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MY OCEAN lovers of the Pacific Ocean



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Artist and Photographer Laura Wrede

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

United States

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MY OCEAN lovers of the Pacific Ocean

About This Group

For anyone who loves the Pacific Ocean. Share your photos taken along the shores of the Pacific from California, Oregon, Washington, or British Columbia. If you have another medium other than photography, but your subject is still the pacific, please feel free to share with the group.

Award-winning author and photographer Laura Wrede recently released her latest travel book about life along the shores of the Pacific. A portion of the proceeds of MY OCEAN will go to organizations such as National Geographic and the Monterey Bay Research Center to further the cause of ocean research and protection.


About the Book:
Available on Amazon at
This travel portal spans the Pacific Ocean from the beaches in Southern California, up to Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Over 300 full-color, full-spread ocean and beach photos in this inspiring book complete with facts, and inspirational quotes and award-winning travel photography of the ocean and its shore life. Breathtaking scenes of ocean travel, each photo offers details of shore life, as well as expansive vistas. Set in a journal style, you will come away feeling as if you had made the journey with the author. This inspirational book was voted as one of the best inspirational gift books of 2013.

Featured Images

Kris Hiemstra - Awakening


Kris Hiemstra

Kris Hiemstra - Beachwalk


Kris Hiemstra

Eddie Yerkish - The Wedge 3

The Wedge 3

Eddie Yerkish

Brian Gibson - Skaket Sunset

Skaket Sunset

Brian Gibson

Karen Wiles - SOUNDS of SILENCE


Karen Wiles

Kris Hiemstra - Drift Away

Drift Away

Kris Hiemstra

Justin  Barlahan - Morning Bowls

Morning Bowls

Justin Barlahan

Laurie Search - Where Life Takes Us

Where Life Takes Us

Laurie Search

Kris Hiemstra - Godwit Dash

Godwit Dash

Kris Hiemstra

Karen Wiles - HALF SHELL on ICE


Karen Wiles

Kris Hiemstra - Sunset Looking Down

Sunset Looking Down

Kris Hiemstra

Karen Wiles - EYE of REFLECTION


Karen Wiles

Richard Shelton - Station 4

Station 4

Richard Shelton

Karen Wiles - Crooked Palm

Crooked Palm

Karen Wiles

Justin  Barlahan - High and Tight

High and Tight

Justin Barlahan

California Views Mr Pat Hathaway Archives - 270 Lb Jew Fish Goliath...

270 Lb Jew Fish Goliath...

California Views Mr Pat Hathaway Archives

Eddie Yerkish - The Wedge 2

The Wedge 2

Eddie Yerkish

Marcia Fontes Photography - Hey Bill Clinton

Hey Bill Clinton

Marcia Fontes Photography

Artist and Photographer Laura Wrede - Sunset Over Santa Barbara

Sunset Over Santa Barbara

Artist and Photographer Laura Wrede

Karen Wiles - Whispering Tides

Whispering Tides

Karen Wiles

Jamison Rabaino - West Oahu Glass

West Oahu Glass

Jamison Rabaino

Deana Glenz - Capitola Moonscape

Capitola Moonscape

Deana Glenz

Sheldon Kralstein - New Zealand Fjords

New Zealand Fjords

Sheldon Kralstein

Hugh Smith - High Tide

High Tide

Hugh Smith

Karen Wiles - SKIES of SILK


Karen Wiles

Eddie Yerkish - First Sunset Of 2014

First Sunset Of 2014

Eddie Yerkish

Marcia Fontes Photography - The Thinker - Elephant...

The Thinker - Elephant...

Marcia Fontes Photography

Deana Glenz - Breaching Humpback

Breaching Humpback

Deana Glenz

Bob Christopher - Surfing Jaws 3

Surfing Jaws 3

Bob Christopher

Sheldon Kralstein - US Virgin Islands

US Virgin Islands

Sheldon Kralstein

Marcia Fontes Photography - Morro Rock

Morro Rock

Marcia Fontes Photography

Karen Wiles - Alone With The Sun

Alone With The Sun

Karen Wiles

Betsy Stevens - Hawaiian Shore

Hawaiian Shore

Betsy Stevens

Tyler Daugherty - San Francisco
Bev Conover - Mcway Falls

Mcway Falls

Bev Conover

Artist and Photographer Laura Wrede - Night Beach

Night Beach

Artist and Photographer Laura Wrede