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Anastasia Konn

Bayonne, NJ

United States

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This group was started on January 29th, 2013 and currently has:


548 Members


27,752 Images


356 Discussions

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About This Group

Spontaneous photography only please, no set ups. No full/half nudity, no writing on the images, no paintings and easy on the photoshop/digitally altering the images, please. Photos with people will be accepted but will not be featured. I want to see all you've got. Express yourself. This group will be for everyone, beginners like me and professionals like you. Share your special moments. Let's bond over this wonderful art of photography. Believe! PLEASE, LET'S NOW LIMIT YOUR BEAUTIFUL SUBMISSIONS TO 3 PER DAY. THANK YOU SO MUCH :)

Featured Images

Jerry Cowart - Refreshing Waterfalls...
Doug McPherson - Breaking Storm

Breaking Storm

Doug McPherson

Marty Saccone - Floating on a Cloud

Floating on a Cloud

Marty Saccone

Reid Callaway - Atlanta Sunrise on...

Atlanta Sunrise on...

Reid Callaway

Carolina Liechtenstein - Yucca Valley Yeshua 4

Yucca Valley Yeshua 4

Carolina Liechtenstein

Christina Rollo - White Aster Flower

White Aster Flower

Christina Rollo

Brian Chase - Evening Light at Lost...
Eddie Yerkish - Saguaro and Ocotillo at...
Sonali Gangane - Eye of the Day

Eye of the Day

Sonali Gangane

Ken Smith - Sunrise at Oxbow Bend 1...
Kenneth Byrne - Sun Catcher

Sun Catcher

Kenneth Byrne

Dora Sofia Caputo - Lilies Radiant in Red

Lilies Radiant in Red

Dora Sofia Caputo

Aimee L Maher - West Virginia Sunset 1
Miroslava Jurcik - Cuddles


Miroslava Jurcik

Danielle  Parent - Mushrooms Growing On...

Mushrooms Growing On...

Danielle Parent

Don Wright - Blues On Fire II

Blues On Fire II

Don Wright

Angelika Kimmig - Water Drop Stories

Water Drop Stories

Angelika Kimmig

Dorothy Menera - A Day At the Spa Is So...
Georgia Mizuleva - Postcard from Monaco

Postcard from Monaco

Georgia Mizuleva

Reid Callaway - Smooth Top Barn of...

Smooth Top Barn of...

Reid Callaway

Robert Bales - Mr.  Inquisitive

Mr. Inquisitive

Robert Bales

Sonali Gangane - Majestic White peafowl

Majestic White peafowl

Sonali Gangane

Kym Backland - I
Dora Sofia Caputo - Brazilian Parrot

Brazilian Parrot

Dora Sofia Caputo

Denyse Duhaime - My Chinny Chin Chin

My Chinny Chin Chin

Denyse Duhaime

Imran Ahmed - Fall scene at Olympic...
David Dehner - She Loves Me

She Loves Me

David Dehner

Stuart Harrison - Plucked from the sea

Plucked from the sea

Stuart Harrison

Scott Thorp - Red Strike and Blue
Robert Bales - Wild Pampas Grass

Wild Pampas Grass

Robert Bales

James Welch - When Darkness Falls
Nina Stavlund - Dressed in Pink...

Dressed in Pink...

Nina Stavlund

Byron Varvarigos - I Love Spiderworts

I Love Spiderworts

Byron Varvarigos

Carol Sawyer - Rolling In

Rolling In

Carol Sawyer

Sandra Bronstein - A View Into The Redwoods

A View Into The Redwoods

Sandra Bronstein

Eddie Yerkish - The Sreets of Tombstone
Deb Halloran - Cheerful


Deb Halloran

Jim Fitzpatrick - Tiger on the Move

Tiger on the Move

Jim Fitzpatrick

Glenn DiPaola - Red Petals

Red Petals

Glenn DiPaola

Tim Good - Blue


Tim Good

Leah Moore - At the End

At the End

Leah Moore

Marilyn Holkham - Wild and Free ...

Wild and Free ...

Marilyn Holkham

Don Wright - Round and Round We Went...
Glenn DiPaola - Iris Glow

Iris Glow

Glenn DiPaola

Rodney Campbell - Spicebush Swallowtail

Spicebush Swallowtail

Rodney Campbell

Ian Mitchell - Evening Ocean

Evening Ocean

Ian Mitchell

Georgia Mizuleva - Green Sunlit Forest...

Green Sunlit Forest...

Georgia Mizuleva

Bruce Bley - Roadside Shasta Daisies
Robert Bales - Fireworks Finale

Fireworks Finale

Robert Bales

Aimee L Maher - Heavenly Flight

Heavenly Flight

Aimee L Maher

HH Photography - Sunset - The Last Light...
Luther   Fine Art - Flower - Texas Sunflower...
Mike  Dawson - Sunset Tide Explosion
Sandra Bronstein - Dominance


Sandra Bronstein

Don Wright - Wallowa Lake

Wallowa Lake

Don Wright

Connie Fox - George Taber Azaleas
Lucinda Walter - Clearing Storm

Clearing Storm

Lucinda Walter

Carol F Austin - Cadiaeum Crotons...

Cadiaeum Crotons...

Carol F Austin

Shirley Sirois - Rule By Claw

Rule By Claw

Shirley Sirois

Barbara McMahon - Wind and Waves

Wind and Waves

Barbara McMahon

James Welch - Pale Pink and Purple...
Allen Beatty - Gray
Milan Gonda - Boat


Milan Gonda

Parker Cunningham - A Day On The Lake

A Day On The Lake

Parker Cunningham

Pete Edmunds - An Open Invitation

An Open Invitation

Pete Edmunds

Melissa Peterson - Cascade Sunrise

Cascade Sunrise

Melissa Peterson

Derek Knight - Kings Lynn - Gaywood...
Cynthia Guinn - Bridge Over Water

Bridge Over Water

Cynthia Guinn

Jean Noren - Christmas tree worm
Roselynne Broussard - River Islands

River Islands

Roselynne Broussard

Curtis Radclyffe - Forest view

Forest view

Curtis Radclyffe

Lilliana Mendez - Morning Sun

Morning Sun

Lilliana Mendez

Bruce Bley - Peaceful Reflections
Robert Bales - Panda Bear

Panda Bear

Robert Bales

Robert Bales - Old Piling

Old Piling

Robert Bales

Sivaanan Balachandran - Awaiting Kill

Awaiting Kill

Sivaanan Balachandran

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Fireworks6510


Gary Gingrich Galleries

Paulette B Wright - Kona Sunset

Kona Sunset

Paulette B Wright

Mr Bennett Kent - Elephant Hawk Moth...

Elephant Hawk Moth...

Mr Bennett Kent

Cynthia Guinn - Nature Colors

Nature Colors

Cynthia Guinn

Marty Saccone - Spiritual Sunrise

Spiritual Sunrise

Marty Saccone

Leif Sohlman - Maria entr

Maria entr

Leif Sohlman

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Close up of detailed...

Close up of detailed...

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Georgia Mizuleva - Autumn Colors and...

Autumn Colors and...

Georgia Mizuleva

Bruce Bley - Gathering Nectar

Gathering Nectar

Bruce Bley

Bruce Bley - Milkweed Blossoms
Allen Beatty - Wychmere Harbor

Wychmere Harbor

Allen Beatty

Allen Beatty - Sesuit Harbor

Sesuit Harbor

Allen Beatty

 Bob Johnston - Arizona Monsoon Season...
Allen Beatty - Skaket Beach Sunset 4
Rose-Maries Pictures - Beautiful View

Beautiful View

Rose-Maries Pictures

Tim Good - Sunny Summer Day
Nancy E Stein - Monarch Butterfly...

Monarch Butterfly...

Nancy E Stein

Jeff Heimlich - Returning Light to Squam...
Valerie Loop - Boldly Yellow

Boldly Yellow

Valerie Loop

Adrian Evans - Swan Lake

Swan Lake

Adrian Evans

Kim Bemis - Red Hibiscus

Red Hibiscus

Kim Bemis

Rose-Maries Pictures - Summer Idyll

Summer Idyll

Rose-Maries Pictures

Soul Full Sanctuary Photography By Tania Richley - Summer Reflections

Summer Reflections

Soul Full Sanctuary Photography By Tania Richley

Dale Kincaid - First Quarter Moon

First Quarter Moon

Dale Kincaid

Marty Saccone - Quoddy Bold Coast Fog...
Denisse Del Mar Guevara - Purple Rain

Purple Rain

Denisse Del Mar Guevara

Eddie Yerkish - The Sea is Calling

The Sea is Calling

Eddie Yerkish

Mike Dawson - Talons First

Talons First

Mike Dawson

Joy Watson - Grevillea Flower

Grevillea Flower

Joy Watson

James Welch - Fire In The Sky

Fire In The Sky

James Welch

John Tidball  - The Clifton Suspension...
Lisa Moore - Bailey Island Sunset
Connie Fox - Boston Fern With Bokeh
Julie Palencia - Garden Within

Garden Within

Julie Palencia

Parker Cunningham - Fishing At Sunset

Fishing At Sunset

Parker Cunningham

Janice Rae Pariza - Bee on Delphinium

Bee on Delphinium

Janice Rae Pariza

Soul Full Sanctuary Photography By Tania Richley - The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass

Soul Full Sanctuary Photography By Tania Richley

Chris Smith -  Blue Butterfly

Blue Butterfly

Chris Smith

Chris Smith - Don

Don't let go

Chris Smith

Dorothy Pinder - Evening Stroll

Evening Stroll

Dorothy Pinder

Greg Kopriva - Early Morning Pursuit
Karen Cook - Passion for Peonies
Connie Fox - Bayou Reflections
Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Ominous Cleveland...

Ominous Cleveland...

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Priscilla Burgers - Pryor Mountain Wild...

Pryor Mountain Wild...

Priscilla Burgers

Jeff Heimlich - The Sandwich Range 2

The Sandwich Range 2

Jeff Heimlich

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg - Portrait Of Burrowing Owl

Portrait Of Burrowing Owl

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg

Eddie Yerkish - Hogback Bridge

Hogback Bridge

Eddie Yerkish

Nina Stavlund - Calm before the Storm...
Kim Andelkovic - Autumn Country Home

Autumn Country Home

Kim Andelkovic

Penny Meyers - What

What's the Rush?

Penny Meyers

Rod Seel - Lone Horse Greenwood...
Christina Rollo - Autumn Lake Reflection...
Priya Ghose - Pollination


Priya Ghose

Geoff Childs - Golden Seascape Sunrise
Karol  Livote - Storm Brewing

Storm Brewing

Karol Livote

Eddie Yerkish - Laguna Beach Shoreline
Jean Noren - The Leaf s Point of View
Milan Gonda - Durdle Door.

Durdle Door.

Milan Gonda

Ian Mitchell -  Row Your Worries Away
Byron Varvarigos - Pink Tropical...

Pink Tropical...

Byron Varvarigos

Andrea Moore - Sunset Reflections

Sunset Reflections

Andrea Moore

Chad Dutson - Clouds and Wind

Clouds and Wind

Chad Dutson

Fotosas Photography - A Peacock Up-Close

A Peacock Up-Close

Fotosas Photography

Miryam  UrZa - Fire on Sky

Fire on Sky

Miryam UrZa

David Perry Lawrence - Amaryllis flowers and...

Amaryllis flowers and...

David Perry Lawrence

Dora Sofia Caputo - Early Summer Sunset

Early Summer Sunset

Dora Sofia Caputo

David May - Collioure harbour sunrise
Vadim Levin - Am I invisible?

Am I invisible?

Vadim Levin

Miroslava Jurcik - Speedy echidna

Speedy echidna

Miroslava Jurcik

Laura Duhaime - Solitude Tree Salem...
David Millenheft - Step into spring

Step into spring

David Millenheft

Lisa Knechtel - Moss and Blossoms

Moss and Blossoms

Lisa Knechtel

Linda Segerson - Green Dragonfly

Green Dragonfly

Linda Segerson

Rona Black - Multitasking Deer in...
Lisa  Phillips - Autumn Canopy

Autumn Canopy

Lisa Phillips

Karol  Livote - Autumns Forest

Autumns Forest

Karol Livote

Georgia Mizuleva - Cool Mist and Sunbeams

Cool Mist and Sunbeams

Georgia Mizuleva

Jerry Cowart - Tranquil Clouds on Top...
Cynthia Guinn - Kure Beach

Kure Beach

Cynthia Guinn

Parker Cunningham - Walk Along The Beach...

Walk Along The Beach...

Parker Cunningham

Christy Ricafrente - You Looking At Me

You Looking At Me

Christy Ricafrente

Chris Read - Reelin


Chris Read

Robert Bales - Fisherman Sunset

Fisherman Sunset

Robert Bales

Parker Cunningham - Heron In Flight

Heron In Flight

Parker Cunningham

Glenn DiPaola - Gardening


Glenn DiPaola

Claudia Mottram - Catching the ring

Catching the ring

Claudia Mottram

Deb Halloran - Sunlight Highlights

Sunlight Highlights

Deb Halloran

Jeff  Swan - The Struggle

The Struggle

Jeff Swan

Janice Rae Pariza - Colorados Dolores River

Colorados Dolores River

Janice Rae Pariza

Don Wright - Stevens Is Falling
Byron Varvarigos - Silvery Blue Surprise

Silvery Blue Surprise

Byron Varvarigos

Mike Savad - Flower - Tulip - Pink...
Bruce Bley - Burst of Color

Burst of Color

Bruce Bley

Leif Sohlman - Todays Weather

Todays Weather

Leif Sohlman

Bruce Bley - Farwell to Another Day
Imran Ahmed - Close-up of sleeping...
Rene Triay Photography - Lost in a Tropical...

Lost in a Tropical...

Rene Triay Photography

Leif Sohlman - White 2

White 2

Leif Sohlman

Tomasz Dziubinski - Five-pointed Star

Five-pointed Star

Tomasz Dziubinski

Judy Wolinsky - Do I Have To Share

Do I Have To Share

Judy Wolinsky

Chris Smith - Bluebell forest

Bluebell forest

Chris Smith

Chris Smith - Purple sunset

Purple sunset

Chris Smith

Reid Callaway - Dragonfly Reflections...
Debbie Oppermann - The Gathering - Winter...

The Gathering - Winter...

Debbie Oppermann

Debbie Oppermann - Shadowed Allium Buds -...

Shadowed Allium Buds -...

Debbie Oppermann

Debbie Oppermann - Sunset On The Moon

Sunset On The Moon

Debbie Oppermann

Ron Grafe - Garden Waterfall
Ron Grafe - Fritillary Butterfly
Mike  Dawson - Kittitas Valley Sunset
Robert Bales - Mexican Hat

Mexican Hat

Robert Bales

Joy Watson - Golden Reflection
Ian Mitchell - Llyn Eigiau

Llyn Eigiau

Ian Mitchell

Bill  Wakeley - Small

Small's Swamp Trail

Bill Wakeley

David Hill - Waves lapping against...
Sarah Loft - Bare Bones

Bare Bones

Sarah Loft

Aimee L Maher -  Beach Sunset

Beach Sunset

Aimee L Maher

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Green moth on the leaf

Green moth on the leaf

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Sandra Bronstein - Sunrise on the Serengeti

Sunrise on the Serengeti

Sandra Bronstein

Jim Fitzpatrick - 3 Hippos Having Fun

3 Hippos Having Fun

Jim Fitzpatrick

Curtis Radclyffe - Olive Tree

Olive Tree

Curtis Radclyffe

Meg Rousher - Broad-winged Katydid
Steven Parker - Sailing Along

Sailing Along

Steven Parker

Parker Cunningham - Pine Trees At Sunset

Pine Trees At Sunset

Parker Cunningham

Reid Callaway - Tomotley Plantation...
Amanda Stadther - Horse


Amanda Stadther

Denyse Duhaime - Elegant Lotus Water Lily
Kim Andelkovic - Tasmania the Beautiful...
Reid Callaway - Sunrays


Reid Callaway

Jan Tyler - Spectacular Autumn Color...
Jeff  Swan - Awakened


Jeff Swan

Connie Fox - Bayou Reflections 3
Don Wright - The Golden Gate

The Golden Gate

Don Wright

Claudia Mottram - Sour-cherry blossoms

Sour-cherry blossoms

Claudia Mottram

Baslee Troutman Fine Photography Art - Floral Art Print Pink...

Floral Art Print Pink...

Baslee Troutman Fine Photography Art

David Freuthal - Sunset over the Gulf of...
David Freuthal - Purple Honeycreeper...

Purple Honeycreeper...

David Freuthal

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Wooden path in the...

Wooden path in the...

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Joerg Gundlach - the Curve

the Curve

Joerg Gundlach

Georgia Mizuleva - Into the Light

Into the Light

Georgia Mizuleva

Carol Sawyer - Inside A red Rose

Inside A red Rose

Carol Sawyer

Cynthia Guinn - Sun Peeping Out

Sun Peeping Out

Cynthia Guinn

Curtis Radclyffe - Moon over Amante Bay

Moon over Amante Bay

Curtis Radclyffe

Dan Myers - Country Sunrise

Country Sunrise

Dan Myers

Marian Palucci - Water


Marian Palucci

Maria Urso  - Sunlit Magnolia Bud
Robert Weiman - Christmas in June

Christmas in June

Robert Weiman

Janice Rae Pariza - Purple Clematis

Purple Clematis

Janice Rae Pariza

Luther   Fine Art - Bird- Austin White...

Bird- Austin White...

Luther Fine Art

Jeff Heimlich - Acadia Sunrise

Acadia Sunrise

Jeff Heimlich

Eddie Yerkish - Blue Heron

Blue Heron

Eddie Yerkish

Jordan Blackstone - Ice Age Wonder

Ice Age Wonder

Jordan Blackstone

Milan Gonda - Foggy Forest

Foggy Forest

Milan Gonda

Georgia Mizuleva - Liquid Silver Sunrise

Liquid Silver Sunrise

Georgia Mizuleva

Bryan Keil - Avo stretch

Avo stretch

Bryan Keil

Bruce Bley - We Have a Visitor
Reid Callaway - Sunset Sailboat at...

Sunset Sailboat at...

Reid Callaway

Alexander Senin - St Basil
Allen Beatty - Iris Abstract 4

Iris Abstract 4

Allen Beatty

Caitlyn  Grasso - Ruffles


Caitlyn Grasso

David Perry Lawrence - Pollen


David Perry Lawrence

Ken Smith - Moonset At Oxbow Bend
Sabrina L Ryan - Dramatic Dragonfly

Dramatic Dragonfly

Sabrina L Ryan

Jerry Cowart - Scenic Golden Wooden...
Jerry Cowart - Sunset With Clouds Over...
Dora Sofia Caputo - Sailboats at Mystic

Sailboats at Mystic

Dora Sofia Caputo

Jerry Cowart - Sunset Amusement Park...
Nancy E Stein - A Closer Look

A Closer Look

Nancy E Stein

Reid Callaway - Sunrise Circle on the...
Don Wright - The Glory of Stevens
Bryan Keil - Snowy flying by

Snowy flying by

Bryan Keil

Jean Noren - Macro White Flower
Lik Batonboot - Mountain Resort

Mountain Resort

Lik Batonboot

Georgia Mizuleva - Vesuvius Cloud Eruption

Vesuvius Cloud Eruption

Georgia Mizuleva

Lilliana Mendez - Kentile Floors II

Kentile Floors II

Lilliana Mendez

Ian Mitchell - Peaceful Lakeside

Peaceful Lakeside

Ian Mitchell

Michel Soucy - Equestrian in Texture
Sonali Gangane - Trail along with Rail

Trail along with Rail

Sonali Gangane

Julie Palencia - Morning Summer Mist

Morning Summer Mist

Julie Palencia

Janice Rae Pariza - Colorado Spring Aspens

Colorado Spring Aspens

Janice Rae Pariza

Christina Rollo - Beautiful Bluebird

Beautiful Bluebird

Christina Rollo

Janice Rae Pariza - Water and Wind

Water and Wind

Janice Rae Pariza

Marilyn Holkham - Lock 42 Cottage and Locks
Tim Good - Swirls


Tim Good

Judy Wolinsky - Spellbound


Judy Wolinsky

Claudia Mottram - Ready to pop

Ready to pop

Claudia Mottram

David Millenheft - Life flows by the river

Life flows by the river

David Millenheft

Claudia Mottram - Pink and white

Pink and white

Claudia Mottram

Deb Halloran - Tranquil Daisy

Tranquil Daisy

Deb Halloran

Karen Cook - Swift River Rush

Swift River Rush

Karen Cook

Karen Cook - PB and Jay

PB and Jay

Karen Cook

Dwight Cook - River


Dwight Cook

Karen Cook - Berries and sunshine
Bruce Bley - Serenity on the Lake.
Michel Soucy - Peek-a-Boo Owlet

Peek-a-Boo Owlet

Michel Soucy

Byron Varvarigos - Springtime Pink Hardy...

Springtime Pink Hardy...

Byron Varvarigos

Diane Schuster - Fallen Friends

Fallen Friends

Diane Schuster

Svetlana Sewell - Dark Hedges

Dark Hedges

Svetlana Sewell

Agata Wisniowska - Morning Mists

Morning Mists

Agata Wisniowska

Milan Gonda - Foggy Beech Forest

Foggy Beech Forest

Milan Gonda

Ian Mitchell - Midsummer Lake

Midsummer Lake

Ian Mitchell

 Bob Johnston - Winter Sunrise in Sierra...
Nina Stavlund - Angel Face...

Angel Face...

Nina Stavlund

Joe Jake Pratt - Watchful Eyes

Watchful Eyes

Joe Jake Pratt

Ron McMath - Kitty Finds Fresh Linen
Cynthia Guinn - Shells In The Sand

Shells In The Sand

Cynthia Guinn

Nicky Jameson - Sugar Beach Summer

Sugar Beach Summer

Nicky Jameson

Caitlyn  Grasso - Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy

Caitlyn Grasso

Rose-Maries Pictures - Still Waters

Still Waters

Rose-Maries Pictures

Doug McPherson - Gulp


Doug McPherson

Marilyn Holkham - Old English Sheepdogs

Old English Sheepdogs

Marilyn Holkham

Alana Ranney - Sunset Mt Blue

Sunset Mt Blue

Alana Ranney

Luther   Fine Art - Flower - Agapanthus  -  ...
David Millenheft - Below the clouds

Below the clouds

David Millenheft

Milan Gonda - Morning Fog

Morning Fog

Milan Gonda

Ian Mitchell - Sunset Llanberis Lake
Mr Bennett Kent - Picotee yellow tulip...

Picotee yellow tulip...

Mr Bennett Kent

Soul Full Sanctuary Photography By Tania Richley - Wafts of Pink

Wafts of Pink

Soul Full Sanctuary Photography By Tania Richley

Nina Stavlund - Owlsome Bird..

Owlsome Bird..

Nina Stavlund

Sandra Bronstein - Foggy Morning - Serengeti

Foggy Morning - Serengeti

Sandra Bronstein

Cynthia Guinn - Geese Island

Geese Island

Cynthia Guinn

Joy Watson - Rain Drops On Rose
Jeff Heimlich - Upper Doane

Upper Doane's Falls

Jeff Heimlich

Rod Seel - The Kansas Flint Hills...
Lyric Lucas - Philadelphia At Dusk
Luther   Fine Art - Bird - Austin Texas...

Bird - Austin Texas...

Luther Fine Art

Milan Gonda - Old Harry Rocks in...
Bruce Bley - Purple Iris Close Up
Andrea Moore - Fawn


Andrea Moore

Eunice Miller -  Dinghy On The Rocks In...
Aimee L Maher - Seagull Flight

Seagull Flight

Aimee L Maher

Amanda Stadther - Raccoon Kits

Raccoon Kits

Amanda Stadther

Susan Ince - Sea Gull Squak

Sea Gull Squak

Susan Ince

Kay Novy - Sitting Pretty Collie...
Caitlyn  Grasso - Tentacles


Caitlyn Grasso

Darren Wilkes - Sharing


Darren Wilkes

Ian Mitchell - Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity

Ian Mitchell

Alexander Senin - Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin's...

Alexander Senin

Diane Schuster - Autumn Dream

Autumn Dream

Diane Schuster

Denise Dube - Queen Mary Stacks and...
Jack Zulli - Jellies


Jack Zulli

Rod Ismay - Yellow Tulip with Red 2
Julie Palencia - Summer Ferris Wheel Fun
Karol  Livote - Butterfly Beauty

Butterfly Beauty

Karol Livote

Byron Varvarigos - Tropical Waterlily...

Tropical Waterlily...

Byron Varvarigos

Greg  Betsworth - Steel


Greg Betsworth

Greg  Betsworth - Walking


Greg Betsworth

Bob Christopher - The Beauty Of Barns 4

The Beauty Of Barns 4

Bob Christopher

Mike  Dawson - Gold Creek Mirror

Gold Creek Mirror

Mike Dawson

Claudia Mottram - The summit

The summit

Claudia Mottram

Matti Ollikainen - Triplets


Matti Ollikainen

Reid Callaway - Purple Haze

Purple Haze

Reid Callaway

Andrea Anderegg  - Serenity


Andrea Anderegg

Leif Sohlman - Looking For Stars

Looking For Stars

Leif Sohlman

Pete Edmunds - Catherine Palace Spires...
Beverly Guilliams - Collectible Marbles

Collectible Marbles

Beverly Guilliams

Amanda Stadther - Raccoons


Amanda Stadther

Steven Parker - Denvers Majestic...

Denvers Majestic...

Steven Parker

Steven Parker - Bridge Arch

Bridge Arch

Steven Parker

Ken Smith - One Among Many

One Among Many

Ken Smith

Sarah Loft - Reflection on a Parked...
Miryam  UrZa - British Things

British Things

Miryam UrZa

Anne Gilbert - Momentarily Neighbours
Jerry Cowart - Fishing Fleet Sunset...
Baslee Troutman Nature Art Prints - Bearded Irises Floral...

Bearded Irises Floral...

Baslee Troutman Nature Art Prints

Baslee Troutman Fine Art Prints - Dutch Iris Flowers...

Dutch Iris Flowers...

Baslee Troutman Fine Art Prints

Derek Knight - Downham Market King
Claudia Mottram - The view 1

The view 1

Claudia Mottram

Cynthia Guinn - Red-Tailed Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawk

Cynthia Guinn

Parker Cunningham - River Through The Clouds

River Through The Clouds

Parker Cunningham

Janice Rae Pariza - Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie

Janice Rae Pariza

Jim Fitzpatrick - Some of the Colors of...

Some of the Colors of...

Jim Fitzpatrick

Parker Cunningham - Savour Faire

Savour Faire

Parker Cunningham

Claudia Mottram - Little cabin

Little cabin

Claudia Mottram

Anastasia Konn - Wise One

Wise One

Anastasia Konn

Anastasia Konn - Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty Nest Syndrome

Anastasia Konn

Anastasia Konn - Bird Sanctuary

Bird Sanctuary

Anastasia Konn

David Freuthal - The storm threatens

The storm threatens

David Freuthal

David Freuthal - Smile for the camera

Smile for the camera

David Freuthal

David Freuthal - Butterfly


David Freuthal

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg - Outrigger Canoe Boats

Outrigger Canoe Boats

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg

Fotosas Photography - Chance encounter with...

Chance encounter with...

Fotosas Photography

Bill  Wakeley - Soaring


Bill Wakeley

Dorothy Menera - Summer Breakfast

Summer Breakfast

Dorothy Menera

Donna Doherty - Old Time Railroad Station
Alana Ranney - Jack in the Pulpit

Jack in the Pulpit

Alana Ranney

Zulfiya Stromberg - Fishermen


Zulfiya Stromberg

Mary Burr - Sundown Skylight
Allen Beatty - Water Lily 28

Water Lily 28

Allen Beatty

Martin Howard - Inner Light

Inner Light

Martin Howard

Jean Noren - Design in a Cabbage Leaf
Stuart Harrison - Evening Fishing

Evening Fishing

Stuart Harrison

Jacqueline Athmann - Fisherman

Fisherman's Paradise

Jacqueline Athmann

Cynthia Guinn - Disappearing Sun

Disappearing Sun

Cynthia Guinn

Robert Bales - Osprey Arriving Home
Nancy E Stein - Still Waters

Still Waters

Nancy E Stein

Paulette B Wright - Sugar Cane Field - Maui

Sugar Cane Field - Maui

Paulette B Wright

Kim Bemis - Arctic Terns at Sunset...
Andrea Moore - Reflections


Andrea Moore

Ian Mitchell - Llyn Gwynant

Llyn Gwynant

Ian Mitchell

Parker Cunningham - A Storm Is Coming

A Storm Is Coming

Parker Cunningham

M S Photography Art - Lapwing


M S Photography Art

Joerg Gundlach - Nockalm Road

Nockalm Road

Joerg Gundlach

Brian Chase - Pollen Time

Pollen Time

Brian Chase

Marcia Colelli - Giraffe


Marcia Colelli

Dora Sofia Caputo - Dahlia in Purple and...

Dahlia in Purple and...

Dora Sofia Caputo

Mike Griffiths - Big Red

Big Red

Mike Griffiths

Kym Backland - Let us bow our heads...
Beverly Guilliams - Morning Delight

Morning Delight

Beverly Guilliams

Parker Cunningham - Fall Tree

Fall Tree

Parker Cunningham

Eddie Yerkish - Sunset In The Mountains
Mike  Dawson - Fresh Asparagus

Fresh Asparagus

Mike Dawson

Jacqueline Athmann - Jon

Jon's Angel

Jacqueline Athmann

Kim Andelkovic - Cataract Gorge

Cataract Gorge

Kim Andelkovic

Deb Halloran - Beauty in the Sunlight
Lingfai Leung - Carina Peony

Carina Peony

Lingfai Leung

Lingfai Leung - Pink Firefly Peony

Pink Firefly Peony

Lingfai Leung

Angelika Kimmig - The large barrel

The large barrel

Angelika Kimmig

Georgia Mizuleva - Orange Sunrise

Orange Sunrise

Georgia Mizuleva

Georgia Mizuleva - Of Yachts and Skylines

Of Yachts and Skylines

Georgia Mizuleva

Bruce Bley - Purple Majesty

Purple Majesty

Bruce Bley

Parker Cunningham - Smelling the Flowers

Smelling the Flowers

Parker Cunningham

Karol  Livote - After The Rain

After The Rain

Karol Livote

Rod Seel - June Sky Osage County
Bob Christopher - Well Hello There

Well Hello There

Bob Christopher

Rose-Maries Pictures - Life is though

Life is though

Rose-Maries Pictures

Tomasz Dziubinski - Honeybee Romping in the...

Honeybee Romping in the...

Tomasz Dziubinski

Bob Christopher - Easter Island 2

Easter Island 2

Bob Christopher

James Peterson - Pheasant Reflection

Pheasant Reflection

James Peterson

Janice Rae Pariza - Forest of Purple...

Forest of Purple...

Janice Rae Pariza

Parker Cunningham - Autumn Harvest

Autumn Harvest

Parker Cunningham

Kim Andelkovic - Natures Beauty

Natures Beauty

Kim Andelkovic

Rod Seel - Cool and Green and Shady
Claudia Mottram - Splash


Claudia Mottram

Claudia Mottram - Sunset at Canobie Lake

Sunset at Canobie Lake

Claudia Mottram

Michael Kaczor - Electric Dragonfly

Electric Dragonfly

Michael Kaczor

Roger Reeves  and Terrie Heslop - Cat Eye

Cat Eye

Roger Reeves and Terrie Heslop

Jordan Blackstone - To Stand And Stare -...

To Stand And Stare -...

Jordan Blackstone

Carol Sawyer - Orange Poppy

Orange Poppy

Carol Sawyer

Rose-Maries Pictures - Blessed Time

Blessed Time

Rose-Maries Pictures

David Millenheft - Into the blue of Crater...
Mary Burr - Here
Ian Mitchell - Ocean Swirl

Ocean Swirl

Ian Mitchell

Diane Schuster - Overflowing


Diane Schuster

Brian Chase - Organic Carrots

Organic Carrots

Brian Chase

AnnaJo Vahle - The Cat and the Snake
Sandra Bronstein - Evening Serenity - Oregon

Evening Serenity - Oregon

Sandra Bronstein

Chris Lord - Winter Wonderland
Jeff  Swan - Sundown Facing West
Jacqueline Athmann - Busy Bee

Busy Bee

Jacqueline Athmann

Jacqueline Athmann - Salvia and Sunlight

Salvia and Sunlight

Jacqueline Athmann

Caitlyn  Grasso - Center Stage

Center Stage

Caitlyn Grasso

Georgia Mizuleva - Roman Morning - Shadow...

Roman Morning - Shadow...

Georgia Mizuleva

Chad Dutson - Warm the Soul

Warm the Soul

Chad Dutson

Milan Gonda - Slovak autumn mountains.
Karol  Livote - Dreamy Impressions

Dreamy Impressions

Karol Livote

David Millenheft - Mom and Baby on the go

Mom and Baby on the go

David Millenheft

Julie Palencia - Red Passion Oriental...
David Millenheft - Train Engine

Train Engine

David Millenheft

Stuart Harrison - Into the blue

Into the blue

Stuart Harrison

Susan Ince - Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin

Susan Ince

Leah Moore - Serene


Leah Moore

Laurie Perry - Centered Surf

Centered Surf

Laurie Perry

Eddie Yerkish - The Wedge 3

The Wedge 3

Eddie Yerkish

Allen Beatty - Delaney Sisters...

Delaney Sisters...

Allen Beatty

Andrea Kollo - Osprey Time of Year

Osprey Time of Year

Andrea Kollo

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - White Lightouse on the...

White Lightouse on the...

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Don Wright - Homeless Home

Homeless Home

Don Wright

Carol F Austin - House of GOD - Spiritual...
Laura Duhaime - Kayak Adventures

Kayak Adventures

Laura Duhaime

Mike  Dawson - Low Over the Water

Low Over the Water

Mike Dawson

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Brown wooden spiral...

Brown wooden spiral...

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Robert Bales - Sunset Over The Valley
Carol Sawyer - Pink Peony

Pink Peony

Carol Sawyer

Marian Palucci - Beauty Inside

Beauty Inside

Marian Palucci

Connie Fox - Baylor Female College...
Kathleen Bishop - Montezuma Quail in the...
Reid Callaway - Iron Horse Sunrise Young...
Ian Mitchell - St Beunos Church

St Beunos Church

Ian Mitchell

Janice Rae Pariza - Beauty in Nature

Beauty in Nature

Janice Rae Pariza

Jacqueline Athmann - Prairie Smoke #4

Prairie Smoke #4

Jacqueline Athmann

Jacqueline Athmann - On The Horizon

On The Horizon

Jacqueline Athmann

Parker Cunningham - A Treacherous Flight

A Treacherous Flight

Parker Cunningham

Parker Cunningham - Frangipani


Parker Cunningham

Claudia Mottram - Hollow


Claudia Mottram

David Millenheft - The Merced River

The Merced River

David Millenheft

Connie Fox - Weimar Motel Bungalows
Geoff Childs - Golden Island Sunrise.
David Hill - Cranes in the sunset
Deb Halloran - June Daisies

June Daisies

Deb Halloran

Anastasia Konn - Black and White

Black and White

Anastasia Konn

Anastasia Konn - Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom

Anastasia Konn

Anastasia Konn - Stare Down the Sun

Stare Down the Sun

Anastasia Konn

Eddie Yerkish - Redondo Beach Sunset

Redondo Beach Sunset

Eddie Yerkish

Baslee Troutman Fine Art Prints - Floral Fine Art Prints...

Floral Fine Art Prints...

Baslee Troutman Fine Art Prints

Gary Heller - Argent Lumber Company...
Doug McPherson - Florida Wildman

Florida Wildman

Doug McPherson

Kathleen Struckle - Satin


Kathleen Struckle

Karen Cook - Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart

Karen Cook

Karen Cook - Walk with me

Walk with me

Karen Cook

Maria Urso  - Sunrise 14-2

Sunrise 14-2

Maria Urso

Penny Meyers - Lilac Dreams

Lilac Dreams

Penny Meyers

Dan Myers - Fall In Sedona

Fall In Sedona

Dan Myers

Dwight Cook - Water Wheel

Water Wheel

Dwight Cook

Miryam  UrZa - Green bridge

Green bridge

Miryam UrZa

Miryam  UrZa - Old windmill

Old windmill

Miryam UrZa

Andrea Kollo - Late Afternoon Sun on...
Baslee Troutman Coastal Art Prints - Blue Seaglass Art Prints...

Blue Seaglass Art Prints...

Baslee Troutman Coastal Art Prints

Eddie Yerkish - Endless Summer

Endless Summer

Eddie Yerkish

Jennifer Doll - Beautiful and Mystical...
Laurie Perry - Patrick


Laurie Perry

Janice Rae Pariza - Pink Columbines

Pink Columbines

Janice Rae Pariza

Lori Pessin Lafargue - Sunkissed--Dewly Noted

Sunkissed--Dewly Noted

Lori Pessin Lafargue

Mary Lee Dereske - Cat and 1967 Chevy

Cat and 1967 Chevy

Mary Lee Dereske

Karol  Livote - Feather Wash

Feather Wash

Karol Livote

Susan Ince - Best Buds

Best Buds

Susan Ince

Karol  Livote - Double Cute

Double Cute

Karol Livote

Nina Stavlund - Stylish Hummer...

Stylish Hummer...

Nina Stavlund

David Hill - Ancient gate to a Zen...
Georgia Mizuleva - Shadows of Clouds

Shadows of Clouds

Georgia Mizuleva

Rene Triay Photography - The Essential Light

The Essential Light

Rene Triay Photography

Baslee Troutman Nature Photography Art - Pink Rose Flower Floral...

Pink Rose Flower Floral...

Baslee Troutman Nature Photography Art

Kathleen Bishop - Storm Over The Narrows

Storm Over The Narrows

Kathleen Bishop

Robyn King - Newly Born

Newly Born

Robyn King