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Signature Art Painters



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Paul Hilario

Los Banos, Laguna


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This group was started on September 4th, 2011 and currently has:

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Signature Art Painters

About This Group

This group is for artists who have developed their art into distinct and original styles.

The group's aim is to allow artists, art lovers and collectors to view your signature art.

This group is open for oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, ink, crayon, graphite, marker, mixed media, gouache, tempera, natural dyes other exotic (like coffee) fluid media painters. Sculptures and installation artists are also welcome

Sorry, no photos and digital art please. Please label your art properly.

Your art must be as identifiable and unique as your signature.

IMPORTANT: I know that you can paint in many styles but please submit unified and distinct works only. Please see other artists' set of images included in the group.

If you use several styles, choose ONE set/style only for your SIGNATURE work.

Artwork submission limit has been set to 4 per day only.
If all four are unified and truly your own personal signature style of art, all four will be featured.

Please note that the administrator will not accept eclectic set of works.

Maraming Salamat!

Featured Images

Tara  Shalton -  Luminous


Tara Shalton

Tara  Shalton - Tangled


Tara Shalton

Tara  Shalton - Starlet


Tara Shalton

Tara  Shalton - Radiant


Tara Shalton

Hektor Thillet - Rosamunda


Hektor Thillet

Hektor Thillet - Cha-chara


Hektor Thillet

Hektor Thillet - Diplomacy


Hektor Thillet

Michal Kwarciak - Modern Pieta

Modern Pieta

Michal Kwarciak

Michal Kwarciak - Philosopher


Michal Kwarciak

Michal Kwarciak - Angel Meditation

Angel Meditation

Michal Kwarciak

Michal Kwarciak - Long Journeys Dream

Long Journeys Dream

Michal Kwarciak

Jean-Paul Setlak - Angel of Love

Angel of Love

Jean-Paul Setlak

Jean-Paul Setlak - Out of the Void

Out of the Void

Jean-Paul Setlak

Noredin morgan - Queen of Heart

Queen of Heart

Noredin morgan

Noredin Morgan - Monk


Noredin Morgan

Noredin Morgan - Pain


Noredin Morgan

Noredin Morgan - Ocean


Noredin Morgan

Natalie Holland - Reflections On Loving

Reflections On Loving

Natalie Holland

Natalie Holland - Artists


Natalie Holland

Natalie Holland - Serenity


Natalie Holland

Natalie Holland - Enchanting Princess

Enchanting Princess

Natalie Holland

Cristina Handrabur - Eden afloat

Eden afloat

Cristina Handrabur

Cristina Handrabur - Flowing on tomorrow

Flowing on tomorrow's wings

Cristina Handrabur

Josephus Bartin - Sam2.0


Josephus Bartin

Dagmar Helbig - Capricious Luck Ii

Capricious Luck Ii

Dagmar Helbig