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Mental Health Awareness



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Amy Frank

Victoria, BC


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This group was started on September 24th, 2013 and currently has:


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Mental Health Awareness

About This Group

This group has been created to bring awareness to mental health by using the arts. All mediums are welcome. You don't have to struggle with a mental health issue to be a member, this group is for everyone. Discussions are encouraged :)

Group Cover Image: Self Comfort by Nili Tochner

Some group's are quite finicky about the 'standard' of work they feature, but I believe art is subjective and I'm not the one to say your work is better or worse than another person's. I check the submissions once I've received 100 or more, and I try to feature at least one piece from every artist who's submitted. I've received many private messages from people telling me that they were ready to give up on art until they received a feature here which gave them hope. Let's keep that hope alive and keep on being kind and supportive of each other. If you're browsing through the featured work please take the time to comment or favorite pieces that speak to you.

A BIT ABOUT ME (Amy Frank):
In 2004, at the age of 18, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Before diagnosis I had a lengthy struggle with self harm, psychosis, homelessness, and drug and alcohol abuse. I started this group as I have encountered a lot of stigma surrounding mental health over the years. I want to thank all of this groups members for your continued efforts to support and bring awareness to mental health. I am so pleased to watch this group grow.

Featured Images

Betsy Zimmerli - After the Storm

After the Storm

Betsy Zimmerli

Ira Shander - Below 23rd

Below 23rd

Ira Shander

Eston Henry - Three In One Mind

Three In One Mind

Eston Henry

Melodye Whitaker - Mother and Child

Mother and Child

Melodye Whitaker

Sora Neva - Medley


Sora Neva

Edgar Laureano - One of us

One of us

Edgar Laureano

Leanne Seymour - Artemis


Leanne Seymour

Brainwave Pictures - Mindfulness


Brainwave Pictures

Alex Potemkin - Memento Mori

Memento Mori

Alex Potemkin

Zeana Romanovna - Wisdom Of An Owl

Wisdom Of An Owl

Zeana Romanovna

Freddy Kirsheh - Lost love

Lost love

Freddy Kirsheh

Nigel Radcliffe - Ending Asylum  IV

Ending Asylum IV

Nigel Radcliffe

Mike Savad - Pilot - Prop - Built for...
Ann Supan - Interrupted


Ann Supan

Chris Scroggins - Animal Magnetism

Animal Magnetism

Chris Scroggins

Leona Borge - Wild Panther

Wild Panther

Leona Borge

Choco Friedrich - Revision


Choco Friedrich

Julie McDoniel - Zombie Night

Zombie Night

Julie McDoniel

Violeta Ianeva - Light Energy For Healing
Bob Sample - A Walk Through the Garden
Curtis Radclyffe - Long Gone

Long Gone

Curtis Radclyffe

Leanne Seymour - Window To Earth

Window To Earth's Soul

Leanne Seymour

Edward Paul - Angel Losing Its Wings -...
Carolyn LeGrand - Dream On Little Soul

Dream On Little Soul

Carolyn LeGrand

Lenore Senior - At the Beach

At the Beach

Lenore Senior

Jennifer Fliegel - Steam Punk Lamp

Steam Punk Lamp

Jennifer Fliegel

Doug Norkum - MonkGarden


Doug Norkum

Annie Zeno - Serenade Of Love

Serenade Of Love

Annie Zeno

Linsey Williams - Lakeland Cottage Not For...
Karunita Kapoor - Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Karunita Kapoor

Carol Jacobs - Rorschach Me

Rorschach Me

Carol Jacobs

Meganne Peck - Watching over you...
Joseph Juvenal - Devolution


Joseph Juvenal

Kathy Barney - The Hunters Moon and the...
Stanza Widen - A for Anemone and Azure...
Wild Thing - Summy Lazy

Summy Lazy

Wild Thing

Joe Arsenian - Golden


Joe Arsenian

Chuck  Hicks - Palm In The Scrub

Palm In The Scrub

Chuck Hicks

David Feingold - Rot in Hell Fuherer

Rot in Hell Fuherer

David Feingold

Adrian Evans - Longboat Asia

Longboat Asia

Adrian Evans

Barbie Corbett-Newmin - Love Your Life Tattoo

Love Your Life Tattoo

Barbie Corbett-Newmin

Gun Legler - I accuse

I accuse

Gun Legler

Hartmut Jager - Marilyn - Some Like It...
James Welch - Pale Pink and Purple...
Jeff  Swan - Butterfly on a flower
Joe Jake Pratt - Sack Of Dreams

Sack Of Dreams

Joe Jake Pratt

Chad Dutson - Sacred Light

Sacred Light

Chad Dutson

Karl Anderson - Escape


Karl Anderson

Sarah Loft - A Quiet Place in the...
Freddy Kirsheh - Peter


Freddy Kirsheh

Julie O

Clean Fly

Julie O'reilly

Joe Jake Pratt - Dove Mourning

Dove Mourning

Joe Jake Pratt

Debbie Oppermann - Snow Shower

Snow Shower

Debbie Oppermann

John King - Happy Together

Happy Together

John King

Curtis Radclyffe - Portrait of T

Portrait of T

Curtis Radclyffe

Dorota Ogrodowczyk - Be Yourself

Be Yourself

Dorota Ogrodowczyk

Kate Hart - Rearranged


Kate Hart

Bob Sample - Colorful Coastline
Jennifer Fliegel - Impasse


Jennifer Fliegel

Robyn King - Blue Skies of Autumn
Karl Anderson - Cold Morning Blues

Cold Morning Blues

Karl Anderson

Leanne Seymour - Fluid Joy

Fluid Joy

Leanne Seymour

Wild Thing - Faery Land

Faery Land

Wild Thing

Doug Norkum - Enchantment


Doug Norkum

Carolyn LeGrand - Coming Apart At The Seams
Edward Paul - Tales Of Brave Ulysses
Cecily Mitchell - Little Friends

Little Friends

Cecily Mitchell

Betsy Zimmerli - November snow

November snow

Betsy Zimmerli

Dana D - Ancestral roots
Linsey Williams - Skiddaw Reflections

Skiddaw Reflections

Linsey Williams

Karunita Kapoor - Season

Season's Joy

Karunita Kapoor

Jeff  Swan - The Way Of Healing Water
Lenore Senior - At the Top

At the Top

Lenore Senior

Diannah Lynch - Snow Covered Path of...
Meganne Peck - Holding onto his facade
Mike Savad - Army - Another potato...
Sora Neva - Conception - The Firebird
Chris Scroggins - Pink Grasses 2

Pink Grasses 2

Chris Scroggins

Annie Zeno - Liberty American Flag...
Kathy Barney - Squibby Cliffs and...
Brainwave Pictures - My First Nightmare

My First Nightmare

Brainwave Pictures

James Welch - Beauty Of The Living...
Lyric Lucas - On The Floor

On The Floor

Lyric Lucas

Chuck  Hicks - Green On Red

Green On Red

Chuck Hicks

Zeana Romanovna - A Castle On A Cloud

A Castle On A Cloud

Zeana Romanovna

Joe Jake Pratt - His Hopes Her Dreams

His Hopes Her Dreams

Joe Jake Pratt

Hartmut Jager - Being Alone

Being Alone

Hartmut Jager

Cecily Mitchell - Snow Scene

Snow Scene

Cecily Mitchell

Wild Thing - Looking Back

Looking Back

Wild Thing

Chris Scroggins - Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

Chris Scroggins

Karl Anderson - Cathedral of the...

Cathedral of the...

Karl Anderson

Variance Collections - Geometric Gymnastic -...

Geometric Gymnastic -...

Variance Collections

Michael Cross - Art In The News 50

Art In The News 50

Michael Cross

Aimelle - Tragedy



Gun Legler - Shattered


Gun Legler

John Malone - Rainy Nights Downtown
Lyn  Perry - Barn Doors Burgoyne
Doug Norkum - Kaleidoscope


Doug Norkum

Christine Mulgrew - First New Rose

First New Rose

Christine Mulgrew

Edgar Laureano - Coming Down the Mountain
Meganne Peck - Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight

Meganne Peck

Jessica Shelton -  Life Can Leave You So...
Charlie Cliques - Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death Do Us Part

Charlie Cliques

Jeff  Swan - Eagle In Flight

Eagle In Flight

Jeff Swan

Linsey Williams - Bradgate Hill

Bradgate Hill

Linsey Williams

Sora Neva - Deep Down - To the Soul...
Joe Arsenian - Coming on Winter

Coming on Winter

Joe Arsenian

Debbie Oppermann - Purple Coneflower Bouquet

Purple Coneflower Bouquet

Debbie Oppermann

Karunita Kapoor - A Beak Peek

A Beak Peek

Karunita Kapoor

Stanza Widen - In The Winter Woods

In The Winter Woods

Stanza Widen

Chad Dutson - Second Light

Second Light

Chad Dutson

Joseph Baril - Mosaic New York Green...
Michele  Avanti - Brilliant Hibiscus

Brilliant Hibiscus

Michele Avanti

Freddy Kirsheh - In your mind

In your mind

Freddy Kirsheh

James Welch - The Dress Rehersal

The Dress Rehersal

James Welch

Kathy Barney - Fallen Nest Glow 1

Fallen Nest Glow 1

Kathy Barney

Annie Zeno - Guitar And Flower
Mike Savad - City - Chicago IL - Pier...
Carol Jacobs - It

It's in the Grain

Carol Jacobs

Kelly Walters - Synesthesia


Kelly Walters

Beth Willis - Hummer


Beth Willis

Jacque The Muse - Back Road Barn

Back Road Barn

Jacque The Muse

Lyric Lucas - Reaching Out

Reaching Out

Lyric Lucas

Lesa Weller - Nelson


Lesa Weller

Leticia Latocki - River 2 HDR

River 2 HDR

Leticia Latocki

Joe Jake Pratt - His Mind

His Mind

Joe Jake Pratt

Chuck  Hicks - Shrimping


Chuck Hicks

Louise Hill - The Bassets

The Bassets

Louise Hill

Eston Henry - Emblem Of Many...

Emblem Of Many...

Eston Henry

Nancy E Stein - Interwoven


Nancy E Stein

Leanne Seymour - Gerberas On A Wall 1

Gerberas On A Wall 1

Leanne Seymour

Ira Shander - Tic Tocs

Tic Tocs

Ira Shander

Lenore Senior - Outbuildings with Arrow...
Jackie Burlingame - Dragon Silhouette

Dragon Silhouette

Jackie Burlingame

Carolyn LeGrand - Faint Of Heart

Faint Of Heart

Carolyn LeGrand

Brainwave Pictures - Splitered Minds Eye

Splitered Minds Eye

Brainwave Pictures

Nigel Radcliffe - Hummingbird hawk-moth...

Hummingbird hawk-moth...

Nigel Radcliffe

Doug Norkum - Bugler


Doug Norkum

Violeta Ianeva - Mini Mountains

Mini Mountains

Violeta Ianeva

Lyn  Perry - Old Oak Roots

Old Oak Roots

Lyn Perry

Chad Dutson - Red


Chad Dutson

Diana Dearen - Contentment


Diana Dearen

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch -   494 - Offspring ...

494 - Offspring ...

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch

Chris Scroggins - Lion Around

Lion Around

Chris Scroggins

Jackie Burlingame - Monarch on Zinnia

Monarch on Zinnia

Jackie Burlingame

Edward Paul - Stepping Through The Gate
Annie Zeno - Praying Hands And Flowers
Julie O

Broke life

Julie O'reilly

Carol Jacobs - Winter Blues

Winter Blues

Carol Jacobs

Chuck  Hicks - The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

Chuck Hicks

Ted Guhl - Lady and The Cross
Bob Sample - Orton Plantation

Orton Plantation

Bob Sample

Robyn King - Floating In The Sunshine
Joe Jake Pratt - Kinemortophobia


Joe Jake Pratt

Jessica Shelton - Who cares if I Cry

Who cares if I Cry

Jessica Shelton

Leticia Latocki - Thirsty


Leticia Latocki

Moshe Rosental - Self  Portrait  With ...

Self Portrait With ...

Moshe Rosental

Karl Anderson - Maple Leaf Still Standing
Louise Hill - Swamped


Louise Hill

Pamela Blizzard - Evening on the River II

Evening on the River II

Pamela Blizzard

Stanza Widen - She Is Raging

She Is Raging

Stanza Widen

Linsey Williams - The Alum Bay Express

The Alum Bay Express

Linsey Williams

Hartmut Jager - Failed  Communication

Failed Communication

Hartmut Jager

Debbie Oppermann - Moody River

Moody River

Debbie Oppermann

Mike Savad - City - Chicago IL -...
Cecily Mitchell - Dead Aunts

Dead Aunts

Cecily Mitchell

Joe Arsenian - Montreal Autumn

Montreal Autumn

Joe Arsenian

John King - Becoming Art

Becoming Art

John King

Meganne Peck - Escaping the inner beast
Karunita Kapoor - Beauty in The Woods

Beauty in The Woods

Karunita Kapoor

Charlie Cliques - Hudson River Fall...

Hudson River Fall...

Charlie Cliques

Kathy Barney - Vestiges of Autumn

Vestiges of Autumn

Kathy Barney

Freddy Kirsheh - Divert to the best

Divert to the best

Freddy Kirsheh

Eston Henry - Too Young To Cry -...
Michele  Avanti - Happy Hummingbirds in...
Lenore Senior - Stone Abstract 5

Stone Abstract 5

Lenore Senior

Hartmut Jager - Broken  Angel

Broken Angel

Hartmut Jager

James Welch - Kim At Her Dress Rehersal
Jeff  Swan - A curious Marmon
Leanne Seymour - Down By The River Side

Down By The River Side

Leanne Seymour

Mariola Bitner - Thinking of You

Thinking of You

Mariola Bitner

Rishabh Ranjan - Scream


Rishabh Ranjan

Nancy E Stein - Reach For the Sky

Reach For the Sky

Nancy E Stein

Julia Hamilton - Survivor


Julia Hamilton

Wild Thing - Crabby Drip

Crabby Drip

Wild Thing

Ion vincent DAnu - The Old Tired Artist and...
Lyric Lucas - Hands Of Hope

Hands Of Hope

Lyric Lucas

Brenda Pressnall - Furyangerrage


Brenda Pressnall

Robyn King - Happy Feet Dance

Happy Feet Dance

Robyn King

Ted Guhl - Merry Menagerie One
Chuck  Hicks - Sunset On A Stilt 2
Sora Neva -  Yoni With the Seed of...
Mike Savad - Murder - Appetite for...
Louise Hill - Viera Sunset

Viera Sunset

Louise Hill

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch - 1114 - Autumn Evening

1114 - Autumn Evening

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch

Lesa Weller - Falling


Lesa Weller

Rob Spencer - Teeth


Rob Spencer

Julia Hamilton - Breaking Free

Breaking Free

Julia Hamilton

Carolyn LeGrand - Other Worlds

Other Worlds

Carolyn LeGrand

Gun Legler - Under the surface
Violeta Ianeva - Diamonds


Violeta Ianeva

Hartmut Jager - Fragile Woman

Fragile Woman

Hartmut Jager

Lyn  Perry - Touching


Lyn Perry

Cecily Mitchell - Penny Angel

Penny Angel

Cecily Mitchell

Freddy Kirsheh - The World

The World

Freddy Kirsheh

Curtis Radclyffe - I Was A Different Person

I Was A Different Person

Curtis Radclyffe

Christine Mulgrew - Goose Swimming Alone in...

Goose Swimming Alone in...

Christine Mulgrew

Chris Scroggins - Dancing Bears

Dancing Bears

Chris Scroggins

Leanne Seymour - Castles in the sand - in...
Lenore Senior - Stone Abstract 3

Stone Abstract 3

Lenore Senior

Kathy Barney - Amber Antique Jars

Amber Antique Jars

Kathy Barney

Stanza Widen - Aspen Bear Nursery

Aspen Bear Nursery

Stanza Widen

Nancy E Stein - Summerfield Park

Summerfield Park

Nancy E Stein

Edgar Laureano - Fog On Leaves

Fog On Leaves

Edgar Laureano

Karl Anderson - Et Tu Brute

Et Tu Brute

Karl Anderson

Jackie Burlingame - Crazy for Daisies

Crazy for Daisies

Jackie Burlingame

Bob Sample - Autumn Pampas Scene
Eston Henry - Living In A World With...
Wild Thing - Cloudy Fields

Cloudy Fields

Wild Thing

Carol Jacobs - Autumn in Red

Autumn in Red

Carol Jacobs

Edward Paul - Metro S-21

Metro S-21

Edward Paul

Joseph Baril - French Royalty

French Royalty

Joseph Baril

Chad Dutson - Rocky Beach

Rocky Beach

Chad Dutson

George D Gordon III - Tree of War Pain

Tree of War Pain

George D Gordon III

Jeff  Swan - A grizzily on a buffalo...
Michele  Avanti - Fall Harvest Pumpkins...
Aimee L Maher - High Falls at Night Red
Jessica Shelton - She wept for mars

She wept for mars

Jessica Shelton

Diana Dearen - The artist

The artist

Diana Dearen

Charlie Cliques - Nature Sunrise

Nature Sunrise

Charlie Cliques

Linsey Williams - Ready For Action

Ready For Action

Linsey Williams

Julie O

Bath gate

Julie O'reilly

Doug Norkum - Tranquility


Doug Norkum

Julie McDoniel - Shake It

Shake It

Julie McDoniel

Jolly Van der Velden - A Butterfly Is Heading...

A Butterfly Is Heading...

Jolly Van der Velden

Kathy Barney - Serenity Prayer

Serenity Prayer

Kathy Barney

Jackie Burlingame - Bee in Heaven

Bee in Heaven

Jackie Burlingame

Rachel Cohen - As the World Turns mono
Lyn  Perry - Birch grove and Flags
Belinda Threeths - Ostracized


Belinda Threeths

Edward Paul - Metro M-33

Metro M-33

Edward Paul

Bob Sample - Colorful Frogs

Colorful Frogs

Bob Sample

Jessica Shelton - Color me with sass

Color me with sass

Jessica Shelton

Gun Legler - Sorrow


Gun Legler

Joe Jake Pratt - Trust God

Trust God

Joe Jake Pratt

Sarah Loft - Old Love Stories Blue
Leanne Seymour - Universal Feminine In...
Doug Norkum - Multi


Doug Norkum

Joseph Juvenal - Image of Nebuchadnezzar
Violeta Ianeva - Cork Oak Forest

Cork Oak Forest

Violeta Ianeva

Clare Bevan - Purple Perspective

Purple Perspective

Clare Bevan

Donna Doherty - Top of the Mountain

Top of the Mountain

Donna Doherty

Karunita Kapoor - Greeting Card- 5

Greeting Card- 5

Karunita Kapoor

Joe Jake Pratt - Many Miles

Many Miles

Joe Jake Pratt

Trudi Simmonds -  The Unicorn Fairy

The Unicorn Fairy

Trudi Simmonds

Joe Arsenian - Lake St. Louis Sunset
Nanette Emerle - Final Molt

Final Molt

Nanette Emerle

Freddy Kirsheh - Orbit of thought

Orbit of thought

Freddy Kirsheh

Louise Hill - Chester in Dots

Chester in Dots

Louise Hill

Michele  Avanti - Abacela Winery

Abacela Winery

Michele Avanti

Kate Hart - Angst


Kate Hart

Wild Thing - Urban Art

Urban Art

Wild Thing

Kathy Barney - The Good Ship Alexander...
Pamela Blizzard - Making Childhood Memories
Nancy E Stein - Sashay


Nancy E Stein

Jackie Burlingame - Dragon Lookout

Dragon Lookout

Jackie Burlingame

Michael Bartlett - Double Car Garage

Double Car Garage

Michael Bartlett

Gun Legler - Turning away

Turning away

Gun Legler

Lenore Senior - The Window

The Window

Lenore Senior

Carolyn LeGrand - New Growth

New Growth

Carolyn LeGrand

Stanza Widen - October on the Bulkley
Julie O

Venice Squares

Julie O'reilly

Jeff  Swan - Lily In Sunlight
Ira Shander - Serenity Bench

Serenity Bench

Ira Shander

Ion vincent DAnu - Caricature of a Wise Man

Caricature of a Wise Man

Ion vincent DAnu

Lesa Weller - Crimson Fall

Crimson Fall

Lesa Weller

Chad Dutson - Smoky Stream

Smoky Stream

Chad Dutson

Alberta Boato - Looking for Infinite

Looking for Infinite

Alberta Boato

Brainwave Pictures - Wizard

Wizard's Study

Brainwave Pictures

James Welch - Electric Star

Electric Star

James Welch

Mike Savad - Steampunk - Nautilus -...
Julie McDoniel - Family Portrait

Family Portrait

Julie McDoniel

Linsey Williams - Snow Leopard 3

Snow Leopard 3

Linsey Williams

Chris Scroggins - Blondes Have More Fun

Blondes Have More Fun

Chris Scroggins

Diana Dearen - Copper Orchid Cascade
Charlie Cliques - All Eyes On Me

All Eyes On Me

Charlie Cliques

Chuck  Hicks - Black And White Egret
Sarah Loft - Old Love Stories

Old Love Stories

Sarah Loft

Michael Cross - Art in the news 49

Art in the news 49

Michael Cross

Adrian Evans - Clouds Over Lake

Clouds Over Lake

Adrian Evans

Karunita Kapoor - Congregation


Karunita Kapoor

Michele  Avanti - Stained Glass Birds

Stained Glass Birds

Michele Avanti

Tammy Swarek - Sleeping beauty IV

Sleeping beauty IV

Tammy Swarek

Joe Arsenian - le Vieux Moulin

le Vieux Moulin

Joe Arsenian

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch - 1112 -   Trace of Evil

1112 - Trace of Evil

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch

Julie McDoniel - Crabby Baby

Crabby Baby

Julie McDoniel

Freddy Kirsheh - Faith


Freddy Kirsheh

Doug Norkum - Protectress


Doug Norkum

Mindy Bench - Autumn Wonder

Autumn Wonder

Mindy Bench

Fei A - Winter


Fei A

Joseph Baril - Neon On Water

Neon On Water

Joseph Baril

Carolyn LeGrand - Hooked


Carolyn LeGrand

Eloisa Bevilacqua - Remember The Light

Remember The Light

Eloisa Bevilacqua

Nicole Swanger - Hollywood Glamour

Hollywood Glamour

Nicole Swanger

Lenore Senior and Bobby D - She-Boys


Lenore Senior and Bobby D

Leanne Seymour - Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

Leanne Seymour

Daniel Furon - Tracking a Shooting Star
Jessica Shelton - Defeated


Jessica Shelton

Nancy E Stein - Gone But Not Forgotten
Nanette Emerle - The Jumper

The Jumper

Nanette Emerle

Nikitta Noa - #with love Noa

#with love Noa

Nikitta Noa

Wild Thing - October Light

October Light

Wild Thing

Joe Jake Pratt - The Old Eating Hole

The Old Eating Hole

Joe Jake Pratt

Edward Paul - Metro W-19

Metro W-19

Edward Paul

Ira Shander - Rejoice


Ira Shander

Karl Anderson - Between Friends

Between Friends

Karl Anderson

Jackie Burlingame - Blue Morning

Blue Morning

Jackie Burlingame

Chad Dutson - Reds


Chad Dutson

Robyn King - Serenity Swim

Serenity Swim

Robyn King

Svetlana Nikolova - Dreaming On A Star

Dreaming On A Star

Svetlana Nikolova

Curtis Radclyffe - Singular Tree v2

Singular Tree v2

Curtis Radclyffe

Linsey Williams - Golden Moment

Golden Moment

Linsey Williams

James Welch - Vega


James Welch

Brainwave Pictures - Play With Stars

Play With Stars

Brainwave Pictures

Gun Legler - Forgotten


Gun Legler

Lenore Senior - First Snow on the Creek
Pamela Blizzard - Solitude


Pamela Blizzard

Charlie Cliques - Puppy Breath

Puppy Breath

Charlie Cliques

Donna Murray - Crossing over

Crossing over

Donna Murray

Faith Williams - Peace One Earth

Peace One Earth

Faith Williams

Julie O


Julie O'reilly

Stanza Widen - Sheepish Bull Moose

Sheepish Bull Moose

Stanza Widen

Ion vincent DAnu - The Wild Turkey

The Wild Turkey

Ion vincent DAnu

Lenore Senior and Dawn Senior-Trask - Wyoming Sunrise in Black...

Wyoming Sunrise in Black...

Lenore Senior and Dawn Senior-Trask

Annie Zeno - Unto Us A Child Is Born...
Jolly Van der Velden - When you take eveything...

When you take eveything...

Jolly Van der Velden

Louise Hill - Blue Sunset

Blue Sunset

Louise Hill

Ted Guhl - War is Over

War is Over

Ted Guhl

Lyn  Perry - Red Walkway 2

Red Walkway 2

Lyn Perry

Annie Zeno - Inner Beauty Butterfly...
Jerry Conner - Native American Art

Native American Art

Jerry Conner

Doug Norkum - Buddies


Doug Norkum

Jessica Shelton - Redemption


Jessica Shelton

MM Anderson - Twisted Oaks

Twisted Oaks

MM Anderson

Ted Guhl - Helen Hits a High Note
Joseph Baril - Muted Fire

Muted Fire

Joseph Baril

Tammy Swarek - Melancholy


Tammy Swarek

Sora Neva - Yang
Cecily Mitchell - Baby Doll

Baby Doll

Cecily Mitchell

Ion vincent DAnu - Eyes in Chiaroscuro

Eyes in Chiaroscuro

Ion vincent DAnu

Eloisa Bevilacqua - The Last Flower

The Last Flower

Eloisa Bevilacqua

Cassandra Buckley - Heartbreak and Smoke VI

Heartbreak and Smoke VI

Cassandra Buckley

Karen Wiles - WHEN the HEAVENS OPEN
Irmgard Schoendorf Welch - 985 -  Have a happy...

985 - Have a happy...

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch

Sarah Loft - Tears at Bennett Park
Kate Hart - The Wrong Alice

The Wrong Alice

Kate Hart

Maggie Vlazny - Vintage  Mill in Clinton...
Ira Shander - Gathering Storm

Gathering Storm

Ira Shander

Clif Jackson - Mommy Make It Go Away
Leanne Seymour - Passing Through

Passing Through

Leanne Seymour

Karl Anderson - Splinter  Landed

Splinter Landed

Karl Anderson

David Davies - Angel


David Davies

Lenore Senior - Updraft


Lenore Senior

John King - Loaded Bee

Loaded Bee

John King

Wayne King - Open Mind

Open Mind

Wayne King

Jessica Shelton - Alone


Jessica Shelton

Julie O

Citadel of chaos

Julie O'reilly

Jacque The Muse - Beautiful Golden Gate

Beautiful Golden Gate

Jacque The Muse

Stanza Widen - Pioneer Homestead

Pioneer Homestead

Stanza Widen

Joe Jake Pratt - All Through the House

All Through the House

Joe Jake Pratt

Linsey Williams - Wildlife Giraffe

Wildlife Giraffe

Linsey Williams

Chris Scroggins - Woman on Beach

Woman on Beach

Chris Scroggins

James Welch - Dream Angel

Dream Angel

James Welch

Jeff  Swan - Anasazi Ruins

Anasazi Ruins

Jeff Swan

Christine Mulgrew - Colorful Sand Pail on...

Colorful Sand Pail on...

Christine Mulgrew

Nancy E Stein - Empty Bench

Empty Bench

Nancy E Stein

Chad Dutson - Meadow Highlights

Meadow Highlights

Chad Dutson

Nigel Radcliffe - River Lune at Halton...

River Lune at Halton...

Nigel Radcliffe

Wild Thing - Worn Out

Worn Out

Wild Thing

Freddy Kirsheh - Shattered selves

Shattered selves

Freddy Kirsheh

Joe Arsenian - Glengarry Sunset

Glengarry Sunset

Joe Arsenian

Diana Dearen - Santa Fe Sunset

Santa Fe Sunset

Diana Dearen

Hartmut Jager - When Darkness Rules

When Darkness Rules

Hartmut Jager

Lyric Lucas - Beckoning


Lyric Lucas

Charlie Cliques - You Won
Karunita Kapoor - Whisper


Karunita Kapoor

Nicole Swanger - Happy Daze

Happy Daze

Nicole Swanger

Gun Legler - How we mould them
Chuck  Hicks - Monkey See

Monkey See

Chuck Hicks

SophiaArt Gallery - Alone


SophiaArt Gallery

Clare Bevan - Modern Rose

Modern Rose

Clare Bevan

Darleen Stry - Fall Sunflower patch
Doug Norkum - Tangerine


Doug Norkum

Ted Guhl - A Lady Dreams of Fabrics
David Davies - Flying Raspberry...

Flying Raspberry...

David Davies

Freddy Kirsheh - Music is my world.

Music is my world.

Freddy Kirsheh

Sora Neva - Anima Mates Animus
Yulonda Rios - No more anything

No more anything

Yulonda Rios

Denise Fulmer - Release


Denise Fulmer

Linsey Williams - You Can Do It

You Can Do It

Linsey Williams

Cassandra Buckley - Heartbreak and Smoke V

Heartbreak and Smoke V

Cassandra Buckley

John King - Lady Luck

Lady Luck

John King

Jerry Conner - Cross


Jerry Conner

Jessica Shelton - Damaged


Jessica Shelton

Jessica Shelton - Cracked


Jessica Shelton

Joseph Baril - Reflections On The Water
Nikitta Noa - Open Mind

Open Mind

Nikitta Noa

Chris Scroggins - I Heart You

I Heart You

Chris Scroggins

Sarah Loft - Fish Out of Water
Karl Anderson - Standardbred


Karl Anderson

Ira Shander - Rue Des Rosiers Paris
Chad Dutson - Desert Rainbow

Desert Rainbow

Chad Dutson

Eloisa Bevilacqua - Fire Within

Fire Within

Eloisa Bevilacqua

Christine Mulgrew - Garden Splash

Garden Splash

Christine Mulgrew

Chris Scroggins - Winged Messenger

Winged Messenger

Chris Scroggins

Joseph Juvenal - Portrait of the Artist

Portrait of the Artist

Joseph Juvenal

Wild Thing - Grey Shadow

Grey Shadow

Wild Thing

Nicole Swanger - Washing Up in a Waterfall
Kate Hart - Electric Heart

Electric Heart

Kate Hart

James Welch - Alien Spacecraft

Alien Spacecraft

James Welch

Maggie Vlazny - Silhouette of Woman Lost...
Karen Wiles - Caribbean Living

Caribbean Living

Karen Wiles

Lyric Lucas - Veiled


Lyric Lucas

Joe Jake Pratt - Hot Times Coming

Hot Times Coming

Joe Jake Pratt

Nigel Radcliffe -  Ending Asylum I

Ending Asylum I

Nigel Radcliffe

Rachel Cohen - Succulent Abstract

Succulent Abstract

Rachel Cohen

Lenore Senior - Autumn along the River
Nancy E Stein - Daedal


Nancy E Stein

Stanza Widen - I Will Give You a Daisy
Rebecca Phillips - Meditation on Miracle of...
Jacque The Muse - High Tide 2

High Tide 2

Jacque The Muse

Julie McDoniel - Hamburger Helper

Hamburger Helper

Julie McDoniel

Joe Arsenian - Splendor II

Splendor II

Joe Arsenian

Jeff  Swan - The Painted Desert
Irmgard Schoendorf Welch - 711 - Those flying...

711 - Those flying...

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch

Ion vincent DAnu - Lucifer Before the Fall

Lucifer Before the Fall

Ion vincent DAnu

Joe Jake Pratt - Global Harming

Global Harming

Joe Jake Pratt

Annie Zeno - Fruit And Autumn Leaves
Chuck  Hicks - Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog

Chuck Hicks

Adrian Evans - Countryside Lane

Countryside Lane

Adrian Evans

Chuck  Hicks - Refletion Of A Flight
Lenore Senior and Sharon Burger - Cow with Falling Stars

Cow with Falling Stars

Lenore Senior and Sharon Burger

Tammy Swarek - Drowning sorrow

Drowning sorrow

Tammy Swarek

Tammy Swarek - Woe


Tammy Swarek

Ira Shander - From Darkness To Light
Gun Legler - Comfort in the desert
Pete Edmunds - An Open Invitation

An Open Invitation

Pete Edmunds

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch - 1047 - Crying Stone

1047 - Crying Stone

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch

Wild Thing - Philosophy 101

Philosophy 101

Wild Thing

Lyric Lucas - The Dream 2

The Dream 2

Lyric Lucas

James Welch - Eden


James Welch

Joe Arsenian - Her Alluring Ways

Her Alluring Ways

Joe Arsenian

Pamela Blizzard - Laugh at Yourself

Laugh at Yourself

Pamela Blizzard

James Welch - Resurrection


James Welch

Karen Wiles - Cristobal

Cristobal's Ride

Karen Wiles

Faith Williams - The Beginning Of The End
Lenore Senior - Christmas Eve Moon

Christmas Eve Moon

Lenore Senior

Karl Anderson - Succulent in Frame

Succulent in Frame

Karl Anderson

Jeff  Swan - Great Beauty In Tiny...
Maggie Vlazny -  Maine Coon Cat Portrait
Debra Organ - Collision


Debra Organ

John King - Water And Stone

Water And Stone

John King

Ronald Weatherford - Granny

Granny's Quilt

Ronald Weatherford

Rebecca Phillips - Family


Rebecca Phillips

Chad Dutson - Above the Road

Above the Road

Chad Dutson

Nancy E Stein - Dirt In Their Roots

Dirt In Their Roots

Nancy E Stein

Julie O

Pop Art Skull

Julie O'reilly

Linsey Williams - The Flying Backscratcher

The Flying Backscratcher

Linsey Williams

Belinda Threeths - Entwined


Belinda Threeths

Mariola Bitner - White Pearls

White Pearls

Mariola Bitner

Lyric Lucas - Destiny Calls

Destiny Calls

Lyric Lucas

Nicole Swanger - Shapes


Nicole Swanger

Carolyn LeGrand - Lack Of Love

Lack Of Love

Carolyn LeGrand

Freddy Kirsheh - Be strong

Be strong

Freddy Kirsheh

Ion vincent DAnu - Weird expressionist Nude

Weird expressionist Nude

Ion vincent DAnu

Sarah Loft - Feeding the Fire Within
Karunita Kapoor - The Sage

The Sage

Karunita Kapoor

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch - 853 - Her Inner  Balance...

853 - Her Inner Balance...

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch

Pamela Blizzard - Wind IV

Wind IV

Pamela Blizzard

Curtis Radclyffe - Under A Sky No One Sees

Under A Sky No One Sees

Curtis Radclyffe

Stanza Widen - The Poison Stream

The Poison Stream

Stanza Widen

Wild Thing - Broken Wind

Broken Wind

Wild Thing

Stanza Widen - A Winter

A Winter's Tale

Stanza Widen

Eloisa Bevilacqua - Weight of the Leaves be...

Weight of the Leaves be...

Eloisa Bevilacqua

Lenore Senior - Lullaby


Lenore Senior

Jacque The Muse - Painted Dreams

Painted Dreams

Jacque The Muse

Nigel Radcliffe - Serenity


Nigel Radcliffe

Rebecca Phillips - Creation

Creation's Instrument

Rebecca Phillips

Jerry Conner - I survived self portrait
Joe Jake Pratt - Back From Iraq

Back From Iraq

Joe Jake Pratt

Nanette Emerle - Tears of a clown

Tears of a clown

Nanette Emerle

Jessica Shelton - Justified


Jessica Shelton

Annie Zeno - Butterfly Of Hope
Ted Guhl - Letting in the Light
Hartmut Jager - 2014  Tears Of  Blood

2014 Tears Of Blood

Hartmut Jager

Karl Anderson - Sad Eyes

Sad Eyes

Karl Anderson

James Welch - Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

James Welch

Nigel Radcliffe - Mindscape


Nigel Radcliffe

Melinda Dare Benfield - Dread


Melinda Dare Benfield

Joseph Juvenal - Analysis of Robin