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Tweaked and Antiqued



Group Administrator

Dawn Currie

Melbourne, FL

United States

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This group was started on August 21st, 2012 and currently has:


241 Members


3,058 Images


11 Discussions

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Tweaked and Antiqued

About This Group

Welcome to Tweaked and Antiqued

The name of the group says it all. Looking forward to displaying images that have been digitally enhanced, antiqued and tweaked. Welcome and enjoy the art!

To Our Visitors:

The Featured Images below are only a small portion of the amazing images from Tweaked and Antiqued ... click on the 'Images' tab above to view more ..... Enjoy Your Visit!


Rules of Group are as follows:

1. The group is for photographs that have been digitally enhanced, antiqued and tweaked
2. Limit of 1 submission per day (24 hours). Please submit your best work. Images must be more than a snapshot.
3. No nudity, death, cruelty or violence.
4. No images of another person's artwork or derived artworks where the original is recognizable.
5. No brands, trademarks, celebrity likeness, etc. unless you have required property or model release and it is clearly stated so in the description.
6. All members must also abide by FAA forum rules when participating in discussions.

Per guidelines set by FAA, it is the volunteer group administrator's right and responsibility to remove artwork that does not meet the guidelines above or fails to meet quality standards. Group Administrators also have the right to remove members from the group. Offenders of FAA rules will be dealt with by FAA forum monitors.

****Members IMPORTANT ****

I administer multiple groups, with a total of over 2600 members and growing
providing opportunities for features and other promotion for your artwork.

It is a pleasure and an honor to be able to support so many talented artists.

As an alternative to thank you messages,

your reciprocal promotion is very much appreciated!

i.e. Facebook, Stumble, G+, Twitter, Pinterest

It is a much better way of promotion and will increases your sales...

So If you want to say thank you, just click my name and promote your favorite from one of my galleries...Thank you in advance! :>)

Dawn Currie, Photographic Artist and Volunteer Group Administrator

Featured Images

Tom Mc Nemar - Knox County Poorhouse
Dawn Currie - Braced Against Time
Steve Harrington - A Grand Victorian

A Grand Victorian

Steve Harrington

Theresa Tahara - Up At The Villa

Up At The Villa

Theresa Tahara

Wendy Stevenson - Sacrifice


Wendy Stevenson

Nina Stavlund - Simply Magnificent..

Simply Magnificent..

Nina Stavlund

Bill Kesler - The Ethanol Train

The Ethanol Train

Bill Kesler

Ian Mitchell - Be Strong Fear Not

Be Strong Fear Not

Ian Mitchell

Darren Fisher - Softly Falling

Softly Falling

Darren Fisher

Chas Sinklier - 1912 Ford Roadster Candy...
Linsey Williams - Drink Up Me Hearties

Drink Up Me Hearties

Linsey Williams

Steve McKinzie - Bodie Ghost Town Church
Bill Jonas - Rooftops of Porto
Elizabeth Wilson - The other side of Fear

The other side of Fear

Elizabeth Wilson

Steve Harrington - Reaching Out 2

Reaching Out 2

Steve Harrington

Scott Kingery - Grub Wagon

Grub Wagon

Scott Kingery

Mike Savad - Graphic Artist - Master...
Kathleen K Parker - Antique Lovers - NOLA

Antique Lovers - NOLA

Kathleen K Parker

Wendy Stevenson - Windswept


Wendy Stevenson

Ian Mitchell - All Angels

All Angels

Ian Mitchell

RC deWinter - Bellissima


RC deWinter

Wendy Stevenson - Post Cards from the Past

Post Cards from the Past

Wendy Stevenson

Darren Fisher - Walking the Line

Walking the Line

Darren Fisher

The Stone Age - Morning Mist Along The...
Arnie Goldstein - ThrowBack


Arnie Goldstein

Mark Miller - 1948 Ford 2 Door Sedan
Shirley Mangini - Purple Iris Sepai

Purple Iris Sepai

Shirley Mangini

Steve Harrington - New Orleans Peristyle...

New Orleans Peristyle...

Steve Harrington

RC deWinter - The End of the Season
Ian Mitchell - Forever With Us

Forever With Us

Ian Mitchell

Steve Harrington - Popp Bandstand sepia

Popp Bandstand sepia

Steve Harrington

Baywest Imaging - Kodak Autographic

Kodak Autographic

Baywest Imaging

Arnie Goldstein - Parlor Car

Parlor Car

Arnie Goldstein

Dawn Currie - Midday in the Plaza
Jennie Marie Schell - Three Eggs in a Nest...

Three Eggs in a Nest...

Jennie Marie Schell

Ian Mitchell - Written In The Stars
Bill Jonas - Street Elevator Poster
Janice Rae Pariza - Wild Mustangs of the West

Wild Mustangs of the West

Janice Rae Pariza

RC deWinter - Petal Drop

Petal Drop

RC deWinter

Mike Savad - Steampunk - Dystopia -...
Terri  Waters - Figure Head

Figure Head

Terri Waters

John Anderson - Boxed Cameras

Boxed Cameras

John Anderson

Lois Bryan - The Stairway To Bountiful
Dawn Currie - Vintage


Dawn Currie

Ron  McGinnis - Blown Spur

Blown Spur

Ron McGinnis

Steve Harrington - The Ring Bearer 2

The Ring Bearer 2

Steve Harrington

Louise Kumpf - Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde

Louise Kumpf

Kaye Menner - Acme Washing Machine -...
Darren Fisher - Something Creative

Something Creative

Darren Fisher

Melissa Bittinger - Tranquil Feather

Tranquil Feather

Melissa Bittinger

RC deWinter - Minstrel Angelic

Minstrel Angelic

RC deWinter

Miriam Danar - Grand Old Clock at Grand...
Mike Savad - Autumn - Farm -...
Carla Parris - Rich and Luscious

Rich and Luscious

Carla Parris

John Haldane - Old Time Clarinet Music
Priscilla Burgers - End of Trail Mounted...

End of Trail Mounted...

Priscilla Burgers

Nina Stavlund - The Three Sombreros..

The Three Sombreros..

Nina Stavlund

Melissa Bittinger - Remember Me...

Remember Me...

Melissa Bittinger

Dawn Currie - Nochos Cubano

Nochos Cubano

Dawn Currie

Sonya Shannon - Burning Down The House
Sandra Selle Rodriguez - 1940s Mack Truck

1940s Mack Truck

Sandra Selle Rodriguez

Sonya Shannon - Walkabout


Sonya Shannon

Nikolyn McDonald - Junk


Nikolyn McDonald

Darren Fisher - Rays of Hope

Rays of Hope

Darren Fisher

Priscilla Burgers - Montana

Montana's Oldest...

Priscilla Burgers

Steve Taylor - Working by Candlelight
AGeekonaBike Photography - Any Other Rose Triptych...

Any Other Rose Triptych...

AGeekonaBike Photography

Colleen Kammerer - Ride in the Sky

Ride in the Sky

Colleen Kammerer

Sonya Shannon - Walking Coyote

Walking Coyote

Sonya Shannon

Steve Taylor - Pushing the Tram

Pushing the Tram

Steve Taylor

Steve McKinzie - 32 Ford Highboy

32 Ford Highboy

Steve McKinzie

Steve McKinzie - Vintage Nomad

Vintage Nomad

Steve McKinzie

Kim Andelkovic - Cigar Man

Cigar Man

Kim Andelkovic

Steve McKinzie - Vintage Roadster Racer

Vintage Roadster Racer

Steve McKinzie

Bill Jonas - The Old Homestead
Mal Bray - Old Boys Toys

Old Boys Toys

Mal Bray

Mike Savad - Pharmacist - Digestable
Carla Parris - A Bucketful of Pink...
Nina Stavlund - Old Wisdom...

Old Wisdom...

Nina Stavlund

Greg Kluempers - Scales at Old Village...
Marcia Colelli - 1930 Duesenberg Model J
Arnie Goldstein - The Lehigh Valley Express
Ian Mitchell - Light of Life

Light of Life

Ian Mitchell

Arnie Goldstein - Switch Tower

Switch Tower

Arnie Goldstein

Priscilla Burgers - Generations


Priscilla Burgers

Steve McKinzie - 1940 Ford Pickup

1940 Ford Pickup

Steve McKinzie

Marcia Colelli - Daylily


Marcia Colelli

Jennie Marie Schell - Dainty White Flowers...

Dainty White Flowers...

Jennie Marie Schell

Angie Vogel - Point No Point Lighthouse
Jordan Blackstone - Obtain The Whole -...

Obtain The Whole -...

Jordan Blackstone

Steve McKinzie - Vintage T Bucket Ford

Vintage T Bucket Ford

Steve McKinzie

Scott Kingery - Spurs #4

Spurs #4

Scott Kingery

Jai Johnson - Soft Place to Fall

Soft Place to Fall

Jai Johnson

Angie Vogel - Ford Model T

Ford Model T

Angie Vogel

Arnie Goldstein - Summer Delight

Summer Delight

Arnie Goldstein

AGeekonaBike Photography - White Aster Study V -...

White Aster Study V -...

AGeekonaBike Photography

Nikolyn McDonald - Honey Creek Loft

Honey Creek Loft

Nikolyn McDonald

Arnie Goldstein - Cape May Consignment...

Cape May Consignment...

Arnie Goldstein

John Topman - Frosty Outlook

Frosty Outlook

John Topman

Arnie Goldstein - Old Timer

Old Timer

Arnie Goldstein