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Must Create Art



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Marie Jamieson

Sequim, WA

United States

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This group was started on January 24th, 2012 and currently has:


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Must Create Art

About This Group

Does the bell toll for thee?

'...Go into yourself and see how deep the place is from which your life flows; at its source you will find the answer to the question of whether you MUST create. Accept the answer, just as it is given to you. Perhaps you will discover that you are called to be an artist. Then take this destiny upon yourself, and bear it, its burden and its greatness, without asking what reward might come from outside. For the creator must be a world for herself and must find everything in himself and in Nature, to whom her whole life is devoted...' Rilke

Do not worry about the outside world, look within -- what asks to be created? What catches your eye and Must be captured, what calls for your hands to shape, your mind, your voice, your Being to express?

This group is about what flows when you are possessed by the Passion to Create and the creation that comes when all the world's judgments are put aside and there is no One left standing - in that 'place' only The Creation remains. Melt into it and it into you!

Paint! Photograph! Digitalize! Sculpt! Mix it Up!

Submissions of 3 per day, please.
Appreciation of artwork submitted is welcome.
Member voting and favoring is appreciated as well.

xoxox MJ

Featured Images

Zeana Romanovna - A Castle On A Cloud

A Castle On A Cloud

Zeana Romanovna

Hartmut Jager -  Happy Father  And  Son
Christina Rollo - Desiderata Inspiration...
Stanza Widen - As I Ride The Butterfly
Mike Savad - Army - Administration
Sandra Foster - Cream Tea Pot And...

Cream Tea Pot And...

Sandra Foster

Greg Collins - Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit

Greg Collins

Teresa Wegrzyn - Autumn Abstract

Autumn Abstract

Teresa Wegrzyn

Hari Thomas - Over There

Over There

Hari Thomas

Priscilla Burgers - Winter Wonderland of...

Winter Wonderland of...

Priscilla Burgers

Diane Schuster - World Peace Roses With...
Cynthia Guinn - Christmas Candy Jar

Christmas Candy Jar

Cynthia Guinn

James Peterson - Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

James Peterson

Ann Powell - Twirl - abstract art
Mike Savad - Animal - Chicken -...
Cynthia Guinn - White Azalea

White Azalea

Cynthia Guinn

Bruce Bley - Red Columbine

Red Columbine

Bruce Bley

Lauren Hunter - Heavenly Limited Edition
Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Long Journey - the...

Long Journey - the...

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Sassan Filsoof - Powder to the People

Powder to the People

Sassan Filsoof

Janice Rae Pariza - The Passion Flower in...

The Passion Flower in...

Janice Rae Pariza

Bruce Bley - Gazania in Sepia

Gazania in Sepia

Bruce Bley

Pamela Patch - Purple Bearded Iris

Purple Bearded Iris

Pamela Patch

Silvijo Selman - Curvature


Silvijo Selman

Barbara D Richards - And The Rains Came

And The Rains Came

Barbara D Richards

Jeff  Swan - There Is Nothing Better...
Diane Schuster - Buzzing Right On By

Buzzing Right On By

Diane Schuster

Diane Schuster - The Lookout

The Lookout

Diane Schuster

Susan Savad - Blue Apothecary Bottle
F Leblanc - Ancient Anchor

Ancient Anchor

F Leblanc

Mike Savad - Mushroom - Deep in the...
Mike Savad - Mushroom - Magic Mushroom
Deborah Benoit - Abstract Explosion

Abstract Explosion

Deborah Benoit

Lianne Schneider - Joseph Brant after Stuart

Joseph Brant after Stuart

Lianne Schneider

Stanza Widen - Fire in The Sky

Fire in The Sky

Stanza Widen

Cecily Mitchell - Cat in Gift Box

Cat in Gift Box

Cecily Mitchell

John King - Band Of Rainbow Forensics
Diane Schuster - Walking In A Winter...

Walking In A Winter...

Diane Schuster

Shirley Sirois - Friend Butterfly

Friend Butterfly

Shirley Sirois

John Rivera - As the Sun Sets

As the Sun Sets

John Rivera

David Bowman - Ardvreck Castle 1

Ardvreck Castle 1

David Bowman

Gun Legler - The weave of life
Tolere - Harlequins with Birds
Christina Rollo - Summer Beauty

Summer Beauty

Christina Rollo

Darren Wilkes - Caught My Eye

Caught My Eye

Darren Wilkes

Darren Fisher - All a Blaze

All a Blaze

Darren Fisher

Miriam Danar - Fire Escapes in Blue and...
Vivienne Gucwa - New York City - Winter...
Teresa Wegrzyn - Green Bouquet

Green Bouquet

Teresa Wegrzyn

Gun Legler - Bowing for you

Bowing for you

Gun Legler

Al Bourassa - A Different Birds-Eye...
Laurie Search - I

I'll Never Forget

Laurie Search

Zeana Romanovna - Cellist By Night

Cellist By Night

Zeana Romanovna

Cynthia Guinn - Leaves Changing Colors
Vivienne Gucwa - Paris - Eiffel Tower

Paris - Eiffel Tower

Vivienne Gucwa

Joe Jake Pratt - Rumors Of War

Rumors Of War

Joe Jake Pratt

Darren Fisher - Lake Nevin

Lake Nevin

Darren Fisher

Diane Schuster - Cat On A Bench Monochrome
Paul Meijering - Javier Bardem

Javier Bardem

Paul Meijering

Brian Carson - No 200 Bay St RBP South...
John Straton - B17 Texas Raiders v12c
Colleen Kammerer - Steinway Golden Grand

Steinway Golden Grand

Colleen Kammerer

Mo T - Little Witch Black Cat...
Sandra Foster - Serendipity


Sandra Foster

Priska Wettstein - I only hear silence

I only hear silence

Priska Wettstein

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Wild Autumn Nature...

Wild Autumn Nature...

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Al Bourassa - Cuenca Kids 536

Cuenca Kids 536

Al Bourassa

Diane Schuster - The Magic Of Sunrise

The Magic Of Sunrise

Diane Schuster

Zeana Romanovna - The Ship That Came Home

The Ship That Came Home

Zeana Romanovna

Darren Wilkes - Waitng For Fall

Waitng For Fall

Darren Wilkes

Hartmut Jager - The  Way Shower

The Way Shower

Hartmut Jager

Ian Mitchell - Autumn River Valley

Autumn River Valley

Ian Mitchell

Gun Legler - Twins


Gun Legler

Pamela Patch - 1934 Chief Pontiac

1934 Chief Pontiac

Pamela Patch

Bobbee Rickard - Country Setting

Country Setting

Bobbee Rickard

Al Bourassa - Medieval Protection
Stormm Bradshaw - Bird Women Ufos

Bird Women Ufos

Stormm Bradshaw

RC DeWinter - Madame Exotic

Madame Exotic

RC DeWinter

Susan Savad - Pickles and Jellies
John Straton - Follow the Flag Civil War
Paul Meijering - Jack Nicholson and...

Jack Nicholson and...

Paul Meijering

Teresa Wegrzyn - Garden Series

Garden Series

Teresa Wegrzyn

Christine Till - Sunset Sailing in Cabo

Sunset Sailing in Cabo

Christine Till

Carol F Austin - Sunflower Splash

Sunflower Splash

Carol F Austin

Deborah Benoit - Into Fairy Land

Into Fairy Land

Deborah Benoit

Silvijo Selman - Sun Glare Fishing

Sun Glare Fishing

Silvijo Selman

Janice Rae Pariza - Denver Colorado

Denver Colorado

Janice Rae Pariza

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Nature  Autumn Love

Nature Autumn Love

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Barbara D Richards - Pearls of Distinction

Pearls of Distinction

Barbara D Richards

Ian Mitchell - Dream Boat

Dream Boat

Ian Mitchell

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Cute Santorini Island...

Cute Santorini Island...

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Barbara D Richards - Mystery Cat

Mystery Cat

Barbara D Richards

Liz  Alderdice - Bedtime Story

Bedtime Story

Liz Alderdice

RC DeWinter - The Tree of Hearts

The Tree of Hearts

RC DeWinter

Jim Cook - Softly Whisper
Sandra Foster - Bird House Garden Art

Bird House Garden Art

Sandra Foster

Al Bourassa - Cuenca Kids 528

Cuenca Kids 528

Al Bourassa

Barbara D Richards - Works of a Master

Works of a Master

Barbara D Richards

Stuart Harrison - Dragonfly


Stuart Harrison

Ian Mitchell - Autumn River

Autumn River

Ian Mitchell

Sandra Foster - Zinnias In Tea Pot -...
Edward Paul - Metro W-19

Metro W-19

Edward Paul

Mike Savad - City - Chicago IL - ...
RC DeWinter - Snow Moon Embrace

Snow Moon Embrace

RC DeWinter

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Morning impression with...

Morning impression with...

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

F Leblanc - Regalia Detail

Regalia Detail

F Leblanc

Bruce Bley - Romance in the Garden
Teresa Wegrzyn - Maui Sunset

Maui Sunset

Teresa Wegrzyn

Andrea Kollo - The Thin Blue Line

The Thin Blue Line

Andrea Kollo

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1442 Abstract Thought

1442 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Kellice Swaggerty - Its Greener Outside

Its Greener Outside

Kellice Swaggerty

Danielle  Parent - Rolling Waves In Red...

Rolling Waves In Red...

Danielle Parent

Jim Fitzpatrick - 3 Elderly Chimps Bonding

3 Elderly Chimps Bonding

Jim Fitzpatrick

Gun Legler - When she looked into the...
Hartmut Jager - Fragile Treasure  Found
Darren Fisher - Autumns Colors

Autumns Colors

Darren Fisher

Judy Via-Wolff - Purity


Judy Via-Wolff

Barbara D Richards - Autumn Apparition

Autumn Apparition

Barbara D Richards

Priscilla Burgers - Rocky Mountain National...

Rocky Mountain National...

Priscilla Burgers

Mike Savad - Steampunk - Alphabet - Y...
Sandra Foster - Four Balls

Four Balls

Sandra Foster

Christine Till - March of the Seagull

March of the Seagull

Christine Till

Bruce Bley - Stroll through the Park
Joe Jake Pratt - All Through the House

All Through the House

Joe Jake Pratt

Sid Ball - Gray Wolf

Gray Wolf

Sid Ball

Stormm Bradshaw - Eyes Of Amen Ra

Eyes Of Amen Ra

Stormm Bradshaw

Laurie Search - I Was Crying

I Was Crying

Laurie Search

John Rivera - Beside you until forever
Meldra Driscoll - Sunflower Serenity

Sunflower Serenity

Meldra Driscoll

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Forgotten chamber

Forgotten chamber

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Zeana Romanovna - Vintage Cracked Rose

Vintage Cracked Rose

Zeana Romanovna

Bruce Bley - Iris in Black and White
Brian Carson - Trump Tower Toronto...
Gary Gingrich Galleries - Jackson Kelly R3 - 9689

Jackson Kelly R3 - 9689

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Ancient old Ski SHOES

Ancient old Ski SHOES

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

RC DeWinter - Witch Walking

Witch Walking

RC DeWinter

Sandra Foster - Lavatera Flower Stamen...
Janice Rae Pariza - Autumn in Colorado

Autumn in Colorado

Janice Rae Pariza

Donna Miller - Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

Donna Miller

Joe Jake Pratt - Licorice Stick And...

Licorice Stick And...

Joe Jake Pratt

Janice Rae Pariza - The Antique Store

The Antique Store

Janice Rae Pariza

Bobbee Rickard - Uplifting Messaged Art

Uplifting Messaged Art

Bobbee Rickard

RC DeWinter - Still Standing

Still Standing

RC DeWinter

Diane Schuster - Stargazer Lily and...

Stargazer Lily and...

Diane Schuster

Andrea Kollo - Gothic Dream

Gothic Dream

Andrea Kollo

Jim Fitzpatrick - Portrait of an Elderly...
Zeana Romanovna - Burning Rose Of Autumn

Burning Rose Of Autumn

Zeana Romanovna

Cynthia Guinn - Four Boats

Four Boats

Cynthia Guinn

Barbara D Richards - Woman in a Veiled Hat

Woman in a Veiled Hat

Barbara D Richards

Kim Andelkovic - Branching Out

Branching Out

Kim Andelkovic

Shirley Sirois - Ever Loving Ever Caring
Gary Gingrich Galleries - Kansas Sunflowers - 3304

Kansas Sunflowers - 3304

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Christina Rollo - Sepia Owl

Sepia Owl

Christina Rollo

Bradley R Youngberg - Storm Over Naples...

Storm Over Naples...

Bradley R Youngberg

John Straton - B17 Texas Raiders V2
Darren Fisher - Walking the Line

Walking the Line

Darren Fisher

Miriam Danar - Central Park in Bloom -...
Hartmut Jager - 2014 Tears of Sorrow

2014 Tears of Sorrow

Hartmut Jager

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Bouquet of peonies and...

Bouquet of peonies and...

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Judy Via-Wolff - August Bouquet

August Bouquet

Judy Via-Wolff

Jeff  Swan - Leaf Dappled

Leaf Dappled

Jeff Swan

Karen Slagle - Iris Macro

Iris Macro

Karen Slagle

Viaina     - Sail Away

Sail Away


Laurie Search - Old and Lonely

Old and Lonely

Laurie Search

Barbara D Richards - Disembarkation in Mykonos

Disembarkation in Mykonos

Barbara D Richards

Lyn  Perry - Capital Iron-1

Capital Iron-1

Lyn Perry

Bob Christopher - Desert Beauty Death...

Desert Beauty Death...

Bob Christopher

Lois Bryan - The Stairway To Bountiful
Lisa Knechtel - Umbrella Trio

Umbrella Trio

Lisa Knechtel

Barbara D Richards - Streets of Panama

Streets of Panama

Barbara D Richards

Mr Bennett Kent - Kangaroo Portrait

Kangaroo Portrait

Mr Bennett Kent

Mike Savad - Steampunk - Dystopia -...
Troy Brown - Bee
Christine Till - Fly a kite - Old hobby...
John Rivera - Flower Girl

Flower Girl

John Rivera

The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - Natural


The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Tropical Blossoms

Tropical Blossoms

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Diane Schuster - Autumn Myst

Autumn Myst

Diane Schuster

Teresa Wegrzyn - The Waves

The Waves

Teresa Wegrzyn

David Simons - Garlic


David Simons

Bruce Bley - Blue Waterlily 2

Blue Waterlily 2

Bruce Bley

Jerry Cowart - Tranquil Lake...

Tranquil Lake...

Jerry Cowart

Aimelle - Do Re Mi

Do Re Mi


Lianne Schneider - Fishing in High Water

Fishing in High Water

Lianne Schneider

Budi Satria Kwan - Mark the wizard cat

Mark the wizard cat

Budi Satria Kwan

RC DeWinter - Summerstorm Still Life
Janice Rae Pariza - Mustang Foal Butt Up

Mustang Foal Butt Up

Janice Rae Pariza

Robyn King - Inner Glow

Inner Glow

Robyn King

AnnaJo Vahle - Levitation


AnnaJo Vahle

Kevin Mauldin Jr - Hand - Abstract

Hand - Abstract

Kevin Mauldin Jr

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Spiral staircase in warm...

Spiral staircase in warm...

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Mehran Akhzari - Kindly


Mehran Akhzari

Hari Thomas - Finding Yourself in...
Troy Brown - Horizontal Moon

Horizontal Moon

Troy Brown

Darren Fisher - Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

Darren Fisher

RC DeWinter - Encroachment


RC DeWinter

Bob Christopher - Fernando De Noronha...

Fernando De Noronha...

Bob Christopher

Dwight Cook - Baby Goat 2

Baby Goat 2

Dwight Cook

Bruce Bley - Afternoon Bloom

Afternoon Bloom

Bruce Bley

Colleen Kammerer - Carnival - Memories of...

Carnival - Memories of...

Colleen Kammerer

Barbara D Richards - Fog on the Water

Fog on the Water

Barbara D Richards

Roger Leege - Sierra Hotel A/C

Sierra Hotel A/C

Roger Leege

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1423 Abstract Thought

1423 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Eloise Schneider - White Flower Abstract

White Flower Abstract

Eloise Schneider

Bruce Bley - Sneak A Peak

Sneak A Peak

Bruce Bley

David Dehner - Eclipsed Mandalas   340
Rebecca Phillips - Contemplation Of Lao-tzu

Contemplation Of Lao-tzu

Rebecca Phillips

Cynthia Guinn - Ready For The Catch

Ready For The Catch

Cynthia Guinn

Anne Lacy - Dancing


Anne Lacy

Priscilla Burgers - Barbed Wire on Fence Post

Barbed Wire on Fence Post

Priscilla Burgers

Jackie Schuknecht - Sunny


Jackie Schuknecht

Pamela Patch - Sailing the Delta

Sailing the Delta

Pamela Patch

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Sculpture On The Oceon

Sculpture On The Oceon

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Gun Legler - Nordic view

Nordic view

Gun Legler

Karyn Robinson - Skate Park

Skate Park

Karyn Robinson

Lee Piper - Maple Lane

Maple Lane

Lee Piper

Barbara D Richards - Plane Lines

Plane Lines

Barbara D Richards

Hari Thomas - Ladders Up

Ladders Up

Hari Thomas

David Bowman - Het Strijkijzer

Het Strijkijzer

David Bowman

Bruce Bley - Poppy Up Close

Poppy Up Close

Bruce Bley

Mo T - Love Me Tender
Barbara Chichester - Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle

Barbara Chichester

Miriam Danar - Snowy Day - New York...
Kellice Swaggerty - Back Design

Back Design

Kellice Swaggerty

Kim Andelkovic - Music makes the Heart...
John Rivera - Man in thought

Man in thought

John Rivera

Natalie Holland - In the Eyes of a Dreamer

In the Eyes of a Dreamer

Natalie Holland

Laura Duhaime - Kayak Adventures

Kayak Adventures

Laura Duhaime

Liane Wright - Abstract - Floaters

Abstract - Floaters

Liane Wright

Jerry Cowart - A Herd Of Wild Horses On...
Shirley Sirois - On a Summer Day

On a Summer Day

Shirley Sirois

Pamela Patch - Vintage Diamond T Emblem
Troy Brown - Art for the Art of it
Diane Schuster - Fallen Friends

Fallen Friends

Diane Schuster

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - An old wreck on the...

An old wreck on the...

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Karyn Robinson - Colorful Abstract Art -...
Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Silhouette of a man...

Silhouette of a man...

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Jennie Breeze - Artist

Artist's View in...

Jennie Breeze

Kiki Art - Violet Night

Violet Night

Kiki Art

Joe Jake Pratt - Watchful Eyes

Watchful Eyes

Joe Jake Pratt

Kiki Art - Queen of Sheba
Brian Carson - Backyard Flowers In...
John Rivera - Modern Mona

Modern Mona

John Rivera

Debi Starr - Nearly Naked Platinum
Barbara D Richards - Bridge of Sighs

Bridge of Sighs

Barbara D Richards

Paul Ward - Vintage Music and Violin
Barbara D Richards - Venice Morning

Venice Morning

Barbara D Richards

Beverly Guilliams - Scripture Text Art

Scripture Text Art

Beverly Guilliams

Pamela Patch - Oriental Poppies

Oriental Poppies

Pamela Patch

The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - If You Are My Love...

If You Are My Love...

The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Boats near Samsoe island...

Boats near Samsoe island...

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

David Bowman - Canyon Layers

Canyon Layers

David Bowman

Jeff  Swan - Stevens Creek

Stevens Creek

Jeff Swan

Wendy J St Christopher - Reminiscing


Wendy J St Christopher

Barbara Chichester - Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Barbara Chichester

Lianne Schneider - Sunflower - You Are My...

Sunflower - You Are My...

Lianne Schneider

Susan Savad - Alexandria VA - Ice...
Barbara D Richards - Across the Avenue

Across the Avenue

Barbara D Richards

Miriam Danar - New York at Night -...
Lois Bryan - Breakfast Is Ready
Zeana Romanovna - Beautiful Cornflower...

Beautiful Cornflower...

Zeana Romanovna

F Leblanc - Turbulant Sea Painting
Jennie Breeze - Rio Menuo De La Verona
David Bowman - Watercolours


David Bowman

Mariusz Zawadzki - No Title

No Title

Mariusz Zawadzki

Liane Wright - Life in a Bubble

Life in a Bubble

Liane Wright

Janice Rae Pariza - Art on Plaster

Art on Plaster

Janice Rae Pariza

Christina Rollo - Sunrise Prayer

Sunrise Prayer

Christina Rollo

Zeana Romanovna - Spring Still Life...

Spring Still Life...

Zeana Romanovna

Joe Jake Pratt - Googleplex


Joe Jake Pratt

Wendy J St Christopher - Today

Today's Dream

Wendy J St Christopher

Lois Bryan - The Gatehouse

The Gatehouse

Lois Bryan

Kim Andelkovic - Graceful Curves

Graceful Curves

Kim Andelkovic

Mike Savad - House - The lookout
Barbara D Richards - I Can See You

I Can See You

Barbara D Richards

Brian Harig - Colorado Aspens

Colorado Aspens

Brian Harig

Lisa Knechtel - Panoramic Goose Family...
Christina Rollo - Fiery Fox

Fiery Fox

Christina Rollo

Barbara D Richards - White Picket Fence Dreams

White Picket Fence Dreams

Barbara D Richards

Adrian Evans - Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha

Adrian Evans

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Bataleur...


Gary Gingrich Galleries

Bob Christopher - Canadian Rockies 2

Canadian Rockies 2

Bob Christopher

Wendy J St Christopher - Out of the Dark

Out of the Dark

Wendy J St Christopher

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Epiphone...


Gary Gingrich Galleries

Lianne Schneider - Illinois Central...

Illinois Central...

Lianne Schneider

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Tulip-7020-Fractal


Gary Gingrich Galleries

Paul Ward - The Machine Shop
Kiki Art - Breakthrough


Kiki Art

Kiki Art - Sweet Harbor

Sweet Harbor

Kiki Art

Miriam Danar - Office Window

Office Window

Miriam Danar

Stanza Widen - Mars Butterfly Effect
Bruce Bley - Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose

Bruce Bley

Svetlana Sewell - The Bird Table

The Bird Table

Svetlana Sewell

Mike Savad - Flower - Flower -...
Danielle  Parent - Spring Next Crop

Spring Next Crop

Danielle Parent

Miriam Danar - Lady on the Stoop

Lady on the Stoop

Miriam Danar

Chrisann Ellis - Grapes


Chrisann Ellis

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Spiral stairs with...

Spiral stairs with...

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Jeff  Swan - Two Droplets On A Leaf
 Andrzej Goszcz  - Do not copy nature too...

Do not copy nature too...

Andrzej Goszcz

Ian Mitchell - Red Rose

Red Rose

Ian Mitchell

Lauren Hunter - Abstract in Red

Abstract in Red

Lauren Hunter

Bob Christopher - Venice Reflections

Venice Reflections

Bob Christopher

Darren Fisher - Pole Dancing Cardinal

Pole Dancing Cardinal

Darren Fisher

Christine Till - Green Front Door New...
Pamela Patch - Vantage Point

Vantage Point

Pamela Patch

Hartmut Jager - The Traveller

The Traveller

Hartmut Jager

Ian Mitchell - Country Sunrise

Country Sunrise

Ian Mitchell

Gary Gingrich Galleries - TFK-Ty-3619


Gary Gingrich Galleries

Miriam Danar - Rush Hour - Traffic in...
Adrian Evans - Autumn Path

Autumn Path

Adrian Evans

Laurie Search - Splendor


Laurie Search

Paul Ward - Balanced


Paul Ward

Chowdary V Arikatla - 0518 Abstract Thought

0518 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

James Peterson - Standing Out

Standing Out

James Peterson

Lianne Schneider - Sanctuary


Lianne Schneider

Karyn Robinson - Three Cherries

Three Cherries

Karyn Robinson

Ian Mitchell - Church Bay

Church Bay

Ian Mitchell

Bruce Bley - Collecting Sweet Nectar
Denisse Del Mar Guevara - The Koi Life

The Koi Life

Denisse Del Mar Guevara

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Inspiration From My...

Inspiration From My...

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Shirley Sirois - Purple Radiance

Purple Radiance

Shirley Sirois

Lauren Hunter - Blue Ribbon Collage

Blue Ribbon Collage

Lauren Hunter

Gun Legler - Me myself and I

Me myself and I

Gun Legler

Karol  Livote - The Man On The Street
Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Shirley Sirois - Secret Passion

Secret Passion

Shirley Sirois

Bruce Bley - Seeking Food on a Cold...
Bobbee Rickard - Bird Watcher

Bird Watcher

Bobbee Rickard

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Golden Trio

Golden Trio

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Liane Wright - Love


Liane Wright

Diane Schuster - The Magic Of Love And...
Darren Fisher - The Old Mill Black and...
John Rivera - Morning Table

Morning Table

John Rivera

Ed Weidman - Stone Faced Lady

Stone Faced Lady

Ed Weidman

Steven Milner - Shadow Lines -...

Shadow Lines -...

Steven Milner

Susan Schiffer - Throwing Flowers to the...
Ian Mitchell - Christ Church

Christ Church

Ian Mitchell

Vivienne Gucwa - New York City Alley in...
Paul Ward - Pride Honor and Glory
Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Cleveland Skyline

Cleveland Skyline

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Tiger-5250-Fractal


Gary Gingrich Galleries

Susan Schiffer - Dancing Under a Yellow...
Joe Jake Pratt - Wonderland Door

Wonderland Door

Joe Jake Pratt

Gabriel Forgottenangel - Edward The Confessor

Edward The Confessor

Gabriel Forgottenangel

The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - My Sweet Serenity

My Sweet Serenity

The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene

Natalie Holland - Tabby


Natalie Holland

Anne Gilbert - A Winter

A Winter's Morning

Anne Gilbert

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Hippo Yawn Fractal

Hippo Yawn Fractal

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Roger Leege - Friendship Is Magic
Ed Weidman - Crystal Ships On The...
Zeana Romanovna - Through The Golden Gate

Through The Golden Gate

Zeana Romanovna

David Gordon - The Raven

The Raven

David Gordon

David Simons - Heading South

Heading South

David Simons

Vadim Levin - Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset

Vadim Levin

Elaine Manley - Autumn Wind .. Abstract
Kathy Jennings - Sunrise At The Peaks

Sunrise At The Peaks

Kathy Jennings

Wendy J St Christopher - Natural Attributes 10...

Natural Attributes 10...

Wendy J St Christopher

Lois Bryan - The Detritus of Humanity
Mo T - Longing


Mo T

Mariola Bitner - Tale of a Tail

Tale of a Tail

Mariola Bitner

Variance Collections - The Bird - k04d

The Bird - k04d

Variance Collections

Susan Savad - Three Wooden Rocking...
Brian Harig - Garden Of The Gods And...
Laurie Search - The Sweet Hereafter

The Sweet Hereafter

Laurie Search

Shawna  Rowe - Carnival


Shawna Rowe

Chrisann Ellis - A Sand Filled Beach

A Sand Filled Beach

Chrisann Ellis

Shadowlea Is - Raven Woman

Raven Woman

Shadowlea Is

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Bella Vita

Bella Vita

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Jeff  Swan - Entiat Falls

Entiat Falls

Jeff Swan

Hartmut Jager - Friends


Hartmut Jager

Adrian Evans - Orchid Thailand

Orchid Thailand

Adrian Evans

Ian Mitchell - Row Your Worries Away
Lianne Schneider - Begonia Shadows II...

Begonia Shadows II...

Lianne Schneider

Hari Thomas - Let The Spirit Guide You
Adrian Evans - Asian Buddhism

Asian Buddhism

Adrian Evans

Adrian Evans - Longboat


Adrian Evans

Variance Collections - La Ronde Des Marguerites...

La Ronde Des Marguerites...

Variance Collections

Mehran Akhzari - Venus


Mehran Akhzari

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Eric Clapton-Ray...

Eric Clapton-Ray...

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Lois Bryan - A Ruby In The Snow
Darren Fisher - Christmas in Bardstown...
Lauren Hunter - Balance - Limited Edition
Mike Savad - Inspirational -...
Viaina     - Western Gold

Western Gold


Darren Fisher - Leaves of Orange

Leaves of Orange

Darren Fisher

Ed Weidman - Waiting For Their Big...
Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Winter Ready

Winter Ready

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Lauren Hunter - Wood Eagle Totem

Wood Eagle Totem

Lauren Hunter

Al Bourassa - Ecaudorian Humorous...
Teresa Wegrzyn - Glorious


Teresa Wegrzyn

Evan Steenson - Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting

Evan Steenson

Hartmut Jager - Wood Elf  and Friend

Wood Elf and Friend

Hartmut Jager

Chowdary V Arikatla - 0178 Abstract Thought

0178 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Ian Mitchell - Pont y Ddraig Bridge
Priscilla Burgers - Williamson Valley...

Williamson Valley...

Priscilla Burgers

Gary Gingrich Galleries - 65 T-Bird Emblem-7876

65 T-Bird Emblem-7876

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Diane Schuster - Alone In The Mist

Alone In The Mist

Diane Schuster

Lois Bryan - Murmuring Sweet Nothings
Mike Savad - Train - A collection of...
Stanza Widen - Eddy Park Moonlight

Eddy Park Moonlight

Stanza Widen

Paul Ward - Nautical - Sailing...
Diane Schuster - A Light In The Forest

A Light In The Forest

Diane Schuster

Evan Steenson - Abstract Composition

Abstract Composition

Evan Steenson

Jeff  Swan - A Hole In The Rock
Pamela Patch - Timeless


Pamela Patch

David Bowman - Dunnottar Castle 2

Dunnottar Castle 2

David Bowman

Laurie Search - As Shadows Spread Across...
Beverley Harper Tinsley - Near La Veta

Near La Veta

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Bruce Bley - Walking Bridge

Walking Bridge

Bruce Bley

Hartmut Jager - The  Pink  Bird

The Pink Bird

Hartmut Jager

John Haldane - Fruit Explosion

Fruit Explosion

John Haldane

RicardMN Photography - Old house over cobbled...

Old house over cobbled...

RicardMN Photography

Debi Starr - Should Have Bought You...
Susan Savad - Autumn Tree by Small...
Paul Ward - A Very Old Grist Mill
Jim Fitzpatrick - A Male Mandrill

A Male Mandrill

Jim Fitzpatrick

David Dehner - American Goldfinch...
Maynard Ellis - Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos

Maynard Ellis

Gary Gingrich Galleries - 65 Malibu SS 7822

65 Malibu SS 7822

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Jeff  Swan - An Old Colorado Mine In...
Stanza Widen - Bed With a View

Bed With a View

Stanza Widen

Al Bourassa - Cuenca Panorama Digital...
James Peterson - Mud Turtle

Mud Turtle

James Peterson

Mike Savad - Graphic Artist - The...
Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Colette born in the...

Colette born in the...

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Jim Cook - Cape Elizabeth
Lianne Schneider - Glade Creek Grist Mill

Glade Creek Grist Mill

Lianne Schneider

Steven Milner - Sepia Skyscraper Series...
John Rivera - Soft Whisper

Soft Whisper

John Rivera

Ed Weidman - Eye Contact

Eye Contact

Ed Weidman

Ed Weidman - She
Lauren Hunter - Outcast


Lauren Hunter

Priscilla Burgers - Darien Harbor

Darien Harbor

Priscilla Burgers

Marie Jamieson - Steps Toward Autumn -...
Shadowlea Is - The Crossing

The Crossing

Shadowlea Is

Kendall Kessler - Here is the Flashlight

Here is the Flashlight

Kendall Kessler

Teresa Wegrzyn - Fishing


Teresa Wegrzyn

David Gordon - Color Abstraction IX
David Dehner - Wildwood Sunrise Dreaming
The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - My Sweet Serenade

My Sweet Serenade

The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene

James Peterson - Winding Falls

Winding Falls

James Peterson

Gun Legler - Locked in

Locked in

Gun Legler

Brian Harig - Balanced Rock At Sunrise...
Jeff  Swan - Clouds In The Water
Lee Piper - Stormy Sunset

Stormy Sunset

Lee Piper

Adrian Evans - Talacre Lighthouse

Talacre Lighthouse

Adrian Evans

Omaste Witkowski - Emotional Discovery of...

Emotional Discovery of...

Omaste Witkowski

Lianne Schneider - On Jordan Pond

On Jordan Pond

Lianne Schneider

Susan Savad - Water Lily Pond in Autumn
Priscilla Burgers - Williamson Valley...

Williamson Valley...

Priscilla Burgers

Joe Jake Pratt -  No Longer Grand

No Longer Grand

Joe Jake Pratt

Adrian Evans - Autumn Reflections

Autumn Reflections

Adrian Evans

Vivienne Gucwa - New York Autumn - Sunset...
Lisa Knechtel - the Miracle of a Single...
Ed Weidman - Grill Abstract

Grill Abstract

Ed Weidman

Karyn Robinson - Grandmother

Grandmother's Silver

Karyn Robinson

Diane Schuster - Black Capped Chickadee...
Al Bourassa - Beautiful Parasite...
Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Contemplation


Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Gun Legler - Listen to what I don
Kim Gauge - Ned Kelly #9

Ned Kelly #9

Kim Gauge

Hartmut Jager - A Wistful Moment

A Wistful Moment

Hartmut Jager

Ian Mitchell - Late Autumn Lake

Late Autumn Lake

Ian Mitchell

John Haldane - Entering a World of...
Beverley Harper Tinsley - Big Daddy

Big Daddy

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Kylie Sabra - Family Chapel

Family Chapel

Kylie Sabra

Lauren Hunter - Expose


Lauren Hunter

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Disciple-Micah-9389


Gary Gingrich Galleries

Zeana Romanovna - Trumpet Lilies In A...

Trumpet Lilies In A...

Zeana Romanovna

Kathy Bassett - Rapture


Kathy Bassett

Priscilla Burgers - Sleepy Hollow Farm

Sleepy Hollow Farm

Priscilla Burgers

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - Weary


Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

Drinka Mercep - Geometric Art Black and...
Christine Till - Antelope House Ruins...
Diane Schuster - Sunflowers With Splash

Sunflowers With Splash

Diane Schuster

Kim Gauge - Street Poetry

Street Poetry

Kim Gauge

Kylie Sabra - Chapel in the Wood

Chapel in the Wood

Kylie Sabra

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1309 Abstract Thought

1309 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Lianne Schneider - Making for Safe Harbor

Making for Safe Harbor

Lianne Schneider

Jean Hall - Three Quilts

Three Quilts

Jean Hall

Li   van Saathoff - Butterfly


Li van Saathoff

Lianne Schneider - Black Capped Chickadee

Black Capped Chickadee

Lianne Schneider

Kylie Sabra - Sky Cathedral

Sky Cathedral

Kylie Sabra

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Great Horned Eyes Fractal

Great Horned Eyes Fractal

Gary Gingrich Galleries

John Rivera - Lady Isabel in...

Lady Isabel in...

John Rivera

Brian Harig - Great Fountain Geyser...
Joe Jake Pratt - Waiting On The School Bus
Ms Judi - Black Wolf

Black Wolf

Ms Judi

Paul Ward - Pair of Glasses black...
Bob Christopher - Old Boots

Old Boots

Bob Christopher

Mike Savad - Autumn - Family Reunion
AnnaJo Vahle - Painting Hickory Hollow
Kristie  Bonnewell - Leave the Door Open

Leave the Door Open

Kristie Bonnewell

Jeff  Swan - Butterfly


Jeff Swan

Kendall Kessler - Bright Flowers

Bright Flowers

Kendall Kessler

Laurie Search - It All Depends

It All Depends

Laurie Search

David Bowman - 5.35pm


David Bowman

Ed Weidman - Doll Face

Doll Face

Ed Weidman