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The Equine Artist Group



Group Administrator

Lady Isabella F A Shores

Manchester, Cheshire

United Kingdom

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This group was started on January 31st, 2012 and currently has:

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The Equine Artist Group

About This Group

(Group logo courtesy of Ron McGinnis All rights reserved)

It is the Mission of this group to celebrate the Equine Artist no matter what level of development you are in or aspire to be in; with hopes of learning and teaching others.

Rules of the Group:

1. All mediums are welcome. This group accepts most types of Equine artwork (i.e., paintings, drawings, photography, digital photographs, digital paintings, prints, sculptures, mosaics etc.) as long as a HORSE IS IN IT SOMEWHERE.

2. Please be sure your images are not blurry after uploading them into the group or they will be removed by the Administrator.

3. There is great beauty in horse related photography and artworks (ex: old barns, watering tanks, rolling pastures, old farm houses, a pair of spurs, windmills, etc.); as it is part of the Equine world but again a HORSE MUST BE IN THE PICTURE SOMEWHERE.

4. Other animals can be a part of the group as long as a horse appears in the image (with exceptions of Zebras, Mules or Burros as these are also part of the equine world and do not need a horse in the image with them) with that animal.

Please be aware of copyright infringement when doing digital paintings or doing art work which involves other photographers works. A meth about public domain is that you are free to copy anything from the internet and call it your own - NOT SO! You must have permissions to use any Art piece or photography from the original artist/photographer from the internet (with exception of someone stating it is free for public use). Any suspected infringement will NOT be uploaded into this group.

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Featured Images

Julie Olsen - Phantom


Julie Olsen

Jeanne Newton Schoborg - Beach Girls II

Beach Girls II

Jeanne Newton Schoborg

Daniel Eskridge - Bringer of Fall

Bringer of Fall

Daniel Eskridge

Priscilla Burgers - Riding Hard

Riding Hard

Priscilla Burgers