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Vast Cosmos



Group Administrator

Ricky Haug

Annandale, MN

United States

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This group was started on December 1st, 2012 and currently has:


1,065 Members


9,661 Images


70 Discussions

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Vast Cosmos

About This Group

This group is for any and all who love painting, drawing, photography, pastel, etc... all forms of art welcomed, . Please feel free to submit your newest, favorite most unique pieces of the Cosmos.Cosmos means Anything that exists anywhere, so any image submitted is acccepted. I just ask no more than 2 images a day per member. Thank you, have fun and enjoy Our Group
Vast Cosmos.

This months group Logo was created by: Liz Molnar

Featured Images

Cynthia Lassiter - A Galaxy Far Far Away

A Galaxy Far Far Away

Cynthia Lassiter

Brian Wallace - Cosmic Soup

Cosmic Soup

Brian Wallace

Rachel Carmichael - I Wont Cross That Bridge...

I Wont Cross That Bridge...

Rachel Carmichael

Al Hunter - Reformations


Al Hunter

Maciej Froncisz - Out Of This World

Out Of This World

Maciej Froncisz

John Stephens - Time Has Come Today

Time Has Come Today

John Stephens

Victoria Harrington - Angel


Victoria Harrington

Jolanta Anna Karolska - The colours of my mind..

The colours of my mind..

Jolanta Anna Karolska

Brian Wallace - Lorenz Sphere - Use...
Darren Robinson - Space Dolphins

Space Dolphins

Darren Robinson

Denise Nickey - Activated Heart

Activated Heart

Denise Nickey

Linda Sannuti - Cosmic Night

Cosmic Night

Linda Sannuti

John Haldane - Global Warming

Global Warming

John Haldane

Aaron Spong - Solitude


Aaron Spong

Julia Moral - Blue Streak

Blue Streak

Julia Moral

Paul Meijering - Earth Sunset

Earth Sunset

Paul Meijering

Alina Skye - Watching Over Us

Watching Over Us

Alina Skye

Thomas Roteman - Falling Into The Center
Marty Fancy - Melting


Marty Fancy

Sarah Durbin - Decay 7

Decay 7

Sarah Durbin

Maureen Tillman - My Sky

My Sky

Maureen Tillman

Jo Appleby - Rapture


Jo Appleby

Leanne Seymour - Lunar Magic

Lunar Magic

Leanne Seymour

Rita Mueller - Blood Moon Eclipse

Blood Moon Eclipse

Rita Mueller

Eddie Stokes - Inside a Star Nursery
Alicia Hollinger - Steampunk Apocalypse

Steampunk Apocalypse

Alicia Hollinger

Jean Hall - Maori Dancer

Maori Dancer

Jean Hall