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Seattle Art Promotion



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Aaron Hernandez

Seattle, WA

United States

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This group was started on June 11th, 2014 and currently has:

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Seattle Art Promotion

About This Group

Art which directly depicts the city of Seattle. Since this is a city of Seattle group, only art work about Seattle will be accepted (specific target audience). No, you do not have to be a Seattle or Washington resident to add work!

Because this is my first go at maintaining a group, please only ONE (1) image per DAY.

This is a work and family friendly group, so while I cannot imagine how anything offensive can creep into the group, please NO NUDITY, NO IMPLIED NUDITY or anything offensive to other cultures, races, sexual orientation, age, or ART MEDIA. Work that does not meet this criteria will be removed or rejected.

All mediums welcome. I consider all sellers on FAA simply as artists, be they photographers, painters, or photoshop users.

Please promote art work links posted by other artists to your social media outlets. I use PINTEREST only, so links from this group will get pinned into a board I create.

Please DO NOT post images of the work you want promoted within the social media promotion thread! Simply provide a VALID and WORKING link to your FAA website.

Please use only FAA links.

Participants of this group who are not actively promoting other artists work are encouraged to leave the group, as participation is key and the goal is to promote others work.

Many thanks to folks that run or help run other groups and discussions!


It would be great if you could join our group, participate in the social media promotion discussion, and vote in our group contests. No one is forced to join, but I really want to help myself and all of you to gain more traffic to your work and maybe even bump sales.

Featured Images

CarolLMiller Photography - Public Market

Public Market

CarolLMiller Photography

CarolLMiller Photography - One Hot Minute

One Hot Minute

CarolLMiller Photography

Mark Spearman - Seattle Space Needle

Seattle Space Needle

Mark Spearman

Joseph Sink - Seattle At Sunset

Seattle At Sunset

Joseph Sink

Bob Christopher - Seattle EMP Building 6

Seattle EMP Building 6

Bob Christopher

Safe Haven Photography Northwest - B and W Space Needle

B and W Space Needle

Safe Haven Photography Northwest