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The Newbie Group



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Keegan Hall

Kennesaw, Ga

United States

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This group was started on June 16th, 2014 and currently has:


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The Newbie Group

About This Group

This is the place where newbies like me get a little more known!

Featured Images

Keegan Hall - Sparks


Keegan Hall

Keegan Hall - Urban Photography

Urban Photography

Keegan Hall

Keegan Hall - Chapel


Keegan Hall

Chris Smith - Baby Gorilla

Baby Gorilla

Chris Smith

Chris Smith - Limestone Pavement

Limestone Pavement

Chris Smith

Chris Smith - Dandelion


Chris Smith

Chris Smith - Peacock


Chris Smith

Chris Smith - Emerald Damselfly

Emerald Damselfly

Chris Smith

Artzy Skyles - Beautiful Woman

Beautiful Woman

Artzy Skyles

Artzy Skyles - The Charisma of a...
Artzy Skyles - Pines in the Night

Pines in the Night

Artzy Skyles

Artzy Skyles - Flaming Parrots

Flaming Parrots

Artzy Skyles

Merrie Giles - Sep 11 Memorial

Sep 11 Memorial

Merrie Giles

Chris Smith - Spurn Point Lighthouse
Chris Smith - Fisherman silhouette at...
Chris Smith - Reflections


Chris Smith

Christine Matha - Chipmunk

Chipmunk's Stripes

Christine Matha

Daniel Wray - Old Mission Sunset

Old Mission Sunset

Daniel Wray

Daniel Wray - Superior Storm

Superior Storm

Daniel Wray

Daniel Wray - Old Mission Lighthouse
Daniel Wray - Old MissionLove

Old MissionLove

Daniel Wray

Mike Savad - Store Front - Alexandria...
Mike Savad - Steampunk - Industrial...
Chris Smith - Ashness Bridge

Ashness Bridge

Chris Smith

Chris Smith - Cinnabar Moth

Cinnabar Moth

Chris Smith

Chris Smith - Guernsey Sunset

Guernsey Sunset

Chris Smith

Chris Smith - Looking for dinner

Looking for dinner

Chris Smith

Chris Smith - Dragonfly


Chris Smith

Mike Savad - Sewing Machine  - Singer
Mike Savad - Sewing - Inudstrial -...
Mike Savad - Sewing Machine - A...
Keegan Hall - Dancing Flames

Dancing Flames

Keegan Hall