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Photography and Paintings of Statues



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Michael Hoard

New Orleans, LA

United States

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This group was started on December 9th, 2012 and currently has:


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Photography and Paintings of Statues

About This Group

Greetings, from way down yonder in New Orleans, LA USA. I am pleased to announce the new group name has changed from (Photography of Statues) to:


This union was created to bring together all creative, accomplished, masterful artist together in the group. The previous group was limited to just photographers. Artist can now submit their paintings into the group. Example: Oils, water-colors, acrylic, sketches, Digital creations etc.

. Please submit 1 Photograph or Painting creation of statues, any medium to the group.

. Keep in mind that copyright laws protecting the creator of statues vary nationally and international, so make sure you read copyright laws pertaining to taking photos of certain statues before you attempt to market your prints for sale. Any legal issues pertaining to copyright laws should be solely the artist responsibility to review and do what is comfortable to you as an artist or photographer.

. Any discussion or ideas for the group Photography and Paintings of Statues will be welcomed for consideration. Please include any details of the statue you submit in the notes section (right hand column of the photo you upload) , name of sculptor, year so forth. In attempts to remain to the theme of the group, submissions of any medium pertaining to statues will be accepted for consideration into the group.

Revised July 1, 2014 Please include the name of the sculptor in your photographer notes, there are instances when this may not be possible but as a photographer or artist take the time out to research and give the sculptor due credit for hers/his beautiful creation.

The group has become of major interest to the Fine Art Community, In a matter of weeks the group has gone from very low activity to now high activity rankings.

The group has undergone a great makeover. The feature page will now be rotated and kept to minimum on the group home feature page. Any statue (photo or painting of a statue) having historic significance will be considered for a feature on the group home page. This group contains over 2,000 images of archival images of statues and sculptures, photography or digital photography and art.

Also, any related photo submitted by a member, example: a painting of a monument or sculpture having will be considered for the group or feature page.

Any unrelated photo such as landscapes, flowers, anything not pertaining to the group will be deleted.

(For Buyers and Visitors to the group please visit the various group tabs and contests hosted by the group and the winning member photos)

Group Administrator of Photography and Paintings of Statues, Michael Hoard

Featured Images

Jane Butera Borgardt - Three Graces

Three Graces

Jane Butera Borgardt

Jane Butera Borgardt - Andy Gump

Andy Gump

Jane Butera Borgardt

Jim Fitzpatrick - The Mustached Emperor of...
Christine Till - Saint Michael The...

Saint Michael The...

Christine Till

John Flack - In Mourning

In Mourning

John Flack

Brenda Conrad - In the Flesh

In the Flesh

Brenda Conrad

Brenda Conrad - Chained


Brenda Conrad

Bob Christopher - Wonderland 6

Wonderland 6

Bob Christopher

Catherine Gagne - Rochambeau


Catherine Gagne

Michael Flood - Bust Of Bearded Male

Bust Of Bearded Male

Michael Flood

Sally Weigand - Buddhist Statues

Buddhist Statues

Sally Weigand

Jerry Fornarotto - Weeping Angel

Weeping Angel

Jerry Fornarotto

Clifford Beck - Angel at the Gate

Angel at the Gate

Clifford Beck

Clifford Beck - Guardian of Freedom

Guardian of Freedom

Clifford Beck

Amber Matha - Messenger of God

Messenger of God

Amber Matha

Susan Candelario - Uncommon Valor Was A...

Uncommon Valor Was A...

Susan Candelario

Clifford Beck - Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace

Clifford Beck

Manuel Matas - Amor


Manuel Matas

Ivete Basso - Statue of Liberty After...
Georgia Mizuleva - The Goddess and Her...

The Goddess and Her...

Georgia Mizuleva

Menega Sabidussi - Emily - Spirit of...

Emily - Spirit of...

Menega Sabidussi

Diana Sainz -  Plaza de Francia
Catherine Gagne - Women

Women's Memorial

Catherine Gagne

Sora Neva - Eros and Cosmos - front...
Jack Zulli - Tom Landry - The Last...
Manuel Matas - Martin Luther King Jr...
Kathleen Struckle - Side Alter

Side Alter

Kathleen Struckle

Kathleen Struckle - Angel Of Love

Angel Of Love

Kathleen Struckle

Fei A - Surfer


Fei A

Kathleen Struckle - The Blessed Mother

The Blessed Mother

Kathleen Struckle

Karen Stephenson - Medici Lion Copy at...

Medici Lion Copy at...

Karen Stephenson

Sean Gautreaux - Mardi Gras Float...

Mardi Gras Float...

Sean Gautreaux

Bob Christopher - Ancient Egypt Karnak...

Ancient Egypt Karnak...

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Egypt Luxor Temple...

Egypt Luxor Temple...

Bob Christopher

Beth Vincent - I Lost My Head

I Lost My Head

Beth Vincent

Matthew Shalvatis - Bohdan Khmelnytsky Statue

Bohdan Khmelnytsky Statue

Matthew Shalvatis

Ed Weidman - Portrait Of A Lady
Brenda Conrad - Cemetery Full Moon

Cemetery Full Moon

Brenda Conrad

Gerald Strine - Velociraptor


Gerald Strine

Kathleen Struckle - Holding The Cross

Holding The Cross

Kathleen Struckle

Mark Victors - Monitor Sailor Monument
Juan Romagosa - Ceramic Snake

Ceramic Snake

Juan Romagosa

Georgia Mizuleva - Toss a Coin to Return -...
Kathleen Struckle - Angel Of Grace

Angel Of Grace

Kathleen Struckle

Juan Romagosa - Mosaic Sprites

Mosaic Sprites

Juan Romagosa

Manuel Matas - Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria

Manuel Matas

Kathleen Struckle - Sweet Sweet Smell

Sweet Sweet Smell

Kathleen Struckle

Tony Rubino - Creepy Dorothy In The...
Brian Wallace - Earl Weaver Statue

Earl Weaver Statue

Brian Wallace

RicardMN Photography - Buddha image in Po Win...

Buddha image in Po Win...

RicardMN Photography

Lali Kacharava - Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

Lali Kacharava

Allen Beatty - Franklin Delano...

Franklin Delano...

Allen Beatty

Allen Beatty - Martin Luther King Jr...
Catherine Gagne - Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed

Catherine Gagne

Manuel Matas - Boy-with-a-boot Fountain
Diana Sainz - Plaza De Francia 2 by...
Clifford Beck - Consecracion


Clifford Beck

Ann Horn - Millennium Monument...
Matthew Shalvatis - In Khreschatyk Park

In Khreschatyk Park

Matthew Shalvatis

Christine Till - The Alamo Cenotaph San...
Michael Flood - Contemplation Of Galileo
Laurie Perry - Muffler Man

Muffler Man

Laurie Perry

Kim Bemis - Ancient Buddha Statue -...
Ed Weidman - Mary-the Pieta

Mary-the Pieta

Ed Weidman

Ed Weidman - Boot Of Bravery

Boot Of Bravery

Ed Weidman

Ann Horn - Clothespin


Ann Horn

Ed Weidman - The Brave

The Brave

Ed Weidman

Christine Till - The Torch of Friendship
Bob Christopher - Wonderland 4

Wonderland 4

Bob Christopher

Diana Sainz - Charlotte Brick Kids in...
Kim Bemis - Sani Murti - Temple to...
Matthias Hauser - Memorial to the Unknown...
Cora Wandel - The Right Reverend...
Jennifer Stinson - Wat Si Saket Buddhas X

Wat Si Saket Buddhas X

Jennifer Stinson

Ann Powell - Serenity


Ann Powell

Laurie Perry - Stone Swans in the Rain
Catherine Gagne - Civil War Monument

Civil War Monument

Catherine Gagne

Juan Romagosa - Dorsal Fin

Dorsal Fin

Juan Romagosa

Brian Wallace - Rusty Wildlife

Rusty Wildlife

Brian Wallace

Cora Wandel - The American Flag Atop...
Tim G Ross - Lady and the Tower
Evgeny Pisarev - Memorial


Evgeny Pisarev

Lali Kacharava - St. George the Victorious
Mark Victors - Soldiers and Sailors...
Dyle   Warren - Our Lady Liberty

Our Lady Liberty

Dyle Warren

Jerry Fornarotto - Fairgrounds Unisphere

Fairgrounds Unisphere

Jerry Fornarotto

Ed Weidman - Pray For Us

Pray For Us

Ed Weidman

Tim G Ross - Versailles Fountain Paris
Nicola Nobile - Brother Andre

Brother Andre

Nicola Nobile

Ann Horn - Apostles


Ann Horn

Kathleen Struckle - She Holds Her Cross

She Holds Her Cross

Kathleen Struckle

PAMELA Smale Williams - Constantine the Emperor...

Constantine the Emperor...

PAMELA Smale Williams

Lali Kacharava - Saint


Lali Kacharava

Menega Sabidussi - Golden Sphere by the...

Golden Sphere by the...

Menega Sabidussi

Mike Martin - Grand Central Terminal...
Clifford Beck - Miranda II

Miranda II

Clifford Beck

Felix Concepcion - Redemeer


Felix Concepcion

Bob Christopher - Easter Island 2

Easter Island 2

Bob Christopher

Colin Utz - The Quadriga On The...
Clifford Beck - Praying Angel

Praying Angel

Clifford Beck

Kim Bemis - Shiva Statue at...
Nicola Nobile - War Soldiers on Patrol
Dany  Lison - The Blue Bear

The Blue Bear

Dany Lison

Rona Black - Oxford Geek

Oxford Geek

Rona Black

Janice Drew - William Bradford and...
Catherine Gagne - Hail to the Sunrise

Hail to the Sunrise

Catherine Gagne

Colin Utz - The Four Tetrarchs Of...
Ed Weidman - The Unisphere And...
Mike Martin - A Bird Brain

A Bird Brain

Mike Martin

John Schneider - World Fair World

World Fair World

John Schneider

Mike Martin - I Sleep to Awaken

I Sleep to Awaken

Mike Martin

Cora Wandel - Admiral David G. Farragut
Weston Westmoreland - Rape of the Sabine Women

Rape of the Sabine Women

Weston Westmoreland

Catherine Gagne - The Hiker

The Hiker

Catherine Gagne

Teresa Thomas - Love Statue

Love Statue

Teresa Thomas

Kim Bemis - Blue Goddess

Blue Goddess

Kim Bemis

Ann Horn - A World Away

A World Away

Ann Horn

Ann Horn - Logan Square Fountain
Cora Wandel - Borglum
Ann Horn - Eying City Traffic
Joe Jake Pratt - Year of the Dead

Year of the Dead

Joe Jake Pratt

Ann Horn - Gargoyle


Ann Horn

Brenda Conrad - So Sweet

So Sweet

Brenda Conrad

Kathleen Struckle - Two Angels

Two Angels

Kathleen Struckle

Kim Bemis - Park Fountain

Park Fountain

Kim Bemis

Victor Arriaga - George Washington

George Washington

Victor Arriaga

Daniel Thompson - Don

Don't Mess With The...

Daniel Thompson

Allen Beatty - The Breadline by George...
Nicola Nobile - Korean War Soldier 2

Korean War Soldier 2

Nicola Nobile

Ann Horn - Lots of Love

Lots of Love

Ann Horn

Gerald Strine - Phoenix Rising 1

Phoenix Rising 1

Gerald Strine

Weston Westmoreland - Dvarapala at Banteay Srey

Dvarapala at Banteay Srey

Weston Westmoreland

John Flack - Forgotten Cherub

Forgotten Cherub

John Flack

Allen Beatty - Meditation On Mourning
Jason Thompson - Drexel

Drexel's Angel

Jason Thompson

Kim Bemis - Bronze Shiva Statue -...
Allen Beatty - I Hate War

I Hate War

Allen Beatty

Ann Horn - Somewhat Fishy
Ann Horn - Marble Head

Marble Head

Ann Horn

Steven Richman - Sphinxes of Princeton

Sphinxes of Princeton

Steven Richman

Mike Martin - Jesus Speaks to the...
Brenda Conrad - Enjoying the Rain

Enjoying the Rain

Brenda Conrad

Ed Weidman - Pieta In Blue

Pieta In Blue

Ed Weidman

Cora Wandel - A Skyward Martin Luther
Colm Jackson - The Decisive Angel

The Decisive Angel

Colm Jackson

Sotiris Filippou - Great Alexander Greece

Great Alexander Greece

Sotiris Filippou

Ann Horn - No Greater Love
Christine Till - Waco - Branding the...

Waco - Branding the...

Christine Till

Ann Horn - Watching Chicago
Steven Richman - Warsaw Charles de Gaulle...
Steven Richman - Beirut Martyrs

Beirut Martyrs' Square

Steven Richman

Catherine Gagne - Gloucester Fishermans...

Gloucester Fishermans...

Catherine Gagne

Nicola Nobile - Korean War Soldier

Korean War Soldier

Nicola Nobile

Ann Horn - Spirit of Detroit...
Teresa Thomas - Ride Em

Ride Em' Cowboy

Teresa Thomas

Cora Wandel - Taras Shevchenko -- Bard...
RicardMN Photography - Un fleuve de liberte

Un fleuve de liberte

RicardMN Photography

Mia Tavonatti - Offering


Mia Tavonatti

Weston Westmoreland - Victory of Samothrace

Victory of Samothrace

Weston Westmoreland

Kathleen Struckle - Statue Of President...

Statue Of President...

Kathleen Struckle

Kathleen Struckle - Historical Museum...

Historical Museum...

Kathleen Struckle

Sean Gautreaux - New Orleans City Park...
Melissa Lohr - Blue angel

Blue angel

Melissa Lohr

Jim Fitzpatrick - City Hall San Francisco...
Mary Burr - Strength of Prayer
Beth Vincent - Angel - BW

Angel - BW

Beth Vincent

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Impression of Vegas...

Impression of Vegas...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Kathleen Struckle - Three Graces

Three Graces

Kathleen Struckle

John Malone - Jaguar


John Malone

Ed Weidman - Blessed Family

Blessed Family

Ed Weidman

Catherine Gagne - The Flag Defenders

The Flag Defenders

Catherine Gagne

Bob Christopher - Easter Island 13

Easter Island 13

Bob Christopher

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Korean War Veterans...

Korean War Veterans...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Kim Bemis - Boardwalk Plaza Entrance...
Anna Wacker - Slaughter House

Slaughter House

Anna Wacker

Andrei SKY - Hanuman


Andrei SKY

Anna Wacker - Broken Kore

Broken Kore

Anna Wacker

Greg Kluempers - The Awakening...

The Awakening...

Greg Kluempers

Stephen Stookey - Mr. Oriole - Brooks...

Mr. Oriole - Brooks...

Stephen Stookey

Teresa Thomas - Ride Em

Ride Em' Cowboy

Teresa Thomas

Mike Martin - Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II

Mike Martin

Kevin Woodbury - Cherub


Kevin Woodbury

Jennifer Stinson - Tongil Daebul at...

Tongil Daebul at...

Jennifer Stinson

Mike Martin - Fountain in the Fall
Bob Christopher - Easter Island 1

Easter Island 1

Bob Christopher

Cora Wandel - A Crown Of Snow

A Crown Of Snow

Cora Wandel

Steven Ralser - Bucky Badger

Bucky Badger

Steven Ralser

Weston Westmoreland - The Nile

The Nile

Weston Westmoreland

Ed Weidman - In Prayer

In Prayer

Ed Weidman

Stephen Stookey - Virgin of Guadalupe --...
Mike Martin - Along Mulberry Street
John Dauer - Something Fishy

Something Fishy

John Dauer

Greg Kluempers - The Naked Truth Antique...
Tony Rubino - Plastic Army Man...
Tony Rubino - Plastic Army Man...
Kim Bemis - Mother Divine Temple -...
Ann Horn - On the Cross

On the Cross

Ann Horn

Colm Jackson - The Listener Angel

The Listener Angel

Colm Jackson

Cora Wandel - Dr. Samuel Hahnemann...
Weston Westmoreland - The Tiber

The Tiber

Weston Westmoreland

Tony Rubino - Bruce Lee and Quotes
Catherine Fenner - Buddha

Buddha's Kiss

Catherine Fenner

Christine Till - Jesus St Louis Cemetery...
Gerald Strine - Snow Rider

Snow Rider

Gerald Strine

Ann Horn - Totem Twins

Totem Twins

Ann Horn

Mike Martin - Freedom of the Human...
Michael Saunders - Red Wall with Angel...

Red Wall with Angel...

Michael Saunders

Cora Wandel - A Victorious Churchill
Weston Westmoreland - Laocoon and the snake

Laocoon and the snake

Weston Westmoreland

Catherine Gagne - Vietnam Veterans Statue

Vietnam Veterans Statue

Catherine Gagne

Catherine Gagne - Indian Statue

Indian Statue

Catherine Gagne

Weston Westmoreland - La Pieta

La Pieta

Weston Westmoreland

Thomas Woolworth - Escape Suit Russian...

Escape Suit Russian...

Thomas Woolworth

Weston Westmoreland - Moses Michelangelo

Moses Michelangelo

Weston Westmoreland

Teresa Thomas - Fox statue

Fox statue

Teresa Thomas

Allen Beatty - Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Allen Beatty

Steve Taylor - Looking Through the...
Andrei SKY - Nexus by Alex Kosmas
Cora Wandel - John Howard Payne --...
Mike Martin - Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss

Mike Martin

Beth Vincent - Angel Wings

Angel Wings

Beth Vincent

Christine Till - Mother Teresa - St Louis...
Laurie Perry - Tinkertoys


Laurie Perry

Catherine Gagne - Korean War Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Catherine Gagne

Christine Till - Angel St Louis Cemetery...
Kim Bemis - Shiva Statue -...
Joanna Madloch - Dominating the Scene

Dominating the Scene

Joanna Madloch

Cora Wandel - Andrew Jackson Raising...
Samantha Ridgway - Lady Buddha Vietnam

Lady Buddha Vietnam

Samantha Ridgway

Laurie Perry - Lets Read

Lets Read

Laurie Perry

Stephen Stookey - Faithful Witnesses

Faithful Witnesses

Stephen Stookey

Kim Bemis - Buddha Statue - Albert...
Christine Till - Padre Pio - St Louis...
Cora Wandel - The Suicide Of Clover...
Beth Vincent - Sad Lady

Sad Lady

Beth Vincent

Cora Wandel - Three Soldiers In Vietnam
Matthias Hauser - Bronze statue of a boy...
Amanda Mohler - Flower-bed mit an angel...
Mike Martin - Two Heads...

Two Heads...

Mike Martin

Mike Martin - Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

Mike Martin

Gerald Strine - Cleopatra

Cleopatra's face

Gerald Strine

Jerry Fornarotto - NY Library Lion

NY Library Lion

Jerry Fornarotto

Lloyd Goldstein - Lady Liberty At Sunset

Lady Liberty At Sunset

Lloyd Goldstein

Laurie Perry - Playful Cherubs

Playful Cherubs

Laurie Perry

JAXINE Cummins - Quan Yen

Quan Yen

JAXINE Cummins

Sally Weigand - Parliament in Vienna...
RicardMN Photography - Remember that time

Remember that time

RicardMN Photography

Mike Martin - Extra Extra

Extra Extra

Mike Martin

Kim Bemis - Statue at the Vishwanath...
Catherine Gagne - Gloucester Fisherman

Gloucester Fisherman

Catherine Gagne

Joanna Madloch - Back Profile and Face

Back Profile and Face

Joanna Madloch

John Malone - Maria in Neon

Maria in Neon

John Malone

Steve Taylor - The Brace Position

The Brace Position

Steve Taylor

Catherine Gagne - Lyanough


Catherine Gagne

Steve Taylor - Post Quake Art

Post Quake Art

Steve Taylor

Allen Beatty - Sidewalk Catwalk 1

Sidewalk Catwalk 1

Allen Beatty

Laurie Perry - Hollis Fountain

Hollis Fountain

Laurie Perry

Allen Beatty - Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens

Allen Beatty

Jerry Fornarotto - Vietnam Memorial No. 1

Vietnam Memorial No. 1

Jerry Fornarotto

Thomas Woolworth - Carousel Horse Photo Art...
Rachel E Moniz - Seeking Enlightenment

Seeking Enlightenment

Rachel E Moniz

Ed Weidman - Blue Boy

Blue Boy

Ed Weidman

Rachel Lewis - Snow Angel

Snow Angel

Rachel Lewis

Kim Bemis - Jain Temple Amarkantak...
Kathleen K Parker - Baby Angel Statue New...

Baby Angel Statue New...

Kathleen K Parker

John Haldane - The Earth is in Our Hands
Kim Bemis - Statue at the Temple of...
Brenda Conrad - Shivers


Brenda Conrad

Joanna Madloch - Curiosity


Joanna Madloch

Rachel E Moniz - Stone Sentinel

Stone Sentinel

Rachel E Moniz

Joanna Madloch - Marble Matron

Marble Matron

Joanna Madloch

Catherine Gagne - Indian Statue

Indian Statue

Catherine Gagne

Jerry Fornarotto - Bob

Bob's Big Boy

Jerry Fornarotto

RicardMN Photography - Cruceiro In Galicia

Cruceiro In Galicia

RicardMN Photography

Kim Bemis - Ganesh Statue - Jabalpur...
David Hill - Chinese Stone Lion...
Victor Arriaga - Liberty Statue I

Liberty Statue I

Victor Arriaga

Joe Jake Pratt - Demon Of Drink

Demon Of Drink

Joe Jake Pratt

Stefano Senise - angel with the spear and...
Mike Martin - Funky Frog

Funky Frog

Mike Martin

Brenda Conrad - Snow Angel

Snow Angel

Brenda Conrad

Rona Black - Angel Moroni

Angel Moroni

Rona Black

Jim Fitzpatrick - Vietnam War Memorial...

Vietnam War Memorial...

Jim Fitzpatrick

Diana Sainz - John Wayne Statue by...
Diana Sainz - Yes I am a Cow Statue by...
JG Thompson - Native American Eagle...
JG Thompson - Children Playing...
Stefano Senise - Angels Bridge and Castle
David Hill - Art and Science in...
Gerald Strine - Snow Bird

Snow Bird

Gerald Strine

Melissa Lohr - Angellight


Melissa Lohr

Jerry Fornarotto - Bread Line

Bread Line

Jerry Fornarotto

Kathleen Struckle - Young Maiden Statue

Young Maiden Statue

Kathleen Struckle

Ed Weidman - Lunch With Prometheus
Kathleen Struckle - Young Child Statue

Young Child Statue

Kathleen Struckle

Mike Martin - Water in the Ear

Water in the Ear

Mike Martin

Ann Horn - Abe Lincoln

Abe Lincoln

Ann Horn

Ann Horn - Abraham Lincoln
Laurie Perry - Lion

Lion's Gate

Laurie Perry

Mario Legaspi - Beam of Light

Beam of Light

Mario Legaspi

Allen Beatty - The Flame of Liberty
Susan Candelario - Equal Justice Under Law

Equal Justice Under Law

Susan Candelario

David Hill - Japanese statue - Jizo -...
Melissa Lohr - Pray


Melissa Lohr

R A W M   - Angel Is Watching Over
David Hill - Four-armed deities guard...
Stefano Senise - Roman Baroque

Roman Baroque

Stefano Senise

Jim Fitzpatrick - All in the Family

All in the Family

Jim Fitzpatrick

Mike Martin - The Broncho Buster

The Broncho Buster

Mike Martin

Jim Fitzpatrick - Vietnam War Memorial...

Vietnam War Memorial...

Jim Fitzpatrick

Rachel E Moniz - Neptune


Rachel E Moniz

Dany  Lison - Vittorio Emanuele II...
Stefano Senise - Moais of Easter Island
Stefano Senise - Equestrian statue at...
Colin Hunt - Statue - 0148

Statue - 0148

Colin Hunt

Marianne NANA Betts - Hannibal


Marianne NANA Betts

Jim Fitzpatrick - Searching a loved Ones...
Tony Rubino - C-3PO Mug Shot

C-3PO Mug Shot

Tony Rubino

Marinescu Dan - Hercules


Marinescu Dan

Laurie Perry - Epiphany Statue

Epiphany Statue

Laurie Perry

Jim Fitzpatrick - Searching a loved Ones...
Christine Till - New Orleans Sacred Heart...
Tony Rubino - Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty

Tony Rubino

Tony Rubino - Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

Tony Rubino

Christine Till - New Orleans Cemeteries...
RicardMN Photography - Vintage statue of...

Vintage statue of...

RicardMN Photography

Laurie Perry - Lakeland Landmark

Lakeland Landmark

Laurie Perry

Rachel E Moniz - Waiting for Eternity

Waiting for Eternity

Rachel E Moniz

Beth Vincent - Sacred Heart of Jesus -...
Susan Ince - Garden Paradise

Garden Paradise

Susan Ince

Diana Sainz - Apollo and Pan Flute...
Jim Albritton - Angle Tree in Bay St....
Jim Albritton - Praying Nun Statue

Praying Nun Statue

Jim Albritton

Ann Horn - London Lion

London Lion

Ann Horn

RicardMN Photography - The Serra Cenotaph in...

The Serra Cenotaph in...

RicardMN Photography

Jerry Fornarotto - Contemplation of Justice...
Kelley Freel-Ebner - Ride The Wind

Ride The Wind

Kelley Freel-Ebner

Ed Weidman - Weathered Woman

Weathered Woman

Ed Weidman

Laurie Perry - Forgotten Garden

Forgotten Garden

Laurie Perry

David Hill - Equine nostalgia - horse...
RicardMN Photography - Vintage statue of Liberty

Vintage statue of Liberty

RicardMN Photography

Christine Till - New Orleans - Canal...

New Orleans - Canal...

Christine Till

Ed Weidman - An Afternoon Read
Harry G Harbin - Marcellus


Harry G Harbin

Alexander Snay - Holga Winged Figures of...
Ed Weidman - Sexy Angel

Sexy Angel

Ed Weidman

Ann Horn - Spirit of Detroit
Tara Potts - Haitian Soldiers Monument
David Smith - Red Red Rose in Black...
Ann Horn - Mostly Mane

Mostly Mane

Ann Horn

Ann Powell - Stone Angel in Sepia -...
Beth Vincent - Sacred Heart of Jesus
Chieko Shimado - Japanese beckoning cat...
Mike Martin - Prayers From Heaven
Ann Horn - Brooding over the City
David Hill - Scary character in...
Laurie Perry - Metal Art

Metal Art

Laurie Perry

Ed Weidman - Grand Central

Grand Central

Ed Weidman

Laurie Perry - Political Confusion

Political Confusion

Laurie Perry

Mike Martin - Amor Caritas

Amor Caritas

Mike Martin

Beth Vincent - My Savior bw

My Savior bw

Beth Vincent

Ann Horn - Mozart in Vienna
Ram Vasudev - Ganesh


Ram Vasudev

RicardMN Photography - Pomona on the Pulitzer...

Pomona on the Pulitzer...

RicardMN Photography

Mike Martin - The Grinch

The Grinch

Mike Martin

Tara Miller - St. Francis of Assisi
RicardMN Photography - Statue observing Glamis...

Statue observing Glamis...

RicardMN Photography

Thomas Woolworth - Point of No Return

Point of No Return

Thomas Woolworth

Ed Weidman - Serene Scene

Serene Scene

Ed Weidman

Jerry Fornarotto - Lincoln in Black and...

Lincoln in Black and...

Jerry Fornarotto

John Dauer - Caesars Fountain

Caesars Fountain

John Dauer

Jim Fitzpatrick - City Hall San Francisco...
Ed Weidman - Tragic Beauty

Tragic Beauty

Ed Weidman

Mike Martin - Confucius


Mike Martin

Ed Weidman - Blue Sky Angel

Blue Sky Angel

Ed Weidman

Thomas Woolworth - Mausoleum Stained Glass...
Janice Drew - Plymouth Training Green
Ed Weidman - Come Ye Blessed Of My...
Ann Powell - angel art -Broken Stone...
Diana Sainz - Future in Charlotte by...
Ed Weidman - Liberty In Black And...
Jerry Fornarotto - Lincoln with Fist Black...
Jean Hall - Civil War Soldier
Lloyd Goldstein - The Fair Haired Child

The Fair Haired Child

Lloyd Goldstein

Christi Kraft - Enshrined Forever

Enshrined Forever

Christi Kraft

Allen Beatty - Lady Liberty    2

Lady Liberty 2

Allen Beatty

Ram Vasudev - Buddha


Ram Vasudev

Brenda Conrad - Autumn Cemetery 2

Autumn Cemetery 2

Brenda Conrad

Brenda Conrad - Autumn Cemetery 1

Autumn Cemetery 1

Brenda Conrad

John Korth - Atlas - Direct Purchase
Mario Legaspi - Jonker Walk

Jonker Walk

Mario Legaspi

Antar Morrar - Muses


Antar Morrar

Kathleen Struckle - Dress Of Leaves

Dress Of Leaves

Kathleen Struckle

Colin Utz - Buddha - Siddhartha...
Steve Taylor - Kick Off Your Shoes

Kick Off Your Shoes

Steve Taylor

Matthew Shalvatis - Together Forever

Together Forever

Matthew Shalvatis

Kathleen English-Barrett - The Mourner

The Mourner

Kathleen English-Barrett

John Malone - Looking Up  Looking Down
Susan Candelario - Dr. Martin Luther King...

Dr. Martin Luther King...

Susan Candelario

Todd and candice Dailey - Seamen of the Great...

Seamen of the Great...

Todd and candice Dailey

Jerry Fornarotto - Statue No. 1

Statue No. 1

Jerry Fornarotto

Patricia Januszkiewicz - The Color of Life...

The Color of Life...

Patricia Januszkiewicz

Myrna Bradshaw - The Cavalry

The Cavalry

Myrna Bradshaw

Jean Hall - Angel of Number Eight
Thomas Woolworth - I Need a Lover

I Need a Lover

Thomas Woolworth

Sally Weigand - Lincoln and Son Statue
Jerry Fornarotto - Marine Corps War Memorial

Marine Corps War Memorial

Jerry Fornarotto

Jean Hall - Chinese Man and Pig
Henryk Gorecki - The Valley of Sphinks

The Valley of Sphinks

Henryk Gorecki

Brenda Conrad - Her Cross to Bear

Her Cross to Bear

Brenda Conrad

Steve Godleski - 1070


Steve Godleski

Beth Vincent - Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong

Beth Vincent

Tara Potts - Eagle Statue

Eagle Statue

Tara Potts

Charlie Brock - Contralto 24

Contralto 24

Charlie Brock

Steven Richman - Trafalgar Square at...

Trafalgar Square at...

Steven Richman

Ed Weidman - Two Women

Two Women

Ed Weidman

Jerry Fornarotto - Charging Bull

Charging Bull

Jerry Fornarotto

Allen Beatty - Korean War Vererans...
David Smith - Rocky Faces in the Sand
Steve Taylor - Loving Her Pregnant

Loving Her Pregnant

Steve Taylor

Steven Richman - Zurich View Along Tram...
Jean Hall - Mercury in Paris
Mike Martin - The Stallion

The Stallion

Mike Martin

Brenda Conrad - Bugler


Brenda Conrad

Mario Legaspi - Enter The Dragon

Enter The Dragon

Mario Legaspi

David Hill - Enormous smiling face
Jean Hall - Goddess of Compassion
Brenda Conrad - Shadows On Your Side

Shadows On Your Side

Brenda Conrad

Ed Weidman - The Falconer

The Falconer

Ed Weidman

Bob Christopher - Totem 3

Totem 3

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Totems 1

Totems 1

Bob Christopher

RicardMN Photography - Vaults and detail of...

Vaults and detail of...

RicardMN Photography

Jean Hall - Saint Somebody

Saint Somebody

Jean Hall

Brenda Conrad - Guardian


Brenda Conrad

Mario Legaspi - Facade of Manila...

Facade of Manila...

Mario Legaspi

Mike Martin - Going Uphill Fast

Going Uphill Fast

Mike Martin

Sotiris Filippou - The Painter

The Painter

Sotiris Filippou

Sotiris Filippou - Hey there Beautiful

Hey there Beautiful

Sotiris Filippou

Sotiris Filippou - Women and Flowers

Women and Flowers

Sotiris Filippou

Mike Martin - National Iwo Jima...
Brenda Conrad - Gothic


Brenda Conrad

Michelle and John Ressler - A Mother

A Mother's Love

Michelle and John Ressler

Dany  Lison - Batholdi Fountain
Kylani Arrington - Woman in Stone

Woman in Stone

Kylani Arrington

Jean Hall - Madonna of the Wall
Sotiris Filippou - Golden Mask II

Golden Mask II

Sotiris Filippou

Sotiris Filippou - Golden Mask III

Golden Mask III

Sotiris Filippou

Mario Legaspi - 272 Steps

272 Steps

Mario Legaspi

Sotiris Filippou - Golden Mask

Golden Mask

Sotiris Filippou

Coertje Feil - Hey Get This Bird Off My...
Jean Hall - Exhibitionist


Jean Hall

Terry Webb Harshman - La Pieta 3

La Pieta 3

Terry Webb Harshman

Mary  Smyth - Grief


Mary Smyth

Ed Weidman - Devotion


Ed Weidman

Rona Black - Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin

Rona Black

John Malone - Wood Creature

Wood Creature

John Malone

Steve Godleski - Ivy


Steve Godleski

Steve Godleski - Awake by the Sea

Awake by the Sea

Steve Godleski

Mike Martin - Teasing Child with Grapes
Robert Ford - Memory to Bart Simpson...
Robert Ford - Art Nouveau style Opera...
Ed Weidman - Casino Jester

Casino Jester

Ed Weidman

Jon Cody - Child and Soldier
Timothy Lowry - Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison

Timothy Lowry

Jennifer Lyon - Cemetery Angel

Cemetery Angel

Jennifer Lyon

Brenda Conrad - Adorned


Brenda Conrad

Jean Hall - Namaste


Jean Hall

Sotiris Filippou - Still Beauty

Still Beauty

Sotiris Filippou

Mike Martin - Prometheus


Mike Martin

Allen Beatty - Liberation Monument

Liberation Monument

Allen Beatty

Dany  Lison - Leonardo


Dany Lison

Jean Hall - Martyrs

Martyrs' Square

Jean Hall

Todd and candice Dailey - Twins Statue Of Liberty

Twins Statue Of Liberty

Todd and candice Dailey

Todd and candice Dailey - Twins Mickey Mouse

Twins Mickey Mouse

Todd and candice Dailey

Sotiris Filippou - Art is everywhere

Art is everywhere

Sotiris Filippou

Mary  Smyth - Stone Angel IV

Stone Angel IV

Mary Smyth

Mary  Smyth - Stone Angel Water...
Christine Till - Winslow Arizona - Such a...
Sotiris Filippou - Dance of Colors

Dance of Colors

Sotiris Filippou

Blake Richards - Statue of Liberty Vegas
Terry Webb Harshman - Gargoyle on the Italian...

Gargoyle on the Italian...

Terry Webb Harshman

Karen E Camilleri - Stone Angel

Stone Angel

Karen E Camilleri

Kathleen K Parker - Saucy


Kathleen K Parker

Sotiris Filippou - Chinese Art

Chinese Art

Sotiris Filippou

Allen Beatty - Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Allen Beatty

Diana Sainz - Secrets By Diana Sainz
Ed Weidman - Rope Monster

Rope Monster

Ed Weidman

Kathleen K Parker - Golden Archer

Golden Archer

Kathleen K Parker

Bob Christopher - Wall of Buddhas

Wall of Buddhas

Bob Christopher

Darin Volpe - Korean War Veteran
Jean Hall - Diana on the Wall
Sotiris Filippou - Shadow Steed

Shadow Steed

Sotiris Filippou

Ed Weidman - Mary In Manger

Mary In Manger

Ed Weidman

Jean Hall - Chinese Lion

Chinese Lion

Jean Hall

Christine Till - Navajo Code Talkers -...
Allen Beatty - Iwo Jima Memorial

Iwo Jima Memorial

Allen Beatty

Allen Beatty - Thomas Jefferson Capitol...
Mary  Smyth - Stone Angel VI

Stone Angel VI

Mary Smyth

Christine Till - Navajo Code Talker -...
Sotiris Filippou - Torch-Bearer


Sotiris Filippou