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First Star Art

Elgin, IL

United States

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This group was started on December 24th, 2011 and currently has:

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About This Group

This group is for your BOLD COLORFUL ORIGINAL artworks
of any medium
that were INSPIRED by Van Gogh style:
use of color, 'brush' movement, texture, and vibrancy!!

( as in, your treatment of his composition NO!! NO!!)


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Featured Images

Janice Rae Pariza - Running Against The Wind

Running Against The Wind

Janice Rae Pariza

Harsh Malik - High in the sky

High in the sky

Harsh Malik

Juliya Zhukova - Asters on the window

Asters on the window

Juliya Zhukova

AmaS Art - Sunflowers


AmaS Art

Christine Fournier - Three Koi

Three Koi

Christine Fournier

Phyllis Kaltenbach - Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose

Phyllis Kaltenbach

Viktor Lazarev - Friends


Viktor Lazarev

OLenaArt Lena Owens - Roaming Free

Roaming Free

OLenaArt Lena Owens

Charlie Spear - Windy Solstice

Windy Solstice

Charlie Spear

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Warnemunde in Watercolor

Warnemunde in Watercolor

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Juliya Zhukova - Mountain fortress

Mountain fortress

Juliya Zhukova

Svetlana Novikova - Devon Rex kitten cats

Devon Rex kitten cats

Svetlana Novikova

Charlie Spear - Stone Light

Stone Light

Charlie Spear

Kendall Kessler - Emerging Hawk Stage One

Emerging Hawk Stage One

Kendall Kessler

Jean-Marc Lacombe - Carousel Horses Painting

Carousel Horses Painting

Jean-Marc Lacombe

Lilia D - Naked Tree

Naked Tree

Lilia D

John Williams - Late Day Light

Late Day Light

John Williams

Susan Minier - Dawn


Susan Minier

Mona Edulesco - Yellow Mums

Yellow Mums

Mona Edulesco

Madalena Lobao-Tello - Frida cat lover closer

Frida cat lover closer

Madalena Lobao-Tello

Katie Black - Journal


Katie Black

Mario Carini - Sundown Lighthouse

Sundown Lighthouse

Mario Carini

Viktor Lazarev - Main St. Bridge

Main St. Bridge

Viktor Lazarev

Daniela Isache - Thoughts


Daniela Isache

Katie Black - Red light

Red light

Katie Black

Viktor Lazarev - Dancing Snowman

Dancing Snowman

Viktor Lazarev

Jackie Carpenter - Norman


Jackie Carpenter

Ed Weidman - Fantasia


Ed Weidman

Judith Desrosiers - Love In The Toy Shop

Love In The Toy Shop

Judith Desrosiers

Katie Black - Mothers day

Mothers day

Katie Black

Phyllis Kaltenbach - Christmas Corner 2015

Christmas Corner 2015

Phyllis Kaltenbach

Elise Palmigiani - Sails Colors

Sails Colors

Elise Palmigiani

Xueling Zou - Sails up

Sails up

Xueling Zou

Cynthia Guinn - Spring Garden

Spring Garden

Cynthia Guinn

Lori Kingston - Idyllic Childhood

Idyllic Childhood

Lori Kingston

Harsh Malik - Golden Peace

Golden Peace

Harsh Malik

Don Zawadiwsky - On The Milwaukee River

On The Milwaukee River

Don Zawadiwsky

Jean-Marc Lacombe - Abstract Peonies

Abstract Peonies

Jean-Marc Lacombe

Aline Halle-Gilbert - Fleurs de Champs

Fleurs de Champs

Aline Halle-Gilbert

Aline Halle-Gilbert - Immensite


Aline Halle-Gilbert

Mona Edulesco - Fall Mood

Fall Mood

Mona Edulesco

Marie-Line Vasseur - Mount Royal Peel

Mount Royal Peel's exit

Marie-Line Vasseur

Jean-Marc Lacombe - Mer Bleue Landscape

Mer Bleue Landscape

Jean-Marc Lacombe

Belinda Low - D R E A M S


Belinda Low

Bob Shelley - The Lizard of Oz

The Lizard of Oz

Bob Shelley

Lori Kingston - Jazz Band

Jazz Band

Lori Kingston

Holly Carmichael - Color Flurry 3

Color Flurry 3

Holly Carmichael

Aline Halle-Gilbert - Nous Trois

Nous Trois

Aline Halle-Gilbert

Kathy Stiber - Shadow Dance

Shadow Dance

Kathy Stiber

Dragica  Micki Fortuna - Irises


Dragica Micki Fortuna

Jennifer Beaudet - Hydrangeas with Pearls

Hydrangeas with Pearls

Jennifer Beaudet

Judi Bagwell - Water Lilies at Kew

Water Lilies at Kew

Judi Bagwell

Jackie Carpenter - Lily Blue

Lily Blue

Jackie Carpenter

Jackie Carpenter - Eddie


Jackie Carpenter

Karol Livote - Newports Dusk

Newports Dusk

Karol Livote

Dawn Noble - Solitude


Dawn Noble

Juliya Zhukova - Paints of October

Paints of October

Juliya Zhukova

Mario Carini - Zimbabwe Homestead

Zimbabwe Homestead

Mario Carini

Susan Minier - Wild Tulips

Wild Tulips

Susan Minier

Claire Bull - Six On the Shore

Six On the Shore

Claire Bull

Jean-Marc Lacombe - Majestic Tree

Majestic Tree

Jean-Marc Lacombe

Charlie Spear - Raw Egg Sunrise

Raw Egg Sunrise

Charlie Spear

Cheryl Pettigrew - Blood Moon Rising

Blood Moon Rising

Cheryl Pettigrew

Jennifer Beaudet - Lavender Splendor

Lavender Splendor

Jennifer Beaudet

Carol Duarte - Agave State of Mind

Agave State of Mind

Carol Duarte

Karen Harding - Digital Landscape

Digital Landscape

Karen Harding

First Star Art  - Garden Camouflage by jrr

Garden Camouflage by jrr

First Star Art

Angel Reyes - Moonlight


Angel Reyes

Jean-Marc Lacombe - Guanajuato


Jean-Marc Lacombe

Charlie Spear - Moon Light Sililioquy

Moon Light Sililioquy

Charlie Spear

Lynda Lehmann - Leaf Music 26C

Leaf Music 26C

Lynda Lehmann

Holly Carmichael - Unity


Holly Carmichael

Jean-Marc Lacombe - Violet Wildflowers

Violet Wildflowers

Jean-Marc Lacombe

John  Kolenberg - Van Gogh Visits Mexico

Van Gogh Visits Mexico

John Kolenberg

Michael Beckett - Peaches and Corn

Peaches and Corn

Michael Beckett

Pamela Cooper - Leaves 14

Leaves 14

Pamela Cooper

Music of the Heart - A new day

A new day

Music of the Heart

Kathy Bassett - Forest Christmas

Forest Christmas

Kathy Bassett

Charlie Spear - Phobos Rising     diptyph

Phobos Rising diptyph

Charlie Spear

Charlie Spear - Sorell Moon

Sorell Moon

Charlie Spear

Jackie Carpenter - Calming Canopy

Calming Canopy

Jackie Carpenter

Jean-Marc Lacombe - Autumn Foliage

Autumn Foliage

Jean-Marc Lacombe

Jean-Marc Lacombe - Autumn Field

Autumn Field

Jean-Marc Lacombe

Kendall Kessler - Blue Ridge Swirl

Blue Ridge Swirl

Kendall Kessler

Andrey Arsentyev - Italy countryside

Italy countryside

Andrey Arsentyev

Elise Palmigiani - Tuscan Village

Tuscan Village

Elise Palmigiani

Charlie Spear - Camp at Flint Ridge

Camp at Flint Ridge

Charlie Spear

Janice Rae Pariza - Early Winter Aspen

Early Winter Aspen

Janice Rae Pariza

Sharon Nelson-Bianco - Return


Sharon Nelson-Bianco

Michael Durst - Cape Minstrels

Cape Minstrels

Michael Durst

Jean-Marc Lacombe - Carousel Horses

Carousel Horses

Jean-Marc Lacombe

Jean-Marc Lacombe - Blue and Yellow Wildflowers

Blue and Yellow Wildflowers

Jean-Marc Lacombe

OLenaArt Lena Owens - Sunflowers  Palette Knife

Sunflowers Palette Knife

OLenaArt Lena Owens

Gabriella Weninger - David - A Colorful Autumn Rainy Day

A Colorful Autumn Rainy Day

Gabriella Weninger - David

Jean-Marc Lacombe - Wisterias


Jean-Marc Lacombe

Michael Durst - Autumn in Chicago

Autumn in Chicago

Michael Durst

Holly Carmichael - Hot Reds

Hot Reds

Holly Carmichael

Teresa Wegrzyn - Color My World

Color My World

Teresa Wegrzyn

Rob MacArthur - Evening solitude

Evening solitude

Rob MacArthur

First Star Art  - Apples by jammer and jrr

Apples by jammer and jrr

First Star Art

Pamela Cooper - Color 5

Color 5

Pamela Cooper

Deyanira Harris - Don

Don't give up

Deyanira Harris

Cheryl Pettigrew - A Glimpse of Time

A Glimpse of Time

Cheryl Pettigrew

Judith Desrosiers - The path by the stream

The path by the stream

Judith Desrosiers

Jean-Marc Lacombe - Blue and White Columbines

Blue and White Columbines

Jean-Marc Lacombe

Janice Rae Pariza - Frisco War Horse

Frisco War Horse

Janice Rae Pariza

Xueling Zou - Geese by the Pond

Geese by the Pond

Xueling Zou

Kendall Kessler - Nesting


Kendall Kessler

Music of the Heart - Over The Rainbow

Over The Rainbow

Music of the Heart

Teresa Wegrzyn - Relax


Teresa Wegrzyn

Sharon Nelson-Bianco - Big Blue Pot

Big Blue Pot

Sharon Nelson-Bianco

 ILONA ANITA TIGGES - GOETZE  ART and Photography  - Spring Poppys

Spring Poppys


Vali Irina Ciobanu - Purple Iris

Purple Iris

Vali Irina Ciobanu

Eloise Schneider - Sunflower Party

Sunflower Party

Eloise Schneider

Michael Beckett - Sunflower


Michael Beckett

Esther Newman-Cohen - Tree Reflections

Tree Reflections

Esther Newman-Cohen

Viktor Lazarev - Kalimba De Luna 2

Kalimba De Luna 2

Viktor Lazarev

Janice Rae Pariza - CADET the Blue Horse

CADET the Blue Horse

Janice Rae Pariza

Judith Desrosiers - Forest meeting

Forest meeting

Judith Desrosiers

Stefan Boettcher - Nemitz Heath

Nemitz Heath

Stefan Boettcher

Jennifer Beaudet - Hills of Fire

Hills of Fire

Jennifer Beaudet

AmaS Art - Anemone


AmaS Art

Angela A Stanton - Good Morning Morning

Good Morning Morning

Angela A Stanton

Sharon Nelson-Bianco - Two Blue Pots

Two Blue Pots

Sharon Nelson-Bianco

Angela A Stanton - Gold Bearing Tree

Gold Bearing Tree

Angela A Stanton

Stefan Boettcher - The Big Tree

The Big Tree

Stefan Boettcher

Michael Beckett - Poplar Road

Poplar Road

Michael Beckett

Richard Cummings - Sunflower Romantica

Sunflower Romantica

Richard Cummings

Kevin Caudill - Days of summer

Days of summer

Kevin Caudill

Ana Maria Edulescu - Abstract Floral

Abstract Floral

Ana Maria Edulescu

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1726 Abstract Thought

1726 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Music of the Heart - Smile Again

Smile Again

Music of the Heart

Michael Beckett - Oliver

Oliver's Garden

Michael Beckett

Kevin Caudill - Knight of the sky

Knight of the sky

Kevin Caudill

Karen Harding - My Birthday Rose

My Birthday Rose

Karen Harding

Viktor Lazarev - Oak


Viktor Lazarev

Sue Jacobi - Poppy time

Poppy time

Sue Jacobi

Vali Irina Ciobanu - Pink waterlilies

Pink waterlilies

Vali Irina Ciobanu

Michael Durst - Grandma

Grandma's Garden Path

Michael Durst

Kendall Kessler - Another Fish

Another Fish

Kendall Kessler

First Star Art  - Fall Impression by jrr

Fall Impression by jrr

First Star Art

Alexander Senin - Tulips Enchanting 46

Tulips Enchanting 46

Alexander Senin

Kevin Caudill - Spider


Kevin Caudill

Jean-Marc Lacombe - The Rooftops of Prague

The Rooftops of Prague

Jean-Marc Lacombe

Viktor Lazarev - Baobab


Viktor Lazarev

Teresa  Pascos - Flowers For Mother

Flowers For Mother

Teresa Pascos

Angela A Stanton - Blue Nile in the 70

Blue Nile in the 70's

Angela A Stanton

Esther Newman-Cohen - Sunflower in the Moonlight

Sunflower in the Moonlight

Esther Newman-Cohen

Janice Rae Pariza - The Well Read Chicken

The Well Read Chicken

Janice Rae Pariza

Music of the Heart - The Colors Of The Wind

The Colors Of The Wind

Music of the Heart

Karen Serfinski - The Retired Gentleman

The Retired Gentleman

Karen Serfinski

Kendall Kessler - Dragon Stage Two

Dragon Stage Two

Kendall Kessler

Tatjana Krilova - Summer at Niagara

Summer at Niagara

Tatjana Krilova

R W Goetting - Fallucas at dusk

Fallucas at dusk

R W Goetting

Kathleen Struckle - Abstract Falls

Abstract Falls

Kathleen Struckle

Carol Allen Anfinsen - Fairy Glen

Fairy Glen

Carol Allen Anfinsen

Alexey Bazhan - English Bulldog

English Bulldog

Alexey Bazhan

Phyllis Kaltenbach - Leopard and Skeleton Flower

Leopard and Skeleton Flower

Phyllis Kaltenbach

Judith Desrosiers - The Spanish quarter

The Spanish quarter

Judith Desrosiers

Teresa Wegrzyn - Gentle


Teresa Wegrzyn

Harsh Malik - Tulips


Harsh Malik

Genevieve Esson - Pink Water Lilies

Pink Water Lilies

Genevieve Esson

Regina Geoghan - Iris-Lady Leigh

Iris-Lady Leigh

Regina Geoghan

Marie-Line Vasseur - Sky and field aflamed

Sky and field aflamed

Marie-Line Vasseur

Aliosha Valle - El Camaleon

El Camaleon

Aliosha Valle

Kendall Kessler - Dream Bouquet

Dream Bouquet

Kendall Kessler

 ILONA ANITA TIGGES - GOETZE  ART and Photography  - Golden Iris

Golden Iris


Kendall Kessler - Tulip Edge

Tulip Edge

Kendall Kessler

Kevin Caudill - Fire Bird

Fire Bird

Kevin Caudill

Regina Geoghan - Tantalizing Tulips

Tantalizing Tulips

Regina Geoghan

Pamela Cooper - Rose 335

Rose 335

Pamela Cooper

First Star Art  - Tulips by jrr

Tulips by jrr

First Star Art

Alexander Senin - Crabapple Tree In Blooom

Crabapple Tree In Blooom

Alexander Senin

Meaghan Troup - Black- Eyed Susans

Black- Eyed Susans

Meaghan Troup

Judith Desrosiers - Art Deco love

Art Deco love

Judith Desrosiers

Kendall Kessler - Apple a Day

Apple a Day

Kendall Kessler

R W Goetting - Zinfest


R W Goetting

Genevieve Esson - Two Dragonflies

Two Dragonflies

Genevieve Esson

Kendall Kessler - Blue Ridge Cloud Burst

Blue Ridge Cloud Burst

Kendall Kessler

Kendall Kessler - Wildflower Magic

Wildflower Magic

Kendall Kessler

Judith Desrosiers - The trees by the river

The trees by the river

Judith Desrosiers

Judith Desrosiers - A Timely Garden

A Timely Garden

Judith Desrosiers

ARTography by Pamela Smale Williams - When The Fairies Come Out At Night

When The Fairies Come Out At Night

ARTography by Pamela Smale Williams

Kathy Braud - Hibicus Up Close

Hibicus Up Close

Kathy Braud

Ellen Levinson - Desert Dreaming

Desert Dreaming

Ellen Levinson

Lisa Holland-Gillem - Fishing in Purple Van Gogh

Fishing in Purple Van Gogh

Lisa Holland-Gillem

Bob and Nadine Johnston - Sedona Red Rocks Sunset Painting

Sedona Red Rocks Sunset Painting

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Darren Fisher - A Red Poppy

A Red Poppy

Darren Fisher

Kendall Kessler - Balloon Ride

Balloon Ride

Kendall Kessler

Karen Harding - More flower art

More flower art

Karen Harding

Pamela Cooper - Tulip 58

Tulip 58

Pamela Cooper

Pamela Cooper - Rose 329

Rose 329

Pamela Cooper

Kathy Bassett - Hawaiian Blue

Hawaiian Blue

Kathy Bassett

AnnaJo Vahle - Croton Pond

Croton Pond

AnnaJo Vahle

Karen Harding - Another Land

Another Land

Karen Harding

Viktor Lazarev - Gator city

Gator city

Viktor Lazarev

Ion vincent DAnu - Landscape from Ascot Qc

Landscape from Ascot Qc

Ion vincent DAnu

Karen Harding - Another night

Another night

Karen Harding

Teresa Wegrzyn - Tranquility 3

Tranquility 3

Teresa Wegrzyn

Rafael Fischer - Boats in Valparaiso

Boats in Valparaiso

Rafael Fischer

Kendall Kessler - Red Carnation Melody

Red Carnation Melody

Kendall Kessler

Kathy Braud - Tulip Pot

Tulip Pot

Kathy Braud

Judith Desrosiers - A mighty fine forest

A mighty fine forest

Judith Desrosiers

Judith Desrosiers - Fairy in the magical wood

Fairy in the magical wood

Judith Desrosiers

OLenaArt Lena Owens - Amber Forest

Amber Forest

OLenaArt Lena Owens

Ginette Callaway - Lily Pond Kaleidoscope

Lily Pond Kaleidoscope

Ginette Callaway

Kathy Bassett - Bone Yards

Bone Yards

Kathy Bassett

Evelina Popilian - Wild Roses

Wild Roses

Evelina Popilian

Alan Lakin - Tuscan View

Tuscan View

Alan Lakin

A Blackwell - Untitled 104

Untitled 104

A Blackwell

Cheryl Pettigrew - In the Land of Dreams 2

In the Land of Dreams 2

Cheryl Pettigrew

Leona Borge - My Mystery Jungle

My Mystery Jungle

Leona Borge

Georgia Mizuleva - Dark Spring Dreams

Dark Spring Dreams

Georgia Mizuleva

Janice Rae Pariza - Colorado Autumn Hike

Colorado Autumn Hike

Janice Rae Pariza

Cecily Mitchell - Elliot Bay 2

Elliot Bay 2

Cecily Mitchell

Jade Knights - Winter Bloom

Winter Bloom

Jade Knights

Lali Kacharava - Flower stamens

Flower stamens

Lali Kacharava

 ILONA ANITA TIGGES - GOETZE  ART and Photography  - Red Roses in Painted Vase

Red Roses in Painted Vase


Esther Newman-Cohen - Bereft Foresaken and Forlorn

Bereft Foresaken and Forlorn

Esther Newman-Cohen

Viktor Lazarev - Jax.Fla.


Viktor Lazarev

Trudi Doyle - Pickling Pears

Pickling Pears

Trudi Doyle

Judith Desrosiers -  By the River in May

By the River in May

Judith Desrosiers

Lenore Senior - Both Sides Now

Both Sides Now

Lenore Senior

Dorothy Jenson - Mountain Dreams

Mountain Dreams

Dorothy Jenson

Felicia Tica - Impressions


Felicia Tica

Charlie Spear - Stand of Pines

Stand of Pines

Charlie Spear

Carol Allen Anfinsen - Moonshines


Carol Allen Anfinsen

Svetlana Novikova - Cute Boston Terrier Puppy

Cute Boston Terrier Puppy

Svetlana Novikova

Penny Lisowski - Glowing Alaskan Irises

Glowing Alaskan Irises

Penny Lisowski

Bob and Nadine Johnston - Joshua Tree National Park Twilight

Joshua Tree National Park Twilight

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Judith Desrosiers - Friendship bay

Friendship bay

Judith Desrosiers

Regina Geoghan - In the Tulip Garden

In the Tulip Garden

Regina Geoghan

Chowdary V Arikatla - 0778 Abstract Thought

0778 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Esther Newman-Cohen - Queen Esther

Queen Esther

Esther Newman-Cohen

Kendall Kessler - Sunflower Burst

Sunflower Burst

Kendall Kessler

Meaghan Troup - Day

Day's Eye

Meaghan Troup

Teresa Wegrzyn - Spring


Teresa Wegrzyn

Ginette Callaway - Rosehips Oil Painting

Rosehips Oil Painting

Ginette Callaway

Geraldine Scull   - Heart on a leaf

Heart on a leaf

Geraldine Scull

Bob and Nadine Johnston - The Artists Palette Death Valley

The Artists Palette Death Valley

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Kendall Kessler - Samantha


Kendall Kessler

Pamela Cooper - Rose 324

Rose 324

Pamela Cooper

Douglas MooreZart - Cosmos Twilight

Cosmos Twilight

Douglas MooreZart

Douglas MooreZart - Wisteria


Douglas MooreZart

John  Williams - Apples and Homespun

Apples and Homespun

John Williams

Becky Kim - Aesthetic


Becky Kim

Dominique Amendola - Les baigneurs

Les baigneurs

Dominique Amendola

Andrey Arsentyev - Saint Petersburg Evening

Saint Petersburg Evening

Andrey Arsentyev

Judith Desrosiers - Afternoon at the river cafe

Afternoon at the river cafe

Judith Desrosiers

Holly Carmichael - Make a Wish

Make a Wish

Holly Carmichael

Xueling Zou - Easter Sketch

Easter Sketch

Xueling Zou

Regina Geoghan - Iris Knock

Iris Knock 'Em Dead

Regina Geoghan

Douglas MooreZart - 5am Wake Up Call

5am Wake Up Call

Douglas MooreZart

Dominique Amendola - Two girls by the pool

Two girls by the pool

Dominique Amendola

A Blackwell - Grandview Sunrise

Grandview Sunrise

A Blackwell

Jeffrey Koss - November Morning

November Morning

Jeffrey Koss

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1563 Abstract Thought

1563 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Bob and Nadine Johnston - Sunset Yaki Point Grand Canyon

Sunset Yaki Point Grand Canyon

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Bob and Nadine Johnston - Sunrise in Verde Valley Arizona

Sunrise in Verde Valley Arizona

Bob and Nadine Johnston

A Blackwell - End Of A Snowy Day

End Of A Snowy Day

A Blackwell

John  Williams - Red Sky

Red Sky

John Williams

Holly Martinson - Poppy Passion

Poppy Passion

Holly Martinson

  Angel de Paz - Gondolero


Angel de Paz

Holly Carmichael - Seeing Through

Seeing Through

Holly Carmichael

Lee Beuther - In My Dreams

In My Dreams

Lee Beuther

Claire Bull - Blue Skies

Blue Skies

Claire Bull

Trudi Doyle - Must Love Dogs

Must Love Dogs

Trudi Doyle

Judith Desrosiers - Freedom joyful ballet

Freedom joyful ballet

Judith Desrosiers

Meaghan Troup - Love That Rejoices

Love That Rejoices

Meaghan Troup

Viktor Lazarev - F.F.abstract


Viktor Lazarev

Lisa Holland-Gillem - Yellowstone Aflame in Color

Yellowstone Aflame in Color

Lisa Holland-Gillem

Miguel Suarez-Pierra - Cuarto Menguante

Cuarto Menguante

Miguel Suarez-Pierra

A Blackwell - Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset

A Blackwell

Holly Martinson - New York Heat

New York Heat

Holly Martinson

 Angel de Paz - Evening at the atrium

Evening at the atrium

Angel de Paz

April Moen - Iris I

Iris I

April Moen

Kendall Kessler - Dream Horse

Dream Horse

Kendall Kessler

Studio Tolere - Cezanne Gone Pop

Cezanne Gone Pop

Studio Tolere

Greg Allore - Clover Bells

Clover Bells

Greg Allore

Holly Martinson - Spring Dream

Spring Dream

Holly Martinson

Ginette Callaway - Lotus Pond

Lotus Pond

Ginette Callaway

Jeffrey Koss - Golden Shadows

Golden Shadows

Jeffrey Koss

Dariusz Orszulik - Dance of the Leaves

Dance of the Leaves

Dariusz Orszulik

April Moen - Parisian Peonies

Parisian Peonies

April Moen

Sheila Diemert - Back Door Version II

Back Door Version II

Sheila Diemert

Judith Desrosiers - Summer Picnic

Summer Picnic

Judith Desrosiers

Charlie Spear - Neal

Neal's Pond

Charlie Spear

Sheila Diemert - Bali


Sheila Diemert

Rafael Fischer - Going back home

Going back home

Rafael Fischer

Harsh Malik - Tulips Fantasy

Tulips Fantasy

Harsh Malik

Kendall Kessler - 460


Kendall Kessler

Ginette Callaway - Cornflowers Provence

Cornflowers Provence

Ginette Callaway

Laura Christie Eddington Artworks - The Blues Brothers  OdetoMarc

The Blues Brothers OdetoMarc

Laura Christie Eddington Artworks

Lali Kacharava - Dicentra


Lali Kacharava