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Must Create Art



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Marie Jamieson

Sequim, WA

United States

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This group was started on January 24th, 2012 and currently has:

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Must Create Art

About This Group

Does the Bell toll for thee...?

All media accepted.
Primarily, family oriented, thus, only tasteful, artistic nudes allowed.

Submissions of 3 per day, please.

Favoring, voting, posting of favored images much appreciated!

Please add favored images to a discussion board.

However subjective it may be, as administrator of this group, I may remove any image. This is not personal, only subjective.

Thank you sincerely,

Featured Images

Bruce Bley - Eye Catcher

Eye Catcher

Bruce Bley

Mariusz Zawadzki - ...


Mariusz Zawadzki

Ed Weidman - Window Women

Window Women

Ed Weidman

L Wright - Serenity


L Wright

Shadowlea Is - Distant Drum

Distant Drum

Shadowlea Is

Lee Piper - Mad Cow

Mad Cow

Lee Piper

Broken  Soldier - Rhapsody in Blue

Rhapsody in Blue

Broken Soldier

Joe Jake Pratt - Tears And Fears

Tears And Fears

Joe Jake Pratt

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Mama Lowland Gorilla-1422

Mama Lowland Gorilla-1422

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Lauren Leigh Hunter Fine Art Photography - Fallen Woman

Fallen Woman

Lauren Leigh Hunter Fine Art Photography

Steven Milner - Passing Gears

Passing Gears

Steven Milner

David Gordon - Harbor Seal IV BW

Harbor Seal IV BW

David Gordon

Andrea Kollo - Iris Art

Iris Art

Andrea Kollo

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Great Horned Owl-2

Great Horned Owl-2

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Ken Morris - Mechanical Bird

Mechanical Bird

Ken Morris

Chris Armytage - Sailing by the Moon

Sailing by the Moon

Chris Armytage

John Haldane - Something I ate

Something I ate

John Haldane

Lauren Leigh Hunter Fine Art Photography - Striations


Lauren Leigh Hunter Fine Art Photography

Tom Druin - 45 Degree Angle

45 Degree Angle

Tom Druin

Greg Collins - Vedrini


Greg Collins

John Rivera - Heading Out

Heading Out

John Rivera

Debi Starr - Palette Storm

Palette Storm

Debi Starr

Variance Collections - Imagine ... Believe It - 44at01

Imagine ... Believe It - 44at01

Variance Collections

AnnaJo Vahle - Onions


AnnaJo Vahle

Shadowlea Is - Atom One

Atom One

Shadowlea Is

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Wings I

Wings I

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Bruce Bley - Lotus Up Close

Lotus Up Close

Bruce Bley

Deborah Benoit - Fishing Anyone

Fishing Anyone

Deborah Benoit