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Still lifes



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Mats Eriksson

Stockholm, St


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This group was started on April 29th, 2008 and currently has:


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Still lifes

About This Group

For artists that enjoy the beauty of classical and modern still lifes. Maximum 2 images per day.

Featured Images

Marco Oliveira - Special Blend Coffee I

Special Blend Coffee I

Marco Oliveira

Levin Rodriguez - Vanitas - The Pursuits...
Carol Berning - My Grandmother
Hugo Bussen - Tin can with fern

Tin can with fern

Hugo Bussen

Leonid Afremov - Wild Roses - PALETTE...
Mona Edulesco - Saint-emilion


Mona Edulesco

Leonid Afremov - Songs Of My Heart -...

Songs Of My Heart -...

Leonid Afremov

Thomas Schoeller - Another Day in Paradise

Another Day in Paradise

Thomas Schoeller

Sergey Sovkov - 39 Roses

39 Roses

Sergey Sovkov

David and Carol Kelly - Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts

David and Carol Kelly

Susan Savad - A Cut Above the Rest
Marina Wirtz - Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest

Marina Wirtz

Linde Townsend - Quietude


Linde Townsend

Sue Gardner - Still Life with Fruit II
Mona Edulesco - Jack Daniel

Jack Daniel's

Mona Edulesco

Mick Anderson - Frosty Morning

Frosty Morning

Mick Anderson

Lee Bianco - Soft Boiled Eggs

Soft Boiled Eggs

Lee Bianco

Mike Savad - Dessert - Sweet Dreams
Richard T Pranke - Company for Dinner by...

Company for Dinner by...

Richard T Pranke

Leonid Afremov - Two Spring Colors -...

Two Spring Colors -...

Leonid Afremov

Marina Wirtz - Sunflowers


Marina Wirtz

Tom Mc Nemar - Rustic Fall Still Life
Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Still life with pumpkin...

Still life with pumpkin...

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Viktoria K Majestic - White Peonies

White Peonies

Viktoria K Majestic

Donna Tuten - Kelly
Jennifer Richards - Plumeria


Jennifer Richards

Sergey Sovkov - Still Life with Apples
Mike Savad - Steampunk - Alphabet - B...
Viktoria K Majestic - Queen Anne

Queen Anne's Lace

Viktoria K Majestic

Sergey Sovkov - Still life of with...

Still life of with...

Sergey Sovkov

Vladimir Kezerashvili - Still LIfe with Peaches...

Still LIfe with Peaches...

Vladimir Kezerashvili

Mike Savad - Steampunk - Insect -...
Leon Zernitsky - Morning Muffin

Morning Muffin

Leon Zernitsky

 ILONA ANITA TIGGES - GOETZE  ART and Photography  - Moonlight Roses

Moonlight Roses


Margaret Stockdale - Bush Lemon Sliced

Bush Lemon Sliced

Margaret Stockdale

Mike Savad - Machinist - Industrial...
Beverly Richmond - Pansy Mania

Pansy Mania

Beverly Richmond

 ILONA ANITA TIGGES - GOETZE  ART and Photography  - Old World Tea Pot

Old World Tea Pot


Guna  Andersone - Cherry in the glass

Cherry in the glass

Guna Andersone

Sergey Sovkov - Petunia and phlox

Petunia and phlox

Sergey Sovkov

Mike Savad - Spring - Porch - Hoboken...
Lee Bianco - Chinese cast iron teapot
Mike Savad - Pharmacist - The...
Hugo Bussen - Floral Art

Floral Art

Hugo Bussen

Tracy  Hall - Bright Side

Bright Side

Tracy Hall

Sonja Quintero - Rusty Bike Rides

Rusty Bike Rides

Sonja Quintero

Elvis Vaughn - Spinning Wheel

Spinning Wheel

Elvis Vaughn

Robin-lee Vieira - The Royal Male

The Royal Male

Robin-lee Vieira

Binka Kirova - Still life with berries
Susan Savad - Medicine Bottles in...
Elena Elisseeva - Wine and cheese

Wine and cheese

Elena Elisseeva

 ILONA ANITA TIGGES - GOETZE  ART and Photography  - Red Roses in Painted Vase

Red Roses in Painted Vase


Ginette Callaway - Mona Lavender Flowers...

Mona Lavender Flowers...

Ginette Callaway

Lee Bianco - Awaiting My Muse

Awaiting My Muse

Lee Bianco

Cheryl Davis - Southern Tea

Southern Tea

Cheryl Davis

Irina Sztukowski - Cherries


Irina Sztukowski

Mona Edulesco - Nature Morte Cubiste

Nature Morte Cubiste

Mona Edulesco

Chris  Saper - Celadon


Chris Saper

Robert Bowden - Bottles on striped cloth
Dorothy Maier - Spring Flower Bouquet

Spring Flower Bouquet

Dorothy Maier

Donelli  DiMaria - Two and a Half Lemons

Two and a Half Lemons

Donelli DiMaria

Mike Savad - Pharmacist - Medicinal...
Teresa Wegrzyn - Sunflowers


Teresa Wegrzyn

Johnny Hildingsson - White tulips

White tulips

Johnny Hildingsson

Oleg Bylgakov - Still Life on a gold

Still Life on a gold

Oleg Bylgakov

Mary Gingrich - Yellow Roses in a Glass...
Kim Lockman - Grapes and Wine

Grapes and Wine

Kim Lockman

Eleonora Perlic - Cherries In White Bowl

Cherries In White Bowl

Eleonora Perlic

Kiril Stanchev - Touched By The Sun

Touched By The Sun

Kiril Stanchev

Mike Savad - Clockmaker - The...
Gene Gregory - Wee snack 2

Wee snack 2

Gene Gregory

Nathan Buhler - Crash Landing

Crash Landing

Nathan Buhler

Mike Savad - Kettle - Cherished...
Mike Savad - Clockmaker - The day...
Mary Timman - Reserved


Mary Timman

Michael Petrizzo - Hydrangea Blossoms

Hydrangea Blossoms

Michael Petrizzo

Michael Petrizzo - Roses


Michael Petrizzo

Matild Balogh - Whites Lilies

Whites Lilies

Matild Balogh

Sid Ball - Sea Shells

Sea Shells

Sid Ball

Marie-Claire Dole - Family Ties

Family Ties

Marie-Claire Dole

Matild Balogh - Apple


Matild Balogh

Tom Jennerwein - Bittersweet And Molasses...
Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - Coffee And Tea

Coffee And Tea

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Caroline Street - Still Life with Green...

Still Life with Green...

Caroline Street

Bette Jaedicke - Let It Flow

Let It Flow

Bette Jaedicke

Priska Wettstein - March


Priska Wettstein

Tom Mc Nemar - Fresh From the Orchard II
Shannon Grissom - Cafe au Lait

Cafe au Lait

Shannon Grissom

Tom Mc Nemar - Grapes with Apples

Grapes with Apples

Tom Mc Nemar

Donna Parlow - A still life

A still life

Donna Parlow

Vrindavan Das - Calligraphy


Vrindavan Das

Chantal PhotoPix - Cheshire Cat Dreaming of...