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Neal Eslinger

Putnam , CT

United States

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This group was started on October 6th, 2011 and currently has:

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Macro Photography Group

About This Group

Macro Photography Group: This group is dedicated to all things MACRO.
PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY. Insects, Flowers, Plants, Animals, etc.

Macro photography is taking extremely close-up images of subjects. The technically correct definition would be to take an image at a 1:1 ratio but, in general usage, the term has come to mean any close-up photography.

1. Unaltered images only. I receive a lot of altered images that I am forced to delete which consumes much of my time. Please double check you are not checking MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY Group when submitting your images and/or re-editing as I am receiving a lot of dulicate images.
2. Members/artists can submit up to NO MORE than 1 image DAILY. I have been forced to reduce the number of images I accept due to the groups popularity & the time consuming nature of it all. Please make sure you submit ONLY YOUR BEST. No repeat images accepted. We have SO many pictures of Roses....please limit these as I would like to showcase a variety of different images in this group.

I will be periodically deleting images that appear OVER altered, manipulated and/or images that I plain do not like; however this is rare.

I would like THIS group to be the FIRST to come up when someone searches MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY. Please consider joining this group. I will be deleting and adding photos to the home page that I like and that have been submitted to Macro Photography Group on a periodic basis so a wide variety of artists can get exposure.

NOTE: With Regard to any contests Macro Photography Group sponsors;
Please note there is a no-soliciting honor sytem in this group. Please do not email other group members or friends to ask for their vote. Your image will be voted for if someone takes the time to view it; and if they then decide to vote for it. Plain and simple. Thank you for adhering to the groups guidelines as it makes everything run so much smoother.

Thank you again for joining Macro Photography Group & for being an active member!!

Please feel free to visit/join/like my photography group on Facebook at

I welcome comments, submissions and discussion related to all things photography. Hope to see you all there!!

Neal Eslinger.

Featured Images

CJ Anderson - Grand Opening

Grand Opening

CJ Anderson

CJ Anderson - African Princess

African Princess

CJ Anderson

Marco Fischer - Dhalia red

Dhalia red

Marco Fischer

Darleen Stry - Screws and Nails

Screws and Nails

Darleen Stry

Deb Halloran - Spring Radiance

Spring Radiance

Deb Halloran

Deborah Benoit - Little Blue Damsel

Little Blue Damsel

Deborah Benoit

Jean Hall - May Apple

May Apple

Jean Hall

Steve Harrington - King Blue

King Blue

Steve Harrington

Debbie Oppermann - Romantic Bleeding Hearts

Romantic Bleeding Hearts

Debbie Oppermann

Cameron Williams - Butterfly on Flower

Butterfly on Flower

Cameron Williams

Jakub Sisak - BW Mood Study 3

BW Mood Study 3

Jakub Sisak

Krissy Katsimbras - Windows Of Color

Windows Of Color

Krissy Katsimbras

Vishwanath Bhat - Spring flower impression

Spring flower impression

Vishwanath Bhat

Wim Lanclus - Ptilotus Macro

Ptilotus Macro

Wim Lanclus

Craig Wood - Tropical Lily

Tropical Lily

Craig Wood

Julie Palencia - Magnolia Merrill Bloom

Magnolia Merrill Bloom

Julie Palencia

Karen Rispin - First Violet

First Violet

Karen Rispin

Pamela Patch - Open Rose

Open Rose

Pamela Patch

Ann Garrett - Dandelion Frost

Dandelion Frost

Ann Garrett

Terry Weaver - Bolt Monochrome

Bolt Monochrome

Terry Weaver

Darren Fisher - Summer Jewels

Summer Jewels

Darren Fisher

Mark Perelmuter - Hello stranger

Hello stranger

Mark Perelmuter

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Red Umbrella

Red Umbrella

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Dave Bosse - Glow


Dave Bosse

Bernardo Cesare - Campari 28

Campari 28

Bernardo Cesare

 Onyonet  Photo Studios - Forks


Onyonet Photo Studios

M Diane Bonaparte - Waiting For The Wind 4

Waiting For The Wind 4

M Diane Bonaparte

Susan Capuano - Movement In Blue

Movement In Blue

Susan Capuano

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Green Hat

Green Hat

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Mariola Szeliga - Purple Flower Abstract

Purple Flower Abstract

Mariola Szeliga

Debbie Oppermann - Classic Clematis

Classic Clematis

Debbie Oppermann

Saija  Lehtonen - Orange You A Hedgehog

Orange You A Hedgehog

Saija Lehtonen

Steven Schwartzman - Passionflower Tendril

Passionflower Tendril

Steven Schwartzman

Patricia McCamy - Antique Gold Utensils

Antique Gold Utensils

Patricia McCamy

Susan Capuano - Orange Star

Orange Star

Susan Capuano

Deb Halloran - Larkspur


Deb Halloran

Bill Tiepelman - Iris Barbata Elatior

Iris Barbata Elatior

Bill Tiepelman

Brian Wallace - Blue And White Crocus

Blue And White Crocus

Brian Wallace

Isabel Laurent - Weeping


Isabel Laurent

Connie Handscomb - Pleasingly Plump

Pleasingly Plump

Connie Handscomb

HJBH Photography - Macro fantasy

Macro fantasy

HJBH Photography

Scott Norris - This Mortal Coil

This Mortal Coil

Scott Norris

Dirk Ercken - Amazon tree frog

Amazon tree frog

Dirk Ercken

Valia Bradshaw - Dragonfly Beauty

Dragonfly Beauty

Valia Bradshaw

Stuart Harrison - Fresh Picked

Fresh Picked

Stuart Harrison

C Ray  Roth - First Rise

First Rise

C Ray Roth

Marco Fischer - Wasp


Marco Fischer

Jakub Sisak - Pink


Jakub Sisak

Steve Harrington - Emergence


Steve Harrington

Sabrina L Ryan - Pop of Pink Plumeria

Pop of Pink Plumeria

Sabrina L Ryan

Janet Pancho Gupta - Affection


Janet Pancho Gupta

Rona Black - Grace


Rona Black

Chalet Roome-Rigdon - Gear and Screw

Gear and Screw

Chalet Roome-Rigdon

Nick  Boren - Three Of A Kind

Three Of A Kind

Nick Boren

Doug Norkum - Bicolour Dandy

Bicolour Dandy

Doug Norkum

Bruce Bley - Gerber Delight

Gerber Delight

Bruce Bley

Kimberly  Reeves - Flaps Down Gear Extended

Flaps Down Gear Extended

Kimberly Reeves

Debbie Oppermann - Delicate Beauty

Delicate Beauty

Debbie Oppermann

Morgan Wright - Meandering


Morgan Wright

Connie Handscomb - Paddles


Connie Handscomb

Kimberly  Reeves - Soft Plumeria

Soft Plumeria

Kimberly Reeves

Juergen Roth - Abstract


Juergen Roth

Debbie Oppermann - Fiddle Dee Dee

Fiddle Dee Dee

Debbie Oppermann

Merton Allen - Red Freesia  No. 2

Red Freesia No. 2

Merton Allen

Angelo Merluccio - Emotions


Angelo Merluccio

Steve Harrington - The Birth of Blue 2

The Birth of Blue 2

Steve Harrington

Gardening Perfection - My Bloomin

My Bloomin' Tree

Gardening Perfection

Angela Davies - A Time For Tulips

A Time For Tulips

Angela Davies

Kimberly  Reeves - Fallen Teardrop

Fallen Teardrop

Kimberly Reeves

Deb Halloran - Simple Joy

Simple Joy

Deb Halloran

Lynn England - Water Lily

Water Lily

Lynn England

Kathryn Bell - White Daffodil

White Daffodil

Kathryn Bell

Luv Photography - Fresh Red Berries

Fresh Red Berries

Luv Photography

Craig Corwin - Babies are hungry

Babies are hungry

Craig Corwin

Marc Philippe Joly - Pensee Bicolore

Pensee Bicolore

Marc Philippe Joly

H B Vesseur - Red Admiral

Red Admiral

H B Vesseur

Mary Jo Allen - Dahlia Drops

Dahlia Drops

Mary Jo Allen

Julio Haro - At work

At work

Julio Haro

Tom Druin - Inner Space

Inner Space

Tom Druin

Mariola Szeliga - Yellow Gerbera Abstract

Yellow Gerbera Abstract

Mariola Szeliga

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - Salvia Sway

Salvia Sway

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

Nathanael Smith - Spring Flower Closeup 1

Spring Flower Closeup 1

Nathanael Smith

Annette Hugen - Psychedelic


Annette Hugen

Regina Geoghan - Cherry Blossom Charm

Cherry Blossom Charm

Regina Geoghan

Julie Palencia - Winter Sunflower

Winter Sunflower

Julie Palencia

Bill Tiepelman - Baldy On Blue

Baldy On Blue

Bill Tiepelman

Maria Dryfhout - Green Grapes

Green Grapes

Maria Dryfhout

Lingfai Leung - Crocus Violeta

Crocus Violeta

Lingfai Leung

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Wicked Lovely

Wicked Lovely

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Tracy  Hall - Tulip Lamp

Tulip Lamp

Tracy Hall

Neal  Eslinger - Milkweed Sunset

Milkweed Sunset

Neal Eslinger

Marco Fischer - Red Admiral one

Red Admiral one

Marco Fischer

Sergey Ryzhkov - Small Pasque Flower

Small Pasque Flower

Sergey Ryzhkov

Janet Pancho Gupta - Nature

Nature's Jewels

Janet Pancho Gupta

Nick  Boren - Center Shot

Center Shot

Nick Boren

Mary Jo Allen - Curley Cue

Curley Cue

Mary Jo Allen

Chandra Nyleen - Arizona Dragonfly

Arizona Dragonfly

Chandra Nyleen

Charles Dana - Lunch Break

Lunch Break

Charles Dana

Mike Quinn - Four Mushrooms

Four Mushrooms

Mike Quinn

HJBH Photography - Blooming Beauty

Blooming Beauty

HJBH Photography

Yumi Johnson - Curves


Yumi Johnson

Terri Winkler - Calanthe 8746

Calanthe 8746

Terri Winkler

Douglas MooreZart - Dream within a Dream

Dream within a Dream

Douglas MooreZart

Bernardo Cesare - Aperol 5

Aperol 5

Bernardo Cesare

Dave Bosse - Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet

Dave Bosse

Jean Noren - Rock Star

Rock Star

Jean Noren

David Walker - Awaiting the Lineup

Awaiting the Lineup

David Walker

Morgan Wright - Succulent BW

Succulent BW

Morgan Wright

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - Garden Party

Garden Party

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

Ashley Berg - Cello Strings

Cello Strings

Ashley Berg

CJ Anderson - Rosa Fiore

Rosa Fiore

CJ Anderson

Shannon Story - Ice Abstract II

Ice Abstract II

Shannon Story

Leslie Crotty - Madagascan Moon Moth

Madagascan Moon Moth

Leslie Crotty

Richard Cummings - Myth of Sisyphus

Myth of Sisyphus

Richard Cummings

Catherine Leis - Trombone Spring

Trombone Spring

Catherine Leis

Christy Cox - Tree Ivy Bloom

Tree Ivy Bloom

Christy Cox

Steven Schwartzman - Milkweed Seeds and Fluff

Milkweed Seeds and Fluff

Steven Schwartzman

Craig Wood - Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow

Craig Wood

Gary Holmes - Popping Poppy

Popping Poppy

Gary Holmes

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Caterpillar and curly branch

Caterpillar and curly branch

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Bonnie Bruno - Sea Urchins 3

Sea Urchins 3

Bonnie Bruno

Dawn Currie - Springtime II

Springtime II

Dawn Currie

Tim Good - Sunny Palm

Sunny Palm

Tim Good

Rhonda Stansberry - Winter Hydrangea

Winter Hydrangea

Rhonda Stansberry

Mitch Shindelbower - White Cyclamen

White Cyclamen

Mitch Shindelbower

Jean Noren - Emerging Poppy

Emerging Poppy

Jean Noren

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Miniature Muse

Miniature Muse

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Bruce Bley - Pink Explosion

Pink Explosion

Bruce Bley

Bill Tiepelman - Golden Longhorn

Golden Longhorn

Bill Tiepelman

Kelly Nowak - Feathery Seed Head

Feathery Seed Head

Kelly Nowak

Les Palenik - Brown grasshopper

Brown grasshopper

Les Palenik

Mary Jo Allen - Tulip Bud Glow

Tulip Bud Glow

Mary Jo Allen

Henry Kowalski - Seeing Stars - Zinnia

Seeing Stars - Zinnia

Henry Kowalski

Vicki Spindler - Frozen


Vicki Spindler

Carol Eade - In Lily

In Lily's Arms

Carol Eade

Larry Helms - Pocket Watch 2

Pocket Watch 2

Larry Helms

Steve Harrington - In The Beginning

In The Beginning

Steve Harrington

Mariola Szeliga - Tulip Stem

Tulip Stem

Mariola Szeliga

Kathryn Bell - Beautiful Snowdrop

Beautiful Snowdrop

Kathryn Bell

Krissy Katsimbras - Drop Of Blue

Drop Of Blue

Krissy Katsimbras

CJ Anderson - Max A Million

Max A Million

CJ Anderson

Calazones Flics - Onicidium


Calazones Flics

Melanie Madden Digital Illumination - Sphere


Melanie Madden Digital Illumination

Cari Madsen - Grace


Cari Madsen

Melanie Madden Digital Illumination - Red White and Blues

Red White and Blues

Melanie Madden Digital Illumination

Jussi Pietarinen - Orange


Jussi Pietarinen

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Formation


Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Cameron Williams - Abstract Tulip

Abstract Tulip

Cameron Williams

Yaniv Eitan - Cyclamen


Yaniv Eitan

Maciej Froncisz - Snow in Triptych

Snow in Triptych

Maciej Froncisz

Deb Halloran - Floral Essence

Floral Essence

Deb Halloran

Julie Ketchman -  Gerbera

Gerbera's Exuberance

Julie Ketchman

Kaye Menner - Fly Eyes

Fly Eyes

Kaye Menner

Clare Bevan - Fingers


Clare Bevan

Dan Radi - Dew Drops

Dew Drops

Dan Radi

Leif Sohlman - Snowdrop Droplets

Snowdrop Droplets

Leif Sohlman

Tomasz Dziubinski - Blue Rapsody

Blue Rapsody

Tomasz Dziubinski

Doug Norkum - Radar


Doug Norkum

David Lawrence - Pollen


David Lawrence

Sandra Foster - Tomato Macro

Tomato Macro

Sandra Foster

Bernardo Cesare - Serpentinite 3

Serpentinite 3

Bernardo Cesare

Claudia Mottram - Happy Woman

Happy Woman's Day 1

Claudia Mottram

Yumi Johnson - Tiny Buds

Tiny Buds

Yumi Johnson

Marco Fischer - Tulip flame

Tulip flame

Marco Fischer

Bob Christopher - Sea Anenome 1

Sea Anenome 1

Bob Christopher

Melanie Madden Digital Illumination - White Wash

White Wash

Melanie Madden Digital Illumination

Sandra Foster - Clematis Seeds Macro

Clematis Seeds Macro

Sandra Foster

Shelby  Young - Mystical Sunset

Mystical Sunset

Shelby Young

John King - Flower


John King

Tracy  Hall - Soft Rose Petals

Soft Rose Petals

Tracy Hall

Nick  Boren - They Are Here

They Are Here

Nick Boren

Bonnie Bruno - Urchin Shells

Urchin Shells

Bonnie Bruno

Chandra Nyleen - Centaurea Cyanus

Centaurea Cyanus

Chandra Nyleen

Marco Fischer - Blue Bells

Blue Bells

Marco Fischer

David Dominguez - Lacrima


David Dominguez

Sean Kirkpatrick - Large wet leaf

Large wet leaf

Sean Kirkpatrick

Saija  Lehtonen - Little White Daisies

Little White Daisies

Saija Lehtonen

Johan Hakansson - Heart of Magnolia II

Heart of Magnolia II

Johan Hakansson

Darren Fisher - The Queens Crown

The Queens Crown

Darren Fisher

Timo Klaas - Moss


Timo Klaas

Robert Murray - Flower of Hope

Flower of Hope

Robert Murray

Don Johnson - Backlit Green Leaf

Backlit Green Leaf

Don Johnson

Richard Cummings - Morning Star

Morning Star

Richard Cummings

Amar Sheow - Spider Lilly

Spider Lilly

Amar Sheow

Jean Noren - Wet Feather

Wet Feather

Jean Noren

Geraldine Scull   - Preying mantis

Preying mantis

Geraldine Scull

Dave Bosse - Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger

Dave Bosse

Dianne Cowen - Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty

Dianne Cowen

Craig Corwin - Bug on a windshield

Bug on a windshield

Craig Corwin

Tracy  Hall - Lilac


Tracy Hall

Pyanek Art - The Screw

The Screw

Pyanek Art

Jussi Pietarinen - Amazing Flake

Amazing Flake

Jussi Pietarinen

Dave Bosse - Star of David

Star of David

Dave Bosse

Penny Meyers - Winter Magic

Winter Magic

Penny Meyers

Connie Handscomb - Passion


Connie Handscomb

Bijan Pirnia - Whirligig Pink II

Whirligig Pink II

Bijan Pirnia

Ed  Cheremet - Early Spring

Early Spring

Ed Cheremet

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Pink Rocket

Pink Rocket

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Marc Philippe Joly - Araignee


Marc Philippe Joly

Neal  Eslinger - Autumn Reflections

Autumn Reflections

Neal Eslinger

Bob Christopher - Hide And Seek

Hide And Seek

Bob Christopher

Alexander Senin - Just Nailed

Just Nailed

Alexander Senin

Jenny Rainbow - Veil of Dream

Veil of Dream

Jenny Rainbow

Doug Norkum - Receptive


Doug Norkum

Chris Berry - Anticipation


Chris Berry

Clare Bevan - Delicate


Clare Bevan

Regina Geoghan - Tangerine Tulip

Tangerine Tulip

Regina Geoghan

Deb Halloran - Crimson Leaves

Crimson Leaves

Deb Halloran

Olga Hamilton - Frog


Olga Hamilton

Connie Handscomb - Gossamer


Connie Handscomb

Dave Bosse - Grand Opening

Grand Opening

Dave Bosse

Debbie Oppermann - Furled Fronds

Furled Fronds

Debbie Oppermann

Bernardo Cesare - Campari 14

Campari 14

Bernardo Cesare

Susan Capuano - Black and Gold

Black and Gold

Susan Capuano

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Snowdrop in spring rain

Snowdrop in spring rain

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Tracy  Hall - Purple Tulips

Purple Tulips

Tracy Hall

April Wietrecki Green - Isopod


April Wietrecki Green

Nick  Boren - Pink Ones

Pink Ones

Nick Boren

Yaniv Eitan - White Flower

White Flower

Yaniv Eitan

Calazones Flics - Clover Bell

Clover Bell

Calazones Flics

Dianne Cowen - Golden Ice Curtain

Golden Ice Curtain

Dianne Cowen

Bob Christopher - Sea Anenome 2

Sea Anenome 2

Bob Christopher

Pyanek Art - Lipstick


Pyanek Art

Barbara S Nickerson - Shattering Icicles

Shattering Icicles

Barbara S Nickerson

Karen Rispin - Dainty Dragons

Dainty Dragons

Karen Rispin

Leif Sohlman - Distant And Near

Distant And Near

Leif Sohlman

Jussi Pietarinen - Retina


Jussi Pietarinen

Elizabeth Duggan - Amaryllis


Elizabeth Duggan

Regina Geoghan - Ceylon Daffodils

Ceylon Daffodils

Regina Geoghan

CJ Anderson - Spring White

Spring White

CJ Anderson

Jean Noren - Drop on Top

Drop on Top

Jean Noren

Carolyn Derstine - Ice Storm Icicle

Ice Storm Icicle

Carolyn Derstine

Tom Druin - Infused


Tom Druin

Neal  Eslinger - Silkweed Sunset

Silkweed Sunset

Neal Eslinger

 Onyonet  Photo Studios - Red Rose Closeup

Red Rose Closeup

Onyonet Photo Studios

Steve Harrington - Spring Desires

Spring Desires

Steve Harrington

Tim Good - Bird

Bird's Tongue

Tim Good

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Red Bowl

Red Bowl

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Dianne Cowen - Bullfrog in August

Bullfrog in August

Dianne Cowen

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Pink-Tacular


Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Geraldine Scull   - Sun flower in the Rain

Sun flower in the Rain

Geraldine Scull

Roberta Byram - Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung

Roberta Byram

Alexander Senin - Warm Natural Sound

Warm Natural Sound

Alexander Senin

Saija  Lehtonen - Blue Hibiscus Flower

Blue Hibiscus Flower

Saija Lehtonen

Nona Kumah - Water Lily

Water Lily

Nona Kumah

Margaret Saheed - Alert Ring-tailed Lemur

Alert Ring-tailed Lemur

Margaret Saheed

Calazones Flics - Clover Flower

Clover Flower

Calazones Flics

Terri Winkler - Gerbera Burst 8237

Gerbera Burst 8237

Terri Winkler

Tim Good - Overlapping


Tim Good

Olga Hamilton - Pineapple Guard

Pineapple Guard

Olga Hamilton

Yaniv Eitan - White Flower

White Flower

Yaniv Eitan

Jan Tyler - Buttercups


Jan Tyler

Caitlyn  Grasso - Blue Haze II

Blue Haze II

Caitlyn Grasso

April Wietrecki Green - Gumballs


April Wietrecki Green

Marco Fischer - Peacock Butterfly

Peacock Butterfly

Marco Fischer

Krissy Katsimbras - Go With The Flow

Go With The Flow

Krissy Katsimbras

M Diane Bonaparte - Artist Purple

Artist Purple

M Diane Bonaparte

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - Feather Grass Dance

Feather Grass Dance

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

Pyanek Art - Kitchen sponge

Kitchen sponge

Pyanek Art

Sarah-fiona  Helme - Sunburst


Sarah-fiona Helme

Darren Fisher - Splash


Darren Fisher

Alana Ranney - Dew


Alana Ranney

Sven Pfeiffer - After the rain

After the rain

Sven Pfeiffer

Rona Black - Youth and Beauty

Youth and Beauty

Rona Black

Amar Sheow - Sisal Flowers

Sisal Flowers

Amar Sheow

Colleen Kammerer - White on White

White on White

Colleen Kammerer

Jim Hughes - Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin

Jim Hughes

Kathy Liebrum Bailey - Golden Moment

Golden Moment

Kathy Liebrum Bailey

Doug Norkum - Pinkie


Doug Norkum

Deb Halloran - Pincushion Protea

Pincushion Protea

Deb Halloran

Bill Tiepelman - Shasta Daisy Dream

Shasta Daisy Dream

Bill Tiepelman

Cheryl Cutler - Spring Birthing

Spring Birthing

Cheryl Cutler

Bernardo Cesare - Komatiite


Bernardo Cesare

Bob Christopher - Beauty Of Rust 1

Beauty Of Rust 1

Bob Christopher

Tracy  Hall - Tulip Flares

Tulip Flares

Tracy Hall

Susan Capuano - Winters Window

Winters Window

Susan Capuano

Gardening Perfection - Butterfly Pose

Butterfly Pose

Gardening Perfection

Guido Strambio - Zinnia bokeh

Zinnia bokeh

Guido Strambio

Optical Playground By MP Ray - Bee a star

Bee a star

Optical Playground By MP Ray

Cameron Williams - Water drop on Pool Table

Water drop on Pool Table

Cameron Williams

Yaniv Eitan - Purple


Yaniv Eitan

Silke Tuexen - Anemone one

Anemone one

Silke Tuexen

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - Spring Blossoms

Spring Blossoms

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

Gosia K - Yellow Tulip

Yellow Tulip

Gosia K

Bob Christopher - Beauty Of Rust 3

Beauty Of Rust 3

Bob Christopher

Barbara S Nickerson - Washed Up In Winter

Washed Up In Winter

Barbara S Nickerson

Sven Pfeiffer - Tulip abstract

Tulip abstract

Sven Pfeiffer

Dawn Currie - Beautiful Buckeye

Beautiful Buckeye

Dawn Currie

Karry Degruise - Lilies in the Rain

Lilies in the Rain

Karry Degruise

Bernardo Cesare - Aperol 1

Aperol 1

Bernardo Cesare

Leslie Hunziker - Butterfly


Leslie Hunziker

Grant Glendinning - Tiger Longwing Butterfly

Tiger Longwing Butterfly

Grant Glendinning

Deb Halloran - California Poppies

California Poppies

Deb Halloran

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - In white pink and red

In white pink and red

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Doug Norkum - Candy


Doug Norkum

Sandra Foster - Soft And To The Point

Soft And To The Point

Sandra Foster

Bernardo Cesare - Ocean Jasper - 36

Ocean Jasper - 36

Bernardo Cesare

Connie Handscomb - Silk


Connie Handscomb

Bernardo Cesare - Campari 2 horizontal

Campari 2 horizontal

Bernardo Cesare

Kathryn Bell - White Daffodil

White Daffodil

Kathryn Bell

Mark Perelmuter - Flower tears

Flower tears

Mark Perelmuter

Arlene Carmel - Orange Slices

Orange Slices

Arlene Carmel

Michael Whitaker - Pink Weed Bloom

Pink Weed Bloom

Michael Whitaker

Olga Hamilton - Pelican Eye

Pelican Eye

Olga Hamilton

Colleen Kammerer - Sea Glass

Sea Glass

Colleen Kammerer

Arlene Carmel - Sliced Orange

Sliced Orange

Arlene Carmel

Neal  Eslinger - Coneflower Elegance

Coneflower Elegance

Neal Eslinger

Dan Radi - Flower Macro

Flower Macro

Dan Radi

Regina Geoghan - Virginia Bluebell

Virginia Bluebell

Regina Geoghan

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Multicoloured bowl

Multicoloured bowl

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Jeff  Swan - Yellow floral

Yellow floral

Jeff Swan

Mike Quinn - Jumping Spider

Jumping Spider

Mike Quinn

Cameron Williams - Pine Cone

Pine Cone

Cameron Williams

Larissa Cormier - Burning Passion

Burning Passion

Larissa Cormier

Daphne Sampson - Graceful Pink Tulip

Graceful Pink Tulip

Daphne Sampson

Gardening Perfection - Blue Iris

Blue Iris

Gardening Perfection

Kerri Farley - On The Surface

On The Surface

Kerri Farley

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Double hood

Double hood

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Terry Leasa - Drops of Water III

Drops of Water III

Terry Leasa

Calazones Flics - Owl Butterfly 2

Owl Butterfly 2

Calazones Flics

Valia Bradshaw - Anhinga Beauty

Anhinga Beauty

Valia Bradshaw

Lilliana Mendez - Magnolia


Lilliana Mendez

Jeff  Swan - An Ice Drop

An Ice Drop

Jeff Swan

Linda O

Bleeding Hearts

Linda O'Halloran

Jeanette Wygant - Reliance


Jeanette Wygant

Connie Handscomb - Serendipity


Connie Handscomb

Sven Pfeiffer - Red tulip 2

Red tulip 2

Sven Pfeiffer

Connie Handscomb - Sundrop


Connie Handscomb

Terry Leasa - Cicada Emerging

Cicada Emerging

Terry Leasa

Phil Rispin - Buds


Phil Rispin

Living Color Photography Lorraine Lynch - Cethosia Hypsea

Cethosia Hypsea

Living Color Photography Lorraine Lynch

Travis Truelove - Outstanding


Travis Truelove

Alana Ranney - Delicate


Alana Ranney

Regina Geoghan - Tulip Trio

Tulip Trio

Regina Geoghan

Phil Rispin - Peach Blossom 02

Peach Blossom 02

Phil Rispin

Larissa Cormier - Frozen Moment

Frozen Moment

Larissa Cormier

Krissy Katsimbras - Orchid Zen

Orchid Zen

Krissy Katsimbras

Karen  Majkrzak - Leaf on Ice

Leaf on Ice

Karen Majkrzak

Michele  Avanti - Star Gazer Lily

Star Gazer Lily

Michele Avanti

Nick  Boren - Spring Forth

Spring Forth

Nick Boren

Pyanek Art - X marks the spot

X marks the spot

Pyanek Art

Doug Norkum - Destined


Doug Norkum

Sven Pfeiffer - Soft fleurs

Soft fleurs

Sven Pfeiffer

Krissy Katsimbras - True Blue

True Blue

Krissy Katsimbras

Bernardo Cesare - Agat 16

Agat 16

Bernardo Cesare

Saija  Lehtonen - A Perfect Pair

A Perfect Pair

Saija Lehtonen

Arlene Carmel - Dekapon Citrus

Dekapon Citrus

Arlene Carmel

Terry Leasa - Broken Bulb

Broken Bulb

Terry Leasa

Saija  Lehtonen - Peach Blossoms

Peach Blossoms

Saija Lehtonen

Bernardo Cesare - Ocean Jasper - 34

Ocean Jasper - 34

Bernardo Cesare

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Red hood

Red hood

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Florabundance


Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Dianne Cowen - Winter Lace

Winter Lace

Dianne Cowen

Yaniv Eitan - Cyclamen


Yaniv Eitan

Sean Griffin - Manzanita Blossoms

Manzanita Blossoms

Sean Griffin

Catalin Tibuleac - Duet


Catalin Tibuleac

Scott Cameron - Purely Perfect

Purely Perfect

Scott Cameron

Claudia Mottram - Happy Woman

Happy Woman's Day

Claudia Mottram

Stwayne Keubrick - French macaroons

French macaroons

Stwayne Keubrick

Alana Ranney - Petals


Alana Ranney

Phil Rispin - Spring is Here

Spring is Here

Phil Rispin

Doug Norkum - AlmostTouching


Doug Norkum

Dave Byrne - Floral Contrast

Floral Contrast

Dave Byrne

Tony Beck - Green on Green

Green on Green

Tony Beck

Ed  Cheremet - Green Belly

Green Belly

Ed Cheremet

Melanie Madden Digital Illumination - Frozen Pearls

Frozen Pearls

Melanie Madden Digital Illumination

Sergey Ryzhkov - Crocus reticulatus

Crocus reticulatus

Sergey Ryzhkov

Doug Norkum - Sunny


Doug Norkum

Juergen Roth - Miss Sunshine

Miss Sunshine

Juergen Roth

Tim Good - Rain and Fern

Rain and Fern

Tim Good

Sven Pfeiffer - Flower power

Flower power

Sven Pfeiffer

Karen  Majkrzak - Butterfly at Thistle

Butterfly at Thistle

Karen Majkrzak

Dave Byrne - Busy Bee

Busy Bee

Dave Byrne

Connie Handscomb - Oberon

Oberon's Rainbow Forest

Connie Handscomb

Bonnie Bruno - Petals in the Rain

Petals in the Rain

Bonnie Bruno