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Tweaked and Antiqued



Group Administrator

Dawn Currie

Melbourne, FL

United States

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This group was started on August 21st, 2012 and currently has:


218 Members


2,617 Images


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Tweaked and Antiqued

About This Group

Welcome to Tweaked and Antiqued

The name of the group says it all. Looking forward to displaying images that have been digitally enhanced, antiqued and tweaked. Welcome and enjoy the art!

To Our Visitors:

The Featured Images below are only a small portion of the amazing images from Tweaked and Antiqued ... click on the 'Images' tab above to view more ..... Enjoy Your Visit!


Rules of Group are as follows:

1. The group is for photographs that have been digitally enhanced, antiqued and tweaked
2. Limit of 3 submissions per day (24 hours). Please submit your best work. Images must be more than a snapshot.
3. No nudity, death, cruelty or violence.
4. No images of another person's artwork or derived artworks where the original is recognizable.
5. No brands, trademarks, celebrity likeness, etc. unless you have required property or model release and it is clearly stated so in the description.
6. All members must also abide by FAA forum rules when participating in discussions.

Per guidelines set by FAA, it is the volunteer group administrator's right and responsibility to remove artwork that does not meet the guidelines above or fails to meet quality standards. Group Administrators also have the right to remove members from the group. Offenders of FAA rules will be dealt with by FAA forum monitors.

Antiqued by You Contest Winners

1ST PLACE - Scotland Christmas Shop by Miryam UrZa
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It is a pleasure and an honor to be able to support so many talented artists.

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So If you want to say thank you, just click my name and promote your favorite from one of my galleries...Thank you in advance! :>)

Dawn Currie, Photographic Artist and Volunteer Group Administrator

Featured Images

Nina Stavlund - Old Wisdom...

Old Wisdom...

Nina Stavlund

Greg Kluempers - Scales at Old Village...
Marcia Colelli - 1930 Duesenberg Model J
Dawn Currie - Pompeii Forum II

Pompeii Forum II

Dawn Currie

Arnie Goldstein - The Lehigh Valley Express
Ian Mitchell - Light of Life

Light of Life

Ian Mitchell

Arnie Goldstein - Switch Tower

Switch Tower

Arnie Goldstein

Priscilla Burgers - Generations


Priscilla Burgers

Steve McKinzie - 1940 Ford Pickup

1940 Ford Pickup

Steve McKinzie

Marcia Colelli - Daylily


Marcia Colelli

Jennie Marie Schell - Dainty White Flowers...

Dainty White Flowers...

Jennie Marie Schell

Jordan Blackstone - Obtain The Whole -...

Obtain The Whole -...

Jordan Blackstone

Steve McKinzie - Vintage T Bucket Ford

Vintage T Bucket Ford

Steve McKinzie

Scott Kingery - Spurs #4

Spurs #4

Scott Kingery

Jai Johnson - Soft Place to Fall

Soft Place to Fall

Jai Johnson

Angie Vogel - Ford Model T

Ford Model T

Angie Vogel

Arnie Goldstein - Summer Delight

Summer Delight

Arnie Goldstein

AGeekonaBike Photography - White Aster Study V -...

White Aster Study V -...

AGeekonaBike Photography

Nikolyn McDonald - Honey Creek Loft

Honey Creek Loft

Nikolyn McDonald

Arnie Goldstein - Cape May Consignment...

Cape May Consignment...

Arnie Goldstein

John Topman - Frosty Outlook

Frosty Outlook

John Topman

Arnie Goldstein - Old Timer

Old Timer

Arnie Goldstein

Kristie  Bonnewell - True Beauty

True Beauty

Kristie Bonnewell

Priscilla Burgers - Done Truckin

Done Truckin'

Priscilla Burgers

Tisha McGee - Happy Papillon

Happy Papillon

Tisha McGee

Scott Kingery - Spurs #5

Spurs #5

Scott Kingery

Starlux  Productions - Fort Steele

Fort Steele

Starlux Productions

Steve Taylor - The Blue Chevrolet

The Blue Chevrolet

Steve Taylor

Dawn Currie - Inside St Peters

Inside St Peters

Dawn Currie

AGeekonaBike Photography - Any Other Rose - Green

Any Other Rose - Green

AGeekonaBike Photography

Scott Kingery - Horse Soldier

Horse Soldier

Scott Kingery

Shirley Mangini - Sad Song in Sepia

Sad Song in Sepia

Shirley Mangini

Janice Rae Pariza - Colorado Caboose

Colorado Caboose

Janice Rae Pariza

Clare Bevan - Vintage Red

Vintage Red

Clare Bevan

Karyn Robinson - Balboa Park Botanical...
Joan Carroll - Montague County...

Montague County...

Joan Carroll

Arnie Goldstein - Two Friends Chatting

Two Friends Chatting

Arnie Goldstein

John Topman - Letting Off Steam

Letting Off Steam

John Topman

Chuck  Hicks - Packing Them In

Packing Them In

Chuck Hicks

Angie Vogel - Echinacea


Angie Vogel

Dawn Currie - Roman Forum

Roman Forum

Dawn Currie

Robert Stephens - Ol

Ol' School Truck

Robert Stephens

Mal Bray - Old Tin Cans

Old Tin Cans

Mal Bray

Shirley Sirois - Romance of the Rose 2

Romance of the Rose 2

Shirley Sirois

Scott Kingery - The T

The T

Scott Kingery

Courtney Howard - Donkey


Courtney Howard

Shirley Sirois - Grandpa

Grandpa's Barn

Shirley Sirois

Kim Andelkovic - Thinking of you...

Thinking of you...

Kim Andelkovic

Charline Xia - Old Golf Days

Old Golf Days

Charline Xia

Starlux  Productions - Empty Curriculum

Empty Curriculum

Starlux Productions

Tim Richards - Moored at Hobart V

Moored at Hobart V

Tim Richards

Steve McKinzie - The Mercantile

The Mercantile

Steve McKinzie

Steve McKinzie - On The Prairie

On The Prairie

Steve McKinzie

Robert Pierce - Working Elephant

Working Elephant

Robert Pierce

Thomas Woolworth - Little Bambino Toes...

Little Bambino Toes...

Thomas Woolworth

Thomas Woolworth - Antique PickUp Truck

Antique PickUp Truck

Thomas Woolworth

Linsey Williams - Architecture Swanage Pier
Janice Rae Pariza - Scarlet Dahlia

Scarlet Dahlia

Janice Rae Pariza

AGeekonaBike Photography - Loving Thistles

Loving Thistles

AGeekonaBike Photography

Dawn Currie - Vesuvius Sleeps

Vesuvius Sleeps

Dawn Currie

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography - Oceanside Pier

Oceanside Pier

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography

Ron  McGinnis - Tangled


Ron McGinnis

Louise Kumpf - Seashells #2 in Sepia
Kim Andelkovic - Kintai Bridge - Japan

Kintai Bridge - Japan

Kim Andelkovic

Dawn Currie - Pompeii


Dawn Currie

Maria Angelica Maira - Old Kitchen Utensils

Old Kitchen Utensils

Maria Angelica Maira

Patricia Strand - Spindly


Patricia Strand

Linda Rae Cuthbertson - Seth Green Research Boat

Seth Green Research Boat

Linda Rae Cuthbertson

Dawn Currie - Pompeii Tribunal II
Shirley Mangini - On Golden Pond

On Golden Pond

Shirley Mangini

Shirley Mangini - Rose Poem

Rose Poem

Shirley Mangini

Myrna Bradshaw - The Round Up

The Round Up

Myrna Bradshaw

Marcia Colelli -  Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge

Marcia Colelli

Jordan Blackstone - A Place Of Peace -...

A Place Of Peace -...

Jordan Blackstone

Curtis Radclyffe - Bluebell Forest in Spring

Bluebell Forest in Spring

Curtis Radclyffe

Carolyn Marshall - The Outhouse

The Outhouse

Carolyn Marshall

Larry Helms - All Aboard ver 2

All Aboard ver 2

Larry Helms

Dorothy Pinder - Burger and Fries

Burger and Fries

Dorothy Pinder

Ron  McGinnis - Uncle Pen

Uncle Pen

Ron McGinnis

Ron  McGinnis - Freedom


Ron McGinnis

Jennie Marie Schell - Vintage Roses Splendor

Vintage Roses Splendor

Jennie Marie Schell

Arnie Goldstein - Words


Arnie Goldstein

Arnie Goldstein - Pass The Sunscreen

Pass The Sunscreen

Arnie Goldstein

Angie Vogel - Tapestry of Roses

Tapestry of Roses

Angie Vogel

Angie Vogel - From the Tree Tops

From the Tree Tops

Angie Vogel

Joan Carroll - Streets of Haarlem

Streets of Haarlem

Joan Carroll

Jai Johnson - Final Resting Place
Jai Johnson - The Classics

The Classics

Jai Johnson

Sandra Selle Rodriguez - The Rose Bud

The Rose Bud

Sandra Selle Rodriguez

Sandra Selle Rodriguez - Back in Time

Back in Time

Sandra Selle Rodriguez

Kelley Freel-Ebner - Vintage Harbor

Vintage Harbor

Kelley Freel-Ebner

Maria Angelica Maira - Treasuring Memories

Treasuring Memories

Maria Angelica Maira

Maria Angelica Maira - La Sombrereria

La Sombrereria

Maria Angelica Maira