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Vast Cosmos



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Ricky Haug

Annandale, MN

United States

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This group was started on December 1st, 2012 and currently has:

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Vast Cosmos

About This Group

This group is for any and all who love painting, drawing, photography, pastel, etc... all forms of art welcomed, . Please feel free to submit your newest, favorite most unique pieces of the Cosmos.Cosmos means Anything that exists anywhere, so any image submitted is acccepted. I just ask no more than 2 images a day per member. Thank you, have fun and enjoy Our Group
Vast Cosmos.

This months group Logo was created by: Raymond Salani III

Featured Images

Lindley Johnson - Chicago Reflected BW

Chicago Reflected BW

Lindley Johnson

Mo Barton - Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake

Mo Barton

Marina Likholat - Arrival


Marina Likholat

Sandra Stimac - Passing clouds

Passing clouds

Sandra Stimac

Derek Moffat - Moon


Derek Moffat

Thomas Woolworth - Fire In the Woods Sunset

Fire In the Woods Sunset

Thomas Woolworth

Robert Bales - Spring Rose

Spring Rose

Robert Bales

Darleen Stry - Mirror Butterfly

Mirror Butterfly

Darleen Stry

Francesco Emanuele Carucci - Sunset at Haleakala

Sunset at Haleakala

Francesco Emanuele Carucci

Jennie Marie Schell - Barred Owl Moon Glow

Barred Owl Moon Glow

Jennie Marie Schell

David S Reynolds - Sentinals


David S Reynolds

Cathy Long - White Buffalo 12

White Buffalo 12

Cathy Long

Charumathi Raghuraman - Scenery


Charumathi Raghuraman

Mark Kiver - Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Mark Kiver

Sonya Wilson - Fire


Sonya Wilson

Ed Nicholles - Evening Reflection

Evening Reflection

Ed Nicholles

Meaghan Troup - Radiance


Meaghan Troup

TK Alexander - Dolphin Play Date

Dolphin Play Date

TK Alexander

Mark Holbrook - Wet World

Wet World

Mark Holbrook

Jackie Mestrom - Burning Desire

Burning Desire

Jackie Mestrom