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Photography for all ages and skill level



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Ronald Hanson

Somewhere, WA

United States

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This group was started on July 23rd, 2013 and currently has:

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Photography for all ages and skill level

About This Group

This group is a place for people to share their photography and ask for peoples opinion on how it is and how they could make it better. also a great place to make new friends as well. ,Also thinking about marketing your Photography maybe others could give advice on that as well.

I am a medically discharged Vet from the Army, and I am going back to college for a digital design degree. I have always love photography and been doing it since i could pick up a camera.

I am right now limiting 5 post of pictures a day unless someone thinks of another number i should allow, kinda new to this, so bare with me .

Yes rules for this group.... No foul language please, remember all ages is allowed in this group. Also please be respectful to everyone in the group, If i get to many complaints from a certain person, then I will remove you. Another rule is Again we allow all ages so again please be respectful in the images you post as well. I would love for this to be a clean fun group. again thanks for your support.

Now lets have fun and start sharing your photography and making new friends.
sincerely. Ron Hanson

Featured Images

Priscilla Burgers - Heart Spring

Heart Spring

Priscilla Burgers

Patrick Jacquet - Frozen forest BW

Frozen forest BW

Patrick Jacquet

Karen Cook - All is calm

All is calm

Karen Cook

Brenda Conrad - Philadelphia Freedom

Philadelphia Freedom

Brenda Conrad

Bob Christopher - You Light Up My Life 1

You Light Up My Life 1

Bob Christopher

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Tampa Bay Nightscape

Tampa Bay Nightscape

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography