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Queensland Artists



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Kate Farrant

Wellington Point, Queensland


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This group was started on May 16th, 2013 and currently has:


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Queensland Artists

About This Group

For artists from Queensland Australia. Lets show the world what great artists there are in Queensland! Any medium and most subjects but NO NUDITY!


ONLY artists who live or have lived in Queensland Australia may join this group.
Please respect the rules. Administrator has the discretion to NOT include all images submitted.
Please only submit 2 images per day- Thanks

Featured Images

Nicole Whittaker - Impressions of a Country...
David Melville - No Mail Today

No Mail Today

David Melville

Gloria Dietz-Kiebron - Indigiscape in Colour

Indigiscape in Colour

Gloria Dietz-Kiebron

Denise Clark - Red Epiphyllum Study
Paul  Farrant - Overseeing Sunset

Overseeing Sunset

Paul Farrant

Peta Thames - After the Storm

After the Storm

Peta Thames

Kate Farrant - Mediterranean Scene

Mediterranean Scene

Kate Farrant

Jan Lawnikanis - Cloud Watching

Cloud Watching

Jan Lawnikanis

Denise Clark - Light Catcher

Light Catcher

Denise Clark

David Melville - Just Perfect

Just Perfect

David Melville

Kate Farrant - Abstract Seascape 2

Abstract Seascape 2

Kate Farrant

Peta Thames - Pier Before Dawn

Pier Before Dawn

Peta Thames

Paul  Farrant - Tides Out

Tides Out

Paul Farrant

Peta Thames - Sugar Cane in Far North...
Nancy Jenks - Casting Shadows

Casting Shadows

Nancy Jenks

Kate Farrant - Subtle Beauty

Subtle Beauty

Kate Farrant

Kaz Orford - Wave Grass

Wave Grass

Kaz Orford

Peta Thames - Dawn Breaks over the Pier
Kate Farrant - African Woman 2

African Woman 2

Kate Farrant

Nicole Whittaker - Impressions of Butterfly

Impressions of Butterfly

Nicole Whittaker

Gloria Dietz-Kiebron - Still Life

Still Life

Gloria Dietz-Kiebron

Denise Clark - Colours in the Sky

Colours in the Sky

Denise Clark

Peta Thames - Valley Glimpse

Valley Glimpse

Peta Thames

Peta Thames - Glorious Autumn Leaves
Denise Clark - Bilbergia Nutans Study
Anthony Piper - 1770 May 29th 2014

1770 May 29th 2014

Anthony Piper

Peta Thames - Early Morning Egret
David Wachenfeld - Chilling


David Wachenfeld

Kate Farrant - Reading in the Garden
Denise Clark - Australian Agate Macro...
David Wachenfeld - Bonded


David Wachenfeld

Jan Lawnikanis - Rainbow Showers

Rainbow Showers

Jan Lawnikanis

Peta Thames - Don

Don't Postpone Joy

Peta Thames

Kate Farrant - Sewing in the garden
Peta Thames - Good Morning Brisbane
Denise Clark - Blue Ginger

Blue Ginger

Denise Clark

Carl Koenig - Storm Brewing

Storm Brewing

Carl Koenig

Kate Farrant - Katherine Gorge Australia
Denise Clark - Fire Fern

Fire Fern

Denise Clark

Denise Clark - Standing Proud as a...
Denise Clark - Blue Butterflies

Blue Butterflies

Denise Clark

Peta Thames - Peace at Pete
Jan Lawnikanis - After the Show

After the Show

Jan Lawnikanis

Kate Farrant - Indian Bride in Orange
Peta Thames - Bunya Mountains Landscape
Denise Clark - Hoya


Denise Clark

Kate Farrant - Vertical Landscape

Vertical Landscape

Kate Farrant

Gloria Dietz-Kiebron - A la Matisse

A la Matisse

Gloria Dietz-Kiebron

Holly Kempe - Heartland


Holly Kempe

Denise Clark - Curls of Ivory.

Curls of Ivory.

Denise Clark

Kate Farrant - Proud Rooster

Proud Rooster

Kate Farrant

Peta Thames - Brisbane South Bank from...
Gloria Dietz-Kiebron - When a Rose is a Rose

When a Rose is a Rose

Gloria Dietz-Kiebron

Denise Clark - Sunning ourselves

Sunning ourselves

Denise Clark

Gloria Dietz-Kiebron - Lorraine


Gloria Dietz-Kiebron

Denise Clark - Little Ribbons

Little Ribbons

Denise Clark

Peta Thames - Sunset in Sandgate

Sunset in Sandgate

Peta Thames

Denise Clark - You

You're in My Space

Denise Clark

Kate Farrant - Port Douglas Seascape   ...
Peta Thames - Christmas Poinsettia...
Jan Lawnikanis - In Full Bloom

In Full Bloom

Jan Lawnikanis

Jan Lawnikanis - Miniature Teapot...

Miniature Teapot...

Jan Lawnikanis

Peta Thames - Fancy A Morning Swim
Peta Thames - Mist Rising at Dusk
Denise Clark - Fleeting Beauty

Fleeting Beauty

Denise Clark

Peta Thames - Summer Sailing in the Med
Jan Lawnikanis - Frangipani Collage

Frangipani Collage

Jan Lawnikanis

Kate Farrant - Koala Lifeguard

Koala Lifeguard

Kate Farrant

Denise Clark - Coral Vine

Coral Vine

Denise Clark

Gloria Dietz-Kiebron - The Lotus

The Lotus

Gloria Dietz-Kiebron

Jan Lawnikanis - The Chorus

The Chorus

Jan Lawnikanis

Carl Koenig - Brisbane by Night

Brisbane by Night

Carl Koenig

Peta Thames - Autumn Falls at the...
Kate Farrant - Mina Indian Bride

Mina Indian Bride

Kate Farrant

Peta Thames - Green Tree Frog Keeping...
Jan Lawnikanis - Ornamental Kale

Ornamental Kale

Jan Lawnikanis

Peta Thames - Full Moon over Bramble...
Jan Lawnikanis - Appreciation


Jan Lawnikanis

Peta Thames - GrassTree Sunset

GrassTree Sunset

Peta Thames