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Alina Rozental

New Jersey, NJ

United States

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This group was started on January 1st, 2013 and currently has:


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Once a Month

About This Group

Hello all current members in this wonderful group!

The rules of the group are very simple; post ONLY ONE PHOTO once a month and keep them family friendly, no nudity or suggestive images. All media is welcome! We will also have one contest a month that is geared specifically to one topic (ie.'red' or 'melancholy' or 'animals'). Post a discussion about literally anything and you have a higher chance of getting featured. Also you will get featured if I especially like your work.

The winning image during the monthly contest will be used as the group icon so there will be a new icon every month. The image chosen as the group icon will also be featured. I will break any ties in the contest results.

I have many ideas of what to do in the future, and I hope you guys all follow me and participate! Every image is different and inspiring in its own way, so commit to posting something here once a month and you might be surprised at the feedback and praise you will get here in our friendly community.

~Alina Rozental
Administrator of 'once a month' group

Featured Images

Tracy Winter - Hillside


Tracy Winter

David Hohmann - Night Drive with Stella
Divya Kakkar - A Girl In Her Innocent...
Derek Knight - Anchored in Snow

Anchored in Snow

Derek Knight

Celeste Manning - April Showers...

April Showers...

Celeste Manning

Nina Silver - Zebra and Bird

Zebra and Bird

Nina Silver

Patrick Witz - Dilapidated Dock

Dilapidated Dock

Patrick Witz

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Green fresh plant under...

Green fresh plant under...

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Marian Palucci - Spirited Rose

Spirited Rose

Marian Palucci

Ana Lusi - Blue mountains
Karen Wiles - Calling Me Home

Calling Me Home

Karen Wiles

Aaron Moore - Before the Show

Before the Show

Aaron Moore

Juli Scalzi - Hand Painted Easter Eggs
Meaghan Troup - His Time

His Time

Meaghan Troup

Karen Wiles - Tranquility


Karen Wiles

Lynn Bolt - Bird of Paradise Flower
Claudia Moeckel - see you in Berlin

see you in Berlin

Claudia Moeckel

Mary Carol Story - The Blue Umbrella

The Blue Umbrella

Mary Carol Story

Jordan Blackstone - Hope Is Love - Vintage...

Hope Is Love - Vintage...

Jordan Blackstone

Trina  Ansel - Summer Time

Summer Time

Trina Ansel

Inge Johnsson - Arno


Inge Johnsson

Brenda Owen - March Sunset in Maine
Laura Lee Zanghetti - Just Leave a Message V

Just Leave a Message V

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Ari Salmela - Different Season

Different Season

Ari Salmela

Jenny Rainbow - Ghost of Love 1

Ghost of Love 1

Jenny Rainbow

Nick Kloepping - Tunnel Effect

Tunnel Effect

Nick Kloepping

Tara Miller - Pendulum


Tara Miller

 Andrzej Goszcz  - Seduction.


Andrzej Goszcz

Jack Nevitt - Flamingo in Snow

Flamingo in Snow

Jack Nevitt

Marian Palucci - Strawberry Delight

Strawberry Delight

Marian Palucci

Mindy Bench -  Three Monarchs and...
Susan Garren - Newport Bay Bridge

Newport Bay Bridge

Susan Garren

Juergen Roth - Being Me

Being Me

Juergen Roth

Renee Anderson - My Magnificent...

My Magnificent...

Renee Anderson

Hartmut Jager - Troubled  Africa

Troubled Africa

Hartmut Jager

Eddie Yerkish - Rocky Shoreline

Rocky Shoreline

Eddie Yerkish

RC DeWinter - Red Umbrellas in the Rain
Tony  Colvin - Fall Reflections

Fall Reflections

Tony Colvin

Nancy E Stein - I
Patricia Pushaw - My Lunch

My Lunch

Patricia Pushaw

Meaghan Troup - Reflections of Worship
Inspired Nature Photography By Shelley Myke - Princess Warrior Masked...

Princess Warrior Masked...

Inspired Nature Photography By Shelley Myke

Claudia Moeckel - see you in Paris

see you in Paris

Claudia Moeckel

Nikolyn McDonald - Printemps Provencal

Printemps Provencal

Nikolyn McDonald

Jodie Marie Anne Richardson Traugott          aka jm-ART     - Drifting Dreams

Drifting Dreams

Jodie Marie Anne Richardson Traugott aka jm-ART

Darlene Kwiatkowski - Merengue Rhythm

Merengue Rhythm

Darlene Kwiatkowski

Eve Spring - Portrait of a Cardinal
Dave Bosse - Florida Sunset

Florida Sunset

Dave Bosse

Celeste Manning - Illusion


Celeste Manning

Kay Novy - Stop And Smell The Roses
Celeste Manning - Somewhere In Time

Somewhere In Time

Celeste Manning

Laura Lee Zanghetti - A Stroll in the Rain

A Stroll in the Rain

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Gry Thunes - Arctic fox resting in...
K Hines - End Of The Day
Mike Breau - A Frosty Morning

A Frosty Morning

Mike Breau

Joey Nash - Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

Joey Nash

Renee Anderson - The Ethereal Rose

The Ethereal Rose

Renee Anderson

John Malone - Hotel Atlantis from...
Nikolyn McDonald - The Day

The Day's Last Kiss

Nikolyn McDonald

Eddie Yerkish - Newport Beach Sunrise

Newport Beach Sunrise

Eddie Yerkish

Maynard Ellis - Miyako Odori II

Miyako Odori II

Maynard Ellis

James Chesnick - Pull Up a Chair

Pull Up a Chair

James Chesnick

Toby Neal - Cookie Creation

Cookie Creation

Toby Neal

James Ahn - Boxer Mix Dog Art - 8173...
Carla Parris - Nostalgic Paper Whites
Jordan Blackstone - My Love For You

My Love For You

Jordan Blackstone

Tom Young - Dietrich Idaho Winter...
Bob Christopher - Peace Bridge 2

Peace Bridge 2

Bob Christopher

Jeanne Fischer - The Jump

The Jump

Jeanne Fischer

Jack Nevitt - Bluebird Pair

Bluebird Pair

Jack Nevitt

Penny Meyers - Frosted Tree BW

Frosted Tree BW

Penny Meyers

Ari Salmela - White Frost

White Frost

Ari Salmela

Nora Martinez - Snowing on Main Street
Bob Christopher - Toco Toucan Brazil

Toco Toucan Brazil

Bob Christopher

Ellen Ryan - Goldfinch Thinking About...
Susan Wiedmann - Koi Gathering

Koi Gathering

Susan Wiedmann

Celeste Manning - Purpleluscious


Celeste Manning

Minding My  Visions by Adri and Ray - Sweet Escape

Sweet Escape

Minding My Visions by Adri and Ray

Artur Bogacki - Evening in Budapest

Evening in Budapest

Artur Bogacki

Michel Soucy - So Serious - Bald Eagle...
Faith Williams - Blue Sky

Blue Sky

Faith Williams

 Fli Art - Shadowcast


Fli Art

Lorenzo Manaigo - Strolling the Scene

Strolling the Scene

Lorenzo Manaigo

Alina Rozental - Perched right here

Perched right here

Alina Rozental

Terril Heilman - Proud Young Man

Proud Young Man

Terril Heilman

John Haldane - Just Imagine

Just Imagine

John Haldane

Shirley Miller - Heading Home

Heading Home

Shirley Miller

Francie Davis - Budding Lilac 4

Budding Lilac 4

Francie Davis

Joao Freire - A New Horizon a New Hope
Mariola Bitner - Ripples in Time

Ripples in Time

Mariola Bitner

Kandy Hurley - Dubliner


Kandy Hurley

David Bowman - Castle Fraser

Castle Fraser

David Bowman

Lynn Bolt - Peacock Butterfly
Phil Koch - Oblivion


Phil Koch

PhotoWorks By Don Hoekwater - Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

PhotoWorks By Don Hoekwater

Nicola Nobile - After the Storm

After the Storm

Nicola Nobile

Adele Buttolph - As It Should Be

As It Should Be

Adele Buttolph

Yevgeni Kacnelson - Presidential Guard...

Presidential Guard...

Yevgeni Kacnelson

Inspired Nature Photography By Shelley Myke - Ghostly Presence- Snowy...

Ghostly Presence- Snowy...

Inspired Nature Photography By Shelley Myke

Darlene Kwiatkowski - Strawberry Tutu

Strawberry Tutu

Darlene Kwiatkowski

Matthias Hauser - Cottage in the Swiss...

Cottage in the Swiss...

Matthias Hauser

Nikolyn McDonald - Sunset in the Country

Sunset in the Country

Nikolyn McDonald

Michael Rucker - Winter Garden

Winter Garden

Michael Rucker

Daniel Thompson - Iargo Side View

Iargo Side View

Daniel Thompson

Hilde Widerberg - Make The Wheel Go Round

Make The Wheel Go Round

Hilde Widerberg

Susan Richardson - Dune


Susan Richardson

Karen Francis - Woman at the Wall Verses...
Peter Elliott - Cruising Past Vesuvious
Shane Bechler - Pirate Ship at Sunset

Pirate Ship at Sunset

Shane Bechler

Pablo Avanzini - Penencia Point Galicia...
Shirley Sirois - Steveston Harbour

Steveston Harbour

Shirley Sirois

Don Powers - Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset

Don Powers

James Roemmling - Christmas In Napili

Christmas In Napili

James Roemmling

Penny Meyers - Simply Beautiful in...
Ron Grafe - A Long Journey - Covered...
Jordan Danko - The Physics of Wine

The Physics of Wine

Jordan Danko

Petros Yiannakas - The Premature Burial

The Premature Burial

Petros Yiannakas

Shere Crossman - Wanna Play?

Wanna Play?

Shere Crossman

Jim Cook - Expect The Unexpected
Joao Freire - Burning Skies

Burning Skies

Joao Freire

Rona Black - First Snowflake

First Snowflake

Rona Black

Nikolyn McDonald - Bowl of Apples

Bowl of Apples

Nikolyn McDonald

Cherise Foster - Penumbra


Cherise Foster

Robyn Stacey - Contemplation


Robyn Stacey

iina  Van Lawick - .  .  . Spring in the...

. . . Spring in the...

iina Van Lawick

Susan Wiedmann - Hot Pink Phalaenopsis...
Miriam Danar - Holiday in Times Square
Michel Soucy - Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant

Michel Soucy

Kandy Hurley - Flamingos in Repose

Flamingos in Repose

Kandy Hurley

PhotoWorks By Don Hoekwater - Smokin

Smokin' Bowl

PhotoWorks By Don Hoekwater

Jim Fitzpatrick - Artist Jadranka...

Artist Jadranka...

Jim Fitzpatrick

Sherry Shipley - Family Time

Family Time

Sherry Shipley

Laurine Baumgart - Deer in Crete

Deer in Crete

Laurine Baumgart

Kara Morrison - Open Arm Prayer

Open Arm Prayer

Kara Morrison

Shannon Story - White-Crowned Sparrows
Greg and Chrystal Mimbs - Driftwood Eye of Fire

Driftwood Eye of Fire

Greg and Chrystal Mimbs

David Kehrli - Standing Tall

Standing Tall

David Kehrli

Michael Daniels - Boats at St Petersburg

Boats at St Petersburg

Michael Daniels

Debra Wynn - Morning Dew

Morning Dew

Debra Wynn

Michael Swanson - Home Is Where The Heart...
Phil Koch - If Heaven Wasn
Terril Heilman - Red Desert

Red Desert

Terril Heilman

Eva Kato - Ice Covered Weeds
Jack Nevitt - Tiger


Jack Nevitt

Artur Bogacki - Autumn Waterfall

Autumn Waterfall

Artur Bogacki

Inspired Nature Photography By Shelley Myke - Touched by Grace Eastern...

Touched by Grace Eastern...

Inspired Nature Photography By Shelley Myke

Robert Riordan - Blue Door

Blue Door

Robert Riordan

Darin Volpe - Brush Strokes

Brush Strokes

Darin Volpe

Bill Holkham - Champs Elysees and Arc...
Michael Rucker - Cape Cod Windmill

Cape Cod Windmill

Michael Rucker

Meaghan Troup - Found


Meaghan Troup

Renee Anderson - Woman in Charge

Woman in Charge

Renee Anderson

Douglas MooreZart - Under the Christmas Tree

Under the Christmas Tree

Douglas MooreZart

Jordan Blackstone - The Last Rose Of Summer

The Last Rose Of Summer

Jordan Blackstone

Ellen Cotton - Three Red Leaves

Three Red Leaves

Ellen Cotton

Yevgeni Kacnelson - Cozy Window Light

Cozy Window Light

Yevgeni Kacnelson

Esther Newman-Cohen - Down the Path

Down the Path

Esther Newman-Cohen

Renee Anderson - Heart of Glass  #3

Heart of Glass #3

Renee Anderson

Don Powers - Lily Of The Water
Susan Candelario - George Washington Bridge...
RC DeWinter - Harvest Rustic

Harvest Rustic

RC DeWinter

Rosemary Calvert - Dahlia  Jubilee Bay

Dahlia Jubilee Bay

Rosemary Calvert

Tom Schwabel - Autumn Perfection

Autumn Perfection

Tom Schwabel

Cheryl Baxter - Christmas Card BlueJay
Suzanne Blais - A moment in time

A moment in time

Suzanne Blais

Phil Koch - Not Thinking About...
Janis Knight - Snow in Galena

Snow in Galena

Janis Knight

Michael Rucker - The Seawall

The Seawall

Michael Rucker

Aimee L Maher - Christmas Cactus Plant
James Ahn - Hummingbird - 2055 F
Inspired Nature Photography By Shelley Myke - Visionary Meditation

Visionary Meditation

Inspired Nature Photography By Shelley Myke

Wayne King - Three Jellyfish

Three Jellyfish

Wayne King

Kandy Hurley - Singular Anhinga

Singular Anhinga

Kandy Hurley

Mountain Femme - Dusk on the Guadalupe

Dusk on the Guadalupe

Mountain Femme

Yevgeni Kacnelson - Red sunset buoys

Red sunset buoys

Yevgeni Kacnelson

Cindy Tiefenbrunn - A Majestic Creature

A Majestic Creature

Cindy Tiefenbrunn

Alexander Senin - Collage October Blues

Collage October Blues

Alexander Senin

Karen Wiles - Focused


Karen Wiles

Kristie  Bonnewell - This Ol

This Ol' Chevy

Kristie Bonnewell

Dan Sproul - The Tetons From Oxbow...
Rose Santuci-Sofranko - Yellow Gladioli Flowers

Yellow Gladioli Flowers

Rose Santuci-Sofranko

Juli Scalzi - Reflections of Medieval...
Elaine Haakenson - Colorful Sky

Colorful Sky

Elaine Haakenson

Dale   Ford - Lighthouse


Dale Ford

Barbara Dudley - Peaceful flight II

Peaceful flight II

Barbara Dudley

Jean Macaluso - A Boy and His Dog

A Boy and His Dog

Jean Macaluso

Sandra Clark - Quiet Camellia

Quiet Camellia

Sandra Clark