


Sara Abbondanza

Angela A Stanton - Good Morning Morning

Good Morning Morning

Angela A Stanton

Bill Wakeley - The Arrival

The Arrival

Bill Wakeley

Robert Bales - Foothills Sunrise

Foothills Sunrise

Robert Bales

Saundra Myles - Live Free Or Die

Live Free Or Die

Saundra Myles

Chris Bordeleau - National WWII Memorial

National WWII Memorial

Chris Bordeleau

Lynda Lehmann - Growing Like the Wind

Growing Like the Wind

Lynda Lehmann

Paul  Meijering - Keith Richards 2

Keith Richards 2

Paul Meijering

Janice Rae Pariza - Dusk Flight

Dusk Flight

Janice Rae Pariza

Viktor Lazarev - Oak


Viktor Lazarev

Sheela Ajith - Happy Dubai

Happy Dubai

Sheela Ajith

Milan Gonda - hydra

hydra 'LX

Milan Gonda

Cynthia Bruner - Bridge Bay Sunset

Bridge Bay Sunset

Cynthia Bruner

Marvin Spates - The Interwoven

The Interwoven

Marvin Spates

Srinivasan Venkatarajan - Benjamin Franklin Bridge on July 4th

Benjamin Franklin Bridge on July 4th

Srinivasan Venkatarajan

Christopher Woods - Chrysler Building at Night

Chrysler Building at Night

Christopher Woods

Alexandre Martins - The City At Night I

The City At Night I

Alexandre Martins

Michal Kwarciak - The Hat Lady

The Hat Lady

Michal Kwarciak

Stormm Bradshaw - Mysterious


Stormm Bradshaw

Cheryl Miller - Bikes At Night

Bikes At Night

Cheryl Miller

Julian Darcy - Woodwork


Julian Darcy

Calazones Flics - West Seattle

West Seattle

Calazones Flics

Aymeric Gouin - Hiroshima by Night

Hiroshima by Night

Aymeric Gouin

William Fields - Iron Horse Nocturne

Iron Horse Nocturne

William Fields

Sheela Ajith - Blue Night

Blue Night

Sheela Ajith

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Peaceful Seas

Peaceful Seas

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Larry McMahon - Artist Point Sunrise

Artist Point Sunrise

Larry McMahon

RC deWinter - The Wheel

The Wheel

RC deWinter

Hartmut Jager - Crossing  Dimensions

Crossing Dimensions

Hartmut Jager

Jukka Heinovirta - Barn In Heavy Mist

Barn In Heavy Mist

Jukka Heinovirta

Teresa Wegrzyn - Maui Sunset

Maui Sunset

Teresa Wegrzyn

Mario Carini - A Distant Beacon

A Distant Beacon

Mario Carini

Yaniv Eitan - Orchid


Yaniv Eitan

Sheela Ajith - Cloud Gate At Night

Cloud Gate At Night

Sheela Ajith

William Fields - First Street Nocturne

First Street Nocturne

William Fields

Calazones Flics - Nature

Nature's Gift

Calazones Flics

Aymeric Gouin - Niagara Falls Skyline

Niagara Falls Skyline

Aymeric Gouin

Valerie Anne Kelly - La Mancha

La Mancha

Valerie Anne Kelly

Angela A Stanton - I Didn

I Didn't Do Nothing

Angela A Stanton

Aaron J Groen - A Sky Full Of Stars

A Sky Full Of Stars

Aaron J Groen

Cynthia Guinn - USS Battleship

USS Battleship

Cynthia Guinn

Nick  Boren - Bodie California

Bodie California

Nick Boren

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Surreal Columbus Ohio

Surreal Columbus Ohio

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Bob Shelley - Go


Bob Shelley

Stephanie Moore - Going Home

Going Home

Stephanie Moore

Ramon Martinez - Moon Crucifix BaW

Moon Crucifix BaW

Ramon Martinez

Mariusz Czajkowski -  Basque Country

Basque Country

Mariusz Czajkowski

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Autumn Sunset Denmark

Autumn Sunset Denmark

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Donna Kennedy - Logan L D S Temple

Logan L D S Temple

Donna Kennedy

Sue Jacobi - Baby Swallows

Baby Swallows

Sue Jacobi

Light Engraver - Mosque


Light Engraver

Hartmut Jager - Celestial  Lights

Celestial Lights

Hartmut Jager

Janice Rae Pariza - Grand Mesa Light Show

Grand Mesa Light Show

Janice Rae Pariza

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg - Desert Sunset

Desert Sunset

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg

Hartmut Jager - Spiral  Stargate

Spiral Stargate

Hartmut Jager

Julian Darcy - Light pillar

Light pillar

Julian Darcy

Ross Lewis - Reno


Ross Lewis

Paul Meijering - Nina Simone

Nina Simone

Paul Meijering

Lynda Lehmann - Dereliction


Lynda Lehmann

Michal Kwarciak - Intergalactic  Dimension

Intergalactic Dimension

Michal Kwarciak

Mariusz Czajkowski - Mutriku


Mariusz Czajkowski

Nina Stavlund - Prairie like...

Prairie like...

Nina Stavlund

Wendy J St Christopher - Being There

Being There

Wendy J St Christopher

Michele  Avanti - Bandon Beach Sunset

Bandon Beach Sunset

Michele Avanti

Maria Coulson - Fantasy Fireworks

Fantasy Fireworks

Maria Coulson

Mike Griffiths - Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor

Mike Griffiths

Rene Triay Photography - Hotel Continental Saigon Vietnam

Hotel Continental Saigon Vietnam

Rene Triay Photography

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Blues and Golds of Summer

Blues and Golds of Summer

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Robert Bales - Red White And Blue

Red White And Blue

Robert Bales

Wendy J St Christopher - One Flight Up

One Flight Up

Wendy J St Christopher

Angela A Stanton - Gold Bearing Tree

Gold Bearing Tree

Angela A Stanton

Latha Gokuldas Panicker - Tears Of Tamasa

Tears Of Tamasa

Latha Gokuldas Panicker

Ryan Phillips - Blackwell Hall

Blackwell Hall

Ryan Phillips

Donna Tucker - The Homecomming

The Homecomming

Donna Tucker

Jacque The Muse Photography - Pt. Arena Lighthouse

Pt. Arena Lighthouse

Jacque The Muse Photography

Chris Tangey - Camp In The Outback

Camp In The Outback

Chris Tangey

Vit Nasonov - New York New York

New York New York

Vit Nasonov

GuoJun Pan - Math Bonsai 3

Math Bonsai 3

GuoJun Pan

Aaron J Groen - Oslo Milky Way

Oslo Milky Way

Aaron J Groen

Viktor Lazarev - Back Home

Back Home

Viktor Lazarev

EricaMaxine  Price - House on the Hill

House on the Hill

EricaMaxine Price

John Rivera - When you Wish

When you Wish

John Rivera

EricaMaxine  Price - Moonlit Indian Motorcycle

Moonlit Indian Motorcycle

EricaMaxine Price

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Poppies at Sunset

Poppies at Sunset

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

David Stone - Escaping Light

Escaping Light

David Stone

Viktor Lazarev - Buddhist/sketch/


Viktor Lazarev

Maria Coulson - Twilight in Venice

Twilight in Venice

Maria Coulson

Radek Hofman - Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Radek Hofman

Nick  Boren - Explosive Bursts

Explosive Bursts

Nick Boren

Lynda Lehmann - Dereliction


Lynda Lehmann

Sam Del Russi - Enter


Sam Del Russi

Nigel Follett - The Snow Cat

The Snow Cat

Nigel Follett

Robert Bales - Rising Moon

Rising Moon

Robert Bales

Melany Sarafis - Moonlit Canyon

Moonlit Canyon

Melany Sarafis

Kim Mlyniec - Magnificent Sky

Magnificent Sky

Kim Mlyniec

Calazones Flics - Alki Beauty

Alki Beauty

Calazones Flics

Viktor Lazarev - Bride


Viktor Lazarev

Aaron J Groen - Thunderbird


Aaron J Groen

Robert Bales - Abstract Fireworks

Abstract Fireworks

Robert Bales

Marcia Colelli - Sunrise At Sandy Beach

Sunrise At Sandy Beach

Marcia Colelli

Mike Griffiths - Nature

Nature's Canvas

Mike Griffiths

EricaMaxine  Price - Tiger At the Seashore

Tiger At the Seashore

EricaMaxine Price

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Sand Shadows

Sand Shadows

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Ramon Martinez - Elephant in the night

Elephant in the night

Ramon Martinez

Joan Carroll - Waking Up in Toledo

Waking Up in Toledo

Joan Carroll

Keith Kapple - Lake Isabel

Lake Isabel

Keith Kapple

GuoJun Pan - Math Tree 8

Math Tree 8

GuoJun Pan

Hartmut Jager - The  Rendezvous

The Rendezvous

Hartmut Jager

Milan Gonda - hydra

hydra 'XLV

Milan Gonda

Rene Triay Photography - Miami Skyline at Dusk

Miami Skyline at Dusk

Rene Triay Photography

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Jekyll Harbor

Jekyll Harbor

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Steve Harrington - Night Riding

Night Riding

Steve Harrington

Angelo Merluccio - Flash Of Light

Flash Of Light

Angelo Merluccio

Cheryl Pettigrew - Milky Way 2

Milky Way 2

Cheryl Pettigrew

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Traditional Panoramic

Traditional Panoramic

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Angelo Merluccio - Nitty Gritty

Nitty Gritty

Angelo Merluccio

Alexey Stiop - Northern lights

Northern lights

Alexey Stiop

Milan Gonda - hydra

hydra 'XLIV

Milan Gonda

EricaMaxine  Price - Giraffes in a Sunset

Giraffes in a Sunset

EricaMaxine Price

Aaron J Groen - Dark Place

Dark Place

Aaron J Groen

Gun Legler - So lonely

So lonely

Gun Legler

Hartmut Jager - Mystery Dream City

Mystery Dream City

Hartmut Jager

Mario Carini - Nystical Life

Nystical Life

Mario Carini

Olahs Photography - Last Light

Last Light

Olahs Photography

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - All Summer Long

All Summer Long

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Deyanira Harris - Dreaming Awake

Dreaming Awake

Deyanira Harris

Marvin Spates - Labor Of Love

Labor Of Love

Marvin Spates

David Rucker - Love


David Rucker

David Rucker - Barn at Night

Barn at Night

David Rucker

Ramon Martinez - Little world

Little world

Ramon Martinez

Choco Friedrich - Standbild Nr. 221214

Standbild Nr. 221214

Choco Friedrich

Karen Slagle - Stormy Moon

Stormy Moon

Karen Slagle

Robert ONeil - Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

Robert ONeil

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg - Bright Sunset

Bright Sunset

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Fresh Santorini Fish Greece

Fresh Santorini Fish Greece

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Blue Indianapolis

Blue Indianapolis

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

R W Goetting - The Redentore

The Redentore

R W Goetting


Voyeur Of Life


Dawna  Moore Photography - Jax Blues - Jacksonville Florida

Jax Blues - Jacksonville Florida

Dawna Moore Photography

RC deWinter - September Storm

September Storm

RC deWinter

Nina Stavlund - Toronto Blues...

Toronto Blues...

Nina Stavlund

Creathieve Studio - Seattle


Creathieve Studio

Mario Carini - The Summer Pearl

The Summer Pearl

Mario Carini

Maria Coulson - Stary Night

Stary Night

Maria Coulson

David Walker - Training


David Walker

Ryszard Sleczka - Christ The Good Shepherd

Christ The Good Shepherd

Ryszard Sleczka

Calazones Flics - Pw3


Calazones Flics

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Grotte Magadaleine South France

Grotte Magadaleine South France

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Maria Coulson - Illuminated Clouds

Illuminated Clouds

Maria Coulson

Nina Stavlund - Urban Summer Night..

Urban Summer Night..

Nina Stavlund

Keith Kapple - Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock

Keith Kapple

Janice Rae Pariza - Leviticus


Janice Rae Pariza

Aaron J Groen - Wakinyan


Aaron J Groen

Ed Sweeney - Road To Sonora

Road To Sonora

Ed Sweeney

Joseph C Hinson Photography - 94 @ Night

94 @ Night

Joseph C Hinson Photography

Hartmut Jager - Dream  Walker

Dream Walker

Hartmut Jager

Brian Tarr - Evening Flight

Evening Flight

Brian Tarr

Julian Darcy - Step this way

Step this way

Julian Darcy

EricaMaxine  Price - By the Falls

By the Falls

EricaMaxine Price

Marvin Spates - Country Tempest

Country Tempest

Marvin Spates

Choco Friedrich - Theatre of Dreams

Theatre of Dreams

Choco Friedrich

Katrina McKinnis - Edward Triming

Edward Triming

Katrina McKinnis

Katrina McKinnis - Da Hand

Da Hand

Katrina McKinnis

Dawna  Moore Photography - Lightning over the Dock

Lightning over the Dock

Dawna Moore Photography

Alexey Stiop - Northern lights

Northern lights

Alexey Stiop

Christina Shaskus - Johnny Jump Ups with Stars

Johnny Jump Ups with Stars

Christina Shaskus

Yaniv Eitan - Ocean


Yaniv Eitan

Julian Darcy - Tenebrous


Julian Darcy

EricaMaxine  Price - Among the Orchids

Among the Orchids

EricaMaxine Price

Oksana Semenchenko - Kiev. Independence Square

Kiev. Independence Square

Oksana Semenchenko

Guido Montanes Castillo - Blue night

Blue night

Guido Montanes Castillo

Marvin Spates - Serenity


Marvin Spates

Robert Bales - Country Sunset

Country Sunset

Robert Bales

Deyanira Harris - About the Past

About the Past

Deyanira Harris

John Rivera - Moonlight in Paris

Moonlight in Paris

John Rivera

William Fields - Peers View

Peers View

William Fields

Deyanira Harris - Traveling to space

Traveling to space

Deyanira Harris

Chris Bordeleau - Lockview VI

Lockview VI

Chris Bordeleau

Julian Darcy - Heart of darkness

Heart of darkness

Julian Darcy

Aaron J Groen - Ride the Lightning 3

Ride the Lightning 3

Aaron J Groen

Pedro Cardona - Old Mahon Town Market

Old Mahon Town Market

Pedro Cardona

Hartmut Jager - What  Goes  There  ?

What Goes There ?

Hartmut Jager

GuoJun Pan - Math Bonsai 2

Math Bonsai 2

GuoJun Pan

Maria Coulson - Cumbaya Main Square

Cumbaya Main Square

Maria Coulson

Aymeric Gouin - Vaduz Castle at Night

Vaduz Castle at Night

Aymeric Gouin

John Rivera - Paris Cafe

Paris Cafe

John Rivera

Guido Montanes Castillo - Peace


Guido Montanes Castillo

David Walker - The Scream

The Scream

David Walker

Julian Darcy - Cactus


Julian Darcy

RC deWinter - Washed in Gold

Washed in Gold

RC deWinter

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Chicago from the North

Chicago from the North

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Hartmut Jager - Faulty  Clone

Faulty Clone

Hartmut Jager

Robert Bales - Old Red Barn

Old Red Barn

Robert Bales

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Joy  by Lake

Joy by Lake

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Mariusz Czajkowski - London


Mariusz Czajkowski

Michal Kwarciak - Fiery Realm

Fiery Realm

Michal Kwarciak

Jouko Lehto - Night dream colors

Night dream colors

Jouko Lehto

Nick  Boren - At Days End

At Days End

Nick Boren

Ramon Martinez - Curiosity


Ramon Martinez

Valerie Anne Kelly - Entwinement


Valerie Anne Kelly

Clint Melsha - Elk Lake at Dusk

Elk Lake at Dusk

Clint Melsha

ARTography by Pamela  Smale Williams - Glowing Pufferfish

Glowing Pufferfish

ARTography by Pamela Smale Williams

Wendy Hackett - Immortal No Longer

Immortal No Longer

Wendy Hackett

Joan Carroll - Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Joan Carroll

RC deWinter - Selection Stairway

Selection Stairway

RC deWinter

Benjamin Reed - Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising

Benjamin Reed

Cynthia Guinn - Riverboat At Sunrise

Riverboat At Sunrise

Cynthia Guinn

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Santorini Greece

Santorini Greece

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

EricaMaxine  Price - Green Dragon

Green Dragon

EricaMaxine Price

Jon Burch Photography - First Light

First Light

Jon Burch Photography

Jukka Heinovirta - Seagulls On The Fields

Seagulls On The Fields

Jukka Heinovirta

EricaMaxine  Price - Christ the Redeemer - Rio

Christ the Redeemer - Rio

EricaMaxine Price

Mike Griffiths - Windy Splash

Windy Splash

Mike Griffiths

Teresa Wegrzyn - Simplicity


Teresa Wegrzyn

Mike Griffiths - Sundown over Superior

Sundown over Superior

Mike Griffiths

Bobbee Rickard - Chevy Memories

Chevy Memories

Bobbee Rickard

Michal Kwarciak - Royal Design

Royal Design

Michal Kwarciak

Choco Friedrich - Free Joizz

Free Joizz

Choco Friedrich

William Fields - Massas Creek Shed

Massas Creek Shed

William Fields

Jon Burch Photography - Strawberry Moon Over Longs Peak

Strawberry Moon Over Longs Peak

Jon Burch Photography

Joan Carroll - Deoksugung at Night

Deoksugung at Night

Joan Carroll

Nina Stavlund - Blue Christmas..

Blue Christmas..

Nina Stavlund

Julian Darcy - Glow


Julian Darcy

Goszcz Andrzej - Con Tus besos.

Con Tus besos.

Goszcz Andrzej

Ion vincent DAnu - Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Ion vincent DAnu

Radek Hofman - San Francisco

San Francisco

Radek Hofman

RC deWinter - Royal Carpet

Royal Carpet

RC deWinter

Viktor Lazarev - L.v P.

L.v P.

Viktor Lazarev

Nigel Follett - Apocalypsis


Nigel Follett

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Ioa Harbor Santorini Island

Ioa Harbor Santorini Island

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

ARTography by Pamela  Smale Williams - Medusa


ARTography by Pamela Smale Williams

Guido Montanes Castillo - Forest reflection. Blue sunset

Forest reflection. Blue sunset

Guido Montanes Castillo

Mariusz Czajkowski - San Sebastian

San Sebastian

Mariusz Czajkowski

Joseph Hawkins - Pastel-pencil


Joseph Hawkins

Alex Art - Echo bw

Echo bw

Alex Art

Jim Cook - To Valhalla

To Valhalla

Jim Cook

Hannes Cmarits - Taxi


Hannes Cmarits

RC deWinter - Witch Moon

Witch Moon

RC deWinter

Jon Burch Photography - Bronco Sunset

Bronco Sunset

Jon Burch Photography

Bun Lee - Over The Top

Over The Top

Bun Lee

Michael Cross - Beautiful Lightning

Beautiful Lightning

Michael Cross

Clint Melsha - Afterglow


Clint Melsha

EricaMaxine  Price - Night Riders

Night Riders

EricaMaxine Price

Miguel Winterpacht - Caught in the Rain

Caught in the Rain

Miguel Winterpacht

EricaMaxine  Price - I Am Amazing 1

I Am Amazing 1

EricaMaxine Price

Sheela Ajith - Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center

Sheela Ajith

Bob Shelley - Alfred Hitchhike

Alfred Hitchhike

Bob Shelley

Robert Loe - Summer Milky Way

Summer Milky Way

Robert Loe

Tomasz Dziubinski - Warsaw Downtown

Warsaw Downtown

Tomasz Dziubinski

Julian Darcy - Crossing


Julian Darcy

EricaMaxine  Price - World 6

World 6

EricaMaxine Price

Sheela Ajith - Heart Attack Grill

Heart Attack Grill

Sheela Ajith

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Columbus Ohio Reflecting on the River

Columbus Ohio Reflecting on the River

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Aymeric Gouin - Entrance


Aymeric Gouin

Mariusz Czajkowski - Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge London

Mariusz Czajkowski

Angelo Merluccio - Rugs Not Included

Rugs Not Included

Angelo Merluccio

Nick  Boren - Lighting The Way

Lighting The Way

Nick Boren

Kirkodd Photography Of New England - American Flag at Cemetery Gates - Mystic CT

American Flag at Cemetery Gates - Mystic CT

Kirkodd Photography Of New England

Wolfgang Finger - Cool Night II

Cool Night II

Wolfgang Finger

Clint Melsha - Brake Lights

Brake Lights

Clint Melsha

Dale Kincaid - Playhouse Square

Playhouse Square

Dale Kincaid

Julian Darcy - Desert Island

Desert Island

Julian Darcy

Cheryl Pettigrew - View From the Top

View From the Top

Cheryl Pettigrew

Wolfgang Finger - Cool Night III

Cool Night III

Wolfgang Finger

Miriam Danar - Umbrellas


Miriam Danar

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Autumn Time in Denmark

Autumn Time in Denmark

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Michael Frank - Luxembourg


Michael Frank

Mariusz Czajkowski - Iceland


Mariusz Czajkowski

Miguel Winterpacht - Evening in the City

Evening in the City

Miguel Winterpacht

Mike Griffiths - Sailing Past

Sailing Past

Mike Griffiths

EricaMaxine  Price - Beware


EricaMaxine Price

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Restful Dunes

Restful Dunes

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Bob Shelley - Balancing Act

Balancing Act

Bob Shelley

Viktor Lazarev - Buffalos


Viktor Lazarev

RC deWinter - Stellar Dance

Stellar Dance

RC deWinter

Adrian Campfield - The Revolving Eye

The Revolving Eye

Adrian Campfield

William Fields - Marthasville Barn

Marthasville Barn

William Fields

ARTography by Pamela  Smale Williams - West End Night Lighted Steps

West End Night Lighted Steps

ARTography by Pamela Smale Williams

Paul Meijering - Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson

Paul Meijering

Sue Jacobi - Just a Flower

Just a Flower

Sue Jacobi

Douglas MooreZart - Summer Hollyhocks

Summer Hollyhocks

Douglas MooreZart

Jerome Stumphauzer - Eternal Erte

Eternal Erte

Jerome Stumphauzer

Karen Slagle - Texas Light Show

Texas Light Show

Karen Slagle

Calazones Flics - Yaquina Light

Yaquina Light

Calazones Flics

Viktor Lazarev - Succubus 2

Succubus 2

Viktor Lazarev

Guido Montanes Castillo - Venus and Moon over spring poppies

Venus and Moon over spring poppies

Guido Montanes Castillo

Rachel Cash - A Grand View

A Grand View

Rachel Cash

Music of the Heart - Blues


Music of the Heart

Jon Burch Photography - Evening on the Gore

Evening on the Gore

Jon Burch Photography

James Welch - Self Portrait

Self Portrait

James Welch

Joe Jake Pratt - London And Sherlock

London And Sherlock

Joe Jake Pratt

Julian Darcy - Night shades

Night shades

Julian Darcy

Deborah Klubertanz - As Darkness Falls

As Darkness Falls

Deborah Klubertanz

PhotoWorks By Don Hoekwater - Ebbetts Pass Night in Black and White

Ebbetts Pass Night in Black and White

PhotoWorks By Don Hoekwater

Valerie Anne Kelly - The Angel cometh

The Angel cometh

Valerie Anne Kelly

Weston Westmoreland - Two trees and a red sunset

Two trees and a red sunset

Weston Westmoreland

Calazones Flics - Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Calazones Flics

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - River Blues

River Blues

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan