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Our 4-Legged Friends



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Mariola Bitner

Aliso Viejo, CA

United States

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This group was started on May 8th, 2008 and currently has:

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Our 4-Legged Friends

About This Group


Use our discussions to tell a story about your image and share your 4 legged related artwork.

From Hamster to Doberman, Mole up to Elephant ... cats, dogs, ferrets, etc.
Just NO spiders, snakes and so on - they have either more than 4 legs or no legs at all.

Please use our Discussion group to let know how you capture your images of our 4-legged friends :)

NO DIGITAL MANIPULATION except some colour enhancement

Each image will be reviewed before being added. The group has images from before it was moderated so these will be gone through soon and any images against the rules of the group will be removed

LOGO of the Month provided by:

January (2015).......................... Jayne Carney
February (2015)......................... Stuart Harrison
March (2015)............................. Christy Cox
April (2015)............................... Stephen Stookey
May (2015)................................ Irina Sumanenkova
June (2014)............................. Geri Glavis
July (2014)................................ Donna Tuten
August (2014).......................... Kathleen Struckle
September (2014).................... Sarah Batalka
October (2014)........................ Kym Backland
November (2014)......................Karen Cook
December (2014)..................... Shelby Young

LOGO FOR THE MONTH OF April: Irina Sumanenkova

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Featured Images

Chrystyne Novack - For Me?

For Me?

Chrystyne Novack

TN Fairey - Mother

Mother's Love

TN Fairey

Debra Hall - Alley Cat

Alley Cat

Debra Hall

Valerie Anne Kelly - Palomino


Valerie Anne Kelly

Rachel Hames - I

I've Got All Night

Rachel Hames

Diana Sainz - Celoca_155A9387


Diana Sainz

Geraldine Scull   - Turtle on rocks

Turtle on rocks

Geraldine Scull

VLee Watson - Brassy Our Birman

Brassy Our Birman

VLee Watson

P Maure Bausch - Little Wobbley

Little Wobbley

P Maure Bausch

Julie McDoniel - Bubbles


Julie McDoniel

Gina Levesque - Baby Duck

Baby Duck

Gina Levesque

Carol Neal - Quilted Dog

Quilted Dog

Carol Neal

Linda McMillen - Izzy


Linda McMillen

Karen  Majkrzak - Chipmunk in Daisies

Chipmunk in Daisies

Karen Majkrzak

Teshia Art - Crimson Cries

Crimson Cries

Teshia Art

Sally Weigand - Zebra Scene

Zebra Scene

Sally Weigand

Cecily Mitchell - Dog in Car

Dog in Car

Cecily Mitchell

Jamie Anderson - Wild Horse

Wild Horse

Jamie Anderson

Lori Brackett - Wolf Among Foxtails

Wolf Among Foxtails

Lori Brackett

Selma Glunn - Reflections


Selma Glunn

Kenneth Summers - Froggy Back Ride

Froggy Back Ride

Kenneth Summers

Lady I F Abbie Shores - For the Love of a Pony

For the Love of a Pony

Lady I F Abbie Shores

Lady I F Abbie Shores - Horse Meadow

Horse Meadow

Lady I F Abbie Shores

Christelle Grey - Young Leopard

Young Leopard

Christelle Grey

LKB Art and Photography - The Arab

The Arab

LKB Art and Photography

Kimberly Lavelle - Always In My Heart

Always In My Heart

Kimberly Lavelle

Hanny Heim - Moose Zone

Moose Zone

Hanny Heim

Dr Pat Gehr - Friendly Encounter

Friendly Encounter

Dr Pat Gehr

Dr Pat Gehr - Katies Bailey

Katies Bailey

Dr Pat Gehr

Art by Danielle - Happy Tabby

Happy Tabby

Art by Danielle

Melissa Coffield - Bear Dog at Work

Bear Dog at Work

Melissa Coffield

Melissa Coffield - Bear Dog

Bear Dog

Melissa Coffield

Steven Van Gucht - Rigel


Steven Van Gucht

Steven Van Gucht - Jake


Steven Van Gucht

Carol Neal - Quilted Turtle

Quilted Turtle

Carol Neal

Joe Bledsoe - Coke is

Coke is

Joe Bledsoe

Louise Hill - What?


Louise Hill

Nava  Thompson - Colorado Elk

Colorado Elk

Nava Thompson

Janice Rae Pariza - Ladies Day Out

Ladies Day Out

Janice Rae Pariza

Warren Thompson - Friendly Face

Friendly Face

Warren Thompson

Warren Thompson - Siblings


Warren Thompson

Hilda Vandergriff - I Love You

I Love You

Hilda Vandergriff

Lauren Hammack - CATastic


Lauren Hammack

Arterra Picture Library - 150501p097


Arterra Picture Library

Arterra Picture Library - 150501p089


Arterra Picture Library

Chrisann Ellis - Kitty


Chrisann Ellis

Linda Eversole - Max


Linda Eversole

Amy Sorrell - Fox


Amy Sorrell

Trudy Brodkin Storace -    Iguana Strolling Waterway

Iguana Strolling Waterway

Trudy Brodkin Storace

Angela J Wright - Us


Angela J Wright

Debra Hall - Splash


Debra Hall

Ed Weidman - Turtle In Green

Turtle In Green

Ed Weidman

Marty Fancy - Winter Doe

Winter Doe

Marty Fancy

Richard Bryce and Family - Resting Happy Koala

Resting Happy Koala

Richard Bryce and Family

Susan Duda - Phoebie


Susan Duda

Sherry Shipley - Coat of Many Colors

Coat of Many Colors

Sherry Shipley

Teresa Zieba - Bighorn Sheep Ram

Bighorn Sheep Ram

Teresa Zieba

P Maure Bausch - The Raggit

The Raggit

P Maure Bausch

Jean Cormier - Jenks


Jean Cormier

Wendy Shoults - Special Delivery

Special Delivery

Wendy Shoults

Elizabeth Duggan - Woodland Squirrel

Woodland Squirrel

Elizabeth Duggan

Saundra Myles - Elephant


Saundra Myles

Jane Schnetlage - Abstract Giraffes

Abstract Giraffes

Jane Schnetlage

Bette Orr - Bullie Buds

Bullie Buds

Bette Orr

Terrie Stickle - Thanks for the Bed

Thanks for the Bed

Terrie Stickle

Jim Garrison - Hit the Road Jack

Hit the Road Jack

Jim Garrison

Glenn Holbrook - The Last Buffalo

The Last Buffalo

Glenn Holbrook

Four Hands Art - Wild Horses 5

Wild Horses 5

Four Hands Art

Four Hands Art - Wild Horses 4

Wild Horses 4

Four Hands Art

Valerie Anne Kelly - Gunmetal


Valerie Anne Kelly

Teresa A Lang - Intensity


Teresa A Lang

Miroslava Jurcik - When you got to go...

When you got to go...

Miroslava Jurcik

Krista  May - Full Moon Meow

Full Moon Meow

Krista May

Krista  May - The Lifeguard

The Lifeguard

Krista May

Roger Reeves  and Terrie Heslop - Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Roger Reeves and Terrie Heslop

Judith Killgore - Darling Daisy

Darling Daisy

Judith Killgore

Phillip W Strunk - Fox Profile

Fox Profile

Phillip W Strunk

Joseph Juvenal - Family Pride

Family Pride

Joseph Juvenal

Janice Rae Pariza - Laughing Alpaca

Laughing Alpaca

Janice Rae Pariza

Teresa A Lang - Dainty Legs

Dainty Legs

Teresa A Lang

Kenneth Summers - Four eyes

Four eyes

Kenneth Summers

Andrew Read - Howling Wolf

Howling Wolf

Andrew Read

Jim Garrison - Tlc


Jim Garrison

Wendy Whiteside - The Danes

The Danes

Wendy Whiteside

Mary Lee Dereske - The Approaching Cat

The Approaching Cat

Mary Lee Dereske

Vadim Boytsov - Watching over time

Watching over time

Vadim Boytsov

P Maure Bausch - Cinnamon Bear

Cinnamon Bear

P Maure Bausch

P Maure Bausch - The Prize

The Prize

P Maure Bausch

Anita Hubbard - Sittin

Sittin' Pretty

Anita Hubbard

Anita Hubbard - SunHorse


Anita Hubbard

Chrystyne Novack - Pocket of Warmth

Pocket of Warmth

Chrystyne Novack

Yoko Maria - Black Cat

Black Cat

Yoko Maria

Jeanette C Landstrom - Beautiful Black Tailed Buck

Beautiful Black Tailed Buck

Jeanette C Landstrom

Teresa Zieba - Ground Squirrel

Ground Squirrel

Teresa Zieba

Lucia Stewart - Glass House

Glass House

Lucia Stewart

Lucia Stewart - Hiding out

Hiding out

Lucia Stewart

Joye Ardyn Durham - Dogs


Joye Ardyn Durham

Richard Reeve - That

That's a Big Jump

Richard Reeve

Selma Glunn - Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie

Selma Glunn

Courtney Dagan - Chessie


Courtney Dagan

Leslie Hunziker - The Thinker

The Thinker

Leslie Hunziker

Lauren Hammack - Justice The Tuxedo Cat

Justice The Tuxedo Cat

Lauren Hammack

Lynn Hopwood - Wild horses

Wild horses

Lynn Hopwood

Christina McKinney - It

It's a Moo Point

Christina McKinney

Valerie Anne Kelly - Broadland walk

Broadland walk

Valerie Anne Kelly

Carolina Matthes - Swirly Bunny

Swirly Bunny

Carolina Matthes

KJ Bruce - Infinity Fusion Art - Cats


KJ Bruce - Infinity Fusion Art

Juli Scalzi - Black Cows

Black Cows

Juli Scalzi

Jeffrey Koss - Autumn Trail Ride

Autumn Trail Ride

Jeffrey Koss

Linsey Williams - Hoof Shine Goat

Hoof Shine Goat

Linsey Williams

TN Fairey - Spring Treats

Spring Treats

TN Fairey

Emmy Marie Vickers - Observing From A Distance

Observing From A Distance

Emmy Marie Vickers

Valia Bradshaw - Pekingese Portrait

Pekingese Portrait

Valia Bradshaw

Warren Thompson - Sunrise with Booker

Sunrise with Booker

Warren Thompson

Pamela Benham - Kitten Snow Emerald

Kitten Snow Emerald

Pamela Benham

Joanna Madloch - Urban Herdsman

Urban Herdsman

Joanna Madloch

Digital Designs - Spirit Buffalo Portrait

Spirit Buffalo Portrait

Digital Designs

Heather Coen - Fox


Heather Coen

Sherry Shipley - English Blue

English Blue

Sherry Shipley

Liya Boge - Augustus


Liya Boge

Mariola Bitner - The Masked Bandit

The Masked Bandit

Mariola Bitner

EricaMaxine  Price - Guarding the Moon

Guarding the Moon

EricaMaxine Price

Noa Yerushalmi - Giraffe


Noa Yerushalmi

Gina Levesque - Fox Baby

Fox Baby

Gina Levesque

William Wilcox - Elephant profile

Elephant profile

William Wilcox

Stephanie Golman - Black Lab

Black Lab

Stephanie Golman

David Zimmerman - Hayburners


David Zimmerman

EricaMaxine  Price - Laying in Wait

Laying in Wait

EricaMaxine Price

Leslie Hunziker - Lazy Days

Lazy Days

Leslie Hunziker

Abeselom Zerit - American Bison II

American Bison II

Abeselom Zerit

Vicki Spindler - Splashing Around

Splashing Around

Vicki Spindler

Andrea Borden - Rogue Intent

Rogue Intent

Andrea Borden

Lisa Young - Up Close

Up Close

Lisa Young

Daniel Eskridge - Buffalo Guard

Buffalo Guard

Daniel Eskridge

Vicki Spindler - Garden Bridge

Garden Bridge

Vicki Spindler

CheyAnne Sexton - Taos Blue

Taos Blue

CheyAnne Sexton

 The Art Of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - My Sweet Little Cutie

My Sweet Little Cutie

The Art Of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene

Danguole Serstinskaja - The Spotted Horse

The Spotted Horse

Danguole Serstinskaja

Chuck  Hicks - Jump


Chuck Hicks

Carol Neal - Company Coming

Company Coming

Carol Neal

Anna Serebryanik - Baby Love

Baby Love

Anna Serebryanik

Don Columbus - Buck in My Backyard

Buck in My Backyard

Don Columbus

Trudi Simmonds -  Graduation Day

Graduation Day

Trudi Simmonds

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen - Nina

Nina's Rabbit

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

Gina Levesque - Butterfly


Gina Levesque

Julie McDoniel - Dog Treat

Dog Treat

Julie McDoniel

Colin Hunt - Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel

Colin Hunt

Maria Coulson - Brothers


Maria Coulson

Frances Marino - Shattered


Frances Marino

David Zimmerman - Carrying the Hay

Carrying the Hay

David Zimmerman

Patti Deters - Bison with Calves

Bison with Calves

Patti Deters

Wendy Whiteside - On the Dock

On the Dock

Wendy Whiteside

Vicki Spindler - Gone Swimming

Gone Swimming

Vicki Spindler

Lynn Sprowl - Wild White Horse

Wild White Horse

Lynn Sprowl

Barbara S Nickerson - Give Me A Home

Give Me A Home

Barbara S Nickerson

Noa Yerushalmi - Leopard


Noa Yerushalmi

P Maure Bausch - Just a Little More

Just a Little More

P Maure Bausch

Noa Yerushalmi - White Wolves

White Wolves

Noa Yerushalmi

Phillip W Strunk - Lemur in Longing

Lemur in Longing

Phillip W Strunk

Vicki Spindler - I Can Reach

I Can Reach

Vicki Spindler

Gina Levesque - Butterfly


Gina Levesque

Steven  Michael - Cinnamon


Steven Michael

Robyn Green - Cats Eyes

Cats Eyes

Robyn Green

Larry Weingartner - Sea Turtile

Sea Turtile

Larry Weingartner

Kristina Deane - I carry a BIG stick

I carry a BIG stick

Kristina Deane

Linda Becker - Here comes dinner

Here comes dinner

Linda Becker

Phyllis Andrews - Spring


Phyllis Andrews

Jeff  Swan - Kissing but

Kissing but

Jeff Swan

Colin Hunt - Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel

Colin Hunt

Tiffany Thornton - Roar


Tiffany Thornton

Maria Coulson - Imposing


Maria Coulson

Jane Schnetlage - Bulldog Puppy On Red

Bulldog Puppy On Red

Jane Schnetlage

James Peterson - Wink


James Peterson

Gina Levesque - Snowy owl

Snowy owl

Gina Levesque

Vickie G Buccini - Roxy


Vickie G Buccini

David Hobbs - Waiting


David Hobbs

Andrea Borden - Rogue Focused

Rogue Focused

Andrea Borden

Myrna Bradshaw - Proud Donkey Mom

Proud Donkey Mom

Myrna Bradshaw

Wendy Hackett - Best Friends

Best Friends

Wendy Hackett

Donna Kennedy - Gentle Nuzzle

Gentle Nuzzle

Donna Kennedy

Lutz Baar - Toro Colorful

Toro Colorful

Lutz Baar

EricaMaxine  Price - Lots of Bull

Lots of Bull

EricaMaxine Price

Roger Wedegis - Contented


Roger Wedegis

Chrystyne Novack - The Waiting Window

The Waiting Window

Chrystyne Novack

Hanny Heim - Mister Petz

Mister Petz

Hanny Heim

Valerie Anne Kelly - Comanche


Valerie Anne Kelly

Lorraine Baum - Come Join Me Mom

Come Join Me Mom

Lorraine Baum

Joan Mace - Stampede


Joan Mace

Agata Wisniowska - Satisfaction


Agata Wisniowska

P Maure Bausch - Bear in the Woods 2

Bear in the Woods 2

P Maure Bausch

Diana Dearen - Rosy


Diana Dearen

Diane Pape - Take a Fun Break

Take a Fun Break

Diane Pape

Emmy Marie Vickers - Wishing On A Plane

Wishing On A Plane

Emmy Marie Vickers

Jamie Anderson - 3 Wild Amigos

3 Wild Amigos

Jamie Anderson

Rod  Giffels - Kigers on the Move

Kigers on the Move

Rod Giffels

Daniel Eskridge - Styracosaurus


Daniel Eskridge

Laurence Canter - Great Dane Leonid

Great Dane Leonid

Laurence Canter

Jack Chambers - Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat

Jack Chambers

Wendy Whiteside - Tall Grass

Tall Grass

Wendy Whiteside

Judy Kay - Wild One

Wild One

Judy Kay

Lady I F Abbie Shores - Resting


Lady I F Abbie Shores

Richard Bryce and Family - Elephant Having a Dust Bath

Elephant Having a Dust Bath

Richard Bryce and Family

Linda Eversole - Panda


Linda Eversole

Lady I F Abbie Shores - The Mare

The Mare

Lady I F Abbie Shores

David Zimmerman - Frosty Morning

Frosty Morning

David Zimmerman

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Faith Hill-0725

Faith Hill-0725

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Ella Kaye Dickey - Texas Longhorn - Pride

Texas Longhorn - Pride

Ella Kaye Dickey

Jamie Anderson - Horse of the Dunes

Horse of the Dunes

Jamie Anderson

Lowell Monke - Prairie dog Winter

Prairie dog Winter

Lowell Monke

Lowell Monke - Bison Cow and Calf

Bison Cow and Calf

Lowell Monke

Kimberly Lavelle - Show Me The Way

Show Me The Way

Kimberly Lavelle

Hal Halli - White Lassie

White Lassie

Hal Halli

Patti Deters - Pronghorn Portriat

Pronghorn Portriat

Patti Deters

Wendy Whiteside - At the Beach

At the Beach

Wendy Whiteside

Mike  Dawson - Treetop Koala

Treetop Koala

Mike Dawson

Jerome Stumphauzer - Neon Giraffe

Neon Giraffe

Jerome Stumphauzer

Lady I F Abbie Shores - Mr Darcy

Mr Darcy

Lady I F Abbie Shores

Valerie Anne Kelly - Rajah


Valerie Anne Kelly

Janis Knight - Big-horned Sheep

Big-horned Sheep

Janis Knight

Diane Wallace - Here

Here's Looking At You

Diane Wallace

Scott Wallace  - Boxer Portrait

Boxer Portrait

Scott Wallace

Gina Levesque - Snow Goose

Snow Goose

Gina Levesque

Hilda Vandergriff - Baby Horse

Baby Horse

Hilda Vandergriff

CheyAnne Sexton - Costilla Pony

Costilla Pony

CheyAnne Sexton

Barbara Keith - Captivating


Barbara Keith

Agata Wisniowska - I see you

I see you

Agata Wisniowska

Diane Hawkins - The lion King

The lion King

Diane Hawkins

G Johnson - Bouquet O

Bouquet O'Paw

G Johnson

Bruce Frye - Racing Pigs

Racing Pigs

Bruce Frye

Sean Conlon - Mustang Freedom

Mustang Freedom

Sean Conlon

Bob O

Hot hare

Bob O'Dean

Tony Murtagh - African Buffalo

African Buffalo

Tony Murtagh

Florence Lee - Cat and Rabbit

Cat and Rabbit

Florence Lee

Vadim Boytsov - The Braids

The Braids

Vadim Boytsov

Roberta Byram - Grazing


Roberta Byram

Kathy Barney - Topaz Series 1

Topaz Series 1

Kathy Barney

Catherine Sherman - Iguana Trio

Iguana Trio

Catherine Sherman

Chad Rowe - Kitten 3

Kitten 3

Chad Rowe

Vicki Spindler - Portrait of Izzy Bear

Portrait of Izzy Bear

Vicki Spindler

Larry Weingartner - Horses Grazing

Horses Grazing

Larry Weingartner

Neva Cruddas - Angus


Neva Cruddas

Jack Zulli - Pride2


Jack Zulli

Ella Kaye Dickey - Star Dust From Heaven

Star Dust From Heaven

Ella Kaye Dickey

Phyllis Andrews - Sprung


Phyllis Andrews

Shannon Story - Feeling Blessed

Feeling Blessed

Shannon Story

Roberta Byram - Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy

Roberta Byram

Bob Phillips - Wet and Cold

Wet and Cold

Bob Phillips

Mary Halpin - Charlie


Mary Halpin

Susan Ince - Dear Deer

Dear Deer

Susan Ince

Bruce Frye - A Young Deer

A Young Deer

Bruce Frye

David Rucker - Turbo


David Rucker

Barbara S Nickerson - Piggy Back Brunch

Piggy Back Brunch

Barbara S Nickerson

Don Columbus - Zebra Stripes

Zebra Stripes

Don Columbus

Jeff  Swan - Cute Bunny

Cute Bunny

Jeff Swan

David Zimmerman - Southern Splendor

Southern Splendor

David Zimmerman

Susan Richardson - Patches


Susan Richardson

Susan Richardson - Omar


Susan Richardson

Nigel Jones - On Tip Toes

On Tip Toes

Nigel Jones

Hilda Vandergriff - Chestnut Horse

Chestnut Horse

Hilda Vandergriff

Nigel Jones - Water Splash

Water Splash

Nigel Jones

Laurence Canter - Angus - Gordon Setter

Angus - Gordon Setter

Laurence Canter

Lady I F Abbie Shores - Waiting For Dressage

Waiting For Dressage

Lady I F Abbie Shores

Catherine Sherman - Wise Old Tortoise

Wise Old Tortoise

Catherine Sherman

Barbara Keith - Axis Deer

Axis Deer

Barbara Keith

Gina Levesque - Deer


Gina Levesque

Nicholas Blackwell - Affectionate Zebras

Affectionate Zebras

Nicholas Blackwell

Vicki Spindler - Sleeping Puppy

Sleeping Puppy

Vicki Spindler

Diane Hawkins - Blackie


Diane Hawkins

Lauren Hammack - Adorable Samoyed Puppy

Adorable Samoyed Puppy

Lauren Hammack

Laurence Canter - Glen of Imaal

Glen of Imaal

Laurence Canter

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art - Two Horses

Two Horses

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art

Bruce Frye - Ground Squirrels

Ground Squirrels

Bruce Frye

Marcus Dagan - Rascal

Rascal's Ready

Marcus Dagan

Lynn Sprowl - Matriarch


Lynn Sprowl

EricaMaxine  Price - Afternoon Snack

Afternoon Snack

EricaMaxine Price

Maria Coulson - Water Buffalo

Water Buffalo

Maria Coulson

Janice Rae Pariza - Joni the Dachshund

Joni the Dachshund

Janice Rae Pariza

Sue Cullumber - Blossom Breakfast

Blossom Breakfast

Sue Cullumber

Sherry Shipley - Color Me Beagle

Color Me Beagle

Sherry Shipley

Dwight Cook - 6 Horse power

6 Horse power

Dwight Cook

Sue Cullumber - Desert Spring Storm

Desert Spring Storm

Sue Cullumber

Nikolyn McDonald - Autumn Farm Cat #1

Autumn Farm Cat #1

Nikolyn McDonald

Emmy Marie Vickers - I

I'm Lucy - I Like You

Emmy Marie Vickers

Patricia Hofmeester - Three little lambs

Three little lambs

Patricia Hofmeester

Candie Witherspoon - Steampunk Sarah with Fox

Steampunk Sarah with Fox

Candie Witherspoon

Mickeys Photography - Meerkat Gang

Meerkat Gang

Mickeys Photography

Connie Lawrie - Let It Snow

Let It Snow

Connie Lawrie

Florence Lee - Hamster


Florence Lee

Saundra Myles - Giraffe


Saundra Myles

Brian  Commerford - Any Day Now

Any Day Now

Brian Commerford

Wendy Whiteside - Clover


Wendy Whiteside

Tony Murtagh -  Hyena with kill

Hyena with kill

Tony Murtagh

Nancy E Stein - Let My Soul Smile

Let My Soul Smile

Nancy E Stein

Sara  Raber - Taking a drink

Taking a drink

Sara Raber

Sara  Raber - Restful Hippo

Restful Hippo

Sara Raber

Trudy Brodkin Storace -      Eating Kitty

Eating Kitty's Kibbles

Trudy Brodkin Storace

Cherise Foster - GidgeT


Cherise Foster

Cassie Peters - Pinto


Cassie Peters

Annamarie Sidella-Felts - Yeager


Annamarie Sidella-Felts

Sharon Bennett - Enjoying The Sun

Enjoying The Sun

Sharon Bennett

Robin-lee Vieira - Udder Bliss

Udder Bliss

Robin-lee Vieira

Robin-lee Vieira - Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey

Robin-lee Vieira

Priscilla Burgers - Pleasant Valley Equines

Pleasant Valley Equines

Priscilla Burgers

Linda Brody - Taking a Shut Eye

Taking a Shut Eye

Linda Brody

Anne Gifford - Elk in the Evening

Elk in the Evening

Anne Gifford

Jamie Anderson - WIld and White

WIld and White

Jamie Anderson

Kathy Liebrum Bailey - Freedom


Kathy Liebrum Bailey

Janice Rae Pariza - Abstract Cow Art

Abstract Cow Art

Janice Rae Pariza

Janice Rae Pariza - How Now Blue Cow

How Now Blue Cow

Janice Rae Pariza

Eloise Schneider - Smooth Fox Terrier

Smooth Fox Terrier

Eloise Schneider

Glenn Holbrook - Wild West Gambler

Wild West Gambler

Glenn Holbrook

Sabrina Wheeler - Mimzy The Toy Poodle

Mimzy The Toy Poodle

Sabrina Wheeler

EricaMaxine  Price - Playful Kitties

Playful Kitties

EricaMaxine Price

Lady I F Abbie Shores - Lapping


Lady I F Abbie Shores

David Broome - Alpine Salamander

Alpine Salamander

David Broome

Lady I F Abbie Shores - Blossom


Lady I F Abbie Shores

Jayne Carney - Mother and Child

Mother and Child

Jayne Carney

CheyAnne Sexton - Bree Kitty watercolor

Bree Kitty watercolor

CheyAnne Sexton

Stwayne Keubrick - The Hypnotized squirrel

The Hypnotized squirrel

Stwayne Keubrick

Carol Blackhurst - Did You Say Cookie?

Did You Say Cookie?

Carol Blackhurst

Phyllis Andrews - Motherhood


Phyllis Andrews

Hilda Vandergriff - Horse


Hilda Vandergriff

Steven Reed - Patience


Steven Reed

Clare Bevan - The Smile

The Smile

Clare Bevan

Stwayne Keubrick - Squirrel on the spot

Squirrel on the spot

Stwayne Keubrick

EricaMaxine  Price - Moon Glow

Moon Glow

EricaMaxine Price

Jamie Anderson - Wild White One

Wild White One

Jamie Anderson

Laurie Perry - Swamp King

Swamp King

Laurie Perry

Brian Stevens - Mother

Mother's Moo

Brian Stevens

Karol  Livote - Out For A Ride

Out For A Ride

Karol Livote

G Johnson - Puppy Love

Puppy Love

G Johnson

Tony Murtagh - Elephant Herd

Elephant Herd

Tony Murtagh

Barbara Dudley - Show Ring

Show Ring

Barbara Dudley

Melodye Whitaker - The Empress Josephine

The Empress Josephine

Melodye Whitaker

Jeffrey Koss - Witches Prom Night

Witches Prom Night

Jeffrey Koss

Gregory DUBUS - Horses in sunset

Horses in sunset

Gregory DUBUS

Roger Wedegis - Sniff Sniff

Sniff Sniff

Roger Wedegis

Courtney Dagan - A Pair Of Lambs

A Pair Of Lambs

Courtney Dagan

Danguole Serstinskaja - Puppy Resting

Puppy Resting

Danguole Serstinskaja

Jennifer Doll - The walk

The walk

Jennifer Doll

Gary Keesler - Dangerous Lion

Dangerous Lion

Gary Keesler

Jutta Maria Pusl - Playmate


Jutta Maria Pusl

Tami Parrington - Siberian Tiger Repose

Siberian Tiger Repose

Tami Parrington

Roger Wedegis - Chocolate Lab Nose

Chocolate Lab Nose

Roger Wedegis

Farideh Haghshenas - Horses in the field

Horses in the field

Farideh Haghshenas

Anna Serebryanik - Family Portrait

Family Portrait

Anna Serebryanik

Chris Scroggins - Too Cute Lion Cub

Too Cute Lion Cub

Chris Scroggins

Wendy Brunell - The Baby

The Baby

Wendy Brunell

Carol Wisniewski - Calico Callie

Calico Callie

Carol Wisniewski

Ron Patterson - Loner


Ron Patterson

Cecily Mitchell - Cat Pack

Cat Pack

Cecily Mitchell

Krista  May - Love in Bloom

Love in Bloom

Krista May

Sharon Ely - Matriarch


Sharon Ely

Priscilla Burgers - Adorable Alpaca

Adorable Alpaca

Priscilla Burgers

Carol Neal - Nap Time

Nap Time

Carol Neal

Chad Keith - Beloved


Chad Keith

Lynn Sprowl - RMNP Elk


Lynn Sprowl

Robin Lee Mccarthy Photography - #501 26  Golden Retreiver Serious

#501 26 Golden Retreiver Serious

Robin Lee Mccarthy Photography

Shoal Hollingsworth - Easter Kitten

Easter Kitten

Shoal Hollingsworth

Kimberly Lavelle - Untitled


Kimberly Lavelle

Susan Bordelon - Turtles on a Log

Turtles on a Log

Susan Bordelon

Rod  Giffels - I Can See That

I Can See That

Rod Giffels

Maria Coulson - Deer by the Ocean

Deer by the Ocean

Maria Coulson

Steve McKinzie - The Carousel

The Carousel

Steve McKinzie

Laurence Canter - Ramsey - Collie

Ramsey - Collie

Laurence Canter

Lucia Stewart - Fish bowl

Fish bowl

Lucia Stewart

Michael Whitaker - Baby Riley

Baby Riley

Michael Whitaker

Eloise Schneider - Splashing the Light

Splashing the Light

Eloise Schneider

Valerie Anne Kelly - The little Ram

The little Ram

Valerie Anne Kelly

David Zimmerman - Weasel


David Zimmerman

Emmy Marie Vickers - These Nuts Are All Mine

These Nuts Are All Mine

Emmy Marie Vickers

Ella Kaye Dickey - Love In Momma

Love In Momma's Arms

Ella Kaye Dickey

Stwayne Keubrick - Horse on fire

Horse on fire

Stwayne Keubrick

Leslie Hunziker - I Need My Nap

I Need My Nap

Leslie Hunziker

Elisaveta Sivas - Moose with birds

Moose with birds

Elisaveta Sivas

EricaMaxine  Price - Brazilian Row

Brazilian Row

EricaMaxine Price

Elisaveta Sivas - Horse running

Horse running

Elisaveta Sivas

Janice Rae Pariza - Frisco War Horse

Frisco War Horse

Janice Rae Pariza

Eloise Schneider - Horse Eyes

Horse Eyes

Eloise Schneider

Warren Thompson - Shrine in the Country

Shrine in the Country

Warren Thompson

Warren Thompson - The Shady Stare

The Shady Stare

Warren Thompson

Bobbee Rickard - A Mothers Love

A Mothers Love

Bobbee Rickard

Shoal Hollingsworth - Catnip Hangover

Catnip Hangover

Shoal Hollingsworth

Diane Wallace - Spinning Three

Spinning Three

Diane Wallace

Shoal Hollingsworth - Bengal Stare

Bengal Stare

Shoal Hollingsworth

P Maure Bausch - Waterfront Property

Waterfront Property

P Maure Bausch