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The Modern Christian



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Mike Grubb

North Bloomfield, OH

United States

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This group was started on January 8th, 2014 and currently has:


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The Modern Christian

About This Group

All artwork in any style that shares Christianity. It can be anything christian. NO Devils, Demons, Nudes, Or anything offensive, it will be rejected and deleted.

*If your Image isn't shown in the group right away, it may have not been added to the group yet. Each image has to be selected through FAA Administrative options and I usually only get to it once a week and sometimes a bit longer. Please don't feel discouraged, it will be added to the group ASAP. Thank you =)

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Featured Images

Janice DeLawter - Jesus


Janice DeLawter

Diannah Lynch - Cross In The Woods

Cross In The Woods

Diannah Lynch

M Bleichner - Munich Sunset with...
Mike Grubb - Passion of the Cross
Dotti Hannum - Art Sculpture in Detroit
Jeanette Sthamann - Standing on The Promises

Standing on The Promises

Jeanette Sthamann

Lois Colton - Parables


Lois Colton

David Zarecor - Milan First United...

Milan First United...

David Zarecor

Signo Vinces Design - Cross and Flag One...

Cross and Flag One...

Signo Vinces Design

Tarik Eltawil - Seek and Ye shall Find
Stephen Stookey - Bet She

Bet She'an Baptistery...

Stephen Stookey

Lyric Lucas - A Cross The Sky

A Cross The Sky

Lyric Lucas

Meldra Driscoll - Near To The Heart of God

Near To The Heart of God

Meldra Driscoll

Pennie  McCracken - Jesus


Pennie McCracken

Mike Grubb - Tears of Jesus

Tears of Jesus

Mike Grubb

Jennifer Page - Isaiah 53

Isaiah 53

Jennifer Page

Jennifer Page - He
Mike Grubb - Beautifully Broken
Barry DeBaun - He Shall Be Called

He Shall Be Called

Barry DeBaun

Stephen Stookey - Sea of Galilee Sunrise

Sea of Galilee Sunrise

Stephen Stookey

Mark Jennings - Make a joyful noise

Make a joyful noise

Mark Jennings

Deborah Nell - Open Heaven

Open Heaven

Deborah Nell

Mike Grubb - The sadness in humanity
Susan Savad - Psalm 119-105 Your Word...
Jolly Van der Velden - Jesus


Jolly Van der Velden

Aaron Spong - Pierced


Aaron Spong

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography - Crossing Over

Crossing Over

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography

Beth Vincent - My Savior bw

My Savior bw

Beth Vincent

Barry DeBaun - Raising Of Lazarus

Raising Of Lazarus

Barry DeBaun

Sandra Selle Rodriguez - Jesus


Sandra Selle Rodriguez

John Malone - Ascension Pop Art

Ascension Pop Art

John Malone

Sally Weigand - Hand of God Stained Glass
Tarik Eltawil - The Colorful Savior

The Colorful Savior

Tarik Eltawil

Mark Jennings - Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross

Mark Jennings

Thomas Woolworth - Blood of Christ

Blood of Christ

Thomas Woolworth

Daryl Baker - The Cross University of...
Stephen Stookey - Christ Pantocrator in...

Christ Pantocrator in...

Stephen Stookey

Carmen Tome - Light Breaking through...
George Pedro - Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns

George Pedro

Kip DeVore - Ursuline Academy with...
Tarik Eltawil - The Sacred Love of Christ
David Bowman - Cross and Doorway

Cross and Doorway

David Bowman

Melinda Baugh - A Place For Prayer

A Place For Prayer

Melinda Baugh

Matthew Seufer - Holy Spirit At The Cross
Matthew Seufer - He has Risen

He has Risen

Matthew Seufer

Bob Phillips - Agony Depicted

Agony Depicted

Bob Phillips

Kim Bemis - The Incarnation -...
Kim Bemis - Jesus Rescues Peter from...
Bob Phillips - Grand View From St....
Randall Branham - God

God's Bouquet At Sunset

Randall Branham

Thomas Woolworth - Remember Me

Remember Me

Thomas Woolworth

Stephen Stookey - Christ Pantocrator --...

Christ Pantocrator --...

Stephen Stookey