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Tattoos - The Human Canvas



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Cindy Nunn

Simi Valley, CA

United States

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Tattoos - The Human Canvas

About This Group

The purpose of this group is to feature tattoos on the human canvas of skin and anything associated with the art of tattooing.

Since tattoos come in many shapes, sizes and forms, which often include nudity, gore or profanity, this group will be considered Rated R - For Mature Audiences Only! To limit it to the realms of \'family friendly\' would only serve to prevent some fantastic tattoos from gaining notice by other fans of the art of tattoos.

For many years those who sported tattoo art on their bodies were looked down upon by mainstream society, viewed as deviants, thugs and morally inferior human beings. Now, we are seeing a rise in acceptance, and even admiration, for this ancient form of body art.

The earliest known evidence of humans using tattoos can be dated to circa 3250 BC, with a find in the Alps of the mummy given the name of Otzi the Iceman, who had already been dead for 600 years when Cheops began building the Great Pyramid of Giza, and Stonehenge wasn\'t begun until several hundred years after Otzi\'s death. Otzi\'s tattoos, located on areas of the body which suffer extreme stress and pain, were most likely used as mystical therapeutic treatments. The ancient mummies of Egyptian women have also been found to be tattooed with marks that were most likely of a therapeutic nature in the form of permanent protective amulets. Other cultures used tattoos to signify high stature, ideals of beauty and rites of passage. In India some tribal groups believe that tattoos are used as a form of currency in the afterlife which will allow them to purchase food and other provisions after they are dead.

Congratulations to the winners of our first contest called NICE INK!

1st PLACE: Tattooed Nude 5 - by Kaylee Mason

Art Prints

2nd PLACE: Coney Island - by Jim Poulos

Photography Prints

3rd PLACE: Beach Tattoo - by Stuart Litoff

Photography Prints

Featured Images

EricaMaxine  Price - War Horse Tattoos

War Horse Tattoos

EricaMaxine Price

Bob Bienpensant - Say Ho

Say Ho

Bob Bienpensant

Irina  Voitovici - Tattoo beauty

Tattoo beauty

Irina Voitovici

Sue Rosen - Katy10


Sue Rosen

Maynard Ellis - Oriental Beauty

Oriental Beauty

Maynard Ellis

Omar Boke - Aztec Dreams

Aztec Dreams

Omar Boke

Bob Bienpensant - Not here

Not here

Bob Bienpensant

Stefan Bau - Rock star

Rock star

Stefan Bau

Jonathan Swift - Alternative model

Alternative model

Jonathan Swift

Lenore Senior and Bobby Dar - Henna Hands 2

Henna Hands 2

Lenore Senior and Bobby Dar

Jt PhotoDesign - Your Biggest Fan

Your Biggest Fan

Jt PhotoDesign

Alexander Butler - Painted Risk 3

Painted Risk 3

Alexander Butler

Cindy Nunn - Desert Oasis 3

Desert Oasis 3

Cindy Nunn

Sue Rosen - Tattoo you

Tattoo you

Sue Rosen

Angelique Caplette - Motion Capture

Motion Capture

Angelique Caplette

Sue Rosen - Love


Sue Rosen

Jon Simmons - Dragonfly Meadow

Dragonfly Meadow

Jon Simmons

Cindy Nunn - Tattoos and Sunflowers
Alicia Hollinger - Heavy Metal Motorcycle...

Heavy Metal Motorcycle...

Alicia Hollinger

Jt PhotoDesign - Tattoo Rocker Backside

Tattoo Rocker Backside

Jt PhotoDesign

Jt PhotoDesign - Curved Tat

Curved Tat

Jt PhotoDesign

Kym Backland - The Girl With The Space...
Jt PhotoDesign - Tat Attraction

Tat Attraction

Jt PhotoDesign

Jim Poulos - Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

Jim Poulos

Sue Rosen - Tattoo You

Tattoo You

Sue Rosen

Jim Fitzpatrick - Mike Tyson and Pigeon

Mike Tyson and Pigeon

Jim Fitzpatrick

Trent Thomason - Third Eye

Third Eye

Trent Thomason

Cindy Nunn - This Wont Hurt Much
Laurie Search - Until It

Until It's Gone

Laurie Search

Steven Parker - The Lady and The Skeleton
Jt PhotoDesign - Stars and Shapes II

Stars and Shapes II

Jt PhotoDesign

Cindy Nunn - Hunkered Down

Hunkered Down

Cindy Nunn

Andrew Govan Dantzler - Figure Study #1

Figure Study #1

Andrew Govan Dantzler

Sophie Vigneault - Traditional tattoo

Traditional tattoo

Sophie Vigneault

Cindy Nunn - Living Canvas

Living Canvas

Cindy Nunn

Kathi Shotwell - Love As Thou Will

Love As Thou Will

Kathi Shotwell

Maynard Ellis - Nothing Is True...

Nothing Is True...

Maynard Ellis

EricaMaxine  Price - Lady With...

Lady With...

EricaMaxine Price

Lenore Senior - Body Language

Body Language

Lenore Senior

Cindy Nunn - American Pride

American Pride

Cindy Nunn

Cindy Nunn - Tattooed Cowgirl

Tattooed Cowgirl

Cindy Nunn

Cindy Nunn - Out of the Flames