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Self-Promotion Skills for Artists



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Corinne Rhode

Newton, MA

United States

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Self-Promotion Skills for Artists

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Almost every Artist dreams of having an Agent - but having an agent is rarely in the best interest of the Artist. Galleries, collectors and curators prefer to know and deal with the Artists.


- Don't know how to promote your Art?
- Too busy to create AND promote yourself?
- Wish you understood what works and what doesn't?
- Are you promoting yourself regularly but not seeing an increase in sales & income?

Self-Promotion is learning to SHARE YOUR PASSION - It is NOT acting like a typical salesman.

There are TONS of Ways to get buyers to come to you... to enhance your skills... to Create your Dream Career.

It will take:
- Learning self-confidence
- Persistence
- Creating good habits & routines
- Emotional support from friends, family & other Artists
- ADVICE from Artists who've 'Been There, Done That'.

Let's share our Wisdom, our Experience, our Knowledge - Let's support each other!
- Ask Questions
- Offer Experience 'Pay it Forward'
- Gain Freedom

Guidelines for group and discussion participation:

Featured Images

John Vose - Serenity


John Vose

Jennifer Mecca - Fitz and the Tantrums

Fitz and the Tantrums

Jennifer Mecca

Bliss Of Art - Clouds and the Moon

Clouds and the Moon

Bliss Of Art

Christine Krainock - The Dancer

The Dancer

Christine Krainock

Mark Borbely - The Window

The Window

Mark Borbely

Wes and Dotty Weber - Embraced By Clouds D8170

Embraced By Clouds D8170

Wes and Dotty Weber

Steve Taylor - Padlocked


Steve Taylor

Darren Wilkes - Llynnau Mymbyr

Llynnau Mymbyr

Darren Wilkes

Christina Rollo - Tufted Titmouse Square

Tufted Titmouse Square

Christina Rollo

Lauren Hammack - Dreams of December

Dreams of December

Lauren Hammack

Susan Goh - Nude 2.2

Nude 2.2

Susan Goh

L Wright - The Village

The Village

L Wright

Jennie Breeze - Mary or...

Mary or...

Jennie Breeze

Peter Holme III - 3680


Peter Holme III

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography - Wondering About Tomorrow

Wondering About Tomorrow

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography

Richard Young - With Strength and Grace
Brad Brizek - Solitude


Brad Brizek

Karunita Kapoor - Christmas Rush

Christmas Rush

Karunita Kapoor

David Nichols - Carcross Church

Carcross Church

David Nichols

James Peterson - Draped In Icy Beauty

Draped In Icy Beauty

James Peterson