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Vast Cosmos



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Ricky Haug

Annandale, MN

United States

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This group was started on December 1st, 2012 and currently has:


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Vast Cosmos

About This Group

This group is for any and all who love painting, drawing, photography, pastel, etc... all forms of art welcomed, . Please feel free to submit your newest, favorite most unique pieces of the Cosmos.Cosmos means Anything that exists anywhere, so any image submitted is acccepted. I just ask no more than 2 images a day per member. Thank you, have fun and enjoy Our Group
Vast Cosmos.

This months group Logo was created by: Bill Wakeley

Featured Images

Miryam  UrZa - Remenber your Destiny
Cathie Douglas - Orbit


Cathie Douglas

Charline Xia - Starry Night

Starry Night

Charline Xia

Pedro Fernandez - Experiment with stars

Experiment with stars

Pedro Fernandez

Michael Durst - Inspiration


Michael Durst

Kaye Menner - My View from Mars 2
Mayhem Mediums - Aurora Nights

Aurora Nights

Mayhem Mediums

Josh Long - Flute Genie

Flute Genie

Josh Long

Adam Long - Sun Portal  A rainbow...
Lisa Kramer - Dreams


Lisa Kramer

Shari Nees - Never Ending Earth
Steven Poulton - Convection


Steven Poulton

First Star Art  - Cosmos 13 by jammer

Cosmos 13 by jammer

First Star Art

Kevin Trow - Extinguish


Kevin Trow

Curtis Radclyffe - The Other Place II

The Other Place II

Curtis Radclyffe

Ram Vasudev - Orion Nebula Messier 42 ...
Sandy Banks Photography - Lil Boathouse Sunrise

Lil Boathouse Sunrise

Sandy Banks Photography

Eileen Patten Oliver - Lubec Sunrise

Lubec Sunrise

Eileen Patten Oliver

Michael Hoard - Blue and Gold Rays Gulf...
Samuel Forestell - Reflection on the Lake

Reflection on the Lake

Samuel Forestell

Michael Huddleston - Parting Storm

Parting Storm

Michael Huddleston

Gee Lyon - Venus Rising

Venus Rising

Gee Lyon

Linette Childs - The Impression of Waves
Terry Reynoldson - Composition 162

Composition 162

Terry Reynoldson

Connie Fox - Mount Rainier Scenic...
Jim Fitzpatrick - Sunset over Pacifica...

Sunset over Pacifica...

Jim Fitzpatrick

Mark McReynolds - Smokin Moon

Smokin Moon

Mark McReynolds

Lena Wilhite - Mixed Lavendar

Mixed Lavendar

Lena Wilhite