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Painterly Fine Art - 1 per day



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Painted Ladies Inc

Willow, ALASKA

United States

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This group was started on January 31st, 2013 and currently has:

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Painterly Fine Art - 1 per day

About This Group

Paintings and drawings in painterly style. Traditional mediums only.

A Painterly style has the following qualities: Movement, area of focus, brush work, colorful harmonies, organic forms, passion and intent, bravura, virtuosity, quality of light Traditional, representational, impressionist, plein air, abstract, expressionist, modern, contemporary
**One submission per day, no photography, digital works, or nudes** Only the best, and highest quality works are featured. Artists, YOU MUST click here to read and reply to the policies in order to be accepted into this group!

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Featured Images

Dan Twitchell - Autumn Denali Bears

Autumn Denali Bears

Dan Twitchell

Bonnie Mason - Once Remembered

Once Remembered

Bonnie Mason

Loretta Luglio - Wildflower Celebration

Wildflower Celebration

Loretta Luglio

Jim Whalen - Confection


Jim Whalen

Lee Piper - Country Life

Country Life

Lee Piper

Donna Tuten - Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

Donna Tuten

Becky Kim - My Son

My Son

Becky Kim

R W Goetting - Tales of Poe

Tales of Poe

R W Goetting

Susan Kuznitsky - The Weaver

The Weaver

Susan Kuznitsky

Peggy Johnson - Autumn RIver Bridge

Autumn RIver Bridge

Peggy Johnson

Giancarlo Vitali - The cat

The cat

Giancarlo Vitali

Phyllis Beiser - Triple Trout

Triple Trout

Phyllis Beiser

Fiona Craig - White Lotuses 1

White Lotuses 1

Fiona Craig

Patricia Awapara - Here Comes the Sunshine

Here Comes the Sunshine

Patricia Awapara

Michael Swanson - Ghost Flight RL206

Ghost Flight RL206

Michael Swanson

Phyllis Beiser - Rio Grande Cichlids

Rio Grande Cichlids

Phyllis Beiser

Joey Agbayani - Vigan Houses 2

Vigan Houses 2

Joey Agbayani

Lutz Baar - Navigare


Lutz Baar

Cindy Roesinger - Sunset at Hansel Park

Sunset at Hansel Park

Cindy Roesinger

Veikko Suikkanen - Red Leaves

Red Leaves

Veikko Suikkanen

Ahmed Bayomi - Cat


Ahmed Bayomi

David John Dietrich - The Proposal

The Proposal

David John Dietrich

Becky Kim - Faris 2

Faris 2

Becky Kim