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Night in art



Group Administrator

Ramon Martinez

Stockholm, SE


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This group was started on May 20th, 2013 and currently has:


191 Members


1,112 Images


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Night in art

About This Group

Group for all works with the night as theme.
Any medium welcome.

Featured Images

Eti Reid - Last stage of the total...
Robyn King - Sundown On a Cloudy Day
Miriam Danar -  New York Skyline -...
Sylvie Moncion - Val-David at Dusk 2

Val-David at Dusk 2

Sylvie Moncion

Amanda Stadther - Mississippi Moonlight

Mississippi Moonlight

Amanda Stadther

Eti Reid - Colourful rural Aurora
Ramon Martinez - Passion Play

Passion Play

Ramon Martinez

Miriam Danar - 10 P M - Black and White
Georgia Mizuleva - A Glimpse Through the...

A Glimpse Through the...

Georgia Mizuleva

Walter  Holland - My Favorite Building

My Favorite Building

Walter Holland

Ramon Martinez - Energy


Ramon Martinez

Jeff  Swan - A Pumpjack At Night
Eddie Eastwood - Sunset at Lake Ballinger...
Ramon Martinez - Black woman on cross

Black woman on cross

Ramon Martinez

Ramon Martinez - Roman Scene Painting

Roman Scene Painting

Ramon Martinez

Judy Via-Wolff - Sacred Tradition

Sacred Tradition

Judy Via-Wolff

Cynthia Guinn - Clouds and Moon

Clouds and Moon

Cynthia Guinn

Marty Saccone - Lighthouse Keepers Vigil
Miriam Danar - Skyline of New York Just...
Georgia Mizuleva - Architecture in Rome...

Architecture in Rome...

Georgia Mizuleva

Georgia Mizuleva - Of Tiki Torches Palm...

Of Tiki Torches Palm...

Georgia Mizuleva

Joey Negron - Ruston Way Pier

Ruston Way Pier

Joey Negron

Jake Knapp - Deer In The Fog

Deer In The Fog

Jake Knapp

John Rizzuto - Notre Dame Portrait

Notre Dame Portrait

John Rizzuto

Joan-Violet Stretch - Mathew Street at Night

Mathew Street at Night

Joan-Violet Stretch

Michael Frank - Tropic Moon

Tropic Moon

Michael Frank

Jeanne Fischer - La Luna 10

La Luna 10

Jeanne Fischer

Bob Shelley - I Love My House

I Love My House

Bob Shelley

Jerry Fornarotto - French Quarter Wedding...

French Quarter Wedding...

Jerry Fornarotto

David Hohmann - Night Lights Four Red...
Walter  Holland - Beautiful Spire

Beautiful Spire

Walter Holland

Mary Deal - Zig Zag Moon

Zig Zag Moon

Mary Deal

Deyanira Harris - At the End of our Journey
Robyn King - Speed of Light

Speed of Light

Robyn King

Petros Yiannakas - Eucalyptus Night Tree

Eucalyptus Night Tree

Petros Yiannakas

JoNeL Art  - Intertwine


JoNeL Art

David Hohmann - NIght Lights Granada...
Jerry Fornarotto - Arthur Ravenel at Sunset

Arthur Ravenel at Sunset

Jerry Fornarotto

Amanda Stadther - Saint Paul Hotel

Saint Paul Hotel

Amanda Stadther

Alexander Senin - Moscow Kremlin...

Moscow Kremlin...

Alexander Senin

Denise Dube - Repurposed By Denise Dube
Michael Frank - Night Perch

Night Perch

Michael Frank

Belinda Greb - Moon River

Moon River

Belinda Greb

John Malone - Three Amigos

Three Amigos

John Malone

Angelika Kimmig - Black Fountain

Black Fountain

Angelika Kimmig

Mary Lynne Powers - Memory Lane I

Memory Lane I

Mary Lynne Powers

Walter  Holland - The Trek Home

The Trek Home

Walter Holland

Olahs Photography - Same Sky Different...

Same Sky Different...

Olahs Photography

Paul Freidlund - Star Trails Over Barn

Star Trails Over Barn

Paul Freidlund

Matthew Yeoman - Festival by Night

Festival by Night

Matthew Yeoman

Deyanira Harris - He Found the other...

He Found the other...

Deyanira Harris

Miriam Danar - Umbrella Jungle

Umbrella Jungle

Miriam Danar

Bob Christopher - Carnival Rio De Janeiro...
Charlotte Nunn - Late Night Confessions

Late Night Confessions

Charlotte Nunn

Paul O Rourke - Dublin City At Night

Dublin City At Night

Paul O Rourke

Robert Harmon - Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland Ohio

Robert Harmon

Jennifer Viola - An Evening in Vernazza

An Evening in Vernazza

Jennifer Viola

Catherine Perkinton - Blue Walkway

Blue Walkway

Catherine Perkinton

Robyn King - Road To Tomorrow

Road To Tomorrow

Robyn King

Catherine Perkinton - Song to the Moon

Song to the Moon

Catherine Perkinton

Deyanira Harris - Silent Nigth

Silent Nigth

Deyanira Harris

Ramon Martinez - Black Female Jesus

Black Female Jesus

Ramon Martinez

Miriam Danar - Cars


Miriam Danar

Robert Harmon - Cleveland Skyline at...
Marty Saccone - Silhouetted By Moonlight...
Laurie Morgan - Kona Sunset

Kona Sunset

Laurie Morgan

Catherine Perkinton - Night over Hailes

Night over Hailes

Catherine Perkinton

Matthew Yeoman - Chicago by Night

Chicago by Night

Matthew Yeoman

Robert Harmon - A Cleveland Black and...
Ramon Martinez - Vases in Dark

Vases in Dark

Ramon Martinez

Maureen Tillman - Shape Shifter

Shape Shifter

Maureen Tillman

Robert Harmon - Terminal Tower Black and...
Karen Slagle - Ghost Horses

Ghost Horses

Karen Slagle

Sotiris Filippou - View of Salonica Greece...
John Dauer - Fire Bossom

Fire Bossom

John Dauer

Eddie Eastwood - Marina Park Beach at...
Jeanne Fischer - La Luna 7

La Luna 7

Jeanne Fischer

Ramon Martinez - Scary Clown

Scary Clown

Ramon Martinez

Robert Harmon - Cleveland Panorama

Cleveland Panorama

Robert Harmon

John Dauer - River Walk

River Walk

John Dauer

Randall  Cogle - Red Rubber Ball

Red Rubber Ball

Randall Cogle

Jeff  Swan - Summer Storm

Summer Storm

Jeff Swan

Joseph Baril - Modern Power

Modern Power

Joseph Baril

Robert Harmon - Ohio and State Theaters
David Hohmann - Night Lights State...

Night Lights State...

David Hohmann

Sol Luckman - Long Dusk original...
Alexis Birkill - The Olympic Cauldron...
Kim Quintano - Pier 17 Reflection

Pier 17 Reflection

Kim Quintano

Randall  Cogle - Orange Sky

Orange Sky

Randall Cogle

Olahs Photography - The Crab Shack on the...

The Crab Shack on the...

Olahs Photography

Robert Harmon - West 4th and Prospect

West 4th and Prospect

Robert Harmon

Geetanjali Nande - Industrial light in full...
Jeanne Fischer - La Luna 6

La Luna 6

Jeanne Fischer

Robert Harmon - The Hanna Theater in...
Walter  Holland - Seeking Knowledge at...
Denise Dube - Long Beach Blue Hour By...
Sol Luckman - Fire on the Mountain...
Val Arie - Verrazano at Night
Robert Harmon - Cleveland Electrified

Cleveland Electrified

Robert Harmon

Walter  Holland - Seen From the River

Seen From the River

Walter Holland

David Simons - Moon light Night on the...
Denise Dube - Digital Carnage

Digital Carnage

Denise Dube

Alfio Finocchiaro - A magic night

A magic night

Alfio Finocchiaro

Mario Legaspi - Streak


Mario Legaspi

Jeff  Swan - The Crab Pot Seattle...
Eti Reid - 1955 Chevy BelAir front...
Denise Dube - Keeper of The Past B...
Vivienne Gucwa - Winter Night - New York...
Marty Saccone - Full Moon on the Bay of...
Jeanne Fischer - Harvest Moon1

Harvest Moon1

Jeanne Fischer

Robert Harmon - Cleveland Illuminated

Cleveland Illuminated

Robert Harmon

Randy Giesbrecht - Between The Fingers

Between The Fingers

Randy Giesbrecht

Robyn King - Reclaim The Night
Kevin OConnell - Starry Night

Starry Night

Kevin OConnell

Eti Reid - Insomnia


Eti Reid

Jerry Fornarotto - West Front Of The...

West Front Of The...

Jerry Fornarotto

Nina Stavlund - Dragon of Light..

Dragon of Light..

Nina Stavlund

Walter  Holland - Light Vs Dark

Light Vs Dark

Walter Holland

Jeff  Swan - A Workover Rig At Night
Eti Reid - Lion
Maureen Tillman - Queen of the Snowy Galaxy
Crystal Loppie - Pantages at Universal

Pantages at Universal

Crystal Loppie

Michael Frank - Little World Chapter...
Robert Harmon - Terminal Tower

Terminal Tower

Robert Harmon

Matt Konar - Fishing


Matt Konar

Georgia Mizuleva - Paris Blue Hour - Pont...

Paris Blue Hour - Pont...

Georgia Mizuleva

Denise Dube - Storm on the Westside By...
Randy Giesbrecht - Hold on

Hold on

Randy Giesbrecht

Robyn King - Road Work Ahead

Road Work Ahead

Robyn King

Denise Dube - Out of the Night By...
Randy Giesbrecht - A Dixie sunset

A Dixie sunset

Randy Giesbrecht

Georgia Mizuleva - Pont Neuf Bridge - Paris...
Randy Giesbrecht - Milky way over Hurricane

Milky way over Hurricane

Randy Giesbrecht

Kim Quintano - New York Cityscape

New York Cityscape

Kim Quintano

Robert Harmon - Night Time in Cleveland
Denise Dube - Long Beach W. Side By...
Brent L Ander - Yin and Yang under the...
Vivienne Gucwa - Brooklyn Bridge and New...
Robert Harmon - West Bank of the Flats
Matt Konar - Wolf in Sheep
Jeff  Swan - Drilling In The Night
Georgia Mizuleva - Orange Dawn Chasing the...
Laurie Morgan - Shabbat Shalom

Shabbat Shalom

Laurie Morgan

Vivienne Gucwa - New York City Winter -...
Georgia Mizuleva - The Glass Restaurant

The Glass Restaurant

Georgia Mizuleva

Janette Boyd - July 4th 2011

July 4th 2011

Janette Boyd

Music of the Heart - Grand Old City Hall

Grand Old City Hall

Music of the Heart

Jeff  Swan - Oil Rig

Oil Rig

Jeff Swan

Randy Giesbrecht - Aurora over Clayburn

Aurora over Clayburn

Randy Giesbrecht

Robert Harmon - Cleveland Flats

Cleveland Flats

Robert Harmon

Vivienne Gucwa - Night - Winter - New...
Robert Harmon - Rock Hall of Fame

Rock Hall of Fame

Robert Harmon

Rain Art - Seabed from the Night Sky
Laurie Morgan - Narrow Passage

Narrow Passage

Laurie Morgan

Nina Stavlund - Urban Midnight Magic...
Kevin OConnell - A New World

A New World

Kevin OConnell

Robert Harmon - Cleveland Ohio Lakefront
Chris Lord - Valentine Moon

Valentine Moon

Chris Lord

Eti Reid - Planet...


Eti Reid

Vivienne Gucwa - New York City - Winter...
Mario Legaspi - Fast lane

Fast lane

Mario Legaspi

Vivian ANDERSON - Billowing At Midnight

Billowing At Midnight


Randy Giesbrecht - Quilchena Hotel

Quilchena Hotel

Randy Giesbrecht

Ramon Martinez - The watch cross

The watch cross

Ramon Martinez

Denise Dube - Hitch time By Denise Dube
Kevin OConnell - Island Night

Island Night

Kevin OConnell

Georgia Mizuleva - A Ball at the Palace

A Ball at the Palace

Georgia Mizuleva

Marty Saccone - West Quoddy Head...

West Quoddy Head...

Marty Saccone

Mark Moore - Winter Wounder Land
Robert Harmon - Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland Ohio

Robert Harmon

Kathleen K Parker - Nighttime in a Bourbon...

Nighttime in a Bourbon...

Kathleen K Parker

Alexandre Martins - Bright dark I

Bright dark I

Alexandre Martins

Vivienne Gucwa - Winter Night in New York...
Vivienne Gucwa - Snowy Night - Winter in...
Angi Parks - Walking in Moonlight
John Rizzuto - Cathedral Lights

Cathedral Lights

John Rizzuto

Angi Parks - The Herd

The Herd

Angi Parks

Robert Harmon - Winter Glow

Winter Glow

Robert Harmon

John Malone - Radio City

Radio City

John Malone

William Beuther - Golden Glow

Golden Glow

William Beuther

Eti Reid - Spectacular...
Mark Connor - Goin

Goin' Home

Mark Connor

Alfio Finocchiaro - Imbersago


Alfio Finocchiaro

Ramon Martinez - Dark Sky

Dark Sky

Ramon Martinez

John Franco - New York City After Dark
Robert Harmon - A Winters Eve

A Winters Eve

Robert Harmon

Robert McCubbin - Open Sez Me

Open Sez Me

Robert McCubbin

JoNeL Art  - While She Was Sleeping
Denise Dube - Beyond Now By Denise Dube
Robert Harmon - Rising Steam

Rising Steam

Robert Harmon

Laurie Morgan - Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis

Laurie Morgan

Jeff  Swan - Albuquerque New Mexico
Robert Harmon - West Side Market

West Side Market

Robert Harmon

Randall  Cogle - The Mansion

The Mansion

Randall Cogle

Jeff Swanson - Swans at Night

Swans at Night

Jeff Swanson

William Beuther - Night Court

Night Court

William Beuther

Walter  Holland - Big Flash in Perspective
Georgia Mizuleva - Music in Blue - Montreal...
Alexandre Martins - Lake Pateira V

Lake Pateira V

Alexandre Martins

Robert Harmon - Go Team

Go Team

Robert Harmon

Janette Boyd - Tulsa Oklahoma at Night
Walter  Holland - Ducks On the Dock at...
Eti Reid - comet Panstarrs and...
Mario Legaspi - Twisted Path

Twisted Path

Mario Legaspi

Randall  Cogle - A Winters Evening

A Winters Evening

Randall Cogle

Vivienne Gucwa - New York City - Winter...
Marcia Colelli - Pirate Ship at Sunset

Pirate Ship at Sunset

Marcia Colelli

Catherine Perkinton - Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral

Catherine Perkinton

Denise Dube - Dawn At Huntington Beach...
Marty Saccone - Into the Night

Into the Night

Marty Saccone

Janette Boyd - Birds Roosting for Night
Julio Haro - Singing to the moon
Robert Harmon - Black and White Cleveland
Robert McCubbin - Moon n Ma Bird

Moon n Ma Bird

Robert McCubbin

Sotiris Filippou - a NIght in Salonica...

a NIght in Salonica...

Sotiris Filippou

Rain Art - Desert Rose in the Night...
Marty Saccone - Granite Monument Quoddy...
Randall  Cogle - The Walk

The Walk

Randall Cogle

Cynthia Guinn - Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Cynthia Guinn

Sotiris Filippou - pirate Ship

pirate Ship

Sotiris Filippou

Sotiris Filippou - an Old Pirate Ship

an Old Pirate Ship

Sotiris Filippou

Robert Harmon - Cleveland in Black and...
Denise Dube - Gentle Transition By...
Walter  Holland - On the Dock at Lake...

On the Dock at Lake...

Walter Holland

Catherine Perkinton - The Ethereal Pathway

The Ethereal Pathway

Catherine Perkinton

Music of the Heart - Swirl


Music of the Heart

Vivienne Gucwa - New York City - Winter...
Denise Dube - Course we Choose By...
Robert Harmon - Rock n Roll Hall of Fame
Denise Dube - Paris Metro in the...
Music of the Heart - Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle

Music of the Heart

Thomas Woolworth - Chicago Navy Pier Photo...
Robert Harmon - Twenty Bucks in Any Size
Janos Szijarto - Devil with campfire

Devil with campfire

Janos Szijarto

Vivienne Gucwa - New York City - Snow at...
Cathy Long - Beyond the Sunset
Sotiris Filippou - White Tower in Salonica...
Denise Dube - Long Beach City and...
Robert McCubbin - Canyon Moon

Canyon Moon

Robert McCubbin

Val Arie - Late Night Train
Robert Harmon - Cleveland Rainbow

Cleveland Rainbow

Robert Harmon

Alexandre Martins - Lake Pateira IV

Lake Pateira IV

Alexandre Martins

Walter  Holland - Looking Up

Looking Up

Walter Holland

Eddie Eastwood - Sunset on Lake Ballinger
Ramon Martinez - Crucified in the...

Crucified in the...

Ramon Martinez

Vivian ANDERSON - Stormy Sea At Midnight

Stormy Sea At Midnight


Jerry Fornarotto - GCT from Park Ave

GCT from Park Ave

Jerry Fornarotto

Music of the Heart - Empire in its Glory

Empire in its Glory

Music of the Heart

Denise Dube - Smokin Sunset Over...
Jenny Rainbow - Ghost of Love 1

Ghost of Love 1

Jenny Rainbow

EMONA Art - The Red Umbrellas Of Lyon
John Rizzuto - Christmas at Notre Dame
Matt Konar - Lincoln Highway

Lincoln Highway

Matt Konar

Jeff Swanson - Downtown


Jeff Swanson

Jane Small - Moon Pathway

Moon Pathway

Jane Small

Robert Harmon - Downtown Cleveland

Downtown Cleveland

Robert Harmon

Karen Slagle - The Hunter

The Hunter

Karen Slagle

Georgia Mizuleva - Rain Chased the Tourists...
John Dauer - Night TIme by the River
Val Arie - Cattails at Moonlight Bay
Vivienne Gucwa - New York City Alley at...
Matt Konar - Eden Dawn

Eden Dawn

Matt Konar

Bart De Rijk - Louvre Paris panorama...
Vivienne Gucwa - New York City - Winter -...
Marty Saccone - Light From Within

Light From Within

Marty Saccone

Denise Dube - SSV Tole Mour By Denise...
Iurie Belegurschi - Space House

Space House

Iurie Belegurschi

Calvin Hanson - Mystical Notre Dame de...
Alfio Finocchiaro - Night appointment

Night appointment

Alfio Finocchiaro

Ramon Martinez - Black Crucified Jesus

Black Crucified Jesus

Ramon Martinez

Ifourdezign - Dark Skies Over Hallow...
Denisse Del Mar Guevara - Spirit of Wonder

Spirit of Wonder

Denisse Del Mar Guevara

Georgia Mizuleva - Brussels - Grand Place...

Brussels - Grand Place...

Georgia Mizuleva

Anson Lee - Bridge Reflection at...
Jim Carrell - Huntington Beach Pier...
Jenny Rainbow - Night Lights of Utrecht...
William Drew Photography - Haunted Carriage

Haunted Carriage

William Drew Photography

Denise Dube - The Queen Mary Reflects...
Ramon Martinez - Surreal Stockholm

Surreal Stockholm

Ramon Martinez

Alexandre Martins - Vasco da Gama Bridge in...

Vasco da Gama Bridge in...

Alexandre Martins

Vivienne Gucwa - New York City - Snowy...
Ann Garrett - The Nine Streets...
Matt Konar - Wolf in Sheep
Ramon Martinez - Cross on the yellow...

Cross on the yellow...

Ramon Martinez

Mike Savad - Winter - Westfield NJ -...
Jerry Fornarotto - Construction of the...

Construction of the...

Jerry Fornarotto

Jeff Swanson - Moon Over Omaha

Moon Over Omaha

Jeff Swanson

Randall  Cogle - Beach Grass

Beach Grass

Randall Cogle

John Malone - Memories of Quincys...
Chris Martin - Chicago Skyline

Chicago Skyline

Chris Martin

Brent L Ander - Stars Over Cadillac...
Eti Reid - Harrison hot springs...
Alex Khomoutov - Holiday Ottawa -...

Holiday Ottawa -...

Alex Khomoutov

Joe McClellan - The Secret Of Witches
Chris Lord - Bannerman Castle Ruins
Marty Saccone - Favorite Tree in Full...
Ramon Martinez - Abstract City in the...
Lois Bryan - Frosty Foggy Night
Anthony Bean - Frozen Hull

Frozen Hull

Anthony Bean

Walter  Holland - All Quiet at Lake...

All Quiet at Lake...

Walter Holland

Susan Schiffer - Throwing Flowers to the...
Joseph Hawkins - Alone


Joseph Hawkins

Laurie Morgan - Moonset


Laurie Morgan

Vivienne Gucwa - New York City - Winter...
Robert Harmon - Night Game

Night Game

Robert Harmon

Catherine Perkinton - Star Trail Colours

Star Trail Colours

Catherine Perkinton

Robert Harmon - Terminal Tower

Terminal Tower

Robert Harmon

Alfio Finocchiaro - Etna

Etna's eruption

Alfio Finocchiaro

Vivienne Gucwa - Manhattan Bridge and New...
Walter  Holland - Nature Verses Man

Nature Verses Man

Walter Holland

Joseph Hawkins - Ship Big Wave

Ship Big Wave

Joseph Hawkins

John Dauer - Night Life by the River...
Robert Harmon - A Cleveland Night

A Cleveland Night

Robert Harmon

Damir Martic - Magical Forest

Magical Forest

Damir Martic

Joseph Hawkins - Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Joseph Hawkins

Georgia Mizuleva - Vibrant Las Vegas -...

Vibrant Las Vegas -...

Georgia Mizuleva

Ramon Martinez - Crucifixion in the night...
Robert Harmon - Jacobs Field

Jacobs Field

Robert Harmon

Anthony Bean - Financial District...
Vivian ANDERSON - Midnight Rain

Midnight Rain


Lois Bryan - End Times

End Times

Lois Bryan

Joseph Hawkins - blue moon over lake...

blue moon over lake...

Joseph Hawkins

Denise Dube - Ocean Viewbw By...

Ocean Viewbw By...

Denise Dube

Danny Van den Groenendael - Tonight Tonight

Tonight Tonight

Danny Van den Groenendael

Nicola Salvi - Night or day

Night or day

Nicola Salvi

Nicola Salvi - The carousel

The carousel

Nicola Salvi

David Hill - Glowing lights of Kuala...
Eddie Eastwood - Vibrant Sunset at...

Vibrant Sunset at...

Eddie Eastwood

Cathy Long - Blue Inukshuk

Blue Inukshuk

Cathy Long

Robert Harmon - Cleveland Skyline

Cleveland Skyline

Robert Harmon

Anthony Bean - Buoy


Anthony Bean

Walter  Holland - Night of The Werewolf

Night of The Werewolf

Walter Holland

Robert McCubbin - Clucked Up

Clucked Up

Robert McCubbin

Bob Shelley - A Night At Bridge Harbor
Robert Harmon - Unique Perspective

Unique Perspective

Robert Harmon

William Drew Photography - Minneapolis Fireworks

Minneapolis Fireworks

William Drew Photography

Joseph Baril - Roaring Fire

Roaring Fire

Joseph Baril

Robert Harmon - Cleveland Skyline at...
John Babis - Dallas Nightscape
Michael Cross - Night Selfie

Night Selfie

Michael Cross

Paul Freidlund - Grain Processing Plant

Grain Processing Plant

Paul Freidlund

Ramon Martinez - Crucifix in the Night I
Robert Harmon - Panoramic Cleveland

Panoramic Cleveland

Robert Harmon

Jerry Fornarotto - Freedom Tower...

Freedom Tower...

Jerry Fornarotto

Susan Schiffer - Dancing Under a Yellow...
Vivian ANDERSON - VIVA Night Walk

VIVA Night Walk


Alexandre Martins - Nations Park At Night

Nations Park At Night

Alexandre Martins

Greg Kopriva - Show Me the Way

Show Me the Way

Greg Kopriva

Randall  Cogle - Winter Night

Winter Night

Randall Cogle

William Drew Photography - Illuminations Fireworks

Illuminations Fireworks

William Drew Photography

Denise Dube - Lighthouse In A Fire Sky...
Walter  Holland - Lightning at Dusk

Lightning at Dusk

Walter Holland

Georgia Mizuleva - Blue Hour - Toronto

Blue Hour - Toronto's...

Georgia Mizuleva

Ramon Martinez - Humanity Through Time

Humanity Through Time

Ramon Martinez

Denise Dube - Intentions Unknown By...
Greg Kopriva - Holidays in Blue

Holidays in Blue

Greg Kopriva

Thomas Woolworth - Xmas Tree Train Happy...

Xmas Tree Train Happy...

Thomas Woolworth

Jacqueline Athmann - Fairy Moon

Fairy Moon

Jacqueline Athmann

Mark Connor - One Summer Eve

One Summer Eve

Mark Connor

EMONA Art - One Evening In Terreaux...
Vivienne Gucwa - Winter Night - Times...
Eddie Eastwood - Sunset Sailing at Lake...
Walter  Holland - Evening on The River

Evening on The River

Walter Holland

Mario Legaspi - Dancing Sky

Dancing Sky

Mario Legaspi

Dorothy Pinder - The Refinery Complex 2

The Refinery Complex 2

Dorothy Pinder

Ann Garrett - The Singel  Amsterdam
Mario Legaspi - Drifting Sands

Drifting Sands

Mario Legaspi

Dorothy Pinder - Refinery Complex

Refinery Complex

Dorothy Pinder

Denise Dube - Catalina Bolsa Chica PCH...
Alexandre Martins - Lisbon Oceanarium

Lisbon Oceanarium

Alexandre Martins

Walter  Holland - Memorial Park

Memorial Park

Walter Holland

Denise Dube - Stairway to Heaven SCP...
Cynthia Guinn - View Down On The River
Alexis Birkill - Gastown Snow

Gastown Snow

Alexis Birkill

Robert McCubbin - Luna See

Luna See

Robert McCubbin

Georgia Mizuleva - Bright Blue Red and Pink...
Walter  Holland - Waiting For the...

Waiting For the...

Walter Holland

Robert McCubbin - Moonin Munster Manor

Moonin Munster Manor

Robert McCubbin

Chris Lord - A December Evening at...
Vivian ANDERSON - Eclipse



Denise Dube - Pit stop on Route 66 By...
Alexis Birkill - West Broadway and Cambie
Eti Reid - The Ring Nebula
Halyna  Yarova - The Lights and Darks_2
Randall  Cogle - Beach Walk

Beach Walk

Randall Cogle

Vivienne Gucwa - Winter - Times Square -...
Angelika Kimmig - Time to Dream

Time to Dream

Angelika Kimmig

Ramon Martinez - Abyss of ignorance

Abyss of ignorance

Ramon Martinez

Maj Seda - Misty Richmond upon...
Walter  Holland - Welcome Lights on a Cold...
Jerry Fornarotto - West Front of the...

West Front of the...

Jerry Fornarotto

Eti Reid - Cat
Georgia Mizuleva - Midnight Roman Facades...

Midnight Roman Facades...

Georgia Mizuleva

Maj Seda - Reflection on Misty...
Georgia Mizuleva - Rome

Rome's Fabulous...

Georgia Mizuleva

Marty Saccone - MoonLit Panorama West...
Alexandre Martins - Blue Fountain At Night

Blue Fountain At Night

Alexandre Martins

Vivienne Gucwa - Colorful Doors at Night...
Brent Ander - Dancing Drifter

Dancing Drifter

Brent Ander

Jerry Fornarotto - National Capitol at Night

National Capitol at Night

Jerry Fornarotto

Karen Slagle - Chimayo


Karen Slagle

Alexandre Martins - Vasco da Gama Bridge at...

Vasco da Gama Bridge at...

Alexandre Martins

Mike Savad - Boat - Sailing - Fleet...
Susan Schiffer - The Beginning of Joy

The Beginning of Joy

Susan Schiffer

Walter  Holland - Reflections at Lake...

Reflections at Lake...

Walter Holland

Nina Stavlund - Cosmic Enlightenment..
Ramon Martinez - The Door of the Time

The Door of the Time

Ramon Martinez

Raymond Salani III - New York City

New York City

Raymond Salani III

Alexis Birkill - San Francisco - Under...
J Anthony Shuff - Old Gdansk November...

Old Gdansk November...

J Anthony Shuff

Bart De Rijk - Amsterdam Rijksmuseum at...
Romy Galicia - Night Light Reflections
Bart De Rijk - Antique Dutch green...
Alexis Birkill - Foggy Night

Foggy Night

Alexis Birkill

Val Arie - Elements


Val Arie

Denise Dube - Timeless Dusks

Timeless Dusks

Denise Dube

Nina Stavlund - Rural Twilight...

Rural Twilight...

Nina Stavlund

Brent L Ander - Moose Silhouette 3569
Ramon Martinez - Birth of a jewel

Birth of a jewel

Ramon Martinez

John Malone Halifax Photographer - Halifax MacDonald Bridge

Halifax MacDonald Bridge

John Malone Halifax Photographer

Randall  Cogle - Shoreline


Randall Cogle

Eti Reid - Aurora above Iceland...
Jerry Fornarotto - Twilight at the...

Twilight at the...

Jerry Fornarotto

Eti Reid - Aurora Borealis from...
Vivian ANDERSON - Both Sides of the...

Both Sides of the...


Vivian ANDERSON - Midnight Tide

Midnight Tide


Vivienne Gucwa - New York City - Night -...
Robert McCubbin - Moon Drops

Moon Drops

Robert McCubbin

Belinda Greb - Moon Rising above North...
John Malone - Unexpected Guests...
Brent L Ander - Star Trails 6150

Star Trails 6150

Brent L Ander

Maureen Tillman - Silent Night Christmas...
Vivienne Gucwa - Broadway Theater - Night...
Alfio Finocchiaro - Antica filanda Frette

Antica filanda Frette

Alfio Finocchiaro

Arterra Picture Library - 130901p172


Arterra Picture Library

Jenny Rainbow - Trajectum Lumen Project....
John Dauer - Moon Light?

Moon Light?

John Dauer

Loredana Messina - Horizon


Loredana Messina

Angelika Kimmig - The way to the monastery...
John Babis - Dealey Plaza

Dealey Plaza

John Babis

Michael Swanson - Northern Solitude

Northern Solitude

Michael Swanson

Maj Seda - Bar Italia Soho London
Georgia Mizuleva - Happy Christmas Burst -...
Thomas Woolworth - Spaceship Earth Walt...

Spaceship Earth Walt...

Thomas Woolworth

Brent L Ander - Stanley Brook Bridge

Stanley Brook Bridge

Brent L Ander

Joyce Gebauer - The Little Showoffs

The Little Showoffs

Joyce Gebauer

Ramon Martinez - Buck in the Night

Buck in the Night

Ramon Martinez

John Tidball  - Christmas Card Design

Christmas Card Design

John Tidball

Thomas Woolworth - Night Fall On The...

Night Fall On The...

Thomas Woolworth

Denise Dube - Light of Long Beach
John Dauer - Live or Memorex

Live or Memorex

John Dauer

Brian Hubmann - Arkansas Moonlight

Arkansas Moonlight

Brian Hubmann

Robert McCubbin - Weep No More My Lady

Weep No More My Lady

Robert McCubbin

Brian Hubmann - Gem Theater

Gem Theater

Brian Hubmann

John Dauer - The Tower

The Tower

John Dauer

Angelika Kimmig - Flags and Ropes in the...
Joseph Baril - Macro Lights

Macro Lights

Joseph Baril

John Tidball  - Winter Night

Winter Night

John Tidball

JoNeL  Art  - Visitor


JoNeL Art

Ramon Martinez - Digital Painting I

Digital Painting I

Ramon Martinez

Thomas Woolworth - Bridge Over Troubled...

Bridge Over Troubled...

Thomas Woolworth

Georgia Mizuleva - Purple Dawn in Vancouver

Purple Dawn in Vancouver

Georgia Mizuleva

Georgia Mizuleva - Christmas Angels -...

Christmas Angels -...

Georgia Mizuleva

Ramon Martinez - Moon in Cross

Moon in Cross

Ramon Martinez

Thomas Woolworth - She Is Toadly Awesome

She Is Toadly Awesome

Thomas Woolworth

Jacqueline Athmann - Creepy Tree

Creepy Tree

Jacqueline Athmann

Bob Christopher - Peace Bridge 2

Peace Bridge 2

Bob Christopher

Maureen Tillman - The Challenger

The Challenger

Maureen Tillman

Robert McCubbin - Magic Dusk

Magic Dusk

Robert McCubbin

Maureen Tillman - Spector


Maureen Tillman

Chris Lord - Fifth Avenue Holiday Star
Maureen Tillman - Spirits of the Range

Spirits of the Range

Maureen Tillman

Ronny Schroeder - Torchlight In The...

Torchlight In The...

Ronny Schroeder

Georgia Mizuleva - Indigo Sky and Toronto...

Indigo Sky and Toronto...

Georgia Mizuleva

Bob Shelley - NIGHT VISION  I  Moon...
Georgia Mizuleva - Black Water Golden Lights

Black Water Golden Lights

Georgia Mizuleva

Thomas Woolworth - WW I Cantigny France

WW I Cantigny France

Thomas Woolworth

Ronny Schroeder - Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin

Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin

Ronny Schroeder

Elena Khomoutova - Surfing the Universe -...

Surfing the Universe -...

Elena Khomoutova

Thomas Woolworth - Old Key West Entrance...

Old Key West Entrance...

Thomas Woolworth

Val Arie - Night Flight

Night Flight

Val Arie

Jennifer Croom - Midnight

Midnight's Steed

Jennifer Croom

Ronny Schroeder - Sony Center Berlin

Sony Center Berlin

Ronny Schroeder

Ronny Schroeder - German Museum of...

German Museum of...

Ronny Schroeder

David Hill - Icon of Melbourne -...
Jennifer Lyon - Philadelphia Twilight

Philadelphia Twilight

Jennifer Lyon

Maj Seda - London Eye at Night
Robert McCubbin - When the moon comes over...
Mark Moore - Unknown Hero

Unknown Hero

Mark Moore

Beth Arroyo -   Spiritual  Transition...
Robert McCubbin - Smurf Mountain

Smurf Mountain

Robert McCubbin

Robert McCubbin - Go Float Yer Boat

Go Float Yer Boat

Robert McCubbin

Jennifer Lyon - Nighttime Philly from...
JoNeL  Art  - Blair Witch

Blair Witch

JoNeL Art

Vivian ANDERSON - MUMS at Midnight

MUMS at Midnight


Olahs Photography - Bring on the Night

Bring on the Night

Olahs Photography

Ramon Martinez - Ecce Femina

Ecce Femina

Ramon Martinez

Denise Dube - The Sky is the Limit for...
Matt Konar - Hope


Matt Konar