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Urban Images



Group Administrator

Steve Breslow

Valley Stream, NY

United States

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This group was started on November 22nd, 2011 and currently has:

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Urban Images

About This Group

To those of us who find inspiration in the sights, sounds and smells of the city - the streets, buildings and people who create the multifaceted atmosphere of urban life. Emphasis is on the grittiness, decay, and intrinsic beauty of busy and empty streets, colors and absence of color, the sound of jazz, salsa or street folk artists, and the joy, pain, fear and ultimately love expressed within. All media, including painting, prints and photography are appropriate.

Featured Images

Patti Deters - Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts

Patti Deters

Mary Machare - Malaga Evening

Malaga Evening

Mary Machare

Christopher Woods - Empire State dusk

Empire State dusk

Christopher Woods

Valentino Visentini - Cables and Shadows

Cables and Shadows

Valentino Visentini

Stefan Kuhn - New York Skyline

New York Skyline

Stefan Kuhn

Frank Winters - Subway Stairs

Subway Stairs

Frank Winters

Joan Carroll - South Korean Hanok

South Korean Hanok

Joan Carroll

Claude LeTien - Passing by

Passing by

Claude LeTien

Kenneth Laurence  Neal - At the End of the Day

At the End of the Day

Kenneth Laurence Neal

Joanna Madloch - Backyard View

Backyard View

Joanna Madloch

Karol  Livote - Sitting On A Bench

Sitting On A Bench

Karol Livote

Kenneth Laurence  Neal - Autumn in Central Park 2

Autumn in Central Park 2

Kenneth Laurence Neal

Geoffrey Coelho - Brickscape No. 2

Brickscape No. 2

Geoffrey Coelho

Angelia Bella Photography - Urban Color

Urban Color

Angelia Bella Photography

Krzysztof Hanusiak - Frozen World

Frozen World

Krzysztof Hanusiak

Krzysztof Hanusiak - Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station

Krzysztof Hanusiak

Krzysztof Hanusiak - Running Thoughts

Running Thoughts

Krzysztof Hanusiak

Dennis Knasel - SoHo Cafe

SoHo Cafe

Dennis Knasel

Dennis  Baswell - Buckhead, Atlanta.

Buckhead, Atlanta.

Dennis Baswell

Jijo George - Petronas tower

Petronas tower

Jijo George

Rob Hans - Mr Met

Mr Met

Rob Hans

Randy Scherkenbach - Day Glo Spiral

Day Glo Spiral

Randy Scherkenbach

Norman Gabitzsch - Old Skopje

Old Skopje

Norman Gabitzsch

Walter Oliver Neal - St. James Court

St. James Court

Walter Oliver Neal

Ed Weidman - The Conflict

The Conflict

Ed Weidman

Didier Marti - Sunset over Seoul

Sunset over Seoul

Didier Marti

 Photographic Art and Design by Dora Sofia Caputo - Autumn in Central Park

Autumn in Central Park

Photographic Art and Design by Dora Sofia Caputo

Scott Rackers - Old North St. Louis

Old North St. Louis

Scott Rackers

Walter Oliver Neal - Alleyway 5

Alleyway 5

Walter Oliver Neal

David Vale - Mount Smart Road

Mount Smart Road

David Vale

David Henderson - Underground At Harrods

Underground At Harrods

David Henderson

William Somogyi - Walnut St Philadelphia

Walnut St Philadelphia

William Somogyi

Walter Oliver Neal - Alleyway 2

Alleyway 2

Walter Oliver Neal

Justin Foulkes - Singapore Skyline

Singapore Skyline

Justin Foulkes

Sandra Sengstock-Miller - Aberdeen Harbour Floating Village

Aberdeen Harbour Floating Village

Sandra Sengstock-Miller

Ed Weidman - Amateur Night

Amateur Night

Ed Weidman

Angelia Bella Photography - Mystical Forrest

Mystical Forrest

Angelia Bella Photography

Carlos Caetano - Girl in Corridor

Girl in Corridor

Carlos Caetano

Stuart Row - Manhattan Bar

Manhattan Bar

Stuart Row

Stuart Row - Napoli Cafe

Napoli Cafe

Stuart Row

Pedro Fernandez - The Mist

The Mist

Pedro Fernandez

Pedro Fernandez - Foggy Morning

Foggy Morning

Pedro Fernandez

Dorothy  Pugh - Woman Bearing Gifts

Woman Bearing Gifts

Dorothy Pugh

Jirka Svetlik - On the Top

On the Top

Jirka Svetlik

Nathan Little - Waiting


Nathan Little

Nathan Little - Girl with Hat

Girl with Hat

Nathan Little

Walter Oliver Neal - Baltimore Vacancies 2

Baltimore Vacancies 2

Walter Oliver Neal

Kreddible Trout - East Van Lean

East Van Lean

Kreddible Trout

Angelia Bella Photography - Sacramento Graffiti

Sacramento Graffiti

Angelia Bella Photography

Angelia Bella Photography - San Francisco - Sidewalks

San Francisco - Sidewalks

Angelia Bella Photography

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Columbus Ohio Blue Hour

Columbus Ohio Blue Hour

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Claude LeTien - Rowing to Market

Rowing to Market

Claude LeTien

Milan Mirkovic - Joy


Milan Mirkovic

Stuart Allen - Abstritecture 4

Abstritecture 4

Stuart Allen

Kenneth Laurence  Neal - Building New York

Building New York

Kenneth Laurence Neal

Paul Donohoe - Strolling in Lisbon

Strolling in Lisbon

Paul Donohoe

Miriam Danar - Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady

Miriam Danar

Miriam Danar - One Way Noir

One Way Noir

Miriam Danar

Stwayne Keubrick - The Fake Zombie Robot

The Fake Zombie Robot

Stwayne Keubrick

 Photographic Art and Design by Dora Sofia Caputo - The Bow Bridge in Central Park

The Bow Bridge in Central Park

Photographic Art and Design by Dora Sofia Caputo

Angelia Bella Photography - Tracks


Angelia Bella Photography

Roland Krawulsky - Villa Chocolate

Villa Chocolate

Roland Krawulsky

Randy Scherkenbach - Avenida 9 de Julio

Avenida 9 de Julio

Randy Scherkenbach

2141 Photography - Kilter


2141 Photography

Stuart Row - Hoi An Markets 2

Hoi An Markets 2

Stuart Row

Joe Jake Pratt - Difficult Dilemma

Difficult Dilemma

Joe Jake Pratt

Jirka Svetlik - Waterfront


Jirka Svetlik

Tony B Conscious - Afro Motherhood

Afro Motherhood

Tony B Conscious

Angelia Bella Photography - World Famous Dogs

World Famous Dogs

Angelia Bella Photography

William Somogyi - Jazz Festival Vendor

Jazz Festival Vendor

William Somogyi

William Somogyi - Private Concert

Private Concert

William Somogyi

Larry  Goss - Manhattan Color

Manhattan Color

Larry Goss

Miriam Danar - Time Passages

Time Passages

Miriam Danar

Didier Marti - Seoul night rush

Seoul night rush

Didier Marti

Elvira Pinkhas - City of Gold

City of Gold

Elvira Pinkhas

Jirka Svetlik - Sunset over Cairo

Sunset over Cairo

Jirka Svetlik

Paul Donohoe - At the Mall Door

At the Mall Door

Paul Donohoe

Steve Archbold - Guy in Doorway

Guy in Doorway

Steve Archbold

Steve Archbold - Vinny

Vinny's Nut

Steve Archbold

Angelo Merluccio - Countless Emotions

Countless Emotions

Angelo Merluccio

Tod and Cynthia Grubbs - Austin Rail

Austin Rail

Tod and Cynthia Grubbs

Claude LeTien - Seen Better Days 2

Seen Better Days 2

Claude LeTien

Jolly Van der Velden - Old harbour Enkhuizen

Old harbour Enkhuizen

Jolly Van der Velden

Venetia Featherstone-Witty - Hoi An Street Vendor

Hoi An Street Vendor

Venetia Featherstone-Witty

Walter Oliver Neal - Baltimore Vacancies 1

Baltimore Vacancies 1

Walter Oliver Neal

Steve Archbold - Mulberry Street

Mulberry Street

Steve Archbold

Steve Archbold - Always Amazing Chicago

Always Amazing Chicago

Steve Archbold

Michelle Meenawong - One Afternoon Last Summer

One Afternoon Last Summer

Michelle Meenawong

Karol  Livote - RR Track Art

RR Track Art

Karol Livote

Joseph C Hinson Photography - 94 @ Night

94 @ Night

Joseph C Hinson Photography

RC deWinter - Windy City Night

Windy City Night

RC deWinter

Walter Oliver Neal - Young Trumpet Player

Young Trumpet Player

Walter Oliver Neal

Miriam Danar - Metropolitan Steam

Metropolitan Steam

Miriam Danar

Jijo George - Singapore flyer

Singapore flyer

Jijo George

Robert McCubbin - Flow n Go

Flow n Go

Robert McCubbin

Barbie Corbett-Newmin - Bass Player in Concert 2007

Bass Player in Concert 2007

Barbie Corbett-Newmin

Marla McPherson - Philadelphia Freedom

Philadelphia Freedom

Marla McPherson

Contemporary Luxury Fine Art - Banking


Contemporary Luxury Fine Art

Lois Bryan - Another Glimpse

Another Glimpse

Lois Bryan

Marla McPherson - Rainy Morning In London

Rainy Morning In London

Marla McPherson

Stephen Stookey - Separated


Stephen Stookey

Elena Petrova Gancheva - Saint Stephen Church Lisbon

Saint Stephen Church Lisbon

Elena Petrova Gancheva

Kurt Von Dietsch - Commuters at Poughkeepsie

Commuters at Poughkeepsie

Kurt Von Dietsch

Paul Donohoe - A Wall in Lisbon

A Wall in Lisbon

Paul Donohoe

Paul Donohoe - Reap What You Sow

Reap What You Sow

Paul Donohoe

Joe Jake Pratt - No Money Times Two

No Money Times Two

Joe Jake Pratt

Julian Darcy - Caught in the rain

Caught in the rain

Julian Darcy

Pedro Fernandez - Perspective


Pedro Fernandez

Kenneth Laurence  Neal - Fireboat on the Hudson

Fireboat on the Hudson

Kenneth Laurence Neal

John Chatterley - New Street Station

New Street Station

John Chatterley

Paul Donohoe - If Looks Could Kill

If Looks Could Kill

Paul Donohoe

Paul Donohoe - A Serious Moment

A Serious Moment

Paul Donohoe

Paul Donohoe - At the Bars

At the Bars

Paul Donohoe

Marla McPherson - Classic Philadelphia

Classic Philadelphia

Marla McPherson

Randy Scherkenbach - Uptown Funk

Uptown Funk

Randy Scherkenbach

Kreddible Trout - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Kreddible Trout

Kreddible Trout - Shadowman Got The Blues

Shadowman Got The Blues

Kreddible Trout

Kreddible Trout - Girls Girls Girls

Girls Girls Girls

Kreddible Trout

Andrei SKY - Bar singer

Bar singer

Andrei SKY

Nathan Little - Discovered


Nathan Little

Patrick Chuprina - Red Desoto

Red Desoto

Patrick Chuprina

William Somogyi - Esposito

Esposito's Meats

William Somogyi

James Aiken - Brooklyn Cityscape

Brooklyn Cityscape

James Aiken

Walter Oliver Neal - A Wall In Baltimore

A Wall In Baltimore

Walter Oliver Neal

2141 Photography - Sunset Fantasy

Sunset Fantasy

2141 Photography

Joe Jake Pratt - Pushing Shadows

Pushing Shadows

Joe Jake Pratt

Stephen Stookey - Separation


Stephen Stookey

Pedro Fernandez - Urban textures

Urban textures

Pedro Fernandez

Pedro Fernandez - Arcade


Pedro Fernandez

Vivienne Gucwa - New York City Autumn

New York City Autumn

Vivienne Gucwa

Heston Kelly - Hydro Bridge

Hydro Bridge

Heston Kelly

Lisa Beard Art - From the Inside

From the Inside

Lisa Beard Art

Kenneth Laurence  Neal - New York Public Library

New York Public Library

Kenneth Laurence Neal

Stuart Row - Hoi An Markets 1

Hoi An Markets 1

Stuart Row

Lingfai Leung - The WRECK of Times

The WRECK of Times

Lingfai Leung

Karen Wiles - TRACKS of TIME


Karen Wiles

Kevin Duke - Bus Stop

Bus Stop

Kevin Duke

Les Palenik - Barrie, Ontario

Barrie, Ontario

Les Palenik

Mona Edulesco - Bridges Of Lyon

Bridges Of Lyon

Mona Edulesco

Kreddible Trout - Waterfall


Kreddible Trout

Pete Hendley - Cairo


Pete Hendley

Allen Beatty - Reflection


Allen Beatty

Steven  Michael - French Quarter Living

French Quarter Living

Steven Michael

Kathy Liebrum Bailey - City Street

City Street

Kathy Liebrum Bailey

Jasna Gopic - Budapest Bridge

Budapest Bridge

Jasna Gopic

Julian Darcy - Room with no view

Room with no view

Julian Darcy

Marla McPherson - Autumn Reflections

Autumn Reflections

Marla McPherson

Joe Jake Pratt - Long Term Loans

Long Term Loans

Joe Jake Pratt

Joe Jake Pratt - Sun Baked

Sun Baked

Joe Jake Pratt

Kenneth Laurence  Neal - The River and the City

The River and the City

Kenneth Laurence Neal

CR Leyland - Urban Mysteries

Urban Mysteries

CR Leyland

CR Leyland - Urban Catacomb

Urban Catacomb

CR Leyland

Patrizia  Fazzari - Light Waves

Light Waves

Patrizia Fazzari

Patrizia  Fazzari - Alice


Patrizia Fazzari

Patrizia  Fazzari - London Waterbus

London Waterbus

Patrizia Fazzari

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Detroit Lights

Detroit Lights

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Valentino Visentini - Tickets Box

Tickets Box

Valentino Visentini

Valentino Visentini - Toronto Noir

Toronto Noir

Valentino Visentini

Valentino Visentini - Passing By

Passing By

Valentino Visentini

Valentino Visentini - The Rendez-Vous

The Rendez-Vous

Valentino Visentini

Stefan Kuhn - City Lights

City Lights

Stefan Kuhn

Scott Rackers - Live Oaks

Live Oaks

Scott Rackers

Susan Candelario - High Over Manhattan

High Over Manhattan

Susan Candelario

Will Germino - Cruising Chicago

Cruising Chicago

Will Germino

Rachel Bowler - Ray of Light

Ray of Light

Rachel Bowler

Radek Hofman - Chicago


Radek Hofman

Joe Jake Pratt - Evolution Gone Wrong

Evolution Gone Wrong

Joe Jake Pratt

Steve Archbold - Mobile Alabama

Mobile Alabama

Steve Archbold

Kenneth Laurence  Neal - Rainy Monday

Rainy Monday

Kenneth Laurence Neal

Mary Machare - Beware of Vampires

Beware of Vampires

Mary Machare

Claude LeTien - Gargoyles


Claude LeTien

Kreddible Trout - Colour Photography Also

Colour Photography Also

Kreddible Trout

Angelo Merluccio - Dazzled Nights

Dazzled Nights

Angelo Merluccio

Hannes Cmarits - Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty

Hannes Cmarits

Venetia Featherstone-Witty - Enthralled


Venetia Featherstone-Witty

Dennis  Baswell - Buckhead  express

Buckhead express

Dennis Baswell

Didier Marti - Hong Kong Tramway

Hong Kong Tramway

Didier Marti

Noa Yerushalmi - Building Reflection

Building Reflection

Noa Yerushalmi

Dorothy  Pugh - Reflected Sunrise

Reflected Sunrise

Dorothy Pugh

Howard Tenke - Between Busses

Between Busses

Howard Tenke

Angelo Merluccio - Senza Colori

Senza Colori

Angelo Merluccio

Angelo Merluccio - Just Passing By

Just Passing By

Angelo Merluccio

Joe Jake Pratt - Man With Striped Shirt

Man With Striped Shirt

Joe Jake Pratt

Steve Archbold - Zulu Parade

Zulu Parade

Steve Archbold

Juergen Roth - Boston Blue Hour

Boston Blue Hour

Juergen Roth

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Columbus Ohio Reflects

Columbus Ohio Reflects

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Steve Breslow - High Bridge 10

High Bridge 10

Steve Breslow

Steve Breslow - High Bridge 7

High Bridge 7

Steve Breslow

Vivienne Gucwa - New York City

New York City

Vivienne Gucwa

Steve Breslow - High Bridge 6

High Bridge 6

Steve Breslow

Steve Breslow - High Bridge 4

High Bridge 4

Steve Breslow

Rima Biswas - Manhattan Sunset

Manhattan Sunset

Rima Biswas

Steve Breslow - High Bridge 1

High Bridge 1

Steve Breslow

Kathy Barney - The Secret Alley

The Secret Alley

Kathy Barney

Angelia Bella Photography - Gas Works Park at Sunset

Gas Works Park at Sunset

Angelia Bella Photography

Vivienne Gucwa - New York City

New York City

Vivienne Gucwa

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Cleveland on the Move

Cleveland on the Move

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Valentino Visentini - Toronto Waterfront

Toronto Waterfront

Valentino Visentini

Walter Oliver Neal - Man On Sax

Man On Sax

Walter Oliver Neal

Nishanth Gopinathan - The Boathouse

The Boathouse

Nishanth Gopinathan

Rob Hans - Imagine 2015

Imagine 2015

Rob Hans

Scott Rackers - St. Louis Arches

St. Louis Arches

Scott Rackers

Claude LeTien - Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Claude LeTien

Miriam Danar - Evening Light

Evening Light

Miriam Danar

Vivienne Gucwa - Winter Path

Winter Path

Vivienne Gucwa

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Cleveland Over the Cuyahoga River

Cleveland Over the Cuyahoga River

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Vivienne Gucwa - New York City Skyline

New York City Skyline

Vivienne Gucwa

Randy Scherkenbach - People

People's Gas Pavilion

Randy Scherkenbach

Denise Dube - False Assumptions

False Assumptions

Denise Dube

Tyrone McCants - Brooklyn Flares

Brooklyn Flares

Tyrone McCants

Jenny Rainbow - Night Tram in Prague

Night Tram in Prague

Jenny Rainbow

Mike  Jeffries - Bristol REHL coach

Bristol REHL coach

Mike Jeffries

Miriam Danar - Red Door at Sunset

Red Door at Sunset

Miriam Danar

Allen Beatty - Iconic Dumbo View

Iconic Dumbo View

Allen Beatty

Valentino Visentini - CN Blue

CN Blue

Valentino Visentini

Vivienne Gucwa - New York City Skyline

New York City Skyline

Vivienne Gucwa

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Black Night in Pittsburgh

Black Night in Pittsburgh

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Guido Strambio - Early in the morning

Early in the morning

Guido Strambio

Harry WEISBURD - High Noon Amour

High Noon Amour


Claude Sassoon - Building Reflection

Building Reflection

Claude Sassoon

Thomas Marchessault - Schuykill River at Dusk

Schuykill River at Dusk

Thomas Marchessault

Valentino Visentini - Neverending


Valentino Visentini

Miriam Danar - Night at the Museum

Night at the Museum

Miriam Danar

Didier Marti - Jakarta twilight

Jakarta twilight

Didier Marti

Michael Braham - Tattoo Art

Tattoo Art

Michael Braham

Mike Martin - The Rocket Thrower

The Rocket Thrower

Mike Martin

Thomas Marchessault - Tram on Helsinki Street

Tram on Helsinki Street

Thomas Marchessault

Claude LeTien - Golden Gate Bridge 2

Golden Gate Bridge 2

Claude LeTien

Miriam Danar - Afternoon Jaunt

Afternoon Jaunt

Miriam Danar

Walter Oliver Neal - Two Young Musicians

Two Young Musicians

Walter Oliver Neal

Walter Oliver Neal - Brass Works

Brass Works

Walter Oliver Neal

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Bright Cleveland Lights

Bright Cleveland Lights

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Julian Darcy - Light path

Light path

Julian Darcy

Scott Norris - No Escape

No Escape

Scott Norris

Joan Carroll - Moon Over Budapest

Moon Over Budapest

Joan Carroll

Bob Christopher - Beauty Of Holland 2

Beauty Of Holland 2

Bob Christopher

Marek Stepan - London Skyline

London Skyline

Marek Stepan

Jennie Breeze - Venice Motor Boat II

Venice Motor Boat II

Jennie Breeze

Lorenzo Williams - Witch Stitch Black in BH

Witch Stitch Black in BH

Lorenzo Williams

Michael Braham - Castle Steps - Dublin

Castle Steps - Dublin

Michael Braham

Denise Dube - Triple Break

Triple Break

Denise Dube

Michael Braham - Dublin River Liffey

Dublin River Liffey

Michael Braham

Randy Scherkenbach - Busy Intersection

Busy Intersection

Randy Scherkenbach

David Walker - The edge of life

The edge of life

David Walker

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Cincinnati Black and White Lights in the Night

Cincinnati Black and White Lights in the Night

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Margaret Brooks - Bridge in Moscow

Bridge in Moscow

Margaret Brooks

Margaret Brooks - Empty street in Prague

Empty street in Prague

Margaret Brooks

Joe Jake Pratt - Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal

Joe Jake Pratt

Valentino Visentini - Vegetables Carrier

Vegetables Carrier

Valentino Visentini

James Aiken - Cold and Clinical

Cold and Clinical

James Aiken

Randy Scherkenbach - Italian Shopping District

Italian Shopping District

Randy Scherkenbach

Vadim Levin - Evening Minsk

Evening Minsk

Vadim Levin

Justin Woodhouse - Escher

Escher's Urbanism

Justin Woodhouse

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Louisville Close Up

Louisville Close Up

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Angelo Merluccio - Rain Haters

Rain Haters

Angelo Merluccio

Keith Rousseau - The Morning Rush

The Morning Rush

Keith Rousseau

Nathan Little - Little Girl Angel

Little Girl Angel

Nathan Little

Steve Archbold - Chicago River

Chicago River

Steve Archbold

Miriam Danar - Messenger


Miriam Danar

Claude LeTien - Precariously Balanced

Precariously Balanced

Claude LeTien

Beth Saffer - City Sway

City Sway

Beth Saffer

Juergen Roth - Tanker STI BENECIA


Juergen Roth

Barbie Corbett-Newmin - Sick Twisted and Probably Dead

Sick Twisted and Probably Dead

Barbie Corbett-Newmin

Didier Marti - Hong Kong skyline

Hong Kong skyline

Didier Marti

Cecil K Brissette - Paris Nights

Paris Nights

Cecil K Brissette

Vivienne Gucwa - NYC Autumn

NYC Autumn

Vivienne Gucwa

Venetia Featherstone-Witty - Tango Dancers in Buenos Aires

Tango Dancers in Buenos Aires

Venetia Featherstone-Witty

Vivienne Gucwa - NYC Snow

NYC Snow

Vivienne Gucwa

Cecil K Brissette - Holy Spires

Holy Spires

Cecil K Brissette

Christopher Woods - Stairs


Christopher Woods

Randy Scherkenbach - Ponte Del Mare 2

Ponte Del Mare 2

Randy Scherkenbach

Mark Victors - Entering NYC Harbor

Entering NYC Harbor

Mark Victors

 Photographic Art and Design by Dora Sofia Caputo - The River Cafe Under The Brooklyn Bridge

The River Cafe Under The Brooklyn Bridge

Photographic Art and Design by Dora Sofia Caputo

Milan Mirkovic - Bastille


Milan Mirkovic

Bruce Bain - Miami River II

Miami River II

Bruce Bain